PACT participants explore new developments in low-dimensional, contact, and symplectic topology in an informal weekly seminar.  We encourage active collaboration, support works in progress, and don’t leave any question unasked.

The Philadelphia Area Contact / Topology Seminar

Meetings for the Fall of 2011:

  1. Thursdays 8:15am

  2. Park 328 at Bryn Mawr

  3. Coffee and snacks in the math lounge at 8:00am

Organized by:

  1. Paul Melvin (pmelvin at brynmawr dot edu)

  2. Josh Sabloff (jsabloff at haverford dot edu)

  3. Lisa Traynor (ltraynor at brynmawr dot edu)

Circle-Valued Generating Families

In Search of New Legendrian Knot Invariants

Chris Micklewright (Bryn Mawr)

  1. Part 1:  Sept 8

  2. Part 2:  Sept 15

  3. Part 3:  Sept 29

  4. Part 4:  Oct 6