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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections

Past and Present Gest Fellows

The following list includes all past and present Gest Fellows, their degree program or professional position at the time of the award, institutional affiliation, and the title of their research project conducted in the Quaker Collection.


Kathryn Falvo
M.A. student in History and Women's Studies
Penn State University
Spurning the Protection of Man: Quaker Women and Travel in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
  Anelise Shrout
Ph.D. candidate in History
New York University
Distressing News: Irish Famine, Politics and the Making of International Philanthropy


Michael Cohen
Assistant Professor of English
University of California at Los Angeles
Poetry, Abolition, and a Circle of Friends
  Alec Dun
Assistant Professor of History
Princeton University
The "Age of Revolution" from the vantage point of the household of Henry and Elizabeth Drinker
  Jonathan Sassi
Associate Professor of History
College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center, CUNY
Toward Gradual Emancipation in New Jersey
  Ben Wright
Ph.D. candidate in History
Rice University
American Clergy and the Problem of Slavery, 1750-1830: From the Politics of Conversion to the Conversion to Politics
2011 Susan Brandt
Ph.D. candidate in History
Temple University
Gifted Women and Skilled Practitioners: Gender and Healing Authority in the Mid-Atlantic Region, 1740-1830
  Aaron Jerviss
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Testimony through Sufferings: The Civil War in Pacifist Memory, 1865-1914
  Matthew Reilly
Ph.D. candidate in English
University of Texas
The Literary Life of May Drummond, Female Preacher
2010 Katharine Gerbner
Ph.D. candidate in History of American Civilization
Harvard University
"Christian Slavery: A Protestant Dilemma"
  Hayley Rose Glaholt
Ph.D. candidate in Religion, Ethics, and Public Life
Northwestern University
"'Reversing the Chivalry of Christ': Quaker Women Challenge the 'Species Line' of Pacifist Ethics"
  Bethany Wiggin
Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages and Literature
University of Pennsylvania
"'To discourage a Trade, by which many Thousands are Yearly captivated': Anthony Benezet, Christoph Saur (Father and Son), and the Transcultural Origins of Abolitionism"
2009 Catherine Baylin
M.A. student in Middle Eastern Studies
The American University in Cairo
"Quaker Missionary Work in Lebanon"
  Christian Gonzales
Ph.D. candidate in United States History
University of California, San Diego
"Anglo-Indian Antiremoval Collaboration, 1819-1859"
  Michael E. McGuire
Ph.D. candidate in History
Boston University
"Quaker NGOs That Offered Humanitarian Aid to France During and After World War I"
2008 Rachel Cope
Ph.D. candidate in American History
Syracuse University
"'In Some Places a Few Drops and Other Places a Plentiful Shower': Female Religious Experience in Nineteenth-Century America"
  Elizabeth Kimbal
Ph.D. candidate in English
Temple University
"Friends Education in Philadelphia, c. 1800: Language Teaching 'for Time and Eternity'"
  Katherine Sedgwick
Ph.D. candidate in History and Education
University of Pennsylvania
"The Meaning of Truth and Purpose in Higher Education: Religion, Curricula, and Pedagogy, 1850-1930"
2007 Amanda Herbert Bilby
Ph.D. candidate in History
Johns Hopkins University
"Yokemates: Quaker Women's Alliances in Britain and America, 1630-1750"
  Timothy Hayburn
Ph.D. candidate in American History
Lehigh University
"Who Should Die?: The Evolution of Capital Punishment in Pennsylvania, 1718-1794."
  Jordan Landes
Ph.D. candidate in Early Modern History
Centre for Metropolitan History in the Institute for Historical Research at University of London
"London's Role in the Creation of a Transatlantic Quaker Community"
2006 Sarah Manekin
Ph.D. candidate in U.S. History
University of Pennsylvania
"Schoolmasters Abroad in the Land': American Educators and American Empire, 1865-1940"
  Linda Webster
Professor of Speech
University of Arkansas at Monticello
"Female Quaker Rhetors as Standard Bearers of 19th-Century Feminist Activism"
2005 Dee Andrews Professor of History
California State University, Hayward
"Emancipation on the Borderline, 1760-1820"
  Sarah Crabtree
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Minnesota
"A Nation of God: The Transatlantic Quaker Ministry in the Age of Revolution"
  Barbara Heather & Marianne Nielsen
Professors of Psychology/Sociology and Criminal Justice
Grant MacEwan College and Northern Arizona University
"Quaker Peace-Making and Native American Restorative Justice
2004 Catharine Dann
Ph.D. candidate in History
College of William and Mary
"Building and Planting: The Social Landscape of Philadelphia, 1680-1750"
  Thomas Rzeznik
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Notre Dame
"Spiritual Capital: Religion, Wealth, and Social Status in Philadelphia, 1880-1950"
  Chad Thralls
Ph.D. candidate in Spirituality
The Catholic University of America
"Thomas Kelly's Contribution to Quaker Spirituality and Peacemaking"
2003 Margaret Abruzzo
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Notre Dame
"Polemical Pain: Slavery, Suffering, and Sympathy in 18th- and 19th-Century Moral Debate"
  Richard Allen
Lecturer in Early Modern History
University of Newcastle
"The Migratory Instinct: Welsh Quaker Emigrants to Pennsylvania, c. 1680-1750"
  Kathleen Minnix
Independent Scholar
"Soul Afire: The Devout and Heretical Life of Hannah Whitall Smith
  Thomas M. Ricks
Visiting Associate Professor of History
University of Pennsylvania
"The Quaker Educators of Ramallah, Palestine, AD 1869-1969"
2002 Matthew Hedstrom
Ph.D. candidate in American Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
"Rufus Jones and his Writings in the Context of Popular Religion"
  Anthony Manousos
Friends Bulletin
"Howard Brinton and the Peace Testimony"
  Fred Saddler
Ph.D. candidate in History
Temple University
"Before Benevolence: Masters, Slaves and Quakerism; Burlington, New Jersey, 1686-1738"
2001 Gwen Alker
Ph.D. candidate in Performance Studies
New York University
"Silent Subjectivities: The Performance of Silence in Theatre, Ritual, and Sound"
  Gabrielle Gottlieb
Ph.D. candidate in Early American History
University of Pittsburgh
"'The Punishment of a Few' for 'the Preservation of Multitudes': Capital Punishment, Penal Reform and Social Order in late 18th-century Philadelphia"
2000 Jane Calvert
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Chicago
"Dissenters in their Own Country: The Quaker Contribution to American Political Thought in the Eighteenth Century"
  Glenn Crothers
Assistant Professor of History
Indiana University Southeast
"Negotiating Communities and Cultures: Quakers and Slavery in Early National Northern Virginia"
  Nicole Eustace
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Pennsylvania
"'Passion Is the Gale': Emotion and Power on the Eve of the American Revolution"
1999 Nathaniel Frank
Ph.D. candidate in History
Brown University
"Producing Men: Work, Manhood and the Rise of Capitalism in the Early American Republic"
  Steven Harper
Ph.D. candidate in American History
Lehigh University
"Early American Quakers in the Delaware Valley, and how their world views meshed/didn't mesh with the world view of local Indians"
  John Smolenski
Ph.D. candidate in History and M.A. candidate in Anthropology
University of Pennsylvania
"Friends and Strangers: Religion, Diversity and the Ordering of Public Life in colonial Pennsylvania, 1681-1776"
1998 Margaret Hope Bacon
Independent Scholar
"Sarah Mapps Douglass and Prejudice in the Nineteenth Century Society of Friends"
  Jennifer Elam
Cadbury Scholar
Pendle Hill
"Dancing with God through the Storm: Mysticism and Mental Illness"
  Alessandro Falcetta
Ph.D. candidate in Theology
University of Birmingham
"James Rendel Harris: a Spiritual Mand and a Scholar of Early Christian Literature"
1997 Elizabeth Cazden
Independent Scholar
"New England Independent Meetings, 1930-1950"
  Marty Grundy
Independent Scholar
"Bethany Mission for Colored People, 1856-1939"
  Andrea Constantine Hawkes
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Maine
"Elizabeth McClintock, Quaker Business Woman"
  Richard Rath
Ph.D. candidate in History
Brandeis University
"Early American Soundways, 1600-1800"
  Liam Riordan
Lecturer in History
University of Pennsylvania
"Identities in the New Nation: The Creation of an American mainstream in the Delaware Valley, 1770-1830"
  Karim Tiro
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Pennsylvania
"The People of the Standing Stone: the Oneida Indian Nation from Revolution through Removal, 1768-1850"
1996 Paul Anderson
Associate Professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies
George Fox College
"'The Eclipse of the Historical Jesus' and Other New Testament Essays by Henry Joel Cadbury"
  Connie Anderton
Ph.D. candidate in History
University of Delaware
"Quakers and Indians: Quaker Work with the Shawnees 1810-1862"
  Carla Gerona
Ph.D. candidate in History
Johns Hopkins University
"Night Journeys: The Authority of Dreams in American Quaker Culture, 1681-1829"
  Maurice Jackson
Ph.D. candidate in History
Georgetown University
"Anthony Benezet and the Atlantic Antislavery Revolution"
  Maya Wilson
B.A. student in Sociology
Haverford College
"Exploration of Modern Quaker Serivce"
1995 Margery Post Abbott
Independent Scholar
"A Certain Kind of Perfection: an Anthology of Evangelical and Liberal Quaker Writers"
  Catherine Blecki
Professor of English
San Jose State University
"Milcah Martha Moore's Book: A Commonplace Book from Revolutionary America"
  Paul Graseck
Ph.D. candidate in Educational Studies
University of Connecticut
"Enoch Lewis - 19th Century Quaker Educator"
  David W. McFadden
Associate Professor of History
Fairfield University
"Quakers in Soviet Russia, 1917-1931"
1994 Glenn Cummings
Ph.D. candidate in English
University of Virginia
"'Exercising Goodness': The Antislavery Quaker in American Writing, 1774-1850"
  Carol Karlsen
Associate Professor of History and Women's Studies
University of Michigan
"Relations of Power, the Power of Relations: Iroquis Communities in Central and Western New York, 1750-1900"
  Neva Jean Specht
Ph.D. candidate in U.S. Colonial and Early National History
University of Delaware
"Mixed Blessing: Trans-Appalachian Settlement and the Society of Friends, 1780-1830"
  Sergei Zhuk
Associate Professor of History
Dniepropetrovak State University, Ukraine
"'Brothers in Divorce'": Quaker Attitudes Toward Sectarian Religious Groups of Early America
1993 Sarah B. Gant
M.Div. student
Harvard Divinity School
"The Quaker Business Ethic and an American Way of Life"
  Li Li
Ph.D. candidate in American Diplomacy
University of North Carolina
"The Expression of Self-Identity: American Missionary Response to the May 30th Movement"
  Jacquelyn Miller
Ph.D. candidate in Early American/Early Modern European History
Rutgers University
"The Body Politic: Disease, Political Culture and Religion in the Age of the American Revolution"
  Merril D. Smith
Independent Scholar
"Mothers and Daughters: The Transmission of Culture in Early America"
  Karin A. Wulf
Ph.D. candidate in History
Johns Hopkins University
"Marriage, Spinsterhood and a Female Self: Quaker 'Maidens' in 18th-century Philadelphia"
1992 Nancy Rosenberg
Assistant Professor of History
Hiram College
"Schism and the Voice of Quaker Women"