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Haverford College
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L. Hollingsworth Wood Papers, 1903-1953

Ms. Coll. 1175
(81 boxes)

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Background: Begun by Friends ca. 1898. Under principal Montclair Hoffman, Happy Grove became a certified secondary school in 1921. During the 1930s, the school lost its $5,000 subsidy from the American Friends Board of Missions, causing great hardship during the end of Hoffman's tenure and during the administration of his successor, T. A. M. Grant. Dr. Kenneth B. M. Crooks was principal from 1941-1953.

[See: pp. 55-57 in "The Society of Friends in Jamaica" (1962) BX7708.J2 F92 and "Happy Grove: a friendship center in the Caribbean" BX7708.J2 A5]

I. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Miscellaneous correspondence," 1936-1939, 1942-1951. [2 folders in Box 39]

Notes on contents: letters, clippings, brochure.

Correspondence discusses finding money for the school; education in Jamaica; Montclair Hoffman wishes to attend Columbia U. for a year of study as result of Jamaican government program emphasizing vocational training; Kenneth Crooks as a possible headmaster for Happy Grove, etc. Includes letters from Kenneth Crooks, Sir Edward Denham (Gov.), Montclair Hoffman, Thomas E. Jones, Lyra Trueblood Wolkins and others.

  1. Misc. correspondence, 1936-1939.
  2. Misc. correspondence, 1942-1951.

II. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - Correspondence with and re: "Harold Ballysingh," 1935-1936. [1 folder in Box 40]

Notes on contents: letters.

Correspondence concerning financial support for Harold Ballysingh (a graduate of Happy Grove who went to Earlham) who wishes to study law in England.

III. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - Correspondence, "Montclair Hoffman - Happy Grove Committee," 1927-1928. [1 folder in Box 40]

Notes on contents: letters, list of committee with contributions noted.

Chiefly letters with potential committee members. Discusses formation of "Montclair Hoffman - Happy Grove Committee," a committee made up of Young Friends for the purpose of aiding Hoffman's attempts to raise money for Happy Grove in the U.S.

IV. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - Correspondence, "Re: Sarah Swift 'Science Building,'" 1932-1933. [1 folder in Box 40]

Notes on contents: letters, memorandum, printed items.

Chiefly concerned with financing the addition of a science lab at Happy Grove to increase its ranking from a 2nd grade secondary school to a 1st grade secondary school and thereby doubling its government grant money. Correspondents include Sarah J. Swift and others.

V. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - Correspondence "Re: Visiting Commission," 1930-1933. [2 folders in Box 40]

Notes on contents: letters, photographs, clipping. W. Carson Ryan and Walter W. Haviland to visit Happy Grove and report on its present situation and needs.

Correspondents include William C. Biddle, Walter W. Haviland, Emily Cooper Johnson, W. Carson Ryan, Dorothea Simmons, J. Barnard Walton and others.

  1. Correspondence re: Visiting Commission, 1930-1932.
  2. Correspondence re: Visiting Commission, 1931-1933.

VI. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Happy Grove needs and Our Visit to Jamaica," ca. 1932. [1 folder in Box 40]

Notes on contents: letters, publication "Friends in Jamaica" (1931), drafts of reports "Our visit to Jamaica" by Walter W. Haviland, "Happy Grove School - Historical statement," "Happy Grove School" [promotional piece].

Correspondents include Walter W. Haviland, Montclair Hoffman and others.

VII. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Montclair Hoffman [- Happy Grove Committee] - Forms, lists and publicity," 1927-1935. [1 folder in Box 41]

Notes on contents: letters, lists, accounts, pamphlet, essay. Includes lists of contributors and committee members ("Montclair - Happy Grove Committee - list of interested people and contributors" ca. 25 pp.).

Wood was chairman and William C. Biddle treasurer of the "Montclair Hoffman - Happy Grove Committee." Correspondents include Montclair Hoffman and others.

VIII. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Haviland-Ryan Report," 1931-1932. [1 folder in Box 41]

Notes on contents: typed "Haviland-Ryan Report on Happy Grove School, Jamaica" also typed draft of report and handwritten draft of "Happy Grove needs" section of report written by Ryan.

IX. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - Correspondence with "William C. Biddle, Treasurer" of Montclair Hoffman - Happy Grove Committee, 1927-1942. [17 folders in Boxes 41-43]

Notes on contents: letters, financial papers, minutes (June 26, 1936).

Primarily correspondence with Biddle regarding finances of the Montclair - Happy Grove Committee, including expenses of Hoffman during fund raising visits to U.S. Also includes letters of Montclair Hoffman and Dorothea Simmons.

Folders 1-5 (Box 41), folders 6-13 (Box 42), folders 14-17 (Box 43).

  1. Correspondence, 1927-1929.
  2. Correspondence, 1930-1931.
  3. Correspondence, 1932 (Jan. - March).
  4. Correspondence, 1932 (April - August).
  5. Correspondence, 1932 (Sept. - Dec.).
  6. Correspondence, 1933 (Jan. - April).
  7. Correspondence, 1933 (May - August).
  8. Correspondence, 1933 (Sept. - Dec.).
  9. Correspondence, 1934 (Jan. - May).
  10. Correspondence, 1934 (June - Dec.).
  11. Correspondence, 1935.
  12. Correspondence, 1936 (Jan. - July).
  13. Correspondence, 1936 (Aug. - Dec.).
  14. Correspondence, 1937.
  15. Correspondence, 1938.
  16. Correspondence, 1939.
  17. Correspondence, 1940, 1942.

X. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - Correspondence with Provident Trust Co., 1927-1931. [1 folder in Box 43]

Notes on contents: letters, financial statements.

Provident held the Montclair - Happy Grove Committee account.

XI. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - Correspondence with "William C. Biddle, Treasurer, Re: Bancroft Fund," 1930-1943. [1 folder in Box 43]

Notes on contents: letters, financial papers.

Chiefly after death of Wm. Biddle in 1942, in attempt to sort out financial status of Bancroft Fund. The Bancroft Fund income was to be used to aid Happy Grove students seeking higher educational opportunities in the U.S. Includes chronology of events concerning Hoffman and finances. Correspondence with American Friends Board of Missions.

XII. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Minutes and financial statements," 1939-1941. [1 folder in Box 43]

Notes on contents: incomplete run of minutes (4/1939, 10/1940, 2/1941, 5/1941, 7/1941 and 9/1941).

XIII. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Correspondence with Dorothea Simmons," 1936-1946. [2 folders in Box 44]

Notes on contents: letters, printed items including handbill.

Chiefly correspondence between Wood and Simmons of "Castle Daly, Walker's Wood, Jamaica" and Woods Hole, Mass. regarding financial problems of school and whether school can continue. Also touches on difficulties in change of administration at school (after Hoffman). Other correspondents include Montclair Hoffman and "Jamaica Progressive League" (NYC).

  1. Correspondence with Dorothea Simmons, 1936.
  2. Correspondence with Dorothea Simmons, 1937-1946.

XIV. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Correspondence with Kenneth Crooks," Headmaster, 1946-1950. [1 folder in Box 44]

Notes on contents: letters, brochures.

Chiefly concerns an appeal to the Southern Education Foundation.

XV. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Dorothea Simmons - Miscellaneous correspondence Re: Aubrey Jacobs," 1940-1944. [5 folders in Boxes 44-45]

Notes on contents: letters, legal papers, receipts, bills, etc.

Aubrey S. Jacobs, Jamaican student, had been at Fisk University, came to Howard University, 1940, to study dentistry. Dorothea Simmons was aiding him financially. Wood was in charge of administering his finances while in the U.S. Includes letters of Jacobs while at Howard. Chiefly correspondence between Wood and Jacobs re: his expenses and need for money. Also letters of Dorothea Simmons.

Folders 1-3 (Box 44), folders 4-5 (Box 45).

  1. Misc. correspondence re: Aubrey Jacobs, 1940.
  2. Misc. correspondence re: Aubrey Jacobs, 1941.
  3. Misc. correspondence re: Aubrey Jacobs, 1942.
  4. Misc. correspondence re: Aubrey Jacobs, 1943.
  5. Misc. correspondence re: Aubrey Jacobs, 1944.

XVI. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Dorothea Simmons - Aubrey Jacobs - Statements of account," 1940-1943. [1 folder in Box 45]

Notes on contents: letters, bills, accounts and other papers related to Jacobs expenses while attending college in U.S.

XVII. HAPPY GROVE SCHOOL - "Dorothea Simmons - Re: Willie Gertig" correspondence, 1946-1948. [1 folder in Box 45]

Notes on contents: letter, legal papers.

Gertig was working for Friends Educational Council, Ltd. (Jamaica) teaching crafts at Friends College, Highgate. Friends Educational Council wished him to travel to U.S. and Mexico to study crafts. Includes letters of Dorothea Simmons.

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