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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
photo of quaker serials
The Friends Intelligencer and the Friends Journal.

Quaker Serials

In addition to compiling complete runs of well-known periodicals and serials produced by members of the Society, the Quaker Collection has made an effort to collect journals in other languages, periodicals from evangelical Friends and from other groups within the Society. Complete files of The Friend (Philadelphia), the first regular periodical; The Friend (London), now the oldest in length of publication; The British Friend, Friends' Intelligencer, Friends Review, The Friends Quarterly (before 1947, Friends Quarterly Examiner), Quaker Life (before 1950, The American Friend) and Evangelical Friend form the core of the collection.

Foreign language publications include Der Quaker (German), the oldest, Kvekoren (Norwegian), Vie Quaker (French), The Friend (Japanese) and De Vriendenkring (Dutch). The Australian Friend (1888- ), The Canadian Friend (1905- ), The Friendly Way (India) and other overseas publications in English are also in the collection. The Christian Worker, the earlier Evangelical Friend, and The Gospel Minister are examples of other evangelical titles. Reynard (the arts), Inward Light (religion and psychology), Kvakera Esperantisto and the Quaker Universalist Fellowship Newsletter are examples of other specialized publications.

Quaker serials are cataloged in Tripod.