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European Musical Heritage I

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Studies in Baroque Vocal Music

Motets and Chansons of the Middle Ages and Renaissance

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European Musical Heritage I


Studies in Baroque Vocal Music


On Handel's Orlando:

Jonathan Armour: "Orlando Grooves"
Greg Dobler:
Dorinda's Arioso and Aria and Medoro's Aria


On Bach's Jesu, der du meine Seele

[Use with Haverford College CD 560, v. 20]

Joe Callahan: The Duetto from Bach's 78th Cantata
Joanna Herrero"The Chaconne and Bach's Cantata 78"
Kimberly Overtree: "Music as Clay"
Ted Van Berg
Joyce Kelley: "The Overlooked Richness of the Recitatives of Bach's Cantata 78"
Keiko T. Thomforde: Unity in Bach's Cantata No. 78
Andreas Voellmy: "Peculiarities in the second movement of J.S. Bach's Cantata no. 78"

Special Topics 

Alexej Steinhardt: "Laboratory Ears"
Nick Vaccaro: Unity and Symmetry in Bach's Cantata Ein Feste Burg


Motets and Chansons of the Middle Ages and Renaissance



Greg Dobler: Ockeghem's Prenez sur moi

Joanna Herrero: Loyset Compère's Ave Maria

Joyce Kelley: Dufay's Piece for Peace: an Ironic Battle Between Structure and Word

Kim Overtree: A Prayer Motet by Loyset Compère

Alexej Steinhardt: Vitry's In Nova Fert

Keiko T. Thomforde: Courtly Love and Rondeau Form

Andreas Voellmy: Dufay's Synthesis of Ars Nova and Renaissance Techniques in Nuper Rosarum Flores

Nicholas Vaccaro Compère's Omnium bonorum plena Motet

Joe Callahan: Superimposition: a Common Practice Analysis of "Le souvenir"


Listening from the Multimedia Computer


Open the CD drive (small gray button just beneath the built-in CD player on the computer) and insert the disk noted on the page you want to play. Close the drive by pushing the gray button again.

Plug your headphones into the jack at the left-hand side of the monitor if you want to listen privately; for public listening, leave the headphones disconnected.

If you want to adjust the volume,use the sound icon on the control strip at the bottom of the screen, or go to the 'monitor and sound' control panel under the little apple icon at the top left of the screen.