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Haverford College
Department of Mathematics
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Events: Bi-College Math Colloquium

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Fall 2008

Date Location Speaker Title
Sep 8 Haverford Jennifer Boyko '09
Taylor Burmeister '09
Haverford College

Boyko, "The Effect of Missingness on the Analysis of Alzheimer's Disease Modifying Drug Clinical Trails"
Burmeister, " Local Edge Detection with Wavelets"


Sep 22

Bryn Mawr Stephan Wehrli
Columbia University
"New invariants for sutured 3-manifolds"
Sep 29 Bryn Mawr Linda Chen
"Enumerative Geometry, Combinatorics, and Algebra"
Oct 6 Haverford Michael Lavine
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"What is Bayesian Statistics and Why Everything Else is Wrong"
Oct 7
11:00 a.m.
Talk 11:30
Sharpless Auditorium
Michael Lavine
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Spike Trains and Human Brains"
Oct 13 Fall Break NO COLLOQUIUM  
Oct 20 Haverford Rob Ghrist
University of Pennsylvania
"Euler Calculus and Sensor Networks"
Oct 27 Bryn Mawr Helen Wong
Bowdoin College
"Distinguishing 3-dimensional manifolds"
Nov 3 Haverford Dave Futer
Temple University
"The Space Around a Knot"
Nov 10 Bryn Mawr Sarah Mason
Davidson College
"Permutations, partitions, and 'fue de taquin'"
Nov 17 Bryn Mawr David Lippel
Haverford College
"O-minimal structures: tame fragments of analysis"
Nov 24 Haverford
Laura Hall-Seelig
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
"Finite Fields, Curves, Points, and Genera"
Dec 1 Haverford Patrick Clarke
University of Pennsylvania
"Morse Theory, Topology, and Physics"