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Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Records, ca. 1745-1983

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AA42. Reports of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee
1 box (12 folders)

These are reports to the Committee from subcommittees, from Friends who visited Indians and were reporting their findings to the Committee, from the Indian Committee to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, etc.

Note: most of these reports have the notation "Report of..." inscribed on them and a note of the date that they were "read and minuted"

They are arranged as follows:

  1. Reports on the Indians at Oneida, 1797-1801
    (ca. 4 items)
  2. Report of Baltimore Yearly Meeting Indian Committee, 1804 [holograph ms.]
    "Extracted from the minutes of the Committee on Indian concerns appointed by the Yearly Meeting of Baltimore by Philip E. Thomas, clerk"
  3. "Account of progress made in civilizing the Indians prepared for Friends in England about the year 1812" [holograph ms.]
  4. Reports of the Executive Committee [of PYM Indian Committee] to the Indian Committee, 1917-1922
    (ca. 20 items [typed ms.])
    Friends Indian School at Tunesassa
  5. Reports of the Indian Committee to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1796-1922
    (ca. 44 items)

The following four folders (6-9) contain reports of visits to the Indians [primarily to the settlement at Tunesassa], made by committees appointed by PYM Indian Committee and by individual Friends, 1793-1922.

  1. Reports of visits to the Indians, 1793-1836
    (ca. 12 items [holograph ms.]) includes:
    • report of Friends who attended treaty signing at Sandusky, 1793
    • report of visit to the Seneca Nation, 1803
    • reports of visits to settlement at Tunesassa
    • reports of visits to the Allegany and Cattaraugus Reservations
  2. Reports of visits to the Indians, 1839-1869
    (ca. 13 items [holograph ms.])
    • reports include references to the Buffalo Treaty controversy
  3. Reports of visits to the Indians, 1870-1883
    (ca. 12 items [holograph ms.]) includes:
    • reports include some references to land, legal and legislative issues, such as the division of Cornplanter's property among his heirs, leases, Ogden Land Co., etc.
    • "Report of Committee on the distribution of the address on intemperance" 1883
  4. Reports of visits to the Indians, 1884-1922
    (ca. 29 items [holograph and typed ms.]) includes:
    • Report of committee visiting the Corn Planter Indians etc., 1884
    • reports of visits to Tunesassa
    • reports of closing exercises at Tunesassa School
    • "Statement of the visit of Joseph S. Elkinton and Zebedee Haines to the Shinnecock Indians on Long Island and to Indians in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island and St. Regis Reservation" 1903
    • "Statement of W.C. Cowperthwaite respecting his late visit to the Allegheny and Cattaraugus Reservations" 1906
  5. Misc. reports re Tunesassa, n.d., 1820-1922
    (ca. 32 items [holograph and typed ms.]) most of these papers relate to Friends Indian School, includes:
    • sub-committee on an improved mode of education, 1850
    • reports on the buildings at the Tunesassa school
    • reports summarizing students work at the school, 1875-1876
    • "Statement of Joseph S. Elkinton, relating to the fire at Tunesassa 2 mo. 24, 1886 etc. including also a copy of the Remonstrance of a Council of the people to the Sessions Bill H.R. 1642. Minuted 3 mo. 5, 1886"
    • report of the farming committee, 1895
    • reports of the education committee, 1901
    • report on the closing exercises at Tunesassa, 1920
  6. Reports related to land, legal and legislative matters, 1838-1915
    (ca. 19 items) [See also the papers in "Legal, land and legislative" (AA44) and "Salamanca Commission" (AA45) to which these papers relate.] includes:
    • reports on the Buffalo Treaty situation, 1838-1872
    • reports related to the estate settlement among the heirs of Cornplanter, 1846-1871
    • report of committee on legislation, 1875, 1895
    • reports related to Indians leasing their land at Salamanca, N.Y.
    • report of committee to advise the Councilors, 1892
    • report on Ogden Land Company situation, 1915
  7. Reports of misc. committees, 1860-1892
    (ca. 5 items) includes:
    • reports regarding will of Sarah Zane (1881)
    • relieving sufferings of the Indians at Allegheny (1860, 1884)
    • applications to join Friends (1882)
    • marriage and temperance (1892)

Conferences with the Indians
AA43. Conferences with the Indians, 1792-1810

1 folder (6 items)


  • "An account of conferences with the Cherokee Indians who visited Philadelphia in the [ ] mo. 1792"
  • "Conference had with Delaware and Shawanese Indians 1802"
  • "At a council held at Geningufta [sic] 9th mo. 24th 1803 present the Chief warriors etc. of the Seneca nation residing on the Allegheny River and Isaac Coates and others"
  • "At a conference held with Red Jacket, Pollard Kill Buck and Neddy Four Chiefs of the Six Nations of Indians, 2nd mo. 28th 1810 in Company with Evastus Granger, Agent of the United States and Jaspar Parrish Interpreter." [2 slightly different drafts of this]
  • "Report of the proceedings of the Council with the Indians of the West and South-west, held at Fort Smith, Ark., in September, 1865" [printed]

Legal, Land, and Legislative Papers

AA44. Legal, land and legislative papers, 1795-1915

These folders contain papers primarily related to the Seneca Indians of N.Y. and their land problems. Topics discussed include: Buffalo treaty fraud of 1838, Ogden Land Company, leasing of Indian land, Federal legislation affecting the Indians, Cornplanter heirs, etc.

Arranged chronologically as follows:

  • undated and/or not clear where they belong [these are notes on court cases] includes:
    • "Digest of opinions of the U.S. Supreme court relating to the Indian Tribes by The National Defense Association" 38 p. typed ms.
  • 1795-1799
    (4 items) includes:
    • extract from will of John Pemberton, 1795
    • extract from treaty of 1795
    • minutes of articles of agreement with the Oneida Indians, 1796
    • petition on behalf of Half Town and George Brothers of Big Tree re an island in the Allegheny River, 1799
  • 1802-1825
    (ca. 24 items) includes:
    • copy of confirmation to Indian lands in N.Y. by Secy. of War, Henry Dearborn, 1802
    • contract between Thomas Stewardson and Joseph Ellicott re tract of land adjoining Allegheny Reservation, 1803 [Tunesassa]
    • Deed, William Willink, etc. to Thomas Stewardson & Co., Niagara County, N.Y., 1809
    • extract from will of Henry Drinker, 1809
    • "Declaration and Covenant of trust from Thomas Stewardson and others concerning a tract of land on Clear Creek in the county of Niagara and State of New York" 1810
    • plan for dividing the Allegheny Reservation, 1817
    • legal opinion of John Sergeant of Philadelphia, [1819]
    • legal opinion of R. Harison of N.Y., 1819
    • extract from will of Thomas Fisher, 1810
    • notes of a conversation with Jacob Taylor, 1820
    • copy of a deed, Esther Fisher to John Paul, 1820
    • insurance policy, 1825
  • 1831-1837
    (ca. 9 items) includes:
    • assignment of mortgage, Isaac W. Morris to George Williams, 1831
    • articles of agreement, Louis P. Thorp and Joseph Elkinton, 1831
    • copy of a treaty between Senecas and Onondagas, 1834
    • copy of leases, Gov. Blacksnake and other chiefs to John Boardman and Josiah Hall, 1836
    • articles of agreement, Herman B. Potter and Joseph Snow, 1837
    • contract between H.B. Potter and John Snow, 1837
    • petition of the Chiefs and warriors on the Allegheny, Aug. 1837, against making a treaty
  • 1838 (January - February)
    (ca. 12 items) includes: papers re Buffalo Treaty of 1838
    • petitions from the Indians
    • copy of the treaty
    • memorials made by Friends on behalf of the Indians
    • testimony of witnesses re the treaty, etc.
  • 1838 (March)
    (ca. 9 items) includes: papers re Buffalo Treaty of 1838
    • copies of affidavits sent to Senate re Buffalo Treaty
    • memorial of PYM Indian Committee against ratification of the treaty
    • address to the committee on Indian affairs in the Senate
    • protest of the Seneca delegation against the treaty
    • "copy of the remonstrance presented and signed by 64 chiefs in council at Buffalo against the Treaty - handed to the Secy. of War by the Seneca delegation"
    • extract from Hon. R.H. Gillett on "Memorial of the Quaker Society"
    • copy of the report of R.H. Gillett
    • "Deed from Charles and Polly Obail to William and Esther Obail"
  • 1838 (April - December)
    (ca. 11 items) includes: papers re Buffalo Treaty of 1838
    • background on the treaty
    • list of documents furnished to the Senate
    • reply of the Seneca delegation to the remarks of R.H. Gillett
    • affidavit of William Patterson and Israel Jemison
    • draft of reply to R.H. Gillett on his remarks on Friends' memorial
    • "copy of an original remonstrance to further negociation [sic] with R.S. [sic] Gillet U.S. Commissioner certified by C.B. Gold and R.B. Heacock dated Sept. 17th, 1838"
  • 1839
    (ca. 15 items) includes: papers re Buffalo Treaty of 1838
    • "copy of power of attorney from the Seneca residing on Buffalo Creek Reservation"
    • "copy of affidavits of John Kennedy and Daniel Two Guns"
    • "Declaration of the Chiefs and residents of the Seneca Indians opposed to emigration signed Sep. 28, 1838 at Buffalo Creek"
    • petitions from the Seneca Indians
    • draft of "Memorial to the President of the U. States, 3 mo. 15th, 1839"
    • signed communication from J.R. Poinsett of the War Dept., March 23, 1839
    • copies of above communication from the War Dept.
    • clippings of printed memorials, etc.
  • 1842-1860
    (ca. 51 items) includes:
    • Deed, John Paul and others to Thomas Evans and others, in trust, 1842
    • "Deed, George Williams to Thomas Evans, et al., for a tract of land in the county of Niagara in the state of New York" 1843
    • "The Mental Elevator" Cattaraugus Reservation, June 3, 1846, no. 10 (printed at the Mission Press) [in English and in Seneca]
    • "Assignment, etc. C. Obail and others, 10 mo. 1847"
    • papers related to Cornplanter's land being divided among his heirs [ca. 1857-1860], includes surveys, reports, letters, etc.
  • 1862-1870
    (ca. 35 items) includes:
    • constitution of the Seneca Nation of Indians, [1862]
    • deed, Abraham Silverheels to Marsh Pierce, 1862
    • quit-claim deed, William Obail to Samuel Titus and Polly his wife, 1866
    • "Brief of title, to show how the present title to the Cornplanter Reservation as it appears on the records of Venango County," 1865
    • notes on treaties with the Six Nations
    • copy of amended constitution of the Seneca Nation adopted 10 mo. 22, 1868
    • Treaty, 1868
    • draft of proposed legislation
    • 5 patents and accompanying surveys of Cornplanter land, 1870
  • 1871 [also a few for 1872]
    (ca. 21 items) includes:
    • papers found together with note from George J. Scattergood "relating to the division of the Corn Planter tract by Commissioners appointed by the Orphans Court of Warren Co. Penna. - under authority of the Act of the Legislature of Penna. passed 1871 (Deposited here by Geo. J. Scattergood 11 mo. 10, 1891)"
    • pamphlet "The report of the Commissioners appointed by the Orphans' Court of Warren Co., Pa., to make partition and allotment of the Real Estate late of John O'Bail, alias Corn Planter, (deceased.) with the Decree of the Court confirming said report, the Act of the legislature of Pennsylvania authorising the partition, &c." Philadelphia, W.H. Pile, Printer, 422 Walnut Street, 1871
    • notes by Scattergood "History of the Corn Planter land gift by the State of Penna."
    • printed act "An Act for the relief of the heirs of Corn Planter an Indian Chief" 1871 [Pa. House of Rep. No. 761]
    • opinion as to Seneca Indians by Eli K. Price, 4 mo. 4, 1871
    • Act of Congress proposed by Eli K. Price, [1871]
    • papers found together re division of Cornplanter land among heirs, 1871-1872
    • draft of a report from the committee appointed to "endeavor to procure the consent of the descendants of Corn Planter for an application to be made to the legislature ... Pennsylvania for the passage of a bill to prescribe the mode for them to proceed to divide..." 1871
    • "Views of Eli K. Price on the claims of the New York Indians," Nov. 16, 1871
    • "The report of the Commissioners to partition the Estate of Corn Planter to the descendants as printed, 12 mo. 1871"
  • 1872-1878
    (ca. 48 items) includes:
    • notes taken by George J. Scattergood labeled "Extracts from decisions of Courts, Statutes at Large, Treaties, etc. etc. relating to the Seneca Indians of different dates, 1789 to 1872 etc."
    • "Reasons why the government of the United States should recognise [sic] and respect the claim of the so called Six Nations of New York Indians for compensation for their land in the state of Kansas - for that in the state of Wisconsin" [1872] 28 p. ms.
    • resolution from the Seneca Nation re leases, 1872
    • "A brief statement of the rights of the Seneca Indians in the State of New York to their lands in that state, with decisions relative thereto by the State and United States Courts, and extracts from United States laws, &c. Also, drafts of a proposed Memorial to Congress, and a Bill to enable them to lease and divide their lands." 1872 [printed, 2 copies]
    • letter [copy?] from Samuel D. Haines to Joseph Elkinton giving his opinion on rights of Seneca Indians to their lands, [ca. 1875?]
    • typed version of above titled "Chas. E. Mix's statement of the claim of the New York Indians to land in Kansas, copied on the type-writer by J.W. Bain" "7/5/1877 G.J.S." 22 p.
    • "Copy of the act as passed by Senate and House to authorise the Cattaraugus and Allegheny Indians in New York to lease lands and confirm leases..." [1873]
    • "Minutes of proceedings (so far as interpreted) of a council with the Seneca Indians, 10 mo. 24, 1873. Council called at request of members of Indian Committee to present a form of memorial to Congress, and accompanying bill, designed to remove existing difficulties of the Seneca Nation"
    • "Schedule of Indian Reservations in the United States, about 1874?"
    • "County of Cattaraugus, State of New York, the Seneca Nation of Indians and the United States of America Treaty" 1874
    • "A brief statement of the rights of the Seneca Indians in the State of New York,..." 1877 [3 copies, see 1872 version above]
    • printed legislation, 1872-1878
  • 1877
    (ca. 11 items) includes:
    • papers concerned with the right of the Corn Planter Indians to vote (includes correspondence with D. Sherman, Indian Agent)
  • 1879-1894
    (ca. 70 items) includes:
    • "Remonstrance of Seneca Indians against the transfer of the care of the Indians to the War Department" 1879
    • "copy of an `oil lease' made to E.A. Nash and E.B. Manly by the Councillors of the Seneca Nation 6 mo. 7, 1877"
    • petition from the Seneca Nation
    • "Official copy of the Treaty of 1826" ["referred to in minute 9/19/1879"]
    • "A thrilling record" May 1880. [U.S. govt. and treaties] (printed pamphlet)
    • notes on the Treaty of 1826 by George J. Scattergood dated 8/8/1883, also copy of instructions to R.M. Livingston commissioner appt. by Pres. Adams and report
    • copy of House bill 3573 and remonstrance against it
    • extracts, etc. labeled "papers in reference to the claim of the Corn Planter Indians to a tract of land near Oil City, Pa. 3 mo. 1881"
    • typed copy of letter to Jonathan Chase from [ ] re Senate Bill No. 48 which relates to allotment of Indian land [1885]
    • TLS from Lowry & McCouch to Joseph Elkinton re legal opinion of Indians selling land, 1886
    • typed copy of letter to Seneca Nation from PYM Indian Committee re danger of leases
    • 3 resolutions of the Seneca Council, 1890
    • "proposed lease forwarded by H.K. Van Renssalaer & Son" 1890
    • "Report on New York Indians." [by Philip C. Garrett, Philadelphia, June 9, 1891 to Merrill E. Gates, President Board of Indian Commissioners] 12 p.
    • copy of letter from Dept. of Interior re leases and House Bill 4850, 1892
    • resolution of Seneca Nation against "Red House Bill", 1893
    • address of William C. Hoag President of the Seneca Nation to the Councillors, 1894
    • printed legislation, 1880-1893
  • 1895-1896
    (ca. 35 items) includes:
    • "Letter from the Secretary of the Interior, transmitting information relating to the Ogden Land Company..." 1895 [2 copies, printed]
    • "papers in reference to a claim by Romanzo and Ida S. Foskit that the land purchased by them did not contain 75 acres" [correspondence, surveys, etc.]
    • "Account of the proceedings in Congress relating to the purchase of the claim of the Ogden Land Co. 2 mo. and 3 mo. 1895" [clippings from the Congressional Record]
    • "Opinion of J.R. Jewel, of Ogden Land Companies' [sic] claim, 2 mo. 1896" with accompanying TLS from Jewell
    • (16) 1897-1915
      (ca. 27 items) includes:
    • pages fro the Congressional Record re Seneca Oil Company and Senator Quay charges of corruption
    • "Financial statement of the Seneca Nation of New York Indians, 1898"
    • papers "in reference to S.B. 2888 - passed by the Senate 3.15'98 after amending it to appropriate $1000 to the Seneca Council of the lease money collected by the Indian Agent and authorizing him to distribute the balance among the Indians per capita"
    • "Statement of the claims of the Indian Committee for exemption from taxation 1900"
    • re court case in N.Y. Supreme Court "The people of the state of New York, on the relation of Thomas Blackburn and the Religious Society of Friends against Edgar A. Barton, and others, assessors of the town of Elko." [ca. 1900]
    • copy of timber contract, Tunesassa, 1900
    • "Brief relating to House Bill No. _____" [1902]
    • copy of the will of John Parrish
    • copy of agreement for railway over farm at Tunesassa, 1905
    • printed legislation, 1897-1902

Salamance Commission

AA45. "Salamanca Commission" (U.S. Commission to locate villages in the Allegany Indian Reservation, N.Y.)

These are the papers (1871-1877) of Joseph Scattergood, who was a member of the commission. The other two commissioners were John Manley of N.Y. and Henry Shanklin of Kansas.

  1. Diary of Joseph Scattergood, 1871-1875
    Volume titled "Papers relating to the Salamanaca [sic] Commission" includes:
    • narrative diary [1871] kept by Scattergood giving background of division of Cornplanter land among heirs of Cornplanter ["John O'Bail"]; lists heirs who signed petition to allow partition of land, Orphans' Court of Warren Co., N.Y. then names Thomas Wistar, Ebenezer Worth and Joseph Scattergood commissioners to make partition and allotment of estate of Cornplanter. Includes description of efforts to end preemptive rights of Ogden Land Company.
    • narrative diary [1871-1875] labeled "an account of the passage of 'an act to authorise the Seneca Nation of New York Indians to lease lands within the Cattaraugus and Allegheny Reservations and to confirm existing leases' also the proceedings of the Commissioners appointed by the President in pursuance of the provisions of said act - 1875."
    • includes correspondence, 1875 (ALS, copies) re above commission [letterhead of commission "U.S. Commission to locate villages in the Allegany Indian Reservation, N.Y. Appointed by the President, under Act of Congress, approved, 19th February, 1875. Commissioners: Joseph Scattergood, Penn., John Manley, New York, Henry Shanklin, Kansas. Salamanca, N.Y. 1875"]
  2. 1871-1875, papers related to work of the above commission
    (ca. 43 items: letters, printed circulars, newspaper clippings)
    • These are chiefly letters [addressed to Joseph Scattergood] from George Barker, John Manley, Harrison Halftown, Eli K. Price, James G. Johnson, W.R. Irwin, Henry Shanklin, Josiah Davis.
  3. 1876, papers related to work of the above commission
    (ca. 43 items: letters, drafts of reports, clippings, printed circulars)
    • These are chiefly letters [addressed to Joseph Scattergood] from Henry Shanklin, John Manley, D. Sherman, Z. Chandler [Interior Dept.], [N.J.] Norton, W.R. Irwin, J.A. [?] [Interior Dept.].
  4. 1877, papers related to work of the above commission
    (ca. 26 items: letters, notes, charts, report, resolution)
    • These are chiefly letters [addressed to Joseph Scattergood] from Henry Shanklin, John Manley, W.R. I[rwin].

Miscellaneous Papers

AA46. Miscellaneous papers of the Indian Committee

6 folders

  1. Misc. papers (ca. 10 items) includes:
    • "J. Evans statement of Indians in N. Jersey." n.d.
    • "A covenant of friendship between the New York Missionary Society and the Seneca, Onondaga and Cayuga Indians on the Buffalo Reservation" 1819
    • list of Indian names, 1802
    • "A list of the names of Indians who suffered by the flood in 2nd mo. 1836. Statement of Enoch Lewis"
    • "Indian material (at present in brown carton in old fireproof)" [1 p., typed, appears on film 824:12 with additions]
    • 3 p. from a memorandum book with typed labels attached, list of gifts to visiting chiefs, Chickasaws, Creeks (names of Indians at Philadelphia, 1796)
    • "memo. respecting Alex. Durand & James Bailey" 10/21/1796 [two Indian boys]
    • 3 items from Cook Christian Training School, Arizona ("Christmas among the Indians," etc.)
    • typed essay "The needs of Indian Education" [2 p., n.d., written by a Native American?]
    • brochures and cover letter (typed) from Museum of Navajo Ceremonial Art, Sante Fe, N.M. [n.d. ca. 1970s?]
    • photocopies found together: includes essay "The Seneca Nation of Indians - 100 years ago" by Genevieve Plummer (1978); discussion of Friends' obligation to Oklahoma Indians (4 copies, n.d.); history of the Indian Committee (2 copies of a 1 p. essay, n.d.); report to Representative Meeting, 1/19/1962 [not re PYMIC??]; ca. 4 items re Taos Pueblo Blue Lake defense; 2 items re evaluation of the Indian Committee (1976)
  2. Maps
    • 1795 map of Cattaraugus Reservation
    • 1809 map of Western New York, drawn by James Peirce when 12 years old
    • map of Cayuga Reservation, 1795. (photostat, rolled up in tube)
    • map of Allegany Reservation, Allegany State Park and Allegheny National Forest printed by "Seneca Nation of Indians," ca. 1964? [2 copies]
    • "Pocket Map of New York" n.d.
    • map of Allegheny reservation by Abner Jimerson [Note: on microfilm this appears as an unidentified and unattributed series of handdrawn maps]
    • "Map illustrating the plan of the defences of the western & north- western frontier, as proposed by the Hon. J.R. Poinsett, Sec. of War, in his report of Dec. 30, 1837."
    • "The President ... Indian Territory, that garden of the world, open for homestead and pre-emption ..." n.d [broadside]
  3. "Copy of a sketch of the efforts of Friends for the civilization and improvement of the Indians in Western New York. Prepared for the Bureau of Education Washington, Read 6 mo. 16, 1885." [17 p., typed]
  4. Lists of members of PYM Indian Committee, 1797-1978 (ca. 17 items)
    • Most lists include a note of whether the member attended meetings of the committee.
  5. Indexes
    • rough draft of index to minute book vol. 1
    • index to 1700s letters found in v. 7 of scrapbooks [don't know what this is an index to]
  6. Index lists from "10 boxes"
    • These are lists of items (compiled in the 1970s) of contents of boxes microfilmed in 1950s.
  7. Newspapers and clippings
  8. Fragments

Friends Indian School (Tunesassa)

AA47 - AA68

Work of the Indian Committee of PYM was centered at Quaker Bridge, N.Y. ("Tunesassa"). Here Friends established a boarding school in 1852 adjacent to the Allegany Reservation, after many years of mission work with the Seneca, who sought Quaker teachers for their children. Previous to this, Friends had run various day schools with uneven results. Known informally as "Tunesassa," the school was an outgrowth of Quaker relations with Chief Cornplanter in northcentral Pennsylvania. The boarding school came out of the belief that Indian children could be better taught away from their home environment. Friends Indian School operated until 1938. In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, boys were taught European-style agricultural skills while girls were schooled in European-style home making. Students were discouraged from speaking their native language at the school. For a history of the school, see Lois Barton "A Quaker promise kept: Philadelphia Friends work with the Allegany Senecas 1795-1960" (Eugene, OR : Spencer Butte Press, c1990) [BX7644 .B293 Q2 1990].

Records of the school are arranged as follows:


AA47. Records of Children at Tunesassa, [1879]-1938 (a few entries earlier)
Inscribed inside on flyleaf as "Records of Indian Children at Tunesassa B.S. Tunesassa, Cattaraugus Co., New York. 1888" includes:

  • categories for name of child, age, date of admittance, date of re- admission, date of leaving, name of parents, residence, observations (some entries have Tribe noted)
  • under observations, "ran away," "deceased," etc.
  • folder with 5 items related to school (4 p. typed history, map)

AA47.1. Index to above volume

AA48. Friends' Indian School Grade Book, 1898-1938

  • Inscribed on flyleaf "Friends' Indian School Grade Book + Record of Graduates. Tunesassa, B.S., N.Y. Final Examinations, the passing grade being 70%"
  • lists students names and grades in various subjects

AA49. Guest book for Tunesassa, 1888-1943

  • on cover of vol. "Guest Book Tunesassa School"
  • names and addresses of guests to the school

AA50. Old Scholars Association, 1937-1938
[Note: PYM Indian Committee minutes for 6 mo. 22, 1920 mention starting "an Old Scholars Association"]

  • vol. labeled on cover "Property of Old Students Association School Friends Indian"
  • contains names and addresses of former students, 1937 lists years attended and occupation; 1938 lists titled "Old Scholars Day May 7, 1938" and also for Oct. 8, 1938.
  • typed 3 p. list of names, addresses[?] titled "Allegany Reservation Old scholars at Tunesassa" with envelope labeled "Allegany Reservation Old Scholars 1937"

AA51. Memoranda and suggestions for Superintendents, 1938-1939

  • memoranda and suggestions for superintendents
  • only a few pages in book with writing, p. 1-6, 11-58 torn out and missing

AA52. Minutes of Tunesassa faculty, 1936-19[37]

  • vol. labeled on cover "Anna E. Stratton"
  • typed set of minutes for Sept. 10, 1936 and a few other loose papers


AA53. Student application forms, 1933-1938

  • 24 student application forms for Tunesassa, 1933-38 (filled in)
  • 1 p. list of unpaid bills
  • 1 p. list of parents' addresses

AA54. Duties of various positions at the school
(ca. 40 leaves [undated])

  • These are typed and handwritten lists of duties of various positions at Tunesassa: substitute teachers, laundresses, housekeepers, girl's caretaker, boy's caretaker, potato parers, etc.

AA55. Faculty lists, 1914-1938

  • Typed lists of faculty at Tunesassa for 1914-1938 [20 p.]

AA56. History of Tunesassa

  • "A brief history of Tunesassa School, written about 1892" [4 p., typed]
  • history of Tunesassa School with info. on Indians enrolled there, Peter Crouse and relatives [6 p., typed]

AA57. Itinerary of Friends Indian Girls Camp, [Tunesassa] summer 1936
(3 p., typed)

AA58. Tunesassa property related papers, 1806-1935

  • 1877-1906 maps, surveys, deeds (in envelope labeled by Wm. B. Rhoads)
  • 1925-1935 (5 items, in envelope labeled by Wm. B. Rhoads)
  • Deed to Tunesassa property (1869 copy "Copy of Declaration & Covenant of Trust from Thomas Stewardson and others.... 1807")
  • 1868-1906 extract from N.Y. statutes, description of farm and plat of land, ALS (1906) of Orland Fowler to Geo. Scattergood (5 items)
  • Deed, 1806 (photocopy)

AA59. Miscellaneous papers re Tunesassa, 1828-1908
[handwritten and typed mss.]

  • "Amount manufactured by the girls in the school at Tunesassah since last account viz" flax yarn, tow yarn, sewing thread, straw hats
  • "The order of children's work" 1862
  • lists of students 1890, 1899-1890
  • "Plat of cleared land on farm at Tunesassa [Rev.] 3/91"
  • calendar of school terms and vacations, 1901-1906
  • statement of Joseph Elkinton re work at Tunesassa, 1908
  • "Prescribed course of study" [printed brochure, 6 copies, n.d., see image below]
  • invitation and program of graduation (1908)
  • typed copy of resolution of Iroquois Temperance League, 1936
  • typed history of Black Ash planting, 1938 and 4 handwritten essays on tree planting by [Tunesassa students?]

Scanned Image Page 1 (1st and 2nd year) of "Prescribed course of study, Friends' School for Indian children, Tunesassa, New York." n.d., Page 2 (3rd and 4th year) Page 3 (5th year) (from AA59 - Friends Indian School "Tunesassa") (each approx. 59k)

Society for General Improvement [at Friends Indian School] AA60 - AA65

This student organization at Friends Indian School had as its goal helping its members become "better readers, speakers and writers" and to work against "intemperance, profanity, cruelty to animals and other evils." They produced "Tunesassa Echoes" and "Temperance Echoes," which were handcopied journals of student essays and school news.

AA60. Minute book, 1891-1895

AA61. Minute book, 1903-1906
Volume is inscribed on flyleaf "Constitution and minutes of the General Improvement Society"

  • pencil sketch in back of Indian with head-dress

AA62. Minute book, 1906-1911
Volume is inscribed on flyleaf "Constitution, Roll Call and Minutes of the General Improvement Society"

AA63. Minute book, 1911-1930
Volume is inscribed on flyleaf "Constitution, Roll Call and Minutes of the General Improvement Society"

AA64. "Tunesassa Echoes," 1889-1922
2 folders

  1. "Tunesassa Echoes" issues for 1889-1892, 1896-1897?, 1899 (see image below), 1901, 1905, 1919, 1922 [1889 and 1890 titled "Temperance Echoes"; 1905 titled "Athenian Gleanings"]
  2. "Tunesassa Echoes" essays not tied into any particular "volume"

Scanned Image Front cover of "Tunesassa Echoes," Vol. 12, 6 mo. 9, 1899. "Tunesassa Echoes" was a handwritten production "Devoted to the interests of the General Improvement Society" of Friends Indian School, containing essays on temperance, school news, lists of members, etc. Its motto "Temperance at all times; humanity to every living creature; and general elevation of morals." (from AA64 - Friends Indian School "Tunesassa") (78k)

AA65. Essays by Tunesassa students, 1876-1902
(6 items)

  • These are essays written for the Temperance Society, the Society for General Improvement, commencement, etc.


AA66. Tunesassa related photographs, ca. 1900-1964
4 folders

  1. 8 items as follows:
    • TL (copy?) to Grace S. Yaukey re return of photos of Tunesassa and other Indians, 1964
    • typed note from GSY re return of above photos
    • 3 8"X10" photos of Indians; there are typed notes pasted on back of each by M. Ream describing photos
    • 2 smaller photos of Tunesassa Indians, labeled on back "Tunesassa 6/8 1937 Marriott C. Morris Photo"
  2. 4 photographs [Tunesassa] undated and ca. 1900
  3. photographs
    • photo album (ca. 1909) of Tunesassa School, ca. 150 3 1/2" x 4 1/2" photos; each photo is numbered but there is no identification of photos in album [was there once an index to these?]
    • 9 copy prints of selected album photos made by Theodore Brinton Hetzel in 1989
  4. photo album of Pollatz family [Klotzsche near Dresden, Germany], - also German currency, letter from "all [Pollatz] children, Marianne, Inge, Karl=Heinz, Rosmarie, [Germany] 1931 addressed to "Dear Indian Friends" [album ca. 1931]

Film and video copy of film:

AA67. Film of Tunesassa, n.d. [ca. 19 ?]

AA68. Video copy of above film

Publications (Pamphlets, Articles, etc.)

AA69. Printed pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, reprints of articles, etc., 1795-1983
[for books and other large volumes see AB41]

(Box 1 of 2) arranged as follows:

  1. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting publications (folder 1 of 2):
    • "Account of the dying expressions of some Indians lately deceased: on or near the Allegheny Reservation, N.Y." Printed by direction of the Committee for civilization and improvement of the Indians. Philadelphia. 1885 [16 p.]
    • "An account of the lives and happy deaths of some Indians deceased: on the Allegheny, Cattaraugus and Corn Planter Reservations." Printed by direction of the Committee for the Civilization and Improvement of the Indians. Philadelphia, 1899. [38 p., also an additional copy with original letters (Cynthia Gordon, L.S. Blackburn), and notes used in its preparation, with cover note "Letters &c used in preparing the pamplet (sic) entitled 'An account of the lives and happy deaths ...' This pamphlet above mentioned is a reprint with additions of that printed in 1885 entitled 'An account of the dying expressions ...'"]
    • "At a Yearly Meeting for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the Eastern parts of Maryland and Virginia held in Philadelphia in the 9th and 10th months, 1795." [re Indian concern and formation of PYM Indian Committee]
    • "Extracts from the minutes of the Yearly Meeting of Friends, held in Philadelphia, by adjournments from the 19th of the Fourth Month, to the 23rd of the same, inclusive." Philadelphia, 1880. [33 p.]
    • "Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Religious Society of Friends News." Sept. 1973.
    • "Report of the Committee for the improvement and civilization of the Indians, also, a report of the Committee who have charge of the Boarding School at Westtown, and report of the Book Committee of the Meeting for Sufferings on the distribution of books." Printed by direction of the Yearly Meeting. 1870.
  2. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting publications (folder 2 of 2):
    • "A brief sketch of the efforts of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends to promote the civilization and improvement of the Indians; also of the present condition of the tribes in the state of New York." Published by direction of the Indian Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends. Philadelphia: Friends' Book Store, 1866. [56 p., 2 copies]
    • "A brief sketch of the efforts of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, to promote the civilization and improvement of the Indians; also of the present condition of the tribes in the state of New York." Published by direction of the Indian Committee of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends. 1866. Philadelphia: Friends Book Store, reprinted 1879. [4 copies]
  3. Other Friends' related publications:
    • "Action Alert." published by FCNL [Friends Committee on National Legislation] #G-4 (March 1981)
    • "The Friendly Agitator." A publication of the Friends Suburban Project. March 1973.
    • "Friends." [newsletter published by the faculty, students, and parents of Media-Providence Friends School] vol. III, no. V., Oct. 1981
    • "Friends and Native Americans in the 1980's, a Friends seminar at William Penn House, Washington, D.C., November 12-15, 1979." 12 p.
    • "Indian Progress." [newsletter] Published by the Associated Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs. issues are for: 1981 [June, Oct.]; 1982 [Feb., June, Oct.]; 1983 [Feb., June]
    • "Indian Report." published by FCNL [Friends Committee on National Legislation] #I-17 (Feb. 1983); #I-18 (July 1983)
    • "Washington Newsletter." published by FCNL [Friends Committee on National Legislation] Aug. 1980 [no. 428]; Dec. 1980 [no. 431]; July 1983 [no. 460]
  4. Other religious organizations:
    • "The Indians of New York State: a study of present day social, industrial and religious conditions and needs," by Arthur C. Parker and George E.E. Lindquist, Home Missions Council, New York, N.Y. [n.d., ca. 1922-3, 19 p.]
    • "Report to the Presbytery of Buffalo of a committee appointed to investigate charges made against the Indians of western New York. Printed by order of Presbytery of Buffalo." 1889. [12 p.; 2 copies, "George Scattergood" and "Ephrariam Smith" on covers]
    • "Second report to the Presbytery of Buffalo of a committee appointed to investigate charges made against the Indians of western New York." 1890. [22 p.]

(Box 2 of 2)

  1. Government related publications:
    • "Answers to your questions on American Indians. Questions on education, health, land, citizenship, economic status, etc." United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. U.S.GPO, 1956
    • "The Cornplanter Indian" in Public Education Pennsylvania, (monthly bulletin, Dept. of Public Instruction, Pa., vol. 7, no. 9, May, 1940. p. 26)
    • "Indian School Service." Fourth annual report of the Indian School superintendent to November 1, 1885. Dept. of the Interior, Office of Indian Affairs. G.P.O., 1885. 157 p.
    • "Know the truth about Indians." Publications of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior. [Haskell Press, 1955]
  2. Misc. organizations:
    • "Flint Chips. News of Ganienkeh, land of the flint." [newsletter published by Project Roothold (Vocations for Social Change), Rochester, N.Y.] issues are for: 1978 [issue 1]; March, 1979 [issue 2]; Feb.-March 1980
    • "Indian Truth." [newsletter published by The Indian Rights Association] issues are for: March 1975 [no. 213]; April 1976 [no. 215]; June 1980 [no. 232]; Aug. 1980 [no. 233]; Feb. 1982 [no. 243] (2 copies)
    • "Orme Alternatives Coalition fact sheet." Orme Alternative Coalition, Phoenix, Az. [brochure re Orme Dam] ca. 1979
    • "Proceedings of the twentieth annual meeting of the Lake Mohonk Conference of Friends of the Indian 1902." Reported and edited by Isabel C. Barrows. Published by The Lake Mohonk Conference, 1903. 188 p.
    • "The Seneca Nation of Indians." [newsletter published by the same] issue for: Jan. 1968 [vol. VI, no. 1]
    • "The Six Nations." vol. 3, no. 2, April 1929
  3. Reprints of articles:
    • "The functions of wampum" by George S. Snyderman (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 98, no. 6, Dec. 1954. p.469-494)
    • "Halliday Jackson's journal of a visit paid to the Indians of New York (1806)," described and edited by George S. Snyderman (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 101, no. 6, Dec. 1957. p.565-588)
    • "Halliday Jackson's journal to the Seneca Indians, 1798-1800," edited by Anthony F.C. Wallace (reprinted from Pennsylvania History, Quarterly journal of the Pennsylvania Historical Association, vol. 19, no. 2, April, 1952 and no. 3, July, 1952 for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. 55 p.)
    • "The Indian policy." Papers read at the nineteenth annual conference of Charities and Correction, held at Denver, 1892, by Philip C. Garrett, Rev. Robert W. Hill, D.D., Captain R.H. Pratt, Alice C. Fletcher, William F. Slocum. Extracted from the official report. 75 p.
    • "The manuscript collections of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends pertaining to the American Indian," by George S. Snyderman (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 102, no. 6, Dec. 1958. p.613-620) [2 copies]
    • "A nineteenth-century journal of a visit to the Indians of New York," described and edited by Merle H. Deardorff and George S. Snyderman (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 100, no. 6, Dec. 1956. p. 582-612) [2 copies]
    • "A pioneer experiment in teaching agriculture," by Otho Winger (a paper presented by Otho Winger, president of Manchester College, at a meeting of the Society of Indiana Pioneers at Indianapolis, Dec. 10, 1939. Reprinted from the News-Journal, North Manchester, Indiana. 15 p., signed by author)
    • "A preliminary survey of American Indian manuscripts in repositories of the Philadelphia area," by George S. Snyderman (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 97, no. 5, Oct. 1953. p.596-610)
    • "Reviewing U.S. Treaty Commitments to the Lakota Nation." [by] Nick Meinhardt, Diane Payne. Reprinted from American Indian Journal, January, 1978. [on cover, subtitle "Pine Ridge Education/Action Project." c1978 Institute for the Development of Indian Law, Inc.]
    • "Toward the gradual civilization of the Indian natives: the missionary and linguistic work of Asher Wright (1803-1875) among the Senecas of western New York," by William N. Fenton (reprinted from the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 100, no. 6, Dec. 1956. p.567-581)
    • "A vanishing Indian: Francis Parkman versus his sources," by Francis P. Jennings (offprint from The Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography, vol. 87, no. 3, July, 1963. p.306-323)
  4. Misc. publications:
    • "Warren County Pennsylvania Almanac" 1940-1944 (printed for the friends of the Warren Bank and Trust Company)
    • "The Fund for the Republic." Bulletin, April 1957.
    • "Lenape land. A recreated Indian village, museum." [brochure] [Lenape Land Association, Bucks County?, n.d.]

Indian Aid Association of Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

AA70 - AA74

The Indian Aid Association began in 1869 (coincident with President Grant's Peace Policy). It was not under the jurisdiction of PYM Indian Committee, but was an unofficial organization of Philadelphia Friends. The Association arose out of the isolation that PYM found itself in at that time and was a way for Philadelphia Friends to co-operate with the other Yearly Meetings in Indian work. The Indian Aid Association sent delegates to the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs and financially supported the work at Skiatook School (later Hillside) that was administered by that organization.

AA70. Minute book, 1869-1897

  • includes pasted in clippings

AA71. Minute book, 1897-1917

  • inscribed "Indian Aid Association of Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Annual Reports and Minutes"
  • includes minutes, treas. reports, paste-ins

AA72. Minute book, 1917-1923

  • inscribed "Minutes of Annual Meetings of the Friends Indian Aid Asso. of Philadelphia. Beginning with the 48th annual meeting 1917"
  • with paste-ins

Note: from the other end of the vol. "Minutes of Meetings of the Executive Committee of Phila. Indian Aid Association" for 1917-1923

AA73. Annual reports, 1890, 1911-1915
These are typed (1890) and published annual reports as follows:


  • "Annual report [of the Executive Committee of IAA] for 1890 to the Indian Aid Association of Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting" [typed, 10 p.]


  • "Report of the Executive Committee [of IAA] to the 42d annual meeting of the Indian Aid Association of Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, held Fourth month 20th, 1911"
  • "Report of the 43d annual meeting ... held Fourth month 18th, 1912"
  • "Report of the 44th annual meeting ... held Fourth month 24th, 1913"
  • "Report of the Executive Committee to the annual meeting ... held Fourth month 23d, 1914"
  • "Report ... held Fourth month 1, 1915" [2 copies]

AA74. Miscellaneous papers, n.d., 1890-1916

  • n.d., fund-raising circular [2 copies, printed]
  • n.d., notes on a meeting [3 p.)
  • n.d., speech of Robert G. Valentine, Ex. U.S. Commissioner for Indian Affairs at annual meeting of IAA from "The Westonian"
  • Indian Aid Association account, 1890, James Whitall, Treas.
  • 2 bills, 1897
  • note on clothing from "The Helping Hand of Haverford Meeting," [1898, holograph ms.]
  • IAA accounts, 1899
  • ALS from Edward M. Wistar to Walter Smedley, 12/19/99 re financial matters
  • "Report of Germantown Indian Aid," 1899 [holograph ms.]
  • "A duty, an opportunity, a trust; a message from the Indian Aid Association of Friends of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, twelfth month, 1916" [printed]
  • treasurer's report from Charles J. Rhoads, 1916

Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs

AA75 - AA87

This organization originated in 1869 in answer to President Grant's Peace Policy, officially giving management of Indians in the Central Superintendency (Kansas and the Indian Territory) to the Orthodox branch of the Society of Friends. Friends withdrew from government-sponsored work in 1879.

AA75. Minute book, 1869-1872

AA76. Minute book, 1872-1876

  • labeled "Minutes. Association [sic] Executive Committee on Indian Affairs. Book, No. 2"
  • printed minutes (pasted in) and handwritten minutes

AA77. Minute book, 1877-1885

  • labeled "Minutes of the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs."
  • primarily printed material, also annual reports

AA78. Minute book, 1886-1892

  • printed minutes, reports

AA79. Minutes, 1892-1899 [printed]

  • The meetings were held at Whites Manual Labor Institute, Wabash Ind. in 1892 and 1893; Philadelphia, 1894-1898; Baltimore, 1899. They were held in either the 5th of 6th month of the year.
  • [note with minutes: "Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs Minutes 1892-1921 (1917 missing) Bundle I see duplicate Bundle II."] [Note: there are generally 2 copies of each of these]

AA80. Minutes, 1900-1909 [printed]

  • These meetings were held in Philadelphia in either the 5th of 6th month of each year. [Note: there are 2 copies of each of these]

AA81. Minutes, 1910-1915 [printed]

  • The meeting for 1910 was held at Baltimore, the others were all held at Philadelphia, in the 5th month of each year. [Note: 2 copies of each of these]

AA82. Minutes, 1916-1921 [printed, no 1917]

  • The meetings for 1916 and 1918 were held at Philadelphia, the others were all held at Richmond, Indiana, in the fifth month of each year. [Note: 2 or more copies of each of these]

AA83. Minutes, 1917-1940

  • Typed and handwritten minutes of annual and special meetings as follows:
  • Minutes of annual meetings for 1917 [2 copies], 1922-1929 [2 copies for 1928], 1931-1932, 1935, 1938-1940
  • Minutes of Executive and Finance Committees, 1938
  • Minutes of special meetings, 1921-1923, 1925-1926

AA84. Annual reports, 1873-1929 [printed, incomplete]
Includes published annual reports as follows:

1873; 1893-1898 [no 1895]

  • "Fourth annual report of the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs, Eighth month 1, 1873"
  • "Twenty-fourth ... Eighth month 1, 1893."
  • "Twenty-fifth ... Eighth month 1, 1894. Corrected copy."
  • "Twenty-seventh ... Philadelphia, Fifth month, 1896."
  • "Twenty-eighth ... Sixth month 1st, 1897."
  • "Twenty-ninth ... Fifth month, 1898."

1922-1929 [no 1927]

  • "Annual reports to the meeting of Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs, held at Richmond, Indiana. Fifth month 8th and 9th, 1922."
  • "Annual ... Fifth month, 14th and 15th, 1923"
  • "Annual ... held at Philadelphia, Pa., Fifth month, 19th and 20th, 1924" - "Annual ... meeting held at Richmond, Indiana, Fifth month, 11th and 12th, 1925"
  • "Annual ... Fifth month, 1926"
  • "Annual ... Held at Philadelphia, Pa. Fifth month 21 and 22, 1928."
  • "Annual ... held at Philadelphia, Pa. Fifth month, 2 and 3, 1929"

[Note: 2 or more copies of most of these]


  • typed report for 1928
  • treasurer's report 1928
  • TL from Ruthanna M. Simms re treasurer's report of 1928

AA85. Miscellaneous reports, etc., 1893-1928

  • "Statistical reports of Friends' Indian Mission work in Indian Territory for the year ending fifth month 31, 1893" [2 copies]; also for 1894 [2 copies]
  • ALS to Hetty B. Garrett from Allen C. Thomas, Haverford, Pa. 3.27.1895 re memorial of Dr. Joseph E. Rhoads
  • "Report to Indian Aid Association" [from Associated Executive Committee for 1898] [handwritten ms., 14 p.]
  • Associated Executive Committee "condensed report" for 1916-1917 [2 copies]
  • "Present status and plans of Friends' missions among the Indians in Oklahoma. Extracts from reports to Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs. 1920." [2 copies]
  • "Extracts from superintendent's report to the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs: May 8-9, 1922."
  • "A new opportunity in an old field" 1928 [6 copies]

AA86. Correspondence and miscellaneous papers re Rayner W. Kelsey's "Friends and the Indians" 1917
(ca. 18 items)

AA87. Miscellaneous Associated Executive Committee items
These include:

  • photographs
  • letters from Eva Watson [at Skiatook school - addressed to Edward M. Wistar and identical in style to those in Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs papers, Ms. Coll. 1003]
  • map
  • fundraising letter
  • "The Shawnee War Dance" by Esther Ruger (printed, n.d.)
  • list of contributors to Indian work in Germantown Mo. Mtg.
  • memorial of John P. Haworth (1912)
  • article on Oklahoma Indian Missions from the "American Friend" 1916
  • TLS (Sept. 13, 1933) of J.M. Steere to Marriott C. Morris re land at Shawnee
  • registration form and program for 1974 meeting
  • "New name for an old committee" essay on history of Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs (3 copies, n.d. ca. 1975)

Board of Missions of the Five Years Meeting of Friends

AA88. Annual reports, 1921-1923 [printed]

  • "Board of Home Missions of the Five Years Meeting of Friends. First annual report 1920-1921."
  • "... Second annual report 1921-1922."
  • "... Third annual report 1922-1923."

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