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Robert B. Haines, III Collection

Ms. Coll.1011
359 items. 2 boxes.

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Scanned Image Bonaparte, Joseph, 1768-1844. Letters to Reuben Haines. 3 items. Point Breeze, 1826-1828. [Invites him to visit; thanks him for a flower; declines a cow] (In French) (approx. 39K).

Scanned Image Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826. Monticello, May 18, 1818. [Acknowledges election as corresponding member of Academy] Page two (approximately 78K each).

Scanned Image Certificate of stock in The Philadelphia Museum Company in the name of Coleman Sellers and Reuben Haines, signed by Franklin Peale, October 28, 1828. (approx. 59K).

Summary of collection

Collection consists almost entirely of autograph letters, signed, mostly addressed to Reuben Haines, 1793-1834, about one-third addressed to him personally, the other two-thirds addressed to him as Corresponding Secretary of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. The writers of the latter were prominent scientists, scholars, and statesmen from all over the world, notably, Charles Lucien Bonaparte, 1803-1857, Joseph Bonaparte, 1768-1844, John James Audubon, 1785-1851, Thomas Say, 1787-1834, DeWitt Clinton, 1769-1828, Robert Smith, 1757-1842, Rembrandt Peale, 1778-1860, Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826, Sir William Hooker, 1785-1865, Jacques Gerard Milbert, 1766-1840, Jules Germain Cloquet,1790-1883, Gaspar, Count Sternberg, of Bohemia, and many others.

Collection also contains a few letters addressed to Caspar Wistar Haines, one from Rebecca Jones, 1739-1818, discussing yellow fever in Philadelphia, one from Morris Birkbeck, 1764-1825, and others.

Arrangement and description of collection

  1. Correspondence to Reuben Haines arranged alphabetically (Boxes 1 and 2):
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  2. Letters to Caspar Wistar Haines (Box 2)
  3. Miscellaneous (Box 2)

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Correspondence of Reuben Haines, personally, and in his capacity as Secretary of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. (Includes a few letters addressed to other members of the Academy)


  1. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia:
    1. Act of Incorporation. No. 93 Senate File. Read, Jan. 22, 1817.
    2. Letters of Reuben Haines, as Corr. Secy. (letterpress copies and rough drafts) 1814-1824. 33 items.
    3. Letter from William H. Keating, Recording Secy., to Reuben Haines, telling him of his election as Corr. Secy. for 1823. [Phila.] Dec. 31, 1822.
  2. American Philosophical Society. Phila., Sept. 24, 1822.[Acknowledges receipt of bound volumes of Proceedings of Academy of Natural Sciences. Signed, R. M. Patterson, Corr.Secy.]
  3. Audubon, John James, 1785-1851. 5 items, 1825-1830. Letters to Reuben Haines, concerning publication of his Birds of America, etc. (photocopies of letters, also filed here )
  4. Ayer, Samuel. Letter to Reuben Haines. Portland, Feb. 26, 1818. [Inquires about the Lancastrian system of instruction]


  1. Barnes, John. 3 items 1814-1817.
    1. Letter to Reuben Haines. Phila., 8mo. 27, 1814. [Encloses list of resident members of the Academy.]
    2. Letter (copy) to B. R. Morgan. Phila., Jan. 24, 1817. [Encloses list of correspondents and copy of Constitution of the Academy. (Enclosures not filed here) Dr. Barnes was Corr. Secy. of the Academy in 1817]
  2. Barnet, I. Cox. 4 items: Letter to the Academy. Paris, Feb. 22, 1819. [Encloses letter from Dr. J. H. Hassenfratz, presenting his 4-vol. work, Traite de Siderotechnie, to the Academy. Translation of Dr. H.'s letter, also filed here, plus letter from R.G. Beasley, Le Havre, telling of shipment of Dr. H.'s work]
  3. Beck, Theodric Romeyn, 1791-1855. Albany, May 30, 1818. [Requests that the full set of the Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences be sent to the Albany society of the Arts]
  4. Beelen [ ] Pittsburgh, Oct. 11, 1814. [Acknowledges his election as a corresponding member of the Academy]
  5. Betton, Dr. Samuel. Germantown, Jan. 26, 1816. [Sends specimens to the Academy]
  6. Bigelow, Jacob, 1787-1879. Boston, Feb. 8, 1818. [Introduces Mr. Sullivan, a scientist]
  7. Bishop, Thomas. Germantown, 12mo. 9, 1816. [Asks R. Haines to buy and send to him some mercury and a balloon]
  8. Bonaparte, Charles Lucien, 1803-1857. Letter to Reuben Haines, Florence, Oct. 5, 1829.
  9. Scanned Image Bonaparte, Joseph, 1768-1844. Letters to Reuben Haines. 3 items. Point Breeze, 1826-1828. [Invites him to visit; thanks him for a flower; declines a cow] (In French) (approx. 39K).
  10. Bonelli, A , prof. of Natural History at the University of Turin. July 31, 1822. [Acknowledges his election as a Corresponding member of the Academy] (In French)
  11. Bonfils [ ], entomologist. Letters to William Maclure, President of the Academy. 5 items, Bordeaux, 1821-1822. [Sends specimens of butterflies and coleopterae to the Academy and wants to exchange specimens; also wants to hear from Thomas Say; last letter says he has not received any answer. (Also filed here: translation of first letter, written on 2 sheets of paper with Hannah Haines's address on the backs, plus a copy of a Minute, Oct. 2, 1821, directing the Corr. Secy. to write M. Bonfils and thank him)] (In French)
  12. Borson [ ] mineralogist. Turin, July 29, 1822. [Thanks the Academy for gift of minerals and is sending some in exchange. (In French)
  13. Bouche, Charles Paul. Berlin, Dec. 25, 1823.
  14. Bowne, R[obert] W. and J.L., brothers-in-law of Reuben Haines. New York, 1818-1819. 3 items. [Inquire about the standing of Robert Adams of Phila.; describe difficulties of getting books for the Academy through the New York Customs]
  15. Brantz, Lewis. Baltimore, Oct. 30, 1823. [Sends meteorological tables]
  16. British Museum. [London] 1918-1819. 2 items. [Acknowledge receipt of Journals from the Academy] (Signed, Henry Ellis, secy.)
  17. Brongniart, Alexandre, mineralogist, 1770-1847. Paris, June 27, 1818. (In French) [Thanks Academy for its Journals and sends four works of his own, in appreciation]
  18. Buckley,[William?] Phila., July 11, 1816. [Concerns settling estate of Sarah Wistar]
  19. Burling, William S. Union Springs, 2mo. 23, 1818. [Business letter]


  1. Cist, Jacob, 1782-1825. Wilkesbarre, Feb. 7 - Mar. 2, 1820. 2 items.[Sends a buck and pair of horns; offers to try for other specimens]
  2. Cleaveland, Parker, naturalist, 1780-1858. Brunswick, Me., 1813- 1818. [Acknowledges election to Academy; requests Journals] 2 items.
  3. Cleaver, J [n.p., n.d.] received 12mo. 3, 1816. [Offers proofs of his own scientific achievements]
  4. Clinton, De Witt, 1769-1828. New York - Albany, 1815-1824. 5 items. [Acknowledges election as corresponding member of Academy; introduces M. Hafinesque, naturalist; 1818, requests copy of law passed by Pa. Legislature, establishing Lancastrian Schools in Phila.; sends rice from Nepal, with instructions on how to grow it; requests some issues of Journal]
  5. Cloquet, Jules Germain, M.D., 1790-1883. [Paris, Nov., 1819] [Thanks Academy for electing him a corresponding member] (French)
  6. Colla, Luigi, naturalist. Turin, 1813-1825. 2 Items. (First one, in French; second one, a translation of original letter) [Acknowledges election to Academy; requests seeds, etc., from America; sends 198 bundles of seeds; discusses scientific matters]
  7. Collins & Co. New York, 5mo. 11, 1822. [Send money order (?) for Transactions of the Academy] (Collins & Co., printers)
  8. Cooper, Thomas, 1759-1840. 3 items, Northumberland [Pa.] and Columbia, S. C., 1811-1820. [Requests him to send specimens of stone, scientific equipment, etc; letter of 1820 discusses slavery in the South, and quality of academic instruction]
  9. Coxe, Fortunata. Sidney, N.J., Oct. 14, 1833. [Letter of introduction for her cousin, Carmelo F. Caricana]
  10. Cummington Lyceum. Cummington, Mass., April 10,1829. [Asks donation of Academy Journal, to help the Lyceum get started; asks Acad. to get individuals to send their publications] (Signed Cyrus Bryant, Corr. Secy.)


  1. Dana, Samuel Luther, 1795-1868. Cambridge and Gloucester, Mass., 1815-1818. 2 items. [Acknowledges election as corresponding member of Academy]
  2. Darlington, Williams 1782-1863. West Chester, Pa., July 22, 1819. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy]
  3. Deabbate, T , consul general for Sardinia, in Phila. Phila., 1821-1823. 2 items. [Thanks Academy for gift of Journals to Royal Academy of Sciences of Turin; sends Annals of Turin observatory, in exchange;requests U.S. minerals and offers specimens from Turin] (In French)
  4. Desmarest, A G Paris, June 28, 1818. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy; says he will not be able to correspond until he finished supervising the printing of the New Dictionary of Natural History] (In French)
  5. Dick, William, U. of Penna. Mar. 4, 1823. Extract of letter to him from Dr. Hooker, prof. of botany, U. of Glasgow. [Sends thanks to Academy for Journals, which have not yet come; sends his Flora Scotica, in exchange] (See separate entry under Hooker)
  6. Doddridge, Joseph, M.D., 1769-1826. Brooke Court House, Jan. 7, 1815 (?) [Thanks Academy for election as correspondent; sends treatise on culture of bees]
  7. Drapier, A , ca.l790- , naturalist. Brussels, Nov. 2, 1824. [Acknowledges election to Acad.; sends small work of his own]
  8. Ducatel, Julius Timoleon, 1796- Baltimore, Apri1 11, 1821. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy] (In French)


  1. Earl, John. 3 items. Newport, R.I., 6mo. 27 - 9mo. 8, 1818. [Business letters]
  2. Ettin, Maria. [n.p.] Jan. 1, 1820. [New Year's wishes]
  3. Eyries Freres et Cie., agents at le Havre. Havre, Aug. 8, 1823. [Enclose bill of lading for a package of scientific bulletins, sent by Baron de Ferussac]


  1. Ferussac, Andre Etienne Just Paschal Joseph Francois d'Aubedard, baron de, 1786-1836. Paris, 1817-1824. 2 items. [Sends prospectus of his new work on a neglected branch of natural history; says he needs the cooperation of the scientists of all countries; asks the Secretary to present prospectus to Acad. and enlist their interest in exchanging ideas for specimens; acknowledges election as corresponding member of Acad; sends issues of Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles and asks for Journals of Academy] (French)
  2. Flower, George, 1788-1862. 2 items, Princeton, lnd., Sept. 12 - Nov. 23, 1818. [Postmarked Lexington, Kentucky, where his family lived; describes getting started in new territory; discusses livestock, etc.]
  3. Forster, Dr. Thomas Ignatius Maria, 1789-1860. Tunbridge Wells and London, 1817-1829. 3 items. [Acknowledges Journals of Academy; says he is sending several of his own works in exchange, discusses swallows and a new treatment for insanity; acknowledges election as correspondent; asks information on American researches on anatomy and physiology of brain]


  1. Gibbon, James. New Castle, March 10, 1809.
  2. Gilmore, Robert, Jr. Baltimore, Dec. 4, 1819.
  3. Gilpin, Thomas, 1776-1853. 2 items, Phila., Sept. 29, 1810, and Chester, Jan. 17, 1818.
  4. Green, Jacob, M.D., 1793-1850. Princeton, April 3, 1818. [Acknowledges election, 2 years before, as correspondent of Academy; sends three salamanders]
  5. Greville, Robert Kaye, L.L.D., 1794-1866. Edinburgh, June 21 - July 1, 1824. 2 items. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy]
  6. Griscom, John, 1774-1852. 2 items. New York, 2mo. 10 - 3mo. 17, 1816. [Discusses botanical transparencies brought from London by Charles Whitlow, which Griscom uses in lectures; introduces Prof. Valli]
  7. Guillemard, J London, May 1, 1820. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy]


  1. Hare, Robert, 1781-1858. New York, Williamsburg, and [n.p.] ca.l816-1824. 6 items. [New York letters, 1816, tell of his undertaking to light the City with gas, for the first time. Williamsburg letter, 1818, from wife, Harriet, describes drawbacks to life in Williamsburg, conditions under slavery there, etc.]
  2. Harlan. John. Letter to Isaiah Lukens, Phila. Mill Town, Feb. 5, 1814. [Sends specimen of resistant coating for roofs, etc.]
  3. Hartshorne, Richard, 1749?-1836. 3 items, Portland [Me.] and Locust Grove [Va.?] [Business matters] 1817-1818.
  4. Harvard University. Cambridge, Dec. 13, 1817. [Thanks Academy for gift of Journals] (Signed, Andrews Norton, Librarian)
  5. Harvey, Jacob. New York, 1819-1822. 2 items. [Encloses letter from the Cork Institution, signed by Edmund Davy, Secy., June 3, 1818, thanking Academy for Journals and sending series of the Munster Farmer's Magazine, in exchange; introduces John Tucker, Englishman, who has a new street-cleaning device]
  6. Hazard, Samuel, 1784-1870. Huntsville [Ala.], Jan. 15, 1818. [Congratulates Reuben Haines on birth of a son]
  7. Head, Joseph. Bristol, Dec. 15, 1821.
  8. Hooker, Sir William Jackson, 1785-1865. Glasgow, Scotland, 1822-1823. 3 items. [Sends his Flora Scotica and Flora Exotica; acknowledges election as corresponding member of Academy] (See additional mention under Dick)
  9. Hopkins, Howell. Phila., April 1, 1829. [Threatens to bring slander action, on behalf of Dr. Harlan]
  10. Hosack, David, M.D., 1769-1835. New York, March 14, 1815.
  11. Howland, Humphrey. Scipio,,N.Y., lmo. 5, 1818. [Introduces Benjamin S. Howland]
  12. Hyde de Neuville, Jean Guillaume, baron, 1776-1857. Washington, May 19, 1818. [Sends Academy a prospectus of a book by the Baron de Ferussac, about shells; says the Baron would like to exchange American shells for those of France; Hyde de Neuville will facilitate this shipment; also requests some grains from the U.S. for himself]


  1. Jackson, William, Jr. Londongrove, Feb. 12 - April 10, 1815. 3 items. [Sends elaboration of his paper on frictional heat; also, some mineral specimens]
  2. Scanned Image Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826. Monticello, May 18, 1818. [Acknowledges election as corresponding member of Academy] Page two (approximately 78K each).
  3. Jones, William. Calcutta, Jan. 7, 1821. [Acknowledges election as correspondent; sends specimens; says he intends to send specimens of all the snakes of India]


  1. Lacepede, Bernard Germain Etienne de la Ville, Comte de, 1756-1825. Paris, Nov. 15, 1817. [Acknowledges receipt of first three numbers of the Academy's Journal; mentions his own corresponding membership; says the Academy will set an example in encouraging the study of the natural sciences that will be followed in both No. and So. America.] (In French)
  2. Lawton, E L Phila., July 7, 1817. [Thanks for pamphlets; sends shell specimens]
  3. Leach, Dr. William Elford, 1790-1836. British Museum, London, 1818-1819. 3 items. [Acknowledges election as corresponding member of Academy; will send a collection of the general and species of crustacea; also will give the Academy all his works, as soon as published; requests specimens in exchange; acknowledges Journals; sends tracts]
  4. Lederer, Baron . Extract of letter to John Vaughan. Jan. 21, 1823. [Sends specimens from D. Schreiber of Imperial Academy of Natural Sciences at Vienna and offers more] (With note from John Vaughan, Phila., Feb. 11, 1823, saying he will forward communications to Baron Lederer)
  5. Legaux, Pierre. Springmill, 1812-1822. 5 items (in French) [Acknowledges election as Academy correspondent; sends meteorological table of observations for 1813]
  6. Lefroy , Inspector of Studies, Royal School of Mines, Paris. Paris, 1811-1820. 2 items (in French) [Acknowledges receipt of Academy's Journal, for the Royal School of Mines; will send the Mining School Annals, in return; acknowledges election as corresponding member of Academy]
  7. Lewes, Joseph S Phila., July 18, 1825. [Says General Lafayette will visit Germantown and asks R. Haines to make arrangements; note on back by R. H. tells of visit after it occurred]
  8. Linnean Society. London, July 16, 1818. [Acknowledges issues of Academy's Journal. (Signed, Alex. [McKay?] Secy.)
  9. Littell & Henry, literary agents. Phila., Sept. 4, 1818. [State terms on which they would agree to promote sale of Journal of Academy.]
  10. Lowber, John C. Aug. 13 [n.p., n.d.]
  11. Lucas, , Assistant Curator of the King's Natural History Collection. Paris, Aug. 19, 1817. (In French) [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy; offers in exchange his own methodical Table, or chart, of mineralogical species]
  12. Lukens, Isaiah. London, Dec. 29, 1826. [Describes attempted operation for kidney stones, for which he had invented the instrument; describes depraved condition of London's lower classes]

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  1. McEuen, Thomas, Jr. Washington, Pa., Nov. 19, 1821. [Tells of a well, recently dug, which emits hydrogen gas]
  2. Maclure, William, 1763-1840. Paris and Mexico, 1819-1831. 5 items. [Gives summary of books shipped to the Academy; Mexican letters, mainly business]
  3. MacNeven, William James, M.D., 1763-1841. New York, May 14, 1815. [Discusses different kinds of laboratories and what equipment they need; acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy]
  4. Mason, Hyde P. [n.p., n.d.] To Thomas Say. [Asks him to present to Academy a collection of land and fresh water shells]
  5. Mease, Dr.James, 1771-1846. Phila., June 20, 1816.
  6. Milbert, Jacques Gerard, 1766-1840. New York, March 2, 1823. (In French) [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy]
  7. Minturn, R[obert] B[rowne] 1805-1866, nephew of Reuben Haines. 4 items, Oct. 2, 1824 - Jan. 25, 1825. [Concern materials shipped to Academy from abroad and Minturn's efforts to get them through Customs, etc.]
  8. Mitchell, Samuel L , M.D., 1792-1868. New York, 1814-1820. 11 items. [letter (copy) of March 26, 1814, to John F. Waterhouse, M.D., tells of sea-faring friend, Capt. Bool, who saw a sea-animal bigger than a whale and different from it; July 22, 1817. tells of white mountain sheep of North America; sends publications and specimens to Academy; praises publications of Academy; speaks of lecturing with Whitlow's botanical transparencies (see Griscom); tells of 40-foot shark skeleton found in North Carolina; tells of curiosities and specimens recently seen and acquired]


  1. Nuttall, Thomas, 1786-1859. Cambridge, Feb. 10, 1825. [About seeds]


  1. Oemler, Augustus Gottlieb. Savannah, Dec. 9, 1814. [Acknowledges election to the Academy; suggests other Southern naturalists]
  2. Ord, George, 1781-1866. Phila., London, Paris, 1819-1831. 7 items. [Mainly concerned with books being sent to Academy, by Mr. Maclure, Dr. Leach, et al; discusses exchanging of publications and specimens with European societies, etc.]


  1. Palmer, J ,Calcutta, Oct. 29, 1818. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy; says Dr. Wallick is sending a collection of seeds and plants which will grow in American soil]
  2. Parish, David. London, May 12, 1821. [Forwards a packet from Count Sternberg of Bohemia]
  3. Park, William. Greenock, Aug. 9, 1824. [Sends bill of lading for box of minerals from Mr. Maclure]
  4. Paxson, Joseph R. Harlington, 6mo. 18, 1826. [Talks of his silk worms and pigs]
  5. Peale, Rembrandt, 1778-1860.
    1. Letters to Mr. B. Wistar, Phila. [n.p.,n.d.] [Business matters] 2 items.
    2. To wife, Eleanor. Florence, Paris, London, April 18 - Aug. 22, 1830. 5 items. [Describe his life and work abroad]
    3. To Reuben Haines (1 to George Vaux) New York, Florence, Phila., 1828-1834. [Letters and legal papers concerning financing of his trip to Italy, etc., plus affairs of Phila. Museum Co.; 1834 letter is to George Vaux, after Reuben Haines's death] 9 items.
      Scanned Image Certificate of stock in The Philadelphia Museum Company in the name of Coleman Sellers and Reuben Haines, signed by Franklin Peale, October 28, 1828. (approx. 59K).
    4. To his brothers, Franklin and Titian Peale. Phila., Oct. 29, 1828 (copy)
  6. Peale, Rubens, naturalist. Letter to Reuben Haines. New York, March 26, 1829. [Business matters]
  7. Peale, Titian Ramsey, 1799-1885. Letter to Reuben Haines. Phila., Oct. 3, 1830. [Concerns methods of preserving dead whales and seals]
  8. [Pell? W? F?] New York, Nov. 29, 1818. [Asks R. H. to have ten sickle pear trees shipped to him]
  9. Peters, Sally. Phila., Sept. 22, 1829. [Wishes to give Mrs. Haines a white Chinese lily plant]
  10. Peters, Richard, 1744-1828. 4 items, Belmont and Phila., 1816- 1824. [Concerns mutual scientific-agricultural interests; letter of Aug. 30, 1823, discusses Almanack of Natural Science Society]
  11. Phiquepal, . Paris, June 20, 1820. [Sends, at William Maclure's request, some numbers of Le Journal de Physique and La Revue Encyclopedique]
  12. Pickering, Timothy, 1745-1829. Salem, 1825-1826. 2 items. [About cutting boxes and cows]
  13. Poole, William. Brandywine, 3mo. 19, 1816. [Wants to buy an augur for a Wilmington company, for use in discovering coal]
  14. Prince, William, 1766-1842. Flushing [N.Y.] Jan. 27, 1825. [Botanical interests]


  1. Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel, 1783-1840. New York, Apr. 25- Oct. 1, 1817. 2 items. [Is offended because Academy requires specimens or drawings, to verify discoveries it publishes; withdraws his two papers, which he had sent in for publication; mentions Thomas Say's book on American land and fresh water shells as a Base of American Conchology, his own Annals of Nature, etc.]
  2. Raguet, Condy, 1784-1842. Rio de Janeiro, Oct., 1822 - Dec. 15, 1823. 2 items. [Offers to obtain scientific specimens; describes Indians and difficulties of obtaining an Indian's scull for Dr. Harlan; note on front, from Dr. Harlan, urges Reuben Haines to suggest decapitation]
  3. Randall, John. Boston, July 4, 1816. [Acknowledges election to Academy]
  4. Redman, R S , Halifax, N.S., Feb. 25, 1822.
  5. Ricord, Philippe, 1800- , and Alexandre, 1798- . Paris, Nov. 12, 1822. [Send a collection of the water and land shells of Paris, in hopes that they may become members of Academy]
  6. [Risso? ?] [n.p.] Jan. 29, 1823. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy; sends a work of his own on Natural History]
  7. Rizzi, Filippo. [Naples] read, Apr. 3, 1821. [Presents several memoirs on subjects connected with agriculture] (In Italian)
  8. Robbins, Eliza. Letter to Joseph Lyman, of Northampton. Phila., Oct. 2, 1830. [Introducing Reuben Haines]
  9. Rockwood, E B . [n.p.] Received, 3mo. 18, 1818.
  10. Royal Institution of Great Britain. [London] April 17, 1820. [Acknowledges receipt of Journals of Academy] (Signed, Thomas Harrison, Secy. R. I. )
  11. The Royal Society. London, Jan. 29, 1818. [Acknowledges receipt of Journal of Academy] (Signed, Thomas Young, M.D., Secy.)
  12. Rush, Benjamin, M.D., 1745-1813. Phila., Oct. 23, 1812.


  1. Say, Thomas, naturalist, 1787-1834. New Harmony, Ind., 1829- 1830. 7 items. [Explains why he stays in New Harmony; discusses difficulties of obtaining boxes of specimens, etc.; that he has ordered to be shipped to him; financial matters]
  2. Sealy, James. Cork, April 26, 1820. [Says he is sending a present of books to the Academy; would like to correspond]
  3. Serra, J. Correa de. Washington, March 20, 1819.
  4. Seray, Pierre. Le Havre, 1818-1820. 4 items (with 3 enclosures) [Bills of lading for books from Mr. Maclure]
  5. Shotwell, William. New York, 1820-1823. 2 items. [Agricultural]
  6. Silliman, Benjamin, 1779-1864. New Haven, 1815-1824. 5 items. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy; tries to get straightened out about shipments of books from Mr. Maclure,some of which were meant for Phila. Acad. and some for the American Geological Society]
  7. Smith, Joseph P. Burlington, 6mo. 15, 1820. [About clover]
  8. Smith, Richard M. Green Hill, 7mo. 13 - 8mo. 12, 1816. 2 items. [Concerns sale of sheep and lack of market for them]
  9. Smith, Robert, 1757-1842, Secy. of Navy and State. Baltimore, May 23, 1823. [About Alderney cattle]
  10. Sowerby, James de Carle, 1787-1871. London, 1817-1818. 2 items. [Acknowledges Academy's Journal; sends his own, "Elucidation of Colours;" wants to exchange specimens of fossil shells and meteorites]
  11. Steinhauer, H . Bethlehem, Pa., June 7 - Nov. 4, 1817. [Acknowledges election to Academy; sends book for Academy library]
  12. Sternberg, Gaspar, Comte. Prague, 1821-1824. 3 items (in French) [Sends the Academy his book about the flora of the primitive world; raises question as to whether or not vegetable fossils in the coal fields of the Meganique Mts. region of the old world are different from those in the coal fields of America; acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy; sends vols. 2 and 3 of his geognostico-botanic studies of the flora of the primitive world; discusses contents of future volumes]
  13. Streater, Charles. Hanover near Wilkesbarre, 1827-1829. 2 items.
  14. Struve, Baron von Extract of letter to Dr. William Meade, communicated by him through William S. Warder, Hudson, N.Y., Aug. 7, 1824. [Baron von Struve sends box of minerals (35 specimens) to Academy; acknowledges election to Academy]
  15. Sullivan, Richard. Boston and Brookline, 1818-1830. 3 items.


  1. Tappan, Benjamin, 1773-1857. Steubenville, 1826-1827. 3 items. [Asks and receives mineral specimens]
  2. Thomas, David, 1762-1831. Greatfield (Scipio, N.Y.) 6mo. 29, 1819. [Concerns use of plaster as fertilizer; cattle shows, etc.]
  3. Thompson, Jonah. Phila., March 7, 1817. [Concerns proper arrangements for launching a young man in life]
  4. Thornton, William, M.D., 1759-1828. Washington, Oct. 16, 1814. Acknowledges election as correspondent]
  5. Tieknor, George, 1791-1871. (copy) Boston, Oct. 19, 1830. [Concerns choice of teachers for a school to be started in Phila.; mentions Mr. Alcott of Boston] (Also on this sheet, copy of letter from Joseph Tuckerman, Boston, Oct. 22, 1831, and extract from letter from William Russell, Phila., Jan. 26, 1831)
  6. Tidyman, Philip, M.D., 1777?-1850. Charleston, Feb. 18, 1823. [Sends samples of grains and flower cuttings, etc.]
  7. Troost, Gerard, 1776-1850. Pittsburgh, Cape Sable, Baltimore, 1813-1821. 6 items. (Letters addressed to M. Parmantier, v.p. of Acad., Dr. John Barnes, Messrs. T. Speakman and Thomas Say, and Reuben Haines) [Sends specimens of minerals from Pittsburgh, with account of many substances to be found in that region; suggests articles needed from France, viz., microscope, books; sends bird specimens and amber from Cape Sable; is hurt, in 1818, to learn that Acad. is publishing a Journal, but has not let him know; will contribute articles; says he lost his lab by fire; discusses lignite and iron; solicits R. H.'s interest in starting a course of lectures on mineralogy in Phila.; also asks if he knows anyone who would like to be partner in apothecary's shop]
  8. Troughtom, Edward. London, Sept., 1824. [Addressed to Capt. Robinson, New England Coffeehouse; accompanies a barometer for Reuben Haines]
  9. Trumbull, John, 1756-1843. New York, Jan. 27, 1824. [Concerns a miniature loaned by R. H., so head could be used in a group painting]
  10. Tyson, Philip T . Baltimore, Feb. 20 - May 20, 1826. 2 items. [Describes a new kind of roofing material made of oiled canvas; requests a book on conchology for the Baltimore Academy]


  1. Van Rensselaer, Jeremiah, M.D. New York, 1820-1824. 4 items. [Sends two packages and encloses a letter, from M. Cloquet and Dr. Mitchell; sends his own "Essay on Salt" and some rock specimens from the Erie Canal region; forwards a parcel from Dr. Greville of Edinburgh and Prof. Hooker of Glasgow]
  2. Vanuxem, Lardner, 1792-1848. Paris, Sept. 24 - Nov. 27, 1817. [Forwards materials to Acad.; says he has arranged for exchange of Journals with the School of Mines; requests that M. Lefroy be made a corresponding member of Phila. Academy]
  3. Vassalli-Eandi, Antonmaria, prof. and perpetual secy. of the Royal Academy of Science of Turin. Turin, 1821-1822. 5 items (in French), plus note (in English) of Reuben Haines's reply to Turin's request for specimens of American minerals, Phila., March 5, 1822. [Prof. V. acknowledges receipt of Academy's Journals; asks for news of Dr. Philip Tidyman of Charleston; offers reciprocal help at any time; acknowledges election as correspondent, etc.; sends list of minerals sent to Acad. by Turin] (Sent duplicate copies of first letter)
  4. Vaux, Roberts, 1786-1836. [Phila.] 1810-1818. 17 items. [Letters, 1810-11, to Reuben, while Reuben is on trip to New Jersey and New York; 1816 letter concerns building a turnpike in Luzerne Co.; 1818 letter wants stories or information, etc., about Indians, for a book he wants to write about their good points]


  1. Walker, George Henry. Longford, Feb. 8, 1828.
  2. Wallich, N (Oriental Indian) Murzapore, Oct. 21, 1820. Letter addressed to John Cryder, Calcutta. [Acknowledges election as correspondent of Academy; says the Botanical Garden will be glad to furnish seeds and plants upon request; is sending a package of botanical books for the Academy]
  3. Warner, John C . Gloucester, N.J., Dec. 16, 1820. [Sends collection of plants from Delaware and Maryland]
  4. Webster, Dr. [John White] 1793-1850. Boston, Jan. 18, 1822. [Sends Academy a copy of his "Descriptions, etc., of St. Michael;" will be glad to exchange minerals] (Dr. White was later hanged for murder, as a result of dispute with Dr. George Parkman of Boston over some minerals]
  5. Wister, Charles J . [n.p.] 2mo. 17, 1823. [Regrets, in rhyme, that he cannot come to an evening gathering]
  6. Wood, Jethro, 1774-1834. Scipio and Poplar Ridge,[N.Y.] 1818-1825. [Agricultural matters]
  7. Woodward, George. New York, Feb. 15, 1824. [Asks him to buy and send him 100 pounds of locust seeds]


  1. Zollickoffer, William, M.D. Middleburg, Md., Mar. 12, 1824. [Sends a copy of his, "Remarks on the Euphorbia Hypericifolia;" would like to hear from the Academy]

Letters to Caspar Wistar Haines.

  1. From Morris Birkbeck (1764-1825) Wanborough, near Guildford, Surrey, 6mo. 30, 1794.
  2. From R[ebecca], Jones (1739-1818) Burlington, l0mo. 4, 1798. [Speaks of Friends in Phila. being smitten with fever]
  3. From Alice Needham. Salem, 1mo. 17, 1793.


  1. Letter to Dr. Caspar Morris from Wm. Carey. Calcutta, Nov. 25, 1827. [Concerns offer from Reuben Haines of native American plants]
  2. Letter to Hugh Hartshorne, Rahway, N.J., from Reuben Haines. Germantown, 6mo. 13, 1818. [Concerns farm animals]
  3. Letter to Hannah Haines, from George Vaux. Phila., July 3, 1805.
  4. Letters to Wm. Phiquepal, New Harmony, Illinois, from J. H. Roberjot. Phila., Feb. 28 - July 12, 1827. 2 items.
  5. From Miers Fisher to cousin. St. Petersburg, Sept. 30 - Oct. 12, 1811. [Speaks of having been away from home for several years, on business; does not know when he will return] (Is this Miers Fisher, 1748-1819, or his son?)

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