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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Records, ca. 1745-1983

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Journals, 1798-1865
(John Peirce, John Philips, Joseph Scattergood)

AA89 - AA91

AA89. John Peirce
4 small journals of John Peirce as follows:

  1. 4th mo. 30, 1798 - 6th mo. 2, 1798
    inscribed on front cover "John Peirce's" and at top of p. 1 "Notes on a visit to the Seneca Nation of Indians by Joshua Sharples & John Peirce. 1798"
  2. 6th mo. 23, 1798 - 7th mo. 8, 1798
    with note "fragment of John Peirce's journal on visit to Oneida Indians (NY) 1798"
    front cover missing
  3. 8th mo. 31, 1801- 9th mo. 30, 1801 [rough copy]
  4. 8th mo. 31, 1801- 10th mo. 25, 1801
    these describe visit to the Seneca Indians
    Note with books reads "Please compare these books with the accounts we have in manuscript that ha[d] been copied on Record Paper these books came from Joseph [Willis? Walton?] or his executors"
    [Note: these were filmed on reel 12 of film 824]

AA90. John Philips

  • "Some account of a visit paid to the Indians. 9th month 1806 by John Philips, Halliday Jackson and Isaac Bonsall." [ca. 60 p.]

AA91. Joseph Scattergood

"An account of a visit to the tribes of Indians in New York in 1865 by Joseph Elkinton, Ebenezer Worth and Joseph Scattergood." [labeled on cover]
[Note: this journal was kept by Joseph Scattergood ("Joseph Elkinton, Ebenezer Worth & myself" on p. 3)]

also 3 items (likely removed from above journal)

ALS to Joseph Scattergood from F.B. Hough, 8.13.1866

Brief statement of the rights of the Seneca Indians in the state of New York to their lands in that state with decisions relative thereto by the state and United States courts, and extracts from United States laws, &c. also drafts of a proposed memorial to Congress, and a bill to enable them to lease and divide their lands. Philadelphia: W.H. Pile, Printer, 1872. [inscribed on cover "Original draft Altered and improved 8 mo. 9. & 8 mo. 14, 1872"]

"A list of American genealogy, biography and history for sale by Joel Munsell's Sons, 82 State Street, Albany, N.Y." [bookseller's catalog (has list of Indian books marked), ca. 1887]

Papers of Joseph Elkinton (1794-1868)


Joseph Elkinton (1794-1868) was the son of Asa and Letitia (Lippincott) Elkinton. He married Mary Nutt (d. 1865) in 1829 and they had four children: Joseph Scotton, Sarah, Thomas and Asa. He went to Tunesassa in 1816 where he learned the Seneca language and taught school for many years. In 1831 the family moved to Philadelphia where he began the soap business which has evolved into the current PQ Corporation. In 1851 he traveled to Iowa with William Evans.

[see Friend (London) 109:835; Arthur Adams, The Elkinton family in England and America : being the ancestry and descendants of George Elkinton of Burlington County, New Jersey (Hartford, CT : privately printed, 1845) [BX7721.E43 A2]; Friend (Phila.) 41:216; PQ Co. 125th anniversary (1956)]

The papers of Joseph Elkinton include journals, letterbooks and some miscellaneous papers.


  1. 1815-1819, while at Tunesassa
    on cover label "1815-1819"
    inscribed on flyleaf "Joseph Elkinton's Book, presented unto him the seventeenth day of the eighth month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen by his much esteemed aunt Hannah Gillaspey"
  2. 1816-1820, spiritual diary
  3. 8/1816 to 9/1816, condensed account of first journey to Tunesassa
    14 p., holograph ms.
    "copy of" at top of p. 1
  4. 10/1816 to 3/29/1817, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "No. 2 1816" on cover
  5. 3/1817 to 10/1817, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "No. 3 1817" on cover
  6. 10/1817 to 2/1818, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "No. 4 1818" on cover
  7. 2/1818 to 7/1818, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "No. 5 1818" on cover
  8. 7/1818 to 2/1819, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "No. 6 1818" on cover
  9. 7/1818 to 10/3/1818; 10/28/1819 to 1/1820
    "1818" on cover
    relates a visit to Phila. to see his parents and relatives and trip back
  10. 2/1819 to 12/1819, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "No. 7 10m 11 1819" on cover
  11. 12/1819 to 5/1820, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1821" on cover
  12. 10/1820 to 5/1821, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1820-1821" on cover
  13. 11/1820 to 3/1821; 3/25/1822 to 3/27/1822 while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1820" on cover
  14. 5/1821 to 9/1821, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1821" on cover
  15. 9/1821 to 6/1822, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    no covers
  16. 6/1822 to 8/1825, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1822-1825" on cover
  17. 11/1823 to 1/1824, visit home from Tunesassa and his father's death
    "1823" on cover
  18. 7/1824, return to Tunesassa after death of his father
    "1824" on cover
    in pencil
  19. 9/1825 to 9/1826, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1825" on cover
    [with note "Note. These are interesting records in connection with the work being done through the Indian Committee in connection with the School at Tunesassa. These are copies made by Jos. Elkinton whilst teaching at the school. I suppose the original are either on the minutes of the Indian Committee belonging to the Mo. Mtg, or on file, if so whilst these might be kept are not as important as the originals. It must also be remembered that J.S.E. had eight volumes of matter prepared, some of which was taken from his father's diary, and presented them to the Indian Com. Also another set which was presented to the B.S. at Tunesassa. MG"] ["MG" = Martha Gregson]
  20. 2/1826 to 2/1827, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1826" on cover
    tells of a girls' school and knitting stockings
  21. 11/1826, journey homeward
    "1826" on cover
  22. 5/1827 to 7/1827, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "1827 2" on cover
  23. 11/1858, visit to Tunesassa with Ebenezer Worth and T. Valentine
    "1858" on cover


  1. 1816-1819, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "Joseph Elkinton's Book 1816-1819" on cover
  2. 1819-1826, while teaching school at Tunesassa
    "Letters, 1819 to 1826" on cover
    some letters in shorthand.
  3. 1813-1825
    [3 volumes of letterbooks]
    • 1813-1817
      contains copies of letters, in different hands [not all in hand of JE?]
      "Tunesassa Records 1813" on cover.
    • 1818-1821
      contains copies of letters, 1818-1821 to the Indian Committee [in JE's hand]
      "Letter Book 4 mo. 12th 1818" on cover
    • 1821-1825
      contains copies of letters to the Indian Committee, 1821-1825 [in JE's hand]
      no cover
  4. 1825-1831
    contains copies of letters, 1825-1831, to the Indian Committee [in JE's hand]
    "Tunesassa Records 1825" on cover
  5. Miscellaneous items, papers
    includes the following:
    • fragment of typed address to Indians, [n.d.]
    • "Indian records relics" [spectacles and scales]
    • "A brief history of Tunesassa Boarding School for Indian Children" [ca. 1891], 4 p. typed "property of J. Passmore Elkinton, 121 S. 3rd St. Phila. Pa." at top, also an envelope which accompanied same inscribed "Brief history of Tunesassa Boarding School for Indian Children (original & copy)" [in hand of R.S. (Rebecca Sears)]
    • "Story of the Cherokee Bible. An address, with additional and explanatory notes, delivered before the meeting of the Ladies' Missionary Society of the First Congregational Church, Ithaca, N.Y., Feb. 5, 1897." by George E. Foster, second edition enlarged, Ithaca, N.Y.. Democratic Press, 1899, inscribed "Geo. J. Scattergood 9 mo. 1899" inside. [book missing front cover]
    • envelope of newspaper clippings labeled "Clippings from the Cattaraugus Republican relating to the Indians" ca. 1909-1910; also notes on meeting of Ind. Com. for 4/9/1912
    • typed paper re tin box of Joseph Elkinton papers, 1948

Papers of Joseph S. Elkinton (1830-1905)

AB1 - AB10

Joseph Scotton Elkinton (1830-1905) was the son of Joseph and Mary (Nutt) Elkinton and was born at Tunesassa, N.Y. where his father taught school. In 1831 the family moved to Philadelphia. Joseph S. and his brother Thomas continued the soap business begun by their father. He married Malinda Patterson (1836-1920) in 1856 and they had four children: Mary Patterson, Joseph, Alfred Cope and William Tillman. Joseph S. Elkinton was a minister and very active member of his Meeting (Phila.), he was especially interested in the Indians and made religious journeys to the Senecas, Mennonites and Doukhobors.

[see Bulletin of Friends Historical Association, 1949, vol. 38, no. 2:73; Joseph S. Elkinton, Selections from the diary and correspondence of Joseph S. Elkinton, 1830-1905 (Philadelphia : [Press of Leeds & Biddle], 1913) [BX7748.E46 A3 1913]; Quaker biographies, series 2 : brief biographical sketches concerning certain members of the Religious Society of Friends, vol. 4 (Philadelphia : Friends' book store, 1925) [BX7720.Q2 ser. 2 v. 4].

[Note: the initials "SNR" that appear in notes in Joseph S. Elkinton's papers belong to Samuel Nicholson Rhoads (1862-1952) who was the brother of Eleanor Nicholson Rhoads who married William T. Elkinton (1860-1933)]

AB1. Journal of Joseph S. Elkinton, 1903 (6 mo. 20 - 9 mo. 1)

"Jos. S. Elkinton`s Memorandums & Correspondence Visit to Indians 1903" labeled on spine

on t.-p. "A visit to Indians in the love of the Gospel. Western New York. Page 1 to 233 (inclusive) Date 6 mo. 20th. to 7 mo. 29th, 1903. Chapter 1. Volume 1. 1903"

another t.-p. after p. 233 "A visit to the Indians in Western New York, New England & Nova Scotia. Chapter 2. New England & Nova Scotia. Page 234 to 399. Date 7 mo. 29th to 9th mo. 1st 1903"

[Note: this is a handwritten transcript of his journal with an index in the hand of Rebecca Sears]

AB2. Correspondence of Joseph S. Elkinton, ca. 1880s-1890s

(3 folders, ca. 200 items)

Correspondence re Indians and Indian affairs, ca. 1880's and 1890's [few items earlier, 1797 letter from Indian women at Stockbridge to women Friends (ALS? or ms. copy?), 1854]. Original letters and some copies.

These letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent as follows:

  1. Letters, A-H
    includes letters from:
    anon. [Native American?]; [Arbuthnot?], Robert T.; Bland, Dr. M. Cora; Bland, T.A.; Coffin, W.V.; Dart, Wm. A.; Dewees, Aaron P.; Chief De-you-he-gioea; Eastlack, Sarah; Ferrin, A.W.; Gilkison, Jasper T.; Halftown, Harrison; Hill, Jeremiah; Hoag, W.C.; Howard, James R.; Hubbard, Jeremiah; Hunt, E.
  2. Letters, I-R
    includes letters from:
    Jemison, Wallace; [Jinni?], James; John, Andrew (Jr.); Johnson, Edward T.; Jones, Eliza W.; Kent, Alexander; King, Job; LaFort, Thomas; Lay, Chester C.; Leach, John E.; Levick, Hannah; Levick, James I.; Love, Alfred H.; McGillycuddy, V.T.; Meachum, A.B.; Miles, L.J.; No Heart, Abram; Parkhurst, M.H.; Powell, J.W.; Pratt, R.H.; Printup, Erastus; [Rett, R.V.?]; Rhoads, James E.; Rice, William G.
  3. Letters, S-W
    includes letters from:
    Scattergood, George J.; Shongo, D.E.; Sickels, Emma C.; Solomon, Alexander; Spencer, George; Sunderland, Byron; Timothy, Nelles F.; Tutelow, John; Van Valkenburg, A.E.; Waddilove, Chief William J.; Whipple, J.S.; Wilson, Josiah J.; Women's National Indian Association; Worth, Ebenezer

AB3. Material collected on pious Indians

(6 folders)

This material appears to have been intended for a book [similar to the "Indian Records," see AB24-AB40] on pious Indians [compiled by Rebecca Sears and Joseph S. Elkinton]

  1. Cynthia Pierce Gordon (Friend) biographical material
    (ca. 50 items) includes:
    • biographical material on Cynthia Gordon [ca. 1836-1898, died age 62]
    • copies of her letters
    • ALS from Rebecca Sears to Martha [?] re Cynthia Gordon
    • article that appeared in "The Friend" honoring CG at her death with note "see if this belongs with Cynthia Gordon's account or is it duplicated. Look this up when not in such a hurry. R.S." [Rebecca Sears]
  2. "Some account of Powhattan, Pocahontas and Capt. John Smith. Taken from Indian History by B.B. Thatcher and S.G. Drake 1832-1833." [40 p. ms.]
  3. "Index to Biographical Sketches and anecdotes of Indians"
    notepad inscribed on front cover "Belongs to J.S. Elkinton"
  4. biographical sketches of Indians [emphasis on Christian Indians]
    (ca. 85 items) with note "ask J.S.E. about these for Biographical Sketches &c." includes:
    • 4 short essays re Indians, copied and kept together
      copied t.-p. "The first fourteen of the Following narratives are accounts of the lives of Pious Indian women who lived on Martha's Vineyard, more than one hundred years since. Being attestations by Experience Mayhew A.M. Author of the Lives of Indian Chiefs & Children. Revised from the London Edition and printed in Boston. N.E. 1727. Republished in Boston by James Loring, 1830."
    • copies of [chapters] on various Indian women
    • other copied material on pious Indians, biographical sketches, anecdotes, etc.
    • pasted clippings on Indians and religion [ca. 25 items, with note "Query of J.S.E. respecting this arrangement"]
  5. biographical material on pious Indians, clippings, copied material
    (ca. 30 items) with notes on contents meant for [Joseph S. Elkinton] written by R. [Rebecca Sears] (refers to "our book")
  6. 2 crumbling large envelopes labeled "Pious Indians Indexed" and "Matter for Biographical Sketches & Anecdotes of Indians" with return address of "Jos. S. Elkinton"

AB3.1 Miscellaneous papers of Joseph S. Elkinton

(ca. 6 items found together with notation of S.N.R. "Seneca Indian Documents, Preserve - have some value")

AB4. Seneca Indians, 1789-1804

Labeled on cover "Seneca Indians 1789-1804. " This volume contains "Reports, addresses, letters, [etc.], relative to Indians being copies from the original manuscripts."

index in back

note on flyleaf "Keep with other Indian matters of J.E. S.[N.] R.- 1920"

AB5. Seneca Indians, 1793-1806

Labeled on cover "Seneca Indians 1793-1806." This volume contains "Reports, addresses, letters, [etc.], relative to Indians being copies from the original manuscripts."

with index in back

note on flyleaf "Keep with other Indian matters collected by J.E. [S.N.] Rhoads- 1920"

AB6. Notes on the Indians

(6 small notebooks)

  1. "Notes concerning the Indians, 3 mo. 12, 1872" [in hand of Joseph S. Elkinton]
    entries are dated 3 mo. 12, 1872 - 4 mo. 19, 1872
    only 8 p. used
  2. copies of letters, legal doc., minutes, etc., 1868-1873
    no index, no paging [ca. 100 p.]
    letters, legal documents (copied into vol.) also "minutes of proceedings, so far as interpreted of a council with the Seneca Indians 10 mo. 24, 25, and 27. 1873" with note "[Wm.T.E.] Extracts have been taken from this. M.G. 10/12/17"
  3. "Notes taken from an account kept by John E. Carter of a visit [?] he made among the Indians in New York State 10 mo. 1876, he being companion to Samuel Morris"
    entries dated [10] mo. 1876 - 10 mo. 26, 1876
    on front cover "1878 2nd mo." with note pasted inside "The following notes were kindly furnished me by my dear friend John E. Carter with the understanding they were not to be improperly exposed. Philade. 2 month 1878. Joseph S. Elkinton"
    ca. 60 p.
  4. notes on Indians
    no index
    ca. 16 p.
    with note in vol. "I suppose these are of no value. [MG] 10/16/20"
  5. copies of letters of Joseph S. Elkinton re Indians, 1877-78
    no index
    no paging [ca. 40 p.]
  6. "Court of Appeals- The Seneca Nation of Indians, appellants against Harris L. Knight, respondent. Bill of Exceptions. D. Sherman, counsel for appellants. J.G. Hoyt, counsel for respondent"
    with note at top of page "Preserve with Indian mss, etc of J.E. S.N.R.- 1920"
    [Note: AB7 "African's Friend" material now cataloged as part of PYM Meeting for Sufferings, Willits Committee]

AB8. Visit to the Seneca Nation of Indians, 1798-1801, by John Pierce and Joshua Sharples [Note: this is a transcript of the original in AA89]

Volume labeled on spine "Visit to the Seneca Nation of Indians"

inscribed on flyleaf "Has a value in connexion with other Seneca Indian matter collected by Jos. Elkinton. S.[N.] R. 1920"

Head of 1st p. "Notes on a visit to the Seneca Nation of Indians by John Pierce and Joshua Sharpless 1798"

AB9. Correspondence relating to the Seneca Indians, 1796-1879

Volume labeled on spine "Correspondence relating to the Seneca Indians" and "1796-1879." This volume contains ALS, handwritten copies of letters, extracts, reports to PYM Indian Committee, also some printed material.

correspondence is pasted in

index in the back

correspondence is chiefly letters to Joseph Elkinton and Joseph S. Elkinton [some of these letters are copied in the volumes of "Indian Records"]

inscribed on flyleaf "Valuable. S.[N.]R. 1920. Same remarks apply to this vol. of Seneca Indian manuscripts as the other one."

AB10. Correspondence relating to the Seneca Indians, 1820-1856

Volume labeled on spine "Correspondence relating to Seneca Indians" and "1820-1856."

contents similar to above [some of these letters are copied in the volumes of "Indian Records"]

inscribed on flyleaf "These original letters should be preserved. S.[N.]R. If not wanted by any Society I could sell them to advantage to the N.Y. or Pa. State Library. S.[N.]R."

Scrapbooks of Newspaper Clippings on Indians, 1878-1902

AB11 - AB23

Thirteen scrapbooks of newspaper clippings related to the Indians throughout the United States; a clipping service was used.

AB11. Scrapbook, 1890-1891 (Vol. 1)

Labeled on spine "newspaper clippings relating to the Indians. Vol. 2 1 [1891-92] 1890-91," includes typed index to articles.

AB12. Scrapbook, 1891-1892 (Vol. 2)

Labeled on spine "Vol. 1 2 [1890-91] 1891-1892," includes typed index as above.

AB13. Scrapbook, 1892-1893 (Vol. 3)

Labeled "Vol. 3," includes index.

AB14. Scrapbook, 1893-1894 (Vol. 4)

Labeled "Vol. 4," no index.

AB15. Scrapbook, 1894 (Vol. 5)

Labeled "Vol. 5," no index.

AB16. Scrapbook, 1894-1895 (Vol. 6)

Labeled "Vol. 6," no index.

AB17. Scrapbook, 1895 (Vol. 7)

Labeled "Vol. 7," no index. Filed here is a handwritten index to 1700's letters [what is this an index to?]

AB18. Scrapbook, 1895 (Vol. 8)

No index.

AB19. Scrapbook, 1896 (Vol. 9)

No index.

AB20. Scrapbook, 1896 (Vol. 10)

No index.

AB21. Scrapbook, 1902-1909 (Vol. 11)

Labeled on spine "Seneca Scrap Book," includes some loose clippings, no index.

AB22. Scrapbook, 1878-1891 (Vol. 12)

Includes some loose clippings, no index.

AB23. Scrapbook, 1892-1902 (Vol. 13)

Labeled on spine "Seneca Scrap Book."

"Indian Records"

AB24 - AB40

There are 16 bound volumes of "Indian Records" as well as many unbound sheets. They contain handwritten copies of letters, speeches, addresses, extracts, treaties, reports, legislation, minutes, journals, etc. having to do with Indians and PYM Indian Committee. They apparently were created by Joseph S. Elkinton with the help of Rebecca Sears, his secretary [and include copies of his and his father's papers]. There are references to them in the minutes of the Indian Committee as follows:

"... went to Quaker Bridge to take care of Records in the safe, and books. Six volumes of Indian Records are now deposited at 304 Arch Street. Also some other papers to be listed there under Indian Committee." [6/23/1943]

"Among the records transferred from the safe at Tunesassa to the Record Room at 304 Arch St. in 6th month, 1943, is a set of manuscript books prepared by Joseph S. Elkinton. Part of the copying was done by Rebecca Sears, who at one time was a member of the staff at the school, and later a secretary of Joseph S. Elkinton." [2/27/1946]

[Note: in comparing two volumes of the "Indian Records" for the 1840s against original letters in the two volumes of "Correspondence relating to the Seneca Indians" (AB9, AB10) I have found matches, however some of the copied letters have omissions which are not indicated in the copies. DR 1993]

"Indian Records" in volumes:

There are two sets of volumes, a set of ten books and a set of six. Each volume includes an index. Volumes 9 and 10 have original letters, map, etc. tipped in. Volume 6 (1815-1864) is a compilation of extracts from Joseph Elkinton's journals. Each book is labeled on the spine with "Indian Records" and the years covered.

Set of ten volumes as follows:

  • AB24. 1502-1800 (Vol. 1)
  • AB25. 1801-1820 (Vol. 2)
  • AB26. 1820-1824 (Vol. 3)
  • AB27. 1825-1831 (Vol. 4)
  • AB28. 1832-1838 (Vol. 5)
  • AB29. 1839-1840 (Vol. 6)
  • AB30. 1841-1850 (Vol. 7)
  • AB31. 1850-1861 (Vol. 8)
  • AB32. 1862-1873 (Vol. 9)
  • AB33. 1873-1880 (Vol. 10)

Set of six volumes as follows:

  • AB34. 1668-1838 (Vol. 1)
  • AB35. 1839-1859 (Vol. 2)
  • AB36. 1860-1883 (Vol. 3)
  • AB37. 1883-1889 (Vol. 4)
  • AB38. 1890-1900 (Vol. 5)
  • AB39. 1815-1864 (Vol. 6: Joseph Elkinton's journal)

Labeled on spine "Indian Records - J. Elkinton Journal - 1815-1864." This is a handwritten transcript of extracts of Joseph Elkinton's journals with an index.

AB40. "Indian Records" - Loose, unbound pages of copied mss. (some originals) intended for additional volumes:

(5 boxes: 31 folders)

(Box 1: folders 1-9)

  1. Index, 1760-1822 (11 p.)
  2. Index, 1822-1839 (5 p.)
    with notes "1840-1857. 474 pages. + 4 pgs of index" and "1823 [&] 1839 both inclusive 438 ages without the index. 6 over" and on reverse "If I put 1840 in this vol. it would add 112 pages making 558 so I suppose J.S.E. wd prefer 444"
  3. Index, 1840-1856 (4 p.)
  4. 1621-1852
    intended to be bound into a volume "IV" of "Indian Records"
  5. 1854-1902
    with notes "Will someone please write in Vol. IV Indian Records pg. 209 ... (We omitted getting it in its proper place) and oblige R.S...." and "for Indian Records," "for vol. 7" and "for Tunesassa"
  6. 1682-1839
  7. 1756-1757
    t.-p. in folder "Extracts from Minutes & Origin of the Friendly Association for preserving Peace with the Indians. Taken from Watson's Annals. Vol. II Pg. 206"
  8. 1758-1773
  9. 1754-1799
    (pages numbered 3-153)
    with notes in folder "To be put [away] with Indian Records" "All Indian. 108 pages. Please put these among the papers that have been gone over in the boxes concerning the Indians. It would be safer for me to be consulted about them. In order of date I think. R.S." "All these are in bound Indian Records"

(Box 2: folders 10-14)

  1. 1800-1821
    (pages numbered 154-384)
  2. 1821-1822
    (pages numbered 349-512)
    with note "These sheets were copied from loose papers in the boxes. Later we took up the Journal of Jos. Elkinton, and copied all, I believe, that is here and these seem of little value, but J.S.E. thinks they may go in box."
  3. 1822-1837
    includes extracts from Joseph Elkinton's journal
    ca. 250 p. [runs from p. 510-516, 11 to 246]
  4. 1838-1839
    ca. 200 p. [runs from p. 246 1/2 to 438 with several unnumbered pages at end]
  5. 1840-1848
    ca. 200 p. [runs from p. 11-230 with some unnumbered pages inserted]

(Box 3: folders 15-21)

  1. 1849-1852
    ca. 140 p. [runs from p. 231 to 374]
  2. 1853-1856
    with note "These letters were found after the Index and paging were done" found after p. 474
    ca. 120 p. [runs from p. 375 to 474, then ca. 20 unnumbered]
  3. 1858-1870
    ca. 175 p. [runs from p. 7 to 168, some unnumbered]
  4. 1868-1879
  5. 1871-1878
    ca. 100 p. [unnumbered]
  6. 1879
    ca. 75 p. [unnumbered]
  7. 1880-1882
    includes ALS from Aaron Dewees, 2/29/1880 to Joseph S. Elkinton [with "bind" written at top left corner]

(Box 4: folders 22-26)

  1. 1883-1884
  2. 1885
  3. 1886
  4. 1887-1888
  5. 1889
    includes TLS from Benjamin H. Lowry [attorney], 3/6/1889 to Joseph S. Elkinton

(Box 5: folders 27-31)

  1. 1888-1891
  2. 1892
    includes some resolutions of thanks to Joseph S. Elkinton on Seneca Nation letterhead
  3. 1892-1895
  4. 1896-1898
    includes p. 1279-1324 of "Congressional Record" for 1897 [topics in folder include Ogden Land Co., Seneca Nation, Seneca Oil Company]
  5. 1899-1903

Books and Oversize Published Volumes


These are books and other published or oversized volumes that are placed here because of space limitations.

Arranged alphabetically by title as follows:

  1. Annual reports of the Board of Indian Commissioners, with one exception noted below.
    Volumes included are for the years: 1874-1900 (no 1877, 1880, 1897-1899).
    Also: "A compilation from the revised statutes of the United States and acts of Congress since the enactment of the revised statutes (June 22, 1874) also special acts and resolutions previous to that date, relating to Indian affairs, not embraced in or repealed by the revision of the United States statutes." Second edition. Compiled by the Indian Bureau. Washington: G.P.O. 1876.
    [NOTE: in 1896 vol. there is a typed note "From the estate of George J. Seattwrgo[] (sic!) the Indian Committee: Council Fire, Report of Indian Commissioners, Smithsonian Report, Cattaraugus County"]
  2. "Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution showing the operations, expenditures, and condition of the institution to July 1885. Part II" Washington: G.P.O. 1886
  3. "Extra Census Bulletin. Indians. The Six Nations of New York, Cayugas, Mohawks (Saint Regis), Oneidas, Onondagas, Senecas, Tuscaroras." by Thomas Donaldson. Washington: G.P.O., 1892 at top of title "Eleventh Census of the United States" (89 p., 2 copies)
  4. "Extra Census Bulletin. Moqui Pueblo Indians of Arizona and Pueblo Indians of New Mexico." by Thomas Donaldson. Washington: G.P.O., 1893 at top of title "Eleventh Census of the United States."
  5. "Faith and Practice," vol. inscribed on flyleaf "William B. Rhoads, Eleventh mo. 1935"
  6. "The Friend"
    labeled on spine "The Friend" and "An account of the Indian Comm."
    typed note inside "In the numbers of 'The Friend' thus bound together is a review of the efforts of the Indian Committee from its first appointment by the Yearly Meeting in 1795 to the year 1894 - about 100 years. These numbers are from No. 45. vol. LXXVII to No. 5, vol. LXVIX inclusive, published from 5th mo. 21st, 1904 to 8th mo. 12th, 1905. Geo. J. Scattergood. 8th mo. 1905"
  7. "Historical gazetteer and biographical memorial of Cattaraugus County, N.Y. with map and illustrations." Edited by William Adams. Syracuse: Lyman, Horton & Co., Ltd., 1893.
  8. "History of Cattaraugus Co., New York with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers." Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1879. Press of J.B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.
  9. "The lost sister among the Miamis," by Otho Winger, The Elgin Press, Elgin, Ill., 1938. c. 1936.

Robert and Edith Reeves Solenberger Papers


These papers consist of letters, notes, essays, reports, Indian related publications, etc. of Robert R. Solenberger and his mother, Edith Reeves Solenberger.

They include a report on the Allegany Indian Reservation written by Robert Solenberger along with his confidential field notes of interviews, 1942 (there are restrictions re using and publishing this material).

The papers also include material on Tunesassa, correspondence (much of it Edith Reeves Solenberger's) with government officials and concerned persons related to Friends' and Senecas' efforts to halt the building of Kinzua Dam and issues of various Native American publications, including issues of the "Kinzua planning newsletter."

(3 boxes) arranged as follows:

(Box 1 of 3) includes:

  1. Robert R. Solenberger papers
    • TLS, 30 July 1986 from Solenberger to Lois Barton and Quaker Collection re materials donated and restrictions on confidential notes.
    • "Allegany Reservation" report prepared by Robert R. Solenberger in 1942. (23 p., typed, map)
    • "Field notes on New York Iroquois, August 1942. Robert R. Solenberger" Allegany Reservation. (12 p., typed) [THESE NOT TO BE USED IN SUCH A WAY AS TO BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY ANY PERSON, SEE SOLENBERGER'S LETTER ABOVE]
    • Tunesassa/Kinzua Dam related papers, ca. 1944-1961 (14 items, photocopies)
  2. Correspondence, n.d., 1957-1963 of Robert R. Solenberger, Edith Reeves Solenberger
    • concerned with Friends' and Senecas' efforts to stop Kinzua Dam (includes letters to congressmen, etc.)
  3. Correspondence, 1964-1969 of Robert R. Solenberger, Edith Reeves Solenberger
    • similar in content to above
  4. Edith R. Solenberger's essays, etc., ca. 1962-1966 (ca. 17 items)
  5. Newsletters, brochures, etc., ca. 1960-1970
  6. Clippings, ca. 1957-1971

(Box 2 of 3) includes
Native American related publications [addressed to Robert Solenberger]

  1. "Indian Truth"
    • 2 issues for 1966 (Vol. 43, nos. 1, 4 [June, Dec.])
    • published by the Indian Rights Association
  2. "Indian Voices"
    • 13 issues for 1963 (June); 1965 (Feb.; July; [Aug.?]; Sept.; Dec.); 1966 (Feb.-Mar.; Apr.-May; June; July; Sept.); 1967 (Dec.-Jan.; Feb.- Mar.)
  3. "Indian Affairs Newsletter of the Association on American Indian Affairs, Inc."
    • 3 issues for 1965 (Dec.); 1966 (Feb.-April); 1967 (Jan.-Mar.)
  4. "Annual report of the Secretary of the Interior for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1936" Washington: G.P.O., 1936 (436 p.)
    Also "Kinzua Dam (Seneca Indian Relocation) Hearings before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs House of Representatives. Eighty-eighth Congress... 1963" Washington: G.P.O., 1964 (515 p.)
  5. Miscellaneous printed material related to Indians:
    • "Explanation for exhibit `Indians of the Mohawk Valley'"
    • "Americanizing the White man" by Felix S. Cohen
    • "The Kinzua Dam controversy: a practical solution -- without shame" Kinzua Project of the Indian Committee, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends. [ca. 1961] (20 p.)
    • "Kinzua Dam (Seneca Indian relocation). Hearing before the Subcommittee on Indian Affairs of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs United States Senate ... March 2, 1964." Washington: G.P.O., 1964. (199 p.)
    • "Testimony of Theodore B. Hetzel ... in support of ... to restore certain land to Taos Indians May 18, 1966"
    • "Testimony of Theodore B. Hetzel on behalf of the Friends Committee on National Legislation and the Indian Rights Association before the House Appropriations Subcommittee... in support of the budgets for Indian programs 9 March 1966"
    • "Nomination of Robert LaFollette Bennett of Alaska to be Commissioner of Indian Affairs" 1966
    • "Kateri" Summer 1972 (vol. 23, no.3)
  6. "The Kinzua Planning Newsletter"
    • issues for 1962 (Vol. 1, Nos. 4, 6-9, 11); 1963 (Vol. 2, Nos. 1-10)
    • published by the Seneca Nation of Indians

    (Note: additional issues of Kinzua newsletter in next box)

(Box 3 of 3) includes:

  1. "The Kinzua Planning Newsletter"
    • issues for 1963 (vol. II, nos. 11-13; vol. III, nos. 1-2); 1964 (vol. III, nos. 3-5); 1965 (vol. III, nos. 7,9)
  2. "The Kinzua Planning Newsletter"
    • issues for 1966 (vol. IV, no. 2; vol. V, no. 1); 1967 (vol. V, nos. 2,4-6)
  3. "Report on Indian Legislation"
    • published by Friends Committee on National Legislation
    • issues for 1964 (no. 7, Nov.); 1965 (nos. 14, Dec.); 1966 (nos. 15- 18, Jan.-Feb., Mar., April, May)
  4. "Rosebud Sioux Herald (Eyapaha)"
    • "Published for ... Owned by ... The Rosebud Sioux."
    • issues are for 1966 (vol. 3, nos. 10-27; vol. 4, nos. 1-3)
  5. "Rosebud Sioux Herald (Eyapaha)"
    • issues for 1965 (vol. 2, nos. 11-21, 23-25, 27; vol. 3, nos. 1-9)
  6. "Rosebud Sioux Herald (Eyapaha)"
    • issues for 1964 (vol. 2, nos. 2-10)

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