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Haverford College
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    Mathematics and Statistics
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Major Program in Mathematics


Mathematics courses for majors fall into six general categories:

  1. Preliminary calculus: Math 105, 118, or advanced placement
    These are not listed among the requirements, but are of course prerequisites for all subsequent courses in mathematics.
  2. Intermediate calculus/Linear algebra: Math 215, 121 or 216
    These courses are taught for the benefit of both majors and non-majors, but are the real "introduction" to math for most majors.
  3. Core major courses: Math 317-318 (Analysis) Math 333-334 (Algebra)
    These courses are the "cornerstone" of the major, introducing many important ideas in which modern mathematics is based, and also sharpening students' skills in mathematical discourse (i.e. careful statements of definitions, theorems, proofs).
  4. Intermediate electives:
    • Math 202 (Introduction to number theory)
    • Math 203 (Statistical methods and their applications)
    • Math 204 (Differential equations)
    • Math 205 (Topics in geometry)
    • Math 210 (Linear optimization and game theory)
    • Math 218 (Probability)
    • Math 222 (Introduction to scientific computing)
    • Math/CS 235 (Information and Coding Theory)
    • Math 286 (Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis)
    These courses are designed for both majors and non-majors, and provide majors an excellent opportunity to explore interests outside the core sequence. Students can expect at least two electives at this level to be offered most semesters. We coordinate with Bryn Mawr so that if a topic is not offered in a given year at Haverford, it may be offered at Bryn Mawr.
  5. Advanced electives:
    • Math 335-336 (Topology)
    • Math/CS 340 (Analysis of algorithms)
    • Math/CS 345 (Theory of computation)
    • Math 390 (Adv. topics in algebra)
    • Math 391 (Adv. topics in geometry and topology)
    • Math 392 (Adv. topics in analysis)
    • Math 394 (Adv. topics in discrete math and computer science)
    • Math 395 (Adv. topics in combinatorics)
    • Math 396 (Adv. topics in probability and statistics)
    • Math 397 (Adv. topics in applied mathematics)
    Courses at this level are very important for students planning to go to graduate school in mathematics or related fields. The department typically offers 5-6 courses at this level per year.
  6. Other courses:
    • Math 399 (Senior Seminar): A required yearlong course for seniors that involves both independent work with their senior thesis advisor and a group seminar offering advice, support, and practice for seniors in preparing the senior paper and oral presentation.
    • Math 460 (Teaching Assistantship in Mathematics): A half-credit course, in which students work closely with a single faculty member in a single course at the 100- or 200-level, offering various kinds of classroom support including problem sessions, review, tutoring, and laboratory assistance. Very good experience for students considering teaching as a career. Open to junior and senior majors by invitation, and may be taken at most twice. Does not count toward the major.

Mathematics Major Requirements

The requirements for majoring in mathematics are:

  1. Mathematics 215, and either Mathematics 121 or Mathematics 216.
  2. Mathematics 317 and 333, and one of Mathematics 318 or 334.
  3. Four additional electives in mathematics or approved related courses at the 200 level or higher. At least one of these must be at the 300 level. None of Math 299, Math 399, Math 460 and Math 480 used for senior paper preparation may be counted toward this requirement.
  4. The senior seminar, Fall and Spring.
  5. A senior paper and oral presentation. Students planning graduate study in mathematics or related fields are strongly advised to take additional courses at the 300 level.

Equivalent courses in mathematics at Bryn Mawr College may be substituted for any requirement, subject to advisor approval.

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