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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
L. Hollingsworth Wood Papers, 1903-195

Ms. Coll. 1175
(81 boxes)

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Background: Wood graduated from Haverford in 1896. He served on Haverford's Board of Managers for over forty years. He was also a member of the New York Haverford Society whose primary goal was "to give financial or other assistance to young men desiring to attend Haverford College."

I. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "New York Haverford Society - Miscellaneous" correspondence, etc., 1929-1952. [9 folders in Box 46]

Notes on contents: letters, drafts of certificate of incorporation, notes, Haverford songs, minutes of meetings, clippings, list of members, invitations, photographs (1951).

Topics discussed include the Society's dinner meetings and guest speakers (Rufus Jones, Herbert Hoover), possible candidates for scholarships, death of Royal Davis (1878-1935), soliciting donations, football, "Tri-college" [Haverford, Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr] dinner honoring new President of Bryn Mawr, Katharine McBride (Feb. 1942), Haverford fund-raising campaign.

Correspondents include Bernard Lester, John A. Lester, Christopher Morley (TLS, 11/1/1935) and many others.

  1. Misc. correspondence, 1929.
  2. Misc. correspondence, 1930-1931.
  3. Misc. correspondence, 1932-1933.
  4. Misc. correspondence, 1934-1935.
  5. Misc. correspondence, 1936-1939.
  6. Misc. correspondence, 1940-1941.
  7. Misc. correspondence, 1942-1943.
  8. Misc. correspondence, 1946-1949.
  9. Misc. correspondence, 1950-1952.

II. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Drive for endowment, 1949" correspondence, 1949-1953. [2 folders in Box 46]

Notes on contents: letters, lists, financial papers, report "A time for Decision" and other papers related to Haverford College Campaign, including Rufus M. Jones Fund (memorial to RMJ).

Wood soliciting contributions.

  1. Correspondence, 1949.
  2. Correspondence, 1950-1953.

III. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Committee on memorials" correspondence, etc., 1948-1949. [2 folders in Box 47]

Notes on contents: letters, list, drafts of proposed Rufus M. Jones memorial written by Edward W. Evans.

Wood was member of this committee. Correspondents include Gilbert White and others.

  1. Correspondence, 1948.
  2. Correspondence re: and drafts of Rufus M. Jones memorial, 1948-1949.

IV. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Committee on Haverford Board" correspondence, 1946-1948. [2 folders in Box 47]

Notes on contents: letters.

Letters discuss committee business, which was "to sort out the Managers for committee service" and consisted of Wood, Thomas W. Elkinton, Wilmot Jones, S. Emlen Stokes and Gilbert White.

  1. Correspondence, Sept. 24 - Oct. 8, 1946.
  2. Correspondence, Oct. 9, 1946 - 1948.

V. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Haverford College Managers - Sub-committee on Honorary Degrees" correspondence, 1936-1952. [3 folders in Box 47]

Notes on contents: letters.

Letters chiefly discuss who should and shouldn't get an honorary degree from Haverford.

  1. Correspondence, 1936-1938.
  2. Correspondence, 1940-1948.
  3. Correspondence, 1949-1952.

VI. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Nominating committee" correspondence, 1945-1947. [1 folder in Box 47]

Notes on contents: letters.

Letters discuss merits of various candidates for the Board of Managers.

VII. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Miscellaneous correspondence," 1950-1952. [5 folders in Box 48]

Notes on contents: letters, photographs (of class of 1896 at June 1951 reunion).

Topics discussed include legacies of deceased alumni, Wood's wish to put younger men on the Board of Managers. Correspondents include Ira Reid, Gilbert White and others.

  1. Misc. correspondence, 1950.
  2. Misc. correspondence, 1951 (Jan. - March).
  3. Misc. correspondence, 1951 (April - June)
  4. Misc. correspondence, 1951 (July - Dec.)
  5. Misc. correspondence, 1952.

VIII. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Re: investment" correspondence, 1951-1952. [1 folder in Box 48]

Notes on contents: letters.

Letters chiefly between Wood and William Morris Maier.

IX. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Re: Library" correspondence, etc., 1940-1952. [1 folder in Box 48]

Notes on contents: letters, Library Associates bulletins, clipping.

Wood on Library committee. Letters discuss Wood's dislike of plan for new Library stack (1940, Edwards). Correspondents include Dean P. Lockwood, J. Henry Scattergood and others.

X. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - Board of Managers printed reports, 1940, 1948-1949. [1 folder in Box 48]

Notes on contents: mimeographed copies (drafts?) of reports, minutes re: fund-raising, long range plans, academic freedom, etc., many with annotations by Wood.

XI. HAVERFORD COLLEGE - "Minutes and reports of Board Meetings," 1950-1952. [5 folders in Box 49]

Notes on contents: mimeographed copies of minutes and reports, photograph of 1951 Board of managers giving class and year elected, a few letters (includes copy of Douglas Steere Sept. 1951 "R & R" letter).

  1. Minutes and reports, 1950 (March - May).
  2. Minutes and reports, 1950 (Sept. - Dec.).
  3. Minutes and reports, 1951 (Jan. - Aug.).
  4. Minutes and reports, 1951 (Sept. - Dec.).
  5. Minutes and reports, 1952.

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