Bi-College Math Colloquium

Spring 2006

Colloquium begins at 4:15 except when noted.
All colloquia at Bryn Mawr will be held in Park Science Building 328. Tea will be in the Math Lounge, Park 355 at 3:45 p.m.
All colloquia at Haverford will be held in KINSC H-108 or H-109. Tea will be in the Math Lounge, KINSC H-208 at 4:00 p.m.

Date Location Speaker Title
Jan 30

Haverford Doron Zeilberger (Rutgers) How I Got HOOKED into Doing Combinatorics
Feb 6 Bryn Mawr Dr. Jill Jordan (Bryn Mawr College) A Polynomial Invariant for Legendrian Links
Feb 20 Haverford Noel Watson (Harvard) Human Behavioral Dynamics in Supply Chain Management
Mar 27 Haverford Jim Reeds (Center for Communications Research) Large Deviation Rate for a Lattice Path Counting Problem. Slides from the talk are also available!
Apr 10 Haverford

Robin Pemantle (Penn)

Solving Equations
Apr 17 Bryn Mawr


Apr 24 Haverford Garikai Campbell (Swarthmore)

A Bunch of Problems (involving rational distances) I Can't Solve:
an Introduction to Elliptic Curves

For more information, please contact Josh Sabloff (HC) or Yibiao Pan (BMC).

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