Emma Cadbury Oral History

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Childhood in China 0:00-2:45
Forgetting Cantonese 2:45-5:49
Interactions with Chinese 5:50-8:43
Sense of Quakerism in China 8:44-10:16
Visiting New Jersey and England 10:17-11:39
From Canton to Shanghai American School 11:40-15:56
At Westtown 15:57-22:12
Chinese Roots 22:13-25:54
Japanese Invasion 25:55-27:46
Communication between China and the U.S. 27:47-28:25
Haverford and the Cadburys 28:26-35:07
Childhood in China II 35:08-40:21
Going Back to China in 1991 40:23-44:33
William W. Cadbury after China 44:34-45:31
Looking through Photographs I 45:32-47:56
Medical care in China 47:57-49:01
Looking Through Photographs II 49:02-50:06
Shanghai American School Reunions 50:06-52:08
Summer Resort in Harbor of Hong Kong 52:09-53:30
Jimmy 53:31-55:51

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