Religion and Diversity in American Society:
An Interdisciplinary Approach

An NEH Summer Institute, 1996
Thursday Evenings were different...

After the lectures and discussions were over, and the library closed, we often gathered somewhere on Thursday evenings, for wine and crunchies and more informal conversation. Carlos Piar and Frank Sicius, who had brought their families, each entertained us at their on-campus apartments; another evening we had pizza at the group house, and the last Thursday we had a "group-cook" at the Institute Director's home. Each Institute participant chose a cooking partner, made a list of ingredients for a dish that could be prepared in under a half-hour, and the Institute director did the shopping. Then we all assembled and each team prepared it's dish in the big kitchen.

On the last night of the Insitute, the Haverford College catering staff feted us with dinner and even a "theme cake." based on the "shape-note singing" which came up in Dave Bruce's presentation about camp-meetings in the American south. This is also the same theme that the group decided to use for our T-shirt, to remind ourselves of the importance of hearing all the various "voices" in our classrooms..

Below are recipes for some of the dishes we prepared at the group-cook. We're still open to additional recipes!!

Will Glass' Tabouli


Paul Harvey and Eileen Elrod's Tofu/cabbage Salad


Lisa and Tom Little's Taco Dip:


Mix together and store in refrigerator

(preferably overnight) until ready to use.



Spread refried beans in bottom of dish. Spread sour cream mixture on top of beans. Sprinkle with onion, tomatoes, cheese and olives. Chill, serve with tortilla chips.

*option: brown hamburger meat w/ additional seasoning and add to top of sour cream mixture for a more substantial dish.

Frank Sicius' Spanish Tortilla recipe

Fry four peeled and sliced potatoes in olive oil, add salt to taste. Beat six eggs, place fried potatoes into eggs and blend together with large fork. Let mixture sit for at least half an hour. Pour mixture into nine- inch skillet. When cooked almost through (this is the hard part,) flip omelette into another slightly larger frying pan and finish cooking.


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The group also decided to design it's own T-shirt