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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
Henry Hale Graham Sharpless
Diary of Henry Hale Graham Sharpless from June 26, 1868.

Quaker Journals and Diaries

There are more than 700 manuscript journals in the collection. Some of these have been printed, such as those of William Hunt (1733-1772), the Revolutionary War journal of Margaret Hill Morris (1737-1816) and the four-volume journal of William Savery (1750-1804). Others are much too large to be published: Joshua L. Baily (1826-1916), 45 volumes; or the journals of the two Jacob Elfreths (1814-1924), 113 volumes.

Additional names in this collection include: George Churchman (1730-1814), Thomas Pim Cope (1768-1854), Elizabeth S. Drinker (ca. 1734-1807), Jane Maule (1847-1939), Joseph Scattergood (ca. 1770-1824), Joshua Sharpless (1746-1825), Sarah F. Smiley (1830-1917), Anna Spencer (ca. 1832-1905), Joseph Walton (1817-1898), Elizabeth Webb (1663-1726) and Julia A. Wilbur (1815-1895).

To use the diary of Thomas Pim Cope as an example, entries include such information as on the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Quaker schisms, national and international politics, the development of 19th-century Philadelphia, the founding of Haverford College as well as on Cope's personal life.

Online Diaries

Rufus Jones Diary

Thomas Pim Cope Diaries