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Haverford College
Department of Mathematics
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Events: First-Year Prize Exam

Every Spring the Math Department sponsors a prize exam that is open to all first-year students. The top scorers receive cash prizes and recognition in the commencement program.

Past Winners

Dylan O'Connell First Prize
Bekezhan Nurkhaidorov, Heyi Zhu Second Prize
2012 2011
Zachary Gabor First Prize Martin Richard First Prize
Aspen deVries, Kangni Hu Second Prize
2010 2009
Daniel Stiles First Prize Lucas Van Meter First Prize
Vera Axelrod, Samuel Rodriques Second Prize Lucian Grand, Joshua Weiss Second Prize
2008 2007
Andrew Ross First Prize Phil Eiseman First Prize
Ben Brock, Hailiu Yang Second Prize Nicholas Sher Second Prize
Thao Linh Lam Viet Honorable Mention Pat Ouellette Honorable Mention
2006 2005
Justin Meyerowitz First Prize Daniel Studenmund First Prize
Zhao Fang Second Prize Daniel Sacks, Sandeep Singh Second Prize
2004 2003
Alden Walker First Prize Jane Carlen First Prize
Mark Maienschein-Cline Second Prize Rachel Lieberman Second Prize
2002 2001
Julien Colvin First Prize Christina Oran First Prize
Aaron Rosenberg Second Prize Johnicholas Hines Second Prize
2001 2000
Christina Oran First Prize Gregory Ley, Tammy Metz (BMC) First Prize
Johnicholas Hines Second Prize Jim McGarr Second Prize
1999 1998
Ben Allen, Nathaniel Rounds First Prize Peter Ingebretson First Prize
Aaron Block Second Prize Asa Hopkins Second Prize
    Lisa Berenson, Luke Somers Honorable Mention
1997 1996
Ari Wassner First Prize Scott Kravitz First Prize
Betsy Renner, David Rothstein Second Prize David Chipkin Second Prize
1995 1994
Julie Zachariadis First Prize Brian Karl First Prize
Brian Murphy, Matt Schneiderman Second Prize Daniel H. Paik, Cheryl Wright Second Prize

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