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Haverford College
Department of Mathematics
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Events: Bi-College Math Colloquium

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Spring 2007

Date Location Speaker Title
Jan 29 Bryn Mawr Constance Leidy
University of Pennsylvania
"Knots and the Fourth Dimension"
Feb 6 Haverford Tim McMurry
DePaul University
"Nonparametric Regression with Infinite Order Flat-Top Kernels"
Feb 8 Haverford Arthur Berg
University of California - San Diego
"A Statistical Journey through Historic Haverford"
Feb 12 Haverford Leah Jager
Grinnell College
"A trip to the dressing room -- does your probability model fit properly?"
Feb 14 Haverford

Weiwen Miao
Mavalester College

"The Use of Statistics in the Legal System"
Feb 19 Haverford

Janet Rosenbaum
Harvard University

"Do teenagers always tell the truth? Estimating the prevalence of adolescent risk behaviors from inconsistent self-report"
Feb 26 Bryn Mawr

Angela Gibney
University of Pennsylvania

"What is a moduli space and why do algebraic geometers love them?"

Mar 5 Haverford Aldan Walker '07
Haverford College
"Decision Trees and Fundamental Complexity, or Topology: It's Not Just for Topologist"
Mar 19 Bryn Mawr

Kristopher Tapp
Williams College

"Symmetry and Curvature"

Mar 26 Haverford Victor Moll
Tulane University
"Pretty pictures from Interesting integrals"
Apr 2 Bryn Mawr Katherine Okikiolu
University of California - San Diego
"Spectral zeta functions and Sobolev-type inequalities on manifolds"
Apr 9 Haverford Timothy Y. Chow
Center for Communications Research
"Counting Lattice Paths that Avoid a Boundary"
Apr 16 Bryn Mawr

Robert Ghrist
University of Illinois

"Topology, Algebra, and Sensor Networks"
Apr 23 Bryn Mawr

Ciprian Manolescu
Columbia University

"Combinatorial Floer Homology"
Apr 30 Haverford TBA TBA