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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
new england weekly journal
From the April 8, 1728 New England Weekly Journal (Boston, MA), the oldest newspaper in the collection.

Rare Newspapers

The Rare Newspaper Collection at Haverford is comprised of over 250 titles from the 18th through 20th centuries of British and American cities with an emphasis on New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. Topical strengths of the collection lie in accounts of Quaker, reform and anti-slavery activities. The newspapers are unbound and predominately oversized.
The research value of these newspapers lies in their "old age." Historical perspective enriches study of the topics of the day. Contemporary reports of what we now consider historical events supply depth and opportunity for first-hand discovery. Newspapers Provide commentary on material culture through advertisements and are examples of print culture from various locales. The breadth of these collections allows for comparative studies between cities on the same events of the day.

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