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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
Among audio-visual materials are films of Haverford football games. Football ceased to be played at Haverford in 1973.

Audio-Visual Materials

Audio-visual materials provide a unique source of historical information. The categories of audio files include Quaker voices, Haverford College oral histories and Haverford College history. These three categories are represented by reel tapes, cassettes and LPs. These have all been transferred to CDs – which are available for loan – while retaining the originals. Included are lectures by such notable Quakers as Henry Cadbury, Douglas Steere, Rufus Jones and Howard Brinton; oral histories of college employees, from faculty to staff and Board members; and college history, such as speeches at the centennial of the college in 1933 and the speech of honorary degree recipient, Herbert Hoover.
Among visual materials are videos of collections, inaugurations and other celebrations, distinguished visitors on campus, symposia, student club events, even a film shot on Haverford’s campus.

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