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Haverford College
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L. Hollingsworth Wood Papers, 1903-1953

Ms. Coll. 1175
(81 boxes)

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Background: The Mission was founded in 1865, originally named the "African Sunday School Association." Wood appears on letterhead and in accounts as Treasurer for 1907-1912 and Secretary for 1914-1920.

I. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Fair invitations, etc., ca. 1906-1910. [1 folder in Box 57]

Notes on contents: examples of invitations to annual benefit Thanksgiving and Holiday fairs, markets and concerts, fund-raising brochures and cards, original artwork [by Katharine G. Buffum?] used on fund-raising items and invitations, draft of Christmas appeal, application for copyright [of artwork].

II. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Fair correspondence, etc., 1906-1911. [5 folders in Box 57]

Notes on contents: letters, bills, receipts, accounts, notes, recipe book, menu, advertisements.

Chiefly letters related to planning benefit fairs, markets and concerts and letters enclosing donations to fairs. Includes TLS of Henry van Dyke agreeing to autograph books for 1906 fund-raiser, menu and recipe book (1906) with watercolors and various bills and receipts for supplies for putting on fairs and markets.

  1. Fair correspondence, 1906 (Oct. - Dec.). [Wood label "Fair 1906"]
  2. Fair correspondence, 1907 (Oct. - Dec.). [Wood label "Correspondence"]
  3. Fair, 1909. [Wood label "1909"]
  4. Fair correspondence, 1910.
  5. Fair correspondence, 1911.

III. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Correspondence, 1911-1920. [9 folders in Box 58]

Notes on contents: letters, clippings, report, accounts, notes.

Topics discussed include financial matters and general mission business and meetings, suitability of persons for mission's work, plans to buy a country place for convalescents, starting and running a day nursery (1912-1913). Correspondents include Joshua L. Barton, Mary S. Kimber and others.

  1. Correspondence, 1911 (Jan. - May).
  2. Correspondence, 1911 (June - Dec.).
  3. Correspondence, 1912 (January - April).
  4. Correspondence, 1912 (May - July).
  5. Correspondence, 1912 (August - December).
  6. "Day Nursery" correspondence, 1912-1913.
  7. Correspondence, 1913.
  8. Correspondence, 1914-1917.
  9. Correspondence, 1918-1920.

IV. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Reports, 1907-1910. [1 folder in Box 59]

Notes on contents: letters discussing annual reports, handwritten and typed drafts of annual reports.

V. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Treasurer's papers, 1907-1911 (a few items for 1912 filed in). [13 folders in Boxes 59-60]

Notes on contents: Treasurer's statements and receipts, includes drafts of monthly statements, accounts, numerous receipts and some related correspondence.

Folders 1-7 (Box 59), folders 8-13 (Box 60).

  1. Treasurer's correspondence, 1907-1908. [Wood label "NYCM Treas."]
  2. Receipts, 1907 (November - December). [Wood label "Receipts November," etc.]
  3. Receipts, 1908 (January - October). [Wood label "Receipts January," etc.]
  4. Treasurer's statements (drafts), 1907-1908. [Wood label "L. H. Wood - Treasurer - N. Y. Colored Mission"]
  5. "Misc. vouchers," 1910-1911.
  6. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1910 (November - December). [Wood label "November 1910," etc.]
  7. "General donations," 1911.
  8. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1911 (January - March). [Wood label "January 1911," etc.]
  9. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1911 (April - June). [Wood label "April 1911," etc.]
  10. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1911 (July - August). [Wood label "July 1911," etc.]
  11. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1911 (September - October). [Wood label "September 1911," etc.]
  12. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1911 (November - December). [Wood label "November 1911," etc.]
  13. Receipts, etc., ca. 1911-1912 (a few items). [Wood labels "Statement of Treasurer of Trustees," "Contract for telephone service" and "Statements"]

VI. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Treasurer's papers, 1912. [6 folders in Boxes 60-61]

Folders 1-3 (Box 60), folders 4-6 (Box 61).

  1. "Unpaid bills," 1912.
  2. Donations, 1912.
  3. Check stub book, 1912.
  4. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1912 (January - March). [Wood label "January 1912," etc.]
  5. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1912 (May - August).
  6. Treasurer's statements, receipts, 1912 (September - December).

VII. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - "Correspondence re: Fresh Air," 1910-1912. [1 folder in Box 61]

Notes on contents: letters, receipts, brochure.

Discusses arrangements for taking children on outings, contributions, etc. Correspondents include J. L. Barton, Grace Brown and others.

VIII. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Reports, 1911. [1 folder in Box 61]

Notes on contents: handwritten edited draft "Report of Fresh Air Workers for the Summer of 1911. New York Colored Mission" (on Central Bureau of Colored Fresh Air Agencies letterhead); "Milestones" (1911) with above report, also letter, notes re: report.

IX. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Misc. Fresh Air, 1911. [1 folder in Box 61]

Notes on contents: 2 receipts (1911); original artwork for 1911 fund-raising brochure by K. G. Buffum (2 children gardening, one kneeling, one with hoe). [Wood labels "Fresh Air receipts," 1911 and "Fresh Air pictures"]

X. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Correspondence re: "Fresh Air Farm," 1910-1911. [1 folder in Box 62]

Notes on contents: letters.

Discusses possible farm purchase.

XI. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - "Farm lists," ca. 1912. [1 folder in Box 62]

Notes on contents: typed and printed lists of advertisements for farms for sale in N.J. and N.Y., notes, letter.

XII. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Donations to Fresh Air, 1910-1912. [3 folders in Box 62]

Notes on contents: letters, cards, fund-raising brochures and postcards returned with contributions noted, clipping.

  1. Donations, 1910. [Wood label "1910 Fresh Air donations"]
  2. Donations, 1911. [Wood label "Fresh Air donations 1911"]
  3. Donations, 1912. [Wood label "Fresh Air 1912"]

XIII. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - "Booker Washington Art" [article?] [1 envelope in Box 63]

Notes on contents: copper plate [for newspaper article?] of portrait of Washington, also plate of his signature.

XIV. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - "List of names" ca. 1908. [1 folder in Box 63]

Notes on contents: typed and handwritten lists of names and addresses, printed forms to be used to solicit names (to be kept confidential).

XV. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - "Milestones," 1909-1910. [1 folder in Box 63]

Notes on contents: publication of NYCM. Includes 2 issues (vol. 2, March 1908, May 1910).

XVI. NEW YORK COLORED MISSION - Literature of other charitable institutions and organizations, ca. 1906-1911. [2 folders in Box 63]

Notes on contents: letters, brochures, annual reports, etc. of other charities, arranged alphabetically.

  1. Literature of other charities, A - M.
  2. Literature of other charities, N - S.


Background: The Booker Washington Institute was administered by the New York State Colonization Society. Earlier name was Booker Washington Agricultural and Industrial Institute of Liberia, Inc. The Institute had its beginnings in 1928. The school was located at Kakata, near the Firestone rubber plantation. Wood was elected to the Board of Trustees of NYSCS in 1947, he provided legal assistance to the Society. [see "The politics of miseducation: the Booker Washington Institute of Liberia, 1929-1984," by Donald Spivey, T166 L7 S74 1986]

I. NEW YORK STATE COLONIZATION SOCIETY - BOOKER WASHINGTON INSTITUTE OF LIBERIA - Correspondence, minutes, etc., 1947-1952. [8 folders in Box 64]

Notes on contents: letters, minutes, legal papers, financial papers, annual reports, notes, "A Report of a Travel Fellowship to Liberia" by Jacob L. Reddix (1950) [Acting Principal, Booker Washington Institute]

Correspondence chiefly discusses procedural and legal matters of NYSCS (incorporation, changes in number of trustees, changing name to Booker Washington Institute (1950), etc.). Correspondents include Edward Robinson, L. A. Roy, Phelps-Stokes Fund personnel and others.

  1. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1947.
  2. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1948 (Jan. - April).
  3. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1948 (May - Dec.).
  4. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1949.
  5. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1950 (Jan. - March).
  6. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1950 (May - Dec.).
  7. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1951.
  8. Correspondence, minutes, reports, etc., 1952

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