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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
L. Hollingsworth Wood Papers, 1903-1953

Ms. Coll. 1175
(81 boxes)

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Background: "Young Friends Ambulance Corps." led by Philip J. Baker, a Cambridge scholar and athlete, son of Joseph Allen Baker, a Canadian member of the British Parliament. Wood is listed as American member of Friends Ambulance Unit Committee and donations were sent to him at his office.

I. FRIENDS AMBULANCE UNIT - "Appeals" n.d. and 1914-1918. [2 folders in Box 30]

Notes on contents: letters, receipts, reports, pamphlets, mailing lists, lists of donations, clippings, notes, printed items.

Papers are related to fund-raising efforts. Correspondence includes letters of J. Allen Baker and others.

  1. Appeals, n.d. and 1914.
  2. Appeals, 1915-1918.

II. FRIENDS AMBULANCE UNIT - "Receipts," 1914-1915. [1 folder, ca. 13 items in Box 31] III. FRIENDS AMBULANCE UNIT - Correspondence, 1914-1919. [4 folders in Box 31]

Notes on contents: letters, lists, brochure, photograph.

Chiefly letters from contributors and those wishing to serve. Topics include asking permission to put names on committee for fund-raising purposes, a group of Haverford men and others to form an ambulance corp. Includes letters from J. Allen Baker, O. M. Chase, Allen D. Hole, Rufus M. Jones, Felix M. Morley (wants to serve), C. C. Morris, Sir George Newman, Yoshio Nitobe (at Haverford College, wants to serve), Wilbur K. Thomas and others.

  1. Correspondence, 1914.
  2. Correspondence, 1915 (January - April).
  3. Correspondence, 1915 (May - December).
  4. Correspondence, 1916-1917, 1919.


Background: This was a conference arranged by Wood to consider education in New York Yearly Meeting and New England Yearly Meeting. Letter (5/4/1914) of Walter H. Wood "I suppose this meeting is called to consider the proposition which Doctor Gifford has been proposing for some time relative to a unification of educational interests between New York and New England Yearly Meetings." The schools under discussion were Oakwood Seminary, Oak Grove Seminary and Moses Brown School.

I. FRIENDS SCHOOL CONFERENCE (May 21, 1914) - Correspondence, 1914. [1 folder in Box 31]

Notes on contents: letters, memorandum of meeting May 21, 1914, financial papers, lists, notes of Wood.

Primarily correspondence of Wood with Hannah J. Bailey, Joshua L. Barton, George L. Crosman, Seth K. Gifford, Rufus M. Jones, Isaac Sharpless, Walter H. Wood, and others related to planning the conference, who to invite, when to hold it, etc.


Background: London Yearly Meeting set up a legal body "Friends Trusts, Ltd." to act as Trustee and so forth for religious, charitable, etc. matters connected with the Society of Friends. Wood is asked to legally represent the interests of Friends Trusts, Ltd. in the United States in relation to the settlement of S. C. Witting's estate. The British Witting created a trust in 1925 in England and the U.S.

I. FRIENDS TRUSTS, LTD. - Deed of Trust, 1925, for S. C. Witting estate. [1 folder in Box 32] II. FRIENDS TRUSTS, LTD. - Correspondence, 1934-1937. [4 folders in Box 32]

Notes on contents: letters, legal and financial papers.

Correspondence of Wood as lawyer representing Friends Trusts, Ltd. in matter of S. C. Witting estate.

  1. Correspondence, 1934.
  2. Correspondence, 1935 (January - March).
  3. Correspondence, 1935 (April - September).
  4. Correspondence, 1936-1937

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