Bi-College Math Colloquium

Spring 2005

Colloquium begins at 4:15 with tea before. All colloquia at Bryn Mawr will be held in PSB 328; all colloquia at Haverford will be held in KINSC H-109.

Date Location Speaker Title
Jan 31 Bryn Mawr Selman Akbulut (Michigan State) Calibrated manifolds and gauge theory
Feb 7 Haverford Mark Dominus Arithmetic with Continued Fractions
Feb 14 Bryn Mawr Josh Sabloff (Haverford) How Many Ways Can You Parallel-Park a Unicycle?
Feb 22
Haverford William Dunham (Muhlenberg) A Tribute to Euler
Feb 28 Bryn Mawr (Cancelled due to snow)  
Mar 15
Haverford Helene Tyler (Manhattan College) Computing Modules Over Finite Dimensional Algebras
Mar 21 Bryn Mawr Sema Salur (Northwestern and IAS) Deformation theory of calibrated submanifolds
Mar 28 Haverford R. Andrew Hicks (Drexel) Sideview Mirrors and Panoramic Cameras
Apr 4 Bryn Mawr Yibiao Pan (University of Pittsburgh and Bryn Mawr) Convolution operators and oscillatory integrals
Apr 11
Math Awareness Day at Bryn Mawr!
Apr 18 Bryn Mawr Effie Kalfagianni (Michigan State and IAS) Crossing changes and knot invariants
Apr 25 Haverford Craig Sutton (UPenn) Manifolds of Positive Sectional Curvature

For more information, please contact Josh Sabloff (HC) or Paul Melvin (BMC).