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Haverford College

In addition to the electronic copies of theses available through the Thesis home page, there are also theses only in paper copies. See the grid below for locations and first year available. The beginning year does not guarantee full coverage. For example, we may not have 1978-1979 theses in Philosophy.

Most paper copies are at Magill Library, and many are already cataloged in the online catalog Tripod. You can search under author name, title, or department. You can look at paper theses in Magill Library, but you may not request them through interlibrary loan nor can we send photocopies without the thesis author's permission.

Department Location Years
Anthropology Department Office 1970-
Comparative Literature Magill 2000-
East Asian Studies Magill 2002-
Economics Magill 1995-
English Magill 2002-
History Magill 2001-
Music Magill 1985, 1992, 1996-1997, 2000
Philosophy Magill 1977-
Political Science Magill 1961-
Psychology Magill 1992-
Religion Magill 1985-
Sociology Magill 1950-1951
Spanish Magill 2003