Viewing the Evolution: 166 Years of Haverford History


Founders Hall by Oscar A. Lawson ca. 1833 engraving.



An exhibition: "Viewing the Evolution: 166 Years of Haverford History" was on view in the Cantor Gallery of Haverford College's Whitehead Campus Center from April 3 - May 2, 1999. The exhibition drew on Haverford's collections of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, documents, maps, sculpture and artifacts to represent aspects of campus community, campus life, campus views and buildings and their interiors.

There were two panel presentations, one by graduates of Haverford on their memories of Haverford during their student years and in their continued affiliations with the college, and another by Haverford faculty on the role of memory within their discipline or research.

At the same time, other images from Haverford's rich archives were made available as a virtual exhibit. Please see below for selections.

We invite you to take a virtual tour of the original physical exhibit. This tour will be available soon.

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