Multimedia Instructions


How do I get my computer to play the multimedia pages?


I have a Macintosh Computer


I have a Windows Computer (this takes you to a site hosted by Worth Publishers--follow the instructions for download and webbrowser set up from there)



For Macintosh computers


Well, first of all you need a MAC with a built-in CD drive, and some headphones or built-in speakers for the listening per se.

1. Go get the software from the Faculty Server--select the option for Course Use and look for the Music section. In that folder you will find a folder marked Voyager Files. Drag it to your Netscape Folder on your hard disk with the other Helper Applications. If you don't have other helpers then just put it in the Netscape folder.

2. Launch Netscape.

3. Pull down Options/Preferences, then click Applications.

4. Select New and fill out Mime Type, Subtype, and Extensions as noted on this screen shot:

For current versions of Netscape: picture7.gif

5. Click 'Browse' and then find the CD Link Kernel in the folders you just downloaded--choose Open. Do NOT choose Voyager CD Link.

6. Under Action, pick Launch Application

7. Now your helper list should look like this: If so, Click OK.


For current versions of Netscape: picture5.gif

8. Next you'll need to make a Temporary Directory so the VCD link won't clutter your desktop with strange files.

9. Choose Applications from the General Preferences roster (see below) and Browse for some likely place to have your computer dump odd but tiny files. You can simply pick the Netscape/Helper folder that also contains the Voyager materials you just downloaded, or create a folder called Dump and put it anyplace you like. In any event simply pick the correct one with Browse. Then Click OK.


Here's how mine looks:

For current versions of Netscape: picture6.gif

10. Quit and Restart Netscape. Now put a CD in the tray and try things out.


Still doesn't work? Check audio settings under the control panels:

Here's how mine looks: picture 4.gif