Religion and Diversity in American Society:
An Interdisciplinary Approach

Listed here are the participants in the Institute, many of whom have published on this subject, as noted below. As noted below, some participants also have newly-updated syllabi for courses in their subject areas, which, if contacted, they have indicated a willingness to share.

Also, those interested in developing syllabi on religion and society may wish to contact the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at Indiana University/Purdue University, Indianapolis, 46202. For a nominal fee, they will send copies of their syllabi.

Andrew Barnes, Department of History, Arizona State University. Christianity in Early Modern Europe; Christian missions in modern Africa; social history of Christian ideas; construction of race and culture in Western thought. Publication: The Social Dimensions of Piety: Associative Life and Religious Change in the Penitent Confraternities of Marseille, 1499-1792. (1994)

Marilyn Dell Brady, Department of History, Virginia Wesleyan College. U. S. women's history; African American history; immigrants and Native Americans, American West; Women's Studies, especially diversity of women; history through buildings and artifacts; diversity issues on campus. Publication: "Populism and Feminism in a Newspaper by and for Women of the Kansas Farmer's Alliance, 1891-1894," Kansas History,

Elizabeth Brusco, Department of Anthropology, Pacific Lutheran University. Anthropology of religion, Latin American evangelicalism; religious conversion--3rd world emphasis. Publication: The Reformation of Machismo: Evangelical Conversion and Gender in Columbia. (1995)

Mary Chinery, Department of English, Georgian Court College. American literature; women's literature; composition.

Elizabeth Crowley, Department of English, MacMurray College. American literature; history of ideas. (Syllabi available) Publication: "Training Tutors to Work in a Writing Center." (1983)

Eileen Razzari Elrod, Department of English, Santa Clara University. Literature by American women; American literature to 1900; early American religious identity. Publication: "'Exactly Like My Father':Feminist Hermeneutics in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Non-Fiction," (1996)

Louis Gallien, Department of History, Wheaton College. Educational history; 19thc women's colleges; Wesleyan and holiness women in ministry; 19th c. fragmentation of American Protestantism. Publication: "A Daughter of the King: Frances E. Townsley's Public Ministry During the Progressive Era, 1873-1909," (forthcoming in re-release autobiography, 1997).

William R. Glass, Division of the Humanities, Mississippi University for Women. Religion and Southern society; evangelicalism and fundamentalism. Publication: "From Southern Baptist to Fundamentalist: The Case of I. W. Rogers and The Faith, 1945-1957." (1995)

Stephen D. Glazier, Department of Sociology, University of Nebraska/Kearney . anthropology of religion, ethnic relations, Caribbean. Publication: Marchin' the Pilgrims Home: Leadership and Decision-Making in an Afro-Caribbean Faith. (1983, 1991); " 'Authenticity' in Afro-Caribbean Religions: Contested Constructs, Contested Rites" in Religion and Social Order, #6 (1996)

Brett Greider, Department of Religion, Sweet Briar College. Religion in the American Southwest; Religion and Ecology; Religion and the Arts; Indigenous religions; Buddhism. Publication: "The Gospel Behind the Mask," Peace Review, 7:1(1995)

Paul Harvey, Department of History, Colorado College. Survey of American religious history; gender and race in American religious culture. (Syllabi available) Publications: "The Ideal of Professionalilsm and the White Southern Baptist Ministry, 1870-1920," Religion and American Culture, #5, 1995. Religion Race and Region: White Baptists, Black Baptists, and the Religious Cultures of the American South, 1865-1925. (In press.)

Dona Helmer, Curriculum Resource Center Librarian, Montana State University . Small grant support, esp. NEH; historical fiction; contemporary Native American literature; images of religion in literature; Native (North) Americans, esp. Crow, Yupik, Blackfoot; children's and young adult literature, film studies; teacher educ. Publications: "Using Picture Books to Combat Hate." (1996); "Children's Literature: Revisiting the Holocaust." (1996)

Carol Jensen, Honors Program, University of Nevada/Las Vegas. American religious history; honors rhetoric; Southwest history; water in the West; Southwest literature. Publication: "Deserts, Diversity and Self-Determination: A History of the Catholic Parish in the Intermountain West." (1987)

Shigeo Kanda, Department of Religious Studies, California State/Univ-Chico. Asian Religions (Buddhism); Asian-American, New Testament.

Susan Kray, Department of Communication, Indiana State University. Sociology of religious communication; communication about other religions; ethical perspectives on religious institutions and communication practices; communication ethics; film. Publication: "Orientalization of an "Almost White" Woman: the Interlocking Effects of Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity in American Mass Media," Critical Studies in Mass Communication, #10, (1993); "We Almost Ate From the Tree of Life: Fantasy and Horror in Near Eastern Religious Texts." (In Press)

Thomas J. Little, Department of History, Emory and Henry College. Colonial British America; southern history and religion; Caribbean history and religion. Publications: "George Liele and the Rise of Independent Black Baptist Churches in the Lower South and Jamaica," Slavery and Abolition, 16:2 (1995). "'Adding to the Church Such As Shall Be Saved': The Growth in Influence of Evangelical Churches in Colonial South Carolina, 1740-1775." (forthcoming)

Jimmy J. Montgomery, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Claflin College. Religious themes in American Social Thought; the Black Church; comparative religions.

Carlos Piar, Department of Religious Studies, California State University/Long Beach. Christianity from Reformation to present; theological ethics; contemporary Christian thought (liberation theology, narrative theology, postmodern theology); American religious history. Publication: Jesus and Liberation: A Critique of the Christology of Latin American Liberation Theology. (1994)

David Prejsnar, Department of History/Philosophy, Community College of Philadelphia. Japanese religions, tradition and transformation in Japanese history; world religions, comparative philosophy of religion: nature of God and Buddha; religion in America; conflicting conceptions of self, 1600-1868. Publication: Convergence and Divergence: The Continuance of Religious Traditions (textbook in World Religions, forthcoming)

Mark Rogers, Department of Anthropology/Sociology, Davidson College. Shamanism and spirit possession, New Age, Religion ins South America. Publication: "Beyond Authenticity: Conservation, Tourism, and the Pollitics of Representation in the Ecuadorian Amazon," (In press)

Julius Rubin, Department of Sociology, St. Joseph College. Ethnohistory of Native Americans (revitalization movements; historical sociology of American Protestantism; religious conversion; contemporary religious communal life. Publication: The Other Side of Joy: Religious Melancholy Among the Bruderhof. (In press)

Francis Sicius, Department of History, St. Thomas University. History of American Catholicism (Catholic Worker Movement), bioregionalism (south Florida regional studies: literature, history. Publication: The Word Made Flesh: The Chicago Catholic Worker and Lay Activism in the Church. (1991). Frank Sicius' syllabus for a course on "Theology, History and Ecology..." is attached here.

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