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Events: Bi-College Math Colloquium

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Spring 2010

Date Location Speaker Title
Monday Jan 25 Haverford Erica Greene (HC '10) and Jonathan Lima (HC '10), Haverford College "A Foray into Statistical Poetry" and "Symmetric Function Inequalities"
Monday Feb 1 Bryn Mawr Walter Huddell, Eastern University The Distributional Derivative
Monday Feb 8 Haverford Ben Allen (HC '02), Boston University Evolutionary Game Theory in Structured Populations
Monday Feb 15
Haverford Valentina Joukhovitski
Topology of Links and Knots (Or, how I learned to enjoy math)
Monday Feb 22
Bryn Mawr

Sunil Chetty, Colorado College
(NOTE: Talk begins at 4:30)

Diophantine Equations and Number Theory
Monday Mar 1 Bryn Mawr Jonelle Hook, Lehigh University The Classification of Critical Graphs and Star-Critical Ramsey Numbers
Monday Mar 8
Monday Mar 15


Tim deVries, University of Pennsylvania Mathematical connections in combinatorial enumeration
Monday Mar 22
Bryn Mawr Mirko Visontai, University of Pennsylvania The MCP conjecture
Monday Mar 29
Monday Apr 5 Bryn Mawr Betty Mayfield, MAA and Hood College Women and Mathematics in the Time of Euler
Monday Apr 12
Bryn Mawr Michelle Craddock, US Military Academy Reflexivity For Fremlin Tensor Products of Banach Lattices
Monday Apr 19 Bryn Mawr Sarah Hews, Swarthmore College HBV Models: the role of hepatocytes on persisent infection
Monday Apr 26 Haverford Peter Horn, Columbia University Generalizing the Genus of a Knot

For more information, please contact Robert Manning (HC) or Paul Melvin (BMC).

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