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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
L. Hollingsworth Wood Papers, 1903-1953

Ms. Coll. 1175
(81 boxes)

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Background: also called the "American Farm School," Thessalonica Agricultural and Industrial Institute began ca. 1903 by Rev. Dr. John Henry House. Wood is treasurer of the Board of Trustees, 1930-1952.

I. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Re: City Bank Farmers Trust Co. - Custodian account" - correspondence, 1929-1952. [6 folders in Box 75]

Notes on contents: letters, memoranda, financial statements, notes, etc.

Correspondence chiefly between Wood and City Bank regarding financial matters of the school.

  1. Correspondence, 1929-1930.
  2. Correspondence, 1931.
  3. Correspondence, 1932.
  4. Correspondence, 1933-1939.
  5. Correspondence, 1940-1945.
  6. Correspondence, 1946-1952.

II. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Miscellaneous re: investments," correspondence, 1938. [1 folder in Box 76]

Notes on contents: letters, memorandum, account, security analysis (stocks, bonds, etc.).

Letters discuss financial concerns of the school.

III. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Craig R. Smith" correspondence re: finances, 1938-1952. [4 folders in Box 76]

Notes on contents: letters, memorandum, account and other related papers.

Primarily correspondence between Wood and Craig R. Smith (Board of Trustees of Thessalonica and Asst. Vice Pres. of Central Hanover Bank and Trust Co.), discussing finances of Thessalonica.

  1. Correspondence, 1938-1941.
  2. Correspondence, 1942-1945.
  3. Correspondence, 1946-1949.
  4. Correspondence, 1950-1952.

IV. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Re: Gill fund" correspondence, Jan. - March, 1949. [1 folder in Box 76]

Notes on contents: letters discussing Mary P. Gill Fund, whose income benefits the American Farm School.

V. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Current statements," 1950-1953 [incomplete]. [3 folders in Box 76]

Notes on contents: copies of monthly financial statements with attached lists of contributors, report to trustees from Charles House (1951).

  1. Financial statements, 1950-1951 (June).
  2. Financial statements, 1951 (July - December).
  3. Financial statements, 1952-1953.

VI. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Correspondence with Charles L. House and Ann House," 1947-1952. [2 folders in Box 77]

Notes on contents: letters.

Letters primarily between Wood and Charles and Ann House. Topics include political situation in Greece, business matters concerning the school, Ann's "Family letters."

  1. Correspondence, 1947.
  2. Correspondence, 1948-1952.

VII. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Newsletters" 1947-1952 [incomplete]. [1 folder in Box 77]

Notes on contents: letters.

Primarily copies of numbered, typed "Family letters" written by Ann House, telling of events and day to day life at the school. Includes letters describing raid of guerrillas on the school and kidnapping of boys and their subsequent escape and return (Feb. - March 1949).

VIII. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Miscellaneous correspondence," 1950-1952. [2 folders in Box 77]

Notes on contents: letters, report on school used in appeals, resolutions, memorials, memorandum, notes.

Topics include visit to U.S. of Theo Litsas of American Farm School (Wood writes letters to various colleges and schools proposing Litsas as a lecturer).

  1. Misc. correspondence, 1950.
  2. Misc. correspondence, 1951-1952.

IX. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "Minutes," etc., 1949-1952. [1 folder in Box 77]

Notes on contents: copies of typed minutes of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees of Thessalonica. Also resolution and a report to trustees.

X. THESSALONICA SCHOOL - "New ways in ancient Greece" 1931 [booklet in Box 77]

Notes on contents: promotional work on the school, used in $1,000,000 fund-raising campaign.

Gives history of the American Farm School.

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