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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Haverford Yearbook Digitizing Project?

Haverford Special Collections has joined the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative in order to provide free and open access to materials from our Special Collections and College Archives. Initial materials in the project will include our collection of Haverford College Yearbooks, the Haverford College Catalogues and Bulletins, as well as other Haverford publications and selections from the Quaker Collection. The project is funded by LYRASIS membership and is supported in part through a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Materials are digitized at the Internet Archive in Jersey City, NJ, and the online files are accessible through our Special Collections website and at the Internet Archive Open Content Alliance website.

Why are we digitizing these materials?

Every year we get hundreds of visitors and thousands of emails asking us for information to be found in Special Collections. A sizeable portion of these visits and electronic requests are from alums and relatives of alums and former faculty who are looking for information about their own time at Haverford or that of a relative. One of our goals is to provide this access through the Internet and remove location as a barrier to our users. Another goal is to preserve original materials from damage due to repeated handling by providing digital surrogates when possible. To these ends, Special Collections is engaged in several digitizing programs: in-house digitization of manuscripts and fine art, licensing of Quaker material to commercial firms to incorporate in large-scale databases, and participation in open-access digitization programs such as the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative.

What yearbooks are included in this project?

We have included yearbooks from 1888 through 1974. Not every year in between is included as not every class produced a yearbook. From 1975-1991 the Haverford yearbook merged with Bryn Mawr’s yearbook to produce a collaborative yearbook. We chose this occurrence in 1975 as an arbitrary date to end our initial digitization work.

Who owns the copyright to the yearbooks?

Most colleges and universities claim copyright over their own yearbooks if they are not already in the public domain. For those produced prior to 1923, they are in the public domain. For those produced from 1923 to 1977 and without a copyright symbol (as is the case with ours), they are also in the public domain. Public domain materials may be freely and legally copied and redistributed, even by those who have no association with the creation of the materials. For this reason you may see copies of Haverford yearbooks incorporated into other websites or online services.

Are there still physical copies available?

A set of Haverford yearbooks is freely available in the Magill Library stacks as well as in College Archives, where two preservation copies of each year are kept.

Does the College Archives need additional copies of Haverford Yearbooks?

With the exception of the 1896 Record, of which we have only one copy, we have multiple copies of all the years that were ever produced. We encourage alums to share their yearbooks with their families, but if your yearbook needs a home, we’d be happy to add it to our duplicate collection as “back up.”

For more information about the Haverford Yearbook Digitizing project please contact Special Collections.