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Haverford College

Commencement Speeches

Listed below are commencement speeches given by graduating seniors from 1856-1893.

Year Name Title
1856 Walton, James M. oration on Grecian Mythology
1856 Beesley, Bartholomew W. oration on Pericles
1856 Comfort, Jonathan J. oration on The Cultivation of the Taste
1856 Wood, Edward R. oration on the relative Progress of the world in Morality and in the Physical Sciences
1856 Cadbury, Joel, Jr. valedictory (in Latin)
1857 Wood, Stephen, Jr. oration on Socrates
1857 Cheyney, Jesse Latin Oration: "De Româ" Augusto imperante
1857 Mendenhall, Cyrus Demosthenes the Patriot Statesman
1858 Wistar, Thomas De Reformatione (in Latin)
1858 Rhoads, William Gibbons The Discovery of Neptune
1858 Burgess, Thomas Harvey The Spirit of Law
1858 Hunt, Daniel Williams Nathaniel Bowditch
1858 Tyler, William Graham Περὶ τοῦ Περιχλεους
1858 Clark, Thomas Burke, the Legislator
1858 Yarnall, Ellis Hornor Cola di Rienzi, and the Romans of the Fourteenth Century
1858 Satterthwaite, Samuel Taylor The Patron of Education, our Truest Patriot
1859 Sampson, Edward Cobb Rome, Athens and Jerusalem
1859 Paxson, Richard C. De Amicitia (delivered in Latin)
1859 Sharpless, Abram The Moral Causes of the Fall of Rome
1859 Chase, Richard Wyatt Gibbon on the Steps of the Capitol
1859 Smith, Benjamin Hayes Περί γῶν Μν`δών γῶν Ελλψνιχῶν
1859 Sampson, George Paul of Tarsus
1859 Rhoads, Edward The Office of the Greek Drama
1860 Richardson, Francis The Wilderness and Rome
1860 Morris, Theodore H. The Moors in Spain
1860 Clark, Lindley M. The Material and Intellectual Elements of Civilization
1860 Smith, Clement L. De Alexandro Secundo, Russiarum Imperatore (delivered in Latin)
1860 Pancoast, Richard Modern Greek Literature
1860 Lindley, Cyrus Mahometanism Subservient to the Divine Purposes
1860 Corlies, William M. Thucydides and Tacitus
1860 Underhill, Silar A. The Absolutism of Louis XIV
1860 Morris, Frederick W. The Deliverance of Antioch
1860 Pinkham, John W. The Dawn of the New Philosophy
1860 Tyson, James Ad Italiam Resurgentem (a Latin ode)
1861 Potts, William Newlin De C. Juli Caesaris Caede (delivered in Latin)
1861 Bettle, Charles The Two Types of Grecian Character
1861 Wood, Isaac Francis The Late Dr. Francis
1861 Bettle, Edward The Royal Psalmist
1861 Jones, Charles Henry Η της Ελλαδος Απελεν ερωοις
1861 Broomall, William Booth The Civil Law
1861 Lamb, Thomas White The Emancipation of the Serfs
1861 Stuart, Jehu Harlan The Victories of Truth
1861 Bettle, Henry The Poetry of Cowper
1861 Thomas, John Clapp Rome and Carthage
1862 Coates, Henry Troth Still Waters run Deep
1862 Williams, Horace Copernicus
1862 Wood, Isaac Francis Men of the Time
1862 Mellor, George Brown The Elevation of the People
1862 Hadley, Samuel Allen The Poets of Judea
1863 Battey, Thomas Jesse Labor and Rest
1863 Coates, William Morrison Cicero at his Tusculan Villa
1863 Coates, George Morrison The Uncertainty of the Future
1863 Jones, Richard Thomas The Poetry of Tennyson
1863 Morris, William Henry The Druids
1863 Pinkham, Joseph Gurney Reason and Faith
1864 Ashbridge, William The Lasting Celebrity of Good Authors
1864 Wood, Randolph The Philosophy of Dreams
1864 Pancoast, Albert Ideal Relations of the Useful Arts
1864 Longstreth, Morris The Literature of Friendship
1864 Cooper, Howard M. The Historical Literature of America
1864 Roberts, Charles Statesmanship, Ancient and Modern
1864 Garrett, Albin English and American Classics
1864 Coates, Edward H. The Regeneration of the Empire
1864 Scull, Edward L. The Influence of Art
1864 Sampson, E. Pope Who is the Statesman?
1864 Angell, Franklin De Jure Civili (delivered in Latin)
1865 Nichols, David Holder The Duties of Great Men
1865 Brown, Edward Taylor Ad Americam, Emporium Gentium (a Latin ode)
1865 Wistar, Caleb Cresson Order
1865 Vail, Benjamin Augustus The Bonds of Our Union
1865 Smith, George The Poetry of Science
1865 Downing, Joseph Miller The Spaniard in Mexico
1865 Chase, James Anthony Liberty and Law
1865 Sharpless, Henry Williams The Spirit of Grecian Poetry
1865 Bringhurst, John Richardson Alexis de Tocqueville
1865 Thomas, Allen Clapp The Companionship of Books
1866 Elliott, Aaron Marshall The Progress of Liberty
1866 Valentine, Benjamin E. Man and the Universe
1866 Taber, Robert Barney Behind the Veil
1867 Crenshaw, Nathaniel Bacon De Whittier Poeta (delivered in Latin)
1867 Ashbridge, John Chief Justice Marshall
1867 Ashbridge, George The Christianization of Asia
1867 Collins, Samuel Craft Conversation
1867 Darlington, Charles Howard True Science
1867 Eshleman, B. Franklin A Congress of Nations
1867 Dorsey, William Tagart What we owe to Arabian Civilization
1867 Wood, Walter James Logan
1867 Sharpless, Charles William The Council of Nicaea
1867 Clark, William Penn New America
1867 Jones, Richard Mott College Life a Rehearsal
1868 Wills, Joseph Henry The Christ of History
1868 Cook, Edward Hanson Contest and Victory
1868 Starr, Louis Michael Faraday
1868 Satterthwaite, Benjamin Cadwallader The Fanatic and the Enthusiast
1868 Tomlinson, S. Finley Laborare est Orare
1868 Cope, Alexis T. The Science of Language
1869 Estes, Ludovic The Church and the Empire
1869 Kaighn, William B. De Barclaii Apologia (delivered in Latin)
1869 Wood, Walter The Plurality of Worlds
1869 Whitlock, James G. Confucius
1869 Taylor, William S. The Progress of Agriculture
1869 Randolph, William H. The Fate of the North American Indian
1869 Cope, Henry The Balance of Power in Europe
1869 Evaul, Henry John Bunyan
1869 Congdon, Johns H. The History of the English Bible
1869 Wood, Henry Many-sidedness
1869 Taylor, Edward B. The Great Eclipse
1869 King, Pendleton Hamilton and his Philosophy
1870 Longstreth, Thomas Kimber Paul as an Orator
1870 Owen, Oliver Goldsmith Philistinism
1870 Comfort, Howard Lowell as an Essayist
1870 Brown, J. Stuart International Ethics
1870 Coale, Alford Gable American Art
1870 Wood, Charles Scientific Atheism
1870 Hubbard, William Harrison The Mystery of Suffering
1870 Hilles, Thomas Allen Elizabeth Barrett Browning
1870 Steele, John Dutton The Age of Iron
1870 Rose, David Franklin Politics and Statesmanship
1870 Carey, John Ellicott John Ruskin
1870 Pratt, Charles Edward The Ink-Deluge
1870 Wood, Stuart The Harmony of the Sciences
1871 Haines, Reuben Trades Unions
1871 Brown, Henry Graham The Holy Roman Empire
1871 Thurston, Edward Day The Degeneracy of Modern Wit and Humor
1871 Reeves, Ellis B. Arthur Helps
1871 Moore, Walter Thomas The Literary Character of Bunsen
1871 Haines, William Henry The Ordeal
1871 Garrigues, John Sharpless The Sun
1871 Roberts, Alfred Reginald American Classics
1871 Taylor, Charles S. Augustine
1871 Winslow, Randolph Ancient North American Civilizations
1871 Hartshorne, Joseph De Jove Dodonæo (delivered in Latin)
1871 Hoskins, Jesse Franklin Pro Patria Vivere (delivered in English)
1871 Evans, William P. Biblical Revision
1872 Longstreth, William Morris The Nineteenth Century
1872 Estes, Thomas Rowland The American Scholar
1872 Haines, Caspar Wistar Heat and Light
1872 Carey, James Jr. The Castles and Abbeys of England
1872 Cadbury, Richard T. Success
1872 Downing, Thomas S. Jr. The River of Egypt
1872 Huston, Abram Francis The Age of Chivalry
1872 Kimber, Marmaduke C. The Sculptor of Cyprus
1872 Thomas, Richard H. Christianity a Pleroma
1872 Gummere, Francis B. Cicero as a Philosopher
1872 Ashbridge, Richard Jr. Charlemagne
1872 Erben, Walter The Birth and Growth of American Freedom
1872 Gibbons, William H. Valedictory
1873 Cope, Thomas Pim Jr. The Hanseatic League
1873 Comfort, James Cooper Jr. The Progress and Influence of American Journalism
1873 Fox, Joseph M. Dmitri the Pretender
1873 Haines, Henry Cope The Scots Worthies
1873 Tomlinson, Julius Lines The Scientific Uses of the Imagination
1873 Sampson, Alden Jr. The Birth-day of a Republic
1873 Emlen, George Williams Theirs and the French Republic
1873 Lowry, Benjamin Howard Daniel O'Connell
1874 Hilles, Samuel E. A Latin Salutatory, and the Friendship of Books
1874 Hartshorne, Charles R. Faith and Free Thought
1874 Trotter, Joseph Samuel Taylor Coleridge
1874 Emlen, James Unconscious Education
1874 Thompson, James B. Financial Panics
1874 Jones, John Barclay Democracy in Europe
1874 Allinson, Edward P. A Vexed Question
1874 Price, Theophilus P. Harmony of Interest
1874 Kirkbride, Mahlon Dr. Thomas Young
1874 Bullock, John G. World's Idols - Valedictory
1875 Tebbets, Charles Edwin Erasmus and Luther
1875 Hunt, William, Jr. France as a Republic
1875 Huston, Charles Lukens Count Rumford
1875 Bispham, Edward K. Leonardo da Vinci
1875 Pharo, Walter W. The Old Regime in Canada
1875 Newlin, Harold Parker Sir James Mackintosh
1875 White, Miles Jr. Political Ethics
1875 Haines, Charles E. The Republic of Venice
1875 Brown, Alonzo The Vice of Self-consciousness
1875 Davis, James Franklin Philosophic Charity; and Valedictory
1876 Allinson, Francis Greenleaf Inter Montes viget Fides
1876 Bispham, David Bacon or Shakespeare?
1876 Colton, Reuben Torquato Tasso
1876 Dudley, Henry Wilson Hamilton and the Constitution
1876 Gifford, Seth Kelley The Expansive Character of Greek Faith
1876 Hobbs, Lewis Lyndon Jonathan Edwards
1876 Holme, Richard Henry The Duty of the State as Regards Public Education
1876 Kimber Thomas William Ideals
1876 Longstreth, Charles Albert Penn's Holy Experiment
1876 Nicholson, John Whitall God in History
1876 Roberts, Percival Jr. The Coming Struggle
1876 Taylor, Frank H. Cosmic Philosophy
1876 Taylor, Howard Gardiner The Draining of Haarlem Lake
1876 Taylor, Lewis Alfred Theory and Empiricism
1877 Forsythe, Isaac Salutatory, and "The New Learning"
1877 Baily, Frederic L. France Regained
1877 Smith, Willliam F. Federalism under Washington
1877 Anderson, Isaac W. The Great Commoner
1877 Mercer, George G. Are We a Nation?
1877 Krider, James D. A Higher Culture or the Ballot
1877 Townsend, Wilson Le Due Risposte (delivered in Italian) and Valedictory
1878 Smiley, Daniel Jr. Salutatory and "Federalism"
1878 Thomas, John M.W. The Idealism of Berkeley
1878 Baily, Albert Lang The Alpine Church
1878 Baily, Henry La Venise de l'Occident (delivered in French)
1878 Comfort, Edward Thomas Italy's Greatest Sculptor
1878 Forsythe, Edward The Harmonies in Nature
1878 Eldridge, Jonathan Prescott as an Historian
1878 Crosman, Charles Sumner Milton's Masterpiece
1878 Frazier, Cyrus Piggot The Poet's Influence
1878 Hill, Samuel H. Some Guarantees of Republican Government in the U.S.
1878 Stokes, Henry Newlin Hissarlik
1878 Carey, Francis King England in America
1878 Haines, Robert B., Jr. Communism
1878 Taylor, Henry Longstreet The Russian Emancipation
1878 White, George Wilson Cosmic Life
1878 Reynolds, Lindley M.H. De Bello, Vera Virtute, Amicis (delivered in Latin) and Valedictory
1879 Gause, Charles Edward The Republic of Liberia
1879 Edwards, Levi Talbot Advantages of Compulsory Education
1879 Winston, John Clark Objections to Compulsory Education
1879 Moore, Jesse Hollowell Christianity as a Medium of National Reconciliation
1879 Hadley, Walter Carpenter Woman in America
1879 Jones, Wilmot Rufus England and the Russo-Turkish War
1880 Brede, Charles Frederic (Latin?) Salutatory
1880 Perry, William Francis The Imagination in Mathematics
1880 Corbit, Alex Peterson Kearneyism
1880 Bishop, William Why we Look at the Stars
1880 Jones, Edward Megarge Independence in Politics
1880 Gause, Charles Edward Domestic Life of the Romans
1880 Lynch, James Lewis Whence and How
1880 Edwards, Josiah Pennington Man the Elector
1880 Mason, Samuel Jr. Stability of the State
1880 Cox, Charles Ellwood Prohibition and Liberty
1880 Rhoads, Joseph Jr. Valedictory
1881 Blair, William Allen England's Mission
1881 Johnson, Isaac Thorne Sacred Literature of the Hebrews
1881 Brinton, Walter Carroll Poetical Tendencies
1881 Edwards, Levi Talbot Political Element in Education
1881 Page, William Enoch American Self-esteem
1881 Carey, Anthony Morris The Friars in England
1881 Hartshorne, Edward Yarnall The Renaissance at Florence
1881 Price, William Farmer Valedictory
1881 Kennard, Edwin Orson Latin Salutatory
1881 Cook, Joseph Horace The Eastern Question
1881 Moore, Jesse Hollowell The Decline of Spanish Supremacy in Europe
1881 Winston, John Clark The World's Indebtedness to Quakerism
1881 Forsythe, Davis Hoopes Modern Science
1881 Smith, Albanus Longstreth Government and the Railroads
1881 Collins, William Henry Astronomy, Past and Present
1881 Winslow, Thomas Newby The Influence of Neo-Platonic Thought
1882 Leeds, William Pancoast Latin Salutatory
1882 Cox, Isaac Milton Nationality in American Literature
1882 Winston, Lindley Murray The Oxford Reformers
1882 Palmer, Thomas Chalkley Ancient and Modern Science
1882 Crosman, George Loring Originality of Character
1882 Hazard, Richard Bowne Practical Education
1882 Jones, Wilmot Rufus Longfellow as a National Poet
1882 Barton, George Adam Valedictory
1882 Jones, Frederick Dilwin Why they Come
1882 Morgan, Jesse Henley Pastoral America
1882 Coffin, John Elihu Modern Northmen
1882 Randolph, Edward The Machiavellian Policy
1882 Corbit, Daniel The Greco-Russian Church
1883 Worthington, Thomas Kimber The Apathetic Position toward Reform
1883 Shoemaker, Samuel Bines Society and the Incorrigibles
1883 Stuart, Francis Bacon Political Duty
1883 Edwards, David William A National Obligation
1883 Briggs, Frank Elwood International Reform
1883 White, William Alpheus Valedictory
1884 Chase, T. Herbert Latin Salutatory
1884 Jacob, Charles Richard The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
1884 Moore, Walter Linton Wordsworth's Place in Literature
1884 Smith, Alfred Percival Practical Living in Work
1884 Bates, Orren William Webster and our Nationality
1884 Hill, Louis Taber Valedictory
1885 Murray, Augustus T. Latin Salutatory
1885 Baily, Charles W. Frederick the Wise and the Reformation
1885 Doan, Enos L. Present Aspects of Poetry
1885 Hussey, William T. Three Forces in History
1885 Jones, Rufus M. Mysticism and its Exponents
1885 Markley, Joseph L. The Teachings of Buddha
1885 Reeve, Augustus H. A Political Retrospect
1885 Hilles, William S. Valedictory
1886 Wadsworth, Edward Dorland Latin Salutatory
1886 Smith, Horace Eugene Napoleon Bonaparte
1886 Dickinson, Jonathan, Jr. Socialism in America
1886 Johnson, Guy Roche Clapp-Griffith Process
1886 White, Wilfred Walton History in Art
1886 Betts, Thomas Wade Valedictory
1887 Newhall, Barker Latin Salutatory
1887 Strawbridge, Frederic Heap The Church Reformation of the 2nd Century
1887 Garrett, Alfred Cope A Safe Philosophy
1887 Futrell, William Harrison The Question of the Hour
1887 Goddard, Henry Herbert Individuality
1887 Philips, Jesse Evans Valedictory
1888 Cox, Exum Morris Latin Salutatory
1888 Lewis, William Draper The Cause of Poverty
1888 England, Howell Stroud The Most Probable
1888 Morris, Frederick Wistar, Jr. Practical Education
1888 Hartshorne, Francis Cope Agnosticism and Religion
1888 Sharp, Joseph W., Jr. Valedictory
1889 Burr, Charles Henry, Jr. Latin Salutatory
1889 Haughton, Victor Mellet The Greek Ideal
1889 Goodwin, Warren Clarkson Country of the River Platte
1889 Fite, Warner Individualism
1889 Stevens, Lindley Murray The Destiny of Canada,-not Manifest
1889 Ravenel, Samuel Prioleau, Jr. Valedictory
1890 Burr, Charles Henry, Jr. Master's Oration: "Characterization"
1890 Angell, Edward Mott The Wages of Art
1890 Lewis, John Frazier Taylor Railroads as a Factor in Western Development
1890 Kirkbride, Thomas Story The Friars and the Towns
1890 Gilbert, Henry Lee Culture and Socialism
1891 Blair, David Hunt Our Literary Debt
1891 Morris, John Stokes Romance of the Exact Sciences
1891 Thomas, George, 3rd Civilization and Poetry
1891 Mekeel, D.L. High Speed Travel
1892 Yarnall, Stanley R. The Classics at Haverford
1892 Collins, Minturn Post Haverford Athletics
1892 Hart, Walter Morris Aesthetic Interests at Haverford
1892 Morris, John Stokes Master's Oration: "Graduate Study"
1893 Rhoades, Charles James The Homeric Question
1893 Estes, Wilbur Albert Alfred the Great
1893 Whitall, Franklin The Influence of the English Gilds
1893 Hart, Walter Morris A Plea for the Tramp

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