September 19 to December 19, 2008
Sharpless Gallery, Magill Library
Haverford College

Haverford Students in China
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About China & the Haverford Experience

During Haverford's earliest days, China already played a role, as when its critical financial disaster was alleviated by a Quaker who had made his fortune in the China trade. As well, artifacts from China were brought into Haverford's collections. The first Chinese student was admitted to Haverford in 1908, and by 1949, some dozen Chinese students had attended. At the same time, the Haverford student newspaper included hundreds of articles relating to China detailing not only the experiences of Chinese students at Haverford, but also the work of alumni and faculty in China, as well as lectures by distinguished visitors from China on political and other topics. As the 20th century continued to unfold into the present, curricular and career goals for Haverfordians engaged by China may have developed in new ways, but interest has remained strong, as witnessed by Haverford's academic curriculum, its student study abroad in China program, as well as faculty research projects and continuing donations of manuscript, book and art materials to the college. The exhibit includes Chinese art and artifacts, manuscripts from Haverfordians in China, maps, oral histories and real-time videos of China today. These analog and digital modes will illustrate the various ways in which Haverford and China have found interest in each other in the past, today and for the foreseeable future. What has driven this mutual interest is the topic of this exhibit. Find out what other interesting materials are held in Special Collections by visiting our website or in person.