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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections

About the Quaker Collection

The intellectual content of the Quaker Collection spans the history of Society of Friends from 17th-century Britain to the present day in many parts of the world, with emphasis on Quakerism as lived and practiced in the eastern United States and antecedent American colonies. The Quaker Collection consists of some 35,000 printed volumes and 2,400 linear feet of manuscripts, as well as numerous photographs, artworks, artifacts, furniture, films, videos, sound recordings, and digital files, including both analog-to-digital and born-digital materials.



Diaries & Journals

henry hale graham sharpless diary

Individual & Family Papers

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Quaker Fiction Collage Photo

Meeting Records

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Meeting Houses

Haverford Friends Meeting House

Monographs Collection

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Organizational Records

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Web Sites

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