.......About Emma J. Lapsansky.....


...I am a shy sort of person, full of contrasts. ..sometimes described as a "gregarious recluse"--often have houseguests and dinner parties, but enjoy long stretches of solitude...can be near-silent for weeks, then have fits of non-stop talking...

I live on the banks of Darby Creek, in Delaware County Pennsylvania, near

Philadelphia, adjacent to a bird sanctuary; it's very dramatic there in winter


I am a "convinced" (read "converted") member of the Religious Society of Friends (read "Quakers"), coming to this by way of my Methodist-minister grandfather, who told me that heaven and hell are not in an afterlife, but rather states-of-being we create on earth by our actions here: I have met a great number of Friends who have been convincing models of this...

I am the mother of three children--two of whom, graduates of Wesleyan University (JJ, '92 and Nette,'94) now live in southern California...

I like to sing, have a tolerable voice, play an amateur folk guitar and a poor European-classical piano, (have an old Victorian upright ) and I am enthusiastic about dance from all over the world, all across time

I have several dozen house-plants, some of which are more than a quarter-century old, and a 15-year-old cat

I like to travel--especially alone by car; have spent at least one night in 48 of the 50 states and on 4 continents, but got as far south as the equator only in October 1996, on a trip to Kenya.I aim to get to get to the other continents in the next couple of years...

I like to spend as much time as possible by an ocean

I like to play around with photography--keep a photographic family journal that begins in the late nineteenth century with my paternal grandmother, my maternal great-grandfather, and maternal great-grandmother, and includes my maternal grandfather, posed with his new Chevy, ca. 1920, my own mother (she's the five-year-old standing with her family in Clarksburg, MD), who also likes the ocean (this one is 1989, in New Jersey), and my father, as a young man, ca. 1910

I'm part of a big family, that has frequent reunions

I like to cook, bake a great peach pie, like Mediterranean and Afro-Asian food

I'm pretty happy with my needlework skills, once combined history-with-theatre to be costume-designer for a summer Shakespeare theatre. Here you can see my daughter, wearing the dress I created for the prom last year. That's my 88-year-old mother sitting next to her.

I had a lot of fun driving 10,000 miles through the US in 1989, pasting state stickers on the back of my Subaru to commemorate each state where I stayed, visiting with my brother-in-law in northern California, and having my photo taken in South Dakota, at the geographic center of the country

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