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Haverford College
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L. Hollingsworth Wood Papers, 1903-1953

Ms. Coll. 1175
(81 boxes)

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Background: Southland Institute was a school for blacks run by the Five Years Meeting Home Mission Board at Southland (near Helena, Arkansas). The school began during the Civil War, when the Governor of Indiana asked Indiana Quakers if they would help with the large numbers of refugee blacks following in the wake of Grant's campaign through the Mississippi Valley. In 1923 the school faced a serious financial crisis and Wood was appealed to for help in raising money. Wood used his connections with the General Education Board to secure a grant from them, which is later withdrawn. In 1925 Friends decide that the school is to be closed.

I. SOUTHLAND INSTITUTE (ARKANSAS) - Correspondence, 1923-1925. [10 folders in Box 73]

Notes on contents: letters, minutes, reports, notes, pledge forms, brochures, postcards of the school, typed draft essay of Gilbert Bowles "Some thoughts on the closing of Southland Institute" (1925), clipping.

Chiefly correspondence of Wood related to efforts of Five Years Meeting of Friends Board of Home Missions to keep Southland Institute open. Part of fund-raising plan is an appeal to Young Friends. In addition to fund-raising concerns, letters also touch on what Wood calls Friends' "spiritual default in this question of race." Gilbert Bowles' essay discusses some things Friends can do after close of Southland. Correspondents include Gilbert Bowles, John R. Cary, Helen Esther Hawkins (Board of Young Friends Activities of the Five Years Meeting), F. Raymond Jenkins, Ruthanna M. Simms, Walter C. Woodward, Stanley R. Yarnall (1923, Richard Humphreys Foundation).

  1. Correspondence, 1923 (May - October).
  2. Correspondence, 1923 (November - December).
  3. Correspondence, 1924 (January).
  4. Correspondence, 1924 (February - March).
  5. Correspondence, 1924 (April).
  6. Correspondence, 1924 (May).
  7. Correspondence, 1924 (June - July).
  8. Correspondence, 1924 (August - October).
  9. Correspondence, 1924 (November - December).
  10. Correspondence, 1925.


Background: the Spanish Child Welfare Association was begun in 1937 by Irene Lewisohn and Paul D. Cravath. Its purpose was to raise funds for Quaker relief on both sides of the war in Spain. The money raised was administered by the American Friends Service Committee. Wood was acting-chairman in 1938 and in a 1940 letter, he states that he acted as a liaison between the Quakers, represented by AFSC, and Lewisohn's committee. The Association brought Spanish children's drawings to the U.S., where they were exhibited and published in 1938 as "They Still Draw Pictures," illustrating the emotional effects of war on children. In 1939, the Association withdrew from fund-raising, turning over its files of names to the "Committee for Impartial Relief in Spain," formed by President Roosevelt and headed by George MacDonald.

I. SPANISH CHILD WELFARE ASSOCIATION - "Miscellaneous correspondence," 1938-1940. [3 folders in Box 74]

Notes on contents: letters, booklet "War Relief in Spain" (1938), clippings, brochures, minutes, newspaper "Catholic Worker" (Oct. 1938), press release, "Summary: Activities of the Spanish Child Welfare Association of America for the American Friends Service Committee" (1939, 12 pp. typed).

Topics include fund raising appeals, relationship with AFSC, SCWA's wish to reorganize under auspices of AFSC and become national committee sponsoring work of Quakers in Spain, Clarence Pickett to see President Roosevelt about committee to raise money for Spain, rumors that SCWA is "kidnapping" and putting up for adoption Spanish children, wrap-up of SCWA's work. Correspondents include J. Passmore Elkinton, Mary Carter Jones, Rufus Jones, Irene Lewisohn, Clarence Pickett, John F. Reich (AFSC) and others.

  1. Misc. correspondence, 1938 (January - June).
  2. Misc. correspondence, 1938 (July - December).
  3. Misc. correspondence, 1939-1940.

II. SPANISH CHILD WELFARE ASSOCIATION - "Minutes," 1938-1939. [1 folder in Box 74]

Notes on contents: copies of typed minutes [incomplete]; also a report of Steering Committee.

III. SPANISH CHILD WELFARE ASSOCIATION - Committee for Impartial Civilian Relief in Spain - correspondence, 1939. [1 folder in Box 74]

Notes on contents: letters, memorandum, list, bulletin (AFSC), clippings, affidavit.

Letters discuss new committee, tax status of committee, reply to charges of SCWA's alleged involvement in adopting Spanish children. Includes letters of J. Passmore Elkinton, Agnes Leach (Mrs. Henry Goddard Leach), Irene Lewisohn, John F. Reich and others. [Wood's title "MacDonald's committee"].

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