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Haverford College
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L. Hollingsworth Wood Papers, 1903-1953

Ms. Coll. 1175
(81 boxes)

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Background: originally scheduled for August 22-24, 1919 at Devon House, London and called "Peace Conference of All Friends After the War called by London Yearly Meeting" [letterhead 5/23/1919].

Wood appointed to "Committee of Arrangements for the London Conference" at general meeting of AFSC, which was asked to take charge of all arrangements. First organizational meeting held Jan. 6, 1920. Wood appointed April 8, 1920 as one of the American members of the Business Committee. Letter (April 16, 1920) has Wood writing "as Chairman of the American Committee in preparation for Conference of All Friends After the War Called by London Yearly Meeting" to be held August 13-20, 1920.

Both the English and American Friends put together a set of reports, prepared by commissions. The commissions were assigned topics all centering on the Peace Testimony of the Society of Friends. The American Commissions were chaired by the following: Rufus Jones, Commission I; Isaac Sharpless, Commission II (A and B); William I. Hull, Commission II (C); Jesse H. Holmes, Commission III; George A. Walton, Commission IV; Henry J. Cadbury, Commission V; Elbert Russell, Commission VI.

I. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : London): "Miscellaneous correspondence," 1918-1920. [10 folders in Box 33]

Notes on contents: letters, brochures (including "Some particular advices for Friends & a statement of loyalty for others : being the views of some members of the Society of Friends regarding its attitude toward the present crisis" 1918, Phila., Baltimore), drafts of commission reports, draft of pamphlet on "Peace Testimony" section of English commission reports, copy of essay "Quakerism at present and one hundred years ago" by C. A. Zavitz (Genesee Yearly Meeting), essay on English Friends point of view on conference by Edith J. Wilson (6/16/1920), drafts of essays from various perspectives on conference, lists, accounts.

Labeled by Wood as "Miscellaneous correspondence," these folders are papers of the Committee on Arrangements.

Topics include including Young Friends in the delegations, work of the various commissions, appointment of delegates, postponement of conference until Aug. 1920, plans for Nov. 1919 meeting of members of the Committee of English Friends and American Commissions, difficulty of Wood in getting information on plans of English Friends, arrangements for visit of English Friends, planning for Friends World Conference.

Wood asks for articles on conference expectations from different Quaker viewpoints (Orthodox, Hicksite, Young Friend, Militaristic, Women, etc.) and from a non-Friend. Wood asks Herbert Hoover, Jane Addams and others to write letters stating why Friends should attend (gets replies from Hoover, Addams, etc.), view from Berlin in letter of sister Carolena M. Wood, etc.

Correspondents include Edward Backhouse, Lindley M. Binford, Henry J. Cadbury, Edward Grubb, Allen D. Hole, Jesse H. Holmes, Herbert Hoover (TLS, 6/16/1920), Rufus M. Jones, W. Blair Neatby, Vincent D. Nicholson, S. Edgar Nicholson, Robert E. Pretlow, George A. Walton, J. Barnard Walton, Carolena M. Wood (Berlin, 7/4/1920), Walter C. Woodward and many others.

  1. Misc. correspondence, 1918, 1919 (January - February).
  2. Misc. correspondence, 1919 (March).
  3. Misc. correspondence, 1919 (April).
  4. Misc. correspondence, 1919 (May - June).
  5. Misc. correspondence, 1919 (July - August).
  6. Misc. correspondence, 1919 (September - October).
  7. Misc. correspondence, 1919 (November - December).
  8. Misc. correspondence, 1920 (January - May).
  9. Misc. correspondence, 1920 (June).
  10. Misc. correspondence, 1920 (July - December).

II. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): "Pamphlet, lists of names and mems., etc." ca. 1916-1920. [1 folder in Box 34]

Notes on contents: minutes, draft of program, printed circulars, brochures (includes Hoover letter), pamphlets, handwritten and typed notes and lists, reprints, clipping. Items are related to planning the Conference.

III. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): Pamphlets, printed letters, brochures, ephemera, ca. 1920. [1 folder in Box 34]

Notes on contents: primarily printed items related to Friends World Conference of 1920 and to other Friends conferences occurring at the same time. Includes printed letters, pamphlets, programs, reprints, etc. Wood's label "London Conference" [these look like items he may have collected before the Conference or while at the Conference?]

IV. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): "Re: Delegates - Memo. - Conf. of Delegates at 12th St. Meetinghouse," 1919. [1 folder in Box 34]

Notes on contents: memoranda (including meeting at 12th St. Meetinghouse of Delegates, program lists Wood as presiding at this "Conference with Delegates and Commissions"), certificates authorizing Wood, James Wood and Carolena Wood as delegates to London Conference, program, article by Wood, typed lists, notes, printed preliminary plan, printed letter from London Committee.

V. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): "Re: Delegates," correspondence, 1919-1920. [1 folder in Box 34]

Notes on contents: letters.

Correspondence of Wood with delegates, committee members and others, re: delegates, transportation, expenses, etc. of trip to the Conference in London.

VI. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): "Requests for information and mailing lists," correspondence, 1919. [1 folder in Box 34]

Notes on contents: letters. Correspondence asking for programs, Commission reports, information on traveling to Conference, etc. [Note: no lists in this folder].

VII. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): "Correspondence re: reports of English Commissions," 1919-1920. [1 folder: 11 items in Box 34]

Notes on contents: letters, requesting copies of reports.

VIII. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): "Receipts, etc. - Thos. Cook & Sons bill for Trans-Atlantic passages of English Friends" 1919-1920. [1 folder: 11 items in Box 34]

Notes on contents: bills, receipts for printing brochures, travel, etc.

IX. FRIENDS WORLD CONFERENCE (1st : 1920 : Swarthmore): "Contributions for expenses to attend London Conference," correspondence, 1920. [1 folder in Box 34]

Notes on contents: letters.

Correspondence with persons contributing toward expenses of various Friends' trip to London Conference.

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