Math Careers after Haverford: What to do?

Math majors get all kinds of jobs! There are good tips about job hunting for math students at the MAA site on Careers for Math Lovers.
  • Examples of jobs Haverford grads have landed with just a bachelor's degree:

    • Analyst in NYC Office of Management and Budget (Jane Carlen)
    • Actuarial Analyst at CIGNA in Philadelphia, PA (Wendy Leferson)
    • Trader on the Chicago Merchantile Exchange (Cal Fishkin)
    • Consultant for Charles River Associates (Eric Acton)
    • Computer game programmer (Alex Werner at MobyGames, Peter Ingebretson at Electronic Arts)

  • Examples of careers Haverford grads have pursued after earning a master's:

    • High school teacher (John Dollhopf at Hill, Laurie Rubel at Collegiate)
    • Analyst for the Institute for Defense Analyses (Anduin Touw)
    • Consultant for Wagner Associates in Malvern, PA (Ryan Walker)

  • Examples of careers Haverford grads have pursued after earning a PhD:

    • Research Assistant Professor at Notre Dame (David Lippel)
    • Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Brooklyn College (Laurie Rubel)
    • Professor of Mathematics at UMass Amherst (Robert Kusner)
    • Professor of Statistics at The University of Chicago (Michael Wichura)

  • Examples of postgraduate education undertaken by Haverford math grads:

    • Law School at Northwestern (Miriam Szatrowski)
    • Medical School at Harvard (Selin Somersan)
    • Business School at Wharton (Noel Watson)
    • PhD program in Mathematics (Sarah Crown at Michigan)
    • PhD program in Statistics (minor Dan Heinz at Carnegie Mellon)

If you want to further your education, check out our page on applying to graduate school in the mathematical sciences. In addition to Mathematics and Statistics, don't forget Biostatistics, Finance, and Operations Research.

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