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Haverford College
Department of Mathematics
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Events: Bi-College Math Colloquium

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Spring 2008

Date Location Speaker Title
Jan 28 Haverford Amy Myers
Bryn Mawr College
"The Outstanding Elements of Permutations and Words"
Feb 4 Bryn Mawr John Flynn
Haverford College
"An examination of the size of the image for polynomial maps over finite fields."
Feb 13 Haverford Laurie Rubel
CUNY Brooklyn
"Research in Mathematics Education: Battlefields and Beyond"
Feb 18 Bryn Mawr Ana Cannas da Silva
Princeton University
"From hermitian matrices to symplectic geometry and back again"
Feb 25 Haverford Jayadev Athreya
Princeton University
"Billiards, ergodic theory, and number theory"
Mar 10 Spring Break NO COLLOQUIUM  
Mar 17 Haverford Sarah-Marie Belcastro
Smith College
"Edge-Coloring Graphs on Surfaces: Recent Progress on Grünbaum's Conjecture"
Mar 19 Bryn Mawr Freeman Hrabowski
University of Maryland
"Strategies that Support Student Success in the Sciences"
Mar 24 Bryn Mawr Dennis DeTurck
University of Pennsylvania
"Exploiting invariance, from freshman calculus to linking integrals"
Mar 31
Darren Glass
Gettysburg College
"Cyptography, Coding Theory, and Curve Interpolation"
Apr 7 Bryn Mawr
Park 243
Herbert S. Wilf
University of Pennsylvania
"Sister Celine, as I knew her"
Apr 14 Haverford George Cobb
Mount Holyoke
"Markov Chain Monte Carlo: A Course for Math Majors"
Apr 15 Haverford
Sharpless Aud
George Cobb
Mount Holyoke
"Two Statisticians and One Serial Murderer"
Apr 21 Bryn Mawr Janet Talvacchia
Swarthmore College
"Generalized Geometry"
Apr 28 Haverford
Final 07/08 Colloquium
Rob Kusner
Univ of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Pennsylvania
"Lengths and Crossing Numbers of Knotted Ropes and Strips"