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“A Quaker Girl.” From The Quaker Girl by Lionel Monckton. Gwen Catley. Memories of the Musicals. Dutton, 1999

“A Right Little Tight Little College.” Larry Bomback and Matt Lewis. Haverford College, 2004

“Roll Jordan Roll.” Fisk University Jubilee Singers: In Chronological Order, v.1. Document Records, 1997.

Rorem, “The World of Silence.” From The Quaker Reader. Organ Works by Ned Rorem. Delos, 1989.

Singsong or Intoned Preaching. Intoning by preachers Tom Jones & Esther Jones, recorded prior to 1968. Gift of Earlham College.

Schumann, “The Two Grenadiers.” Pathe Freres, 1916.

Haverford College Libraries