The Renaissance Text and its Musical Readers

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The Renaissance Text and its Musical Readers


Sacred Texts and their Musical Settings in the Late Sixteenth Century


On Lassus's Penitential Psalms

Margaret Aitken, "Unifying Features of Lassus's Penitential Psalms"
Jewel Faulkner, "Miserere mei deus"
Ben Finane, "History and Aesthetics: A Study in Cantus Firmus"
Kristin Fehlauer, "Not the Pope and Not the Rope: Clemens and Lasso in Comparison"
Joyce Kelley, "Lassus's and Josquin's Paintings of Psalm 51"
Tisha Rajendra, "Lassus's Penitential Psalms"
Keiko Tsukada, "Lassus's Musical Expression in the Penitential Psalms"
Ted Van Berg, "Lassus's Penitential Psalms"

On Palestrina's Canticum Canticorum

Tova Brandt, "Palestrina and Divine Love: Understating the Song of Solomon"
Lauren Theodore, "Did Palestrina Have a Sense of Smell?"

On Lassus's and Palestrina's Settings of Stabat Mater

Judy Burke, "A Comparison of Lassus's and Palestrina's Musical Settings of Stabat Mater"
Risa Kawabata, "Palestrina's and Lassus's Settings of Stabat Mater"
Michelle Mazzocco, "Musical Grammarians: Late Sixteenth-Century Expressions of Syntax. Lassus's and Palestrina's 'readings' of the Stabat Mater"
Mai Oizumi, "Stabat Mater. Music of Lassus vs. Palestrina"


On Clemens, Victoria, and Lassus--Works with Polyphonic Models

Joti Rockwell, "Victoria and the Parody Mass"
Nick Vaccaro, "Lasso's Magnificat Praeter rerum seriem: Historical Context and Imitative Technique"
Nemesio Valle, "Using the Parody Mass as a Compositional Technique"


Madrigal and Chanson in the Late Sixteenth Century


Monteverdi as Madrigal Composer

Tova Brandt, "Concerning Monteverdi"
Risa Kawabata,
Lamento d'Arianna: how Monteverdi translated a monody into a polyphony
Joyce Kelley,
Guarini's "O Primavera:" Musical Settings and Interpretation
Lauren Theodore,
"Soon enough will you have me inescapably at your back. . ."
Keiko Tsukada, The Musical Unity in O primavera and Occhi un tempo mia vita


On Luca Marenzio and Giaches de Wert

Nicholas Vaccaro, "Two Settings of Tasso's Giunta alla tomba"


Orlandus Lassus as Chanson Composer

Margaret Aitken, "What to keep? Protestant Contrafacta of Lassus Chansons"


Other Topics

Kristin Fehlauer, "Cipriano de Rore as Madrigal Composer"
Joti Rockwell,
"Marenzio, Rore, and Petrarch"

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