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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Indian Committee Records, ca. 1745-1983

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Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures

This organization predated the Indian Committee and was active as a formal organization from ca. 1756-1764. (See Samuel Parrish, "Some chapters in the history of the Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures" (Philadelphia : Friends Historical Association, 1877).

Five volumes of papers relating to the Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures.

These volumes were filmed [ca. 1957?] by the American Philosophical Society. [George Snyderman "The manuscript collections of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends pertaining to the American Indian" Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 102, no. 6, December 1958 (BX 7644 S67 M29)].

Volumes 1-4 are on reels 10 and 11 of film 824, vol. 5 was not filmed.

The records include original accounts, deeds, addresses, journals, minutes, notes, reports, printed material, etc.; papers are arranged in chronological order; all of these volumes have detailed typed indexes accompanying them.

AA1. Volume 1

  • labeled "Vol. 1 1756-58" on spine
  • some earlier and later material in volume, bulk falls within above dates

AA2. Volume 2

  • labeled "Vol. II 1758-59" on spine

AA3. Volume 3

  • labeled "Vol. III 1759-60" on spine

AA4. Volume 4

  • labeled "Vol. IV 1760-74" on spine

AA5. Volume 5

  • labeled "Vol. II 1745-92" on spine
    [not filmed]

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The minutes of the Indian Committee were filmed by the American Philosophical Society ca. 1958. Volumes 1-6 were filmed and appear on reels 8 [v. 1-2] and 9 [v. 3-6]; vols. 7 and 8 were not filmed. [See George Snyderman "The manuscript collections of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends pertaining to the American Indian" in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 102, no. 6, December 1958 (BX7644 S67 M29)].

AA6. Minute book, 1795-1815 (vol. 1)

  • labeled on spine "Minutes of the Indian Committee" and "1795 to 1815 vol. 1"
  • with 42 p. typed, detailed index

AA7. Minute book, 1816-1837 (vol. 2)

  • labeled on spine "Minutes of the Indian Committee" and "1[81]6 [t]o 1[8]37 v[o]l. 2"
  • with 42 p. detailed, typed index

AA8. Minute book, 1838-1853 (vol. 3)

  • labeled on spine "1837-1853" but actually starts with 1838
  • with 34 p. index as above

AA9. Minute book, 1853-1871 (vol. 4)

  • labeled on spine "1853-1871"
  • with 12 p. index as above

AA10. Minute book, 1872-1895 (vol. 5)

  • labeled on spine "1872-1895"
  • with 27 p. index as above

AA11. Minute book, 1895-1922 (vol. 6)

  • labeled on spine "1895 to"
  • no index

AA12. Minute book, 1922-1957 (vol. 7)

  • labeled on front "1922 to May 1957"
  • minutes are typescript
  • handwritten index in front
  • also folder of loose minutes for March 1957 (rough draft)
  • [not filmed]

AA13. Minute book, 1957-1978 (vol. 8)

  • labeled on spine "Indian" and on front "Indian Committee Philadelphia Yearly Meeting" and inside "1957 thru [Jan] 1975" (Jan. added and 1970 changed to 1975, but actual minutes in this vol. run from May 9, 1957 to May 1970)
  • minutes are typescript
  • with note "not filmed"

AA14. Minutes, 1795-1983
7 folders as follows:

The first 3 folders contain primarily handwritten minutes [of "special meetings," extracts from PYM Indian Committee meetings, etc.]

  1. 1795-1800 [3 items, includes book of minutes (1795-1800) with inscription "7 mo. 20, 1883. This book was sent to Geo. Scattergood by Mary Wistar, widow of the late Thomas Wistar. It is deposited by him, with papers, etc. belonging to the Indian Committee of Phila. Yearly Meeting."
  2. 1801-1849 [ca. 32 items]
  3. 1850-1907 [ca. 22 items]

Folders 4-7 contain typed minutes of PYM Indian Committee meetings

  1. 1956-1966
  2. 1967-1977
  3. 1978-1983
  4. 1983-1989 (incomplete)
  5. 1970-1980 [duplicate copies]

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Financial Records

AA15. Philadelphia Yearly Meeting accounts with its Treasurer, 1783-1808
(ca. 26 items)
These are loose, 1 p. accounts which generally give a summary of a year's transactions, set up in ledger format [Dr and Cr]. Treasurers are: John Reynell (1783); Henry Drinker (1784-1808)

AA16. PYM Indian Committee accounts, bills, receipts, etc. 1776-1929
These folders contain loose accounts, bills, receipts, etc., some of which directly and obviously relate to the Indian committee [list of goods purchased as gifts for the Indians, Tunesassa related expenses, etc.], many, however, do not seem at first glance to have been generated as a result of this committee's work [expenses for travel to England for Quaker ministers, carriage building for traveling Friends, etc.].
11 folders of loose papers as follows:

  1. n.d. includes list of presents [for Indians]
  2. 1776-1792 includes printing of Quaker tracts, traveling expenses of Friends, accounts with the Meeting for Sufferings, Thomas Hillborn's statement of losses due to abandoning his property after Indian attack (1779), bills for "public Friends'" wagon, bill of articles presented to the Cherokees (1792), etc.
  3. 1793-1799 includes bill for bricks (1792), printing of Quaker tracts, store goods, list of poor paid money (1793) at City Hall, Indian Committee fund, various traveling Friends' expenses, invoice of goods sent to Genesanguhta (1799), expenses at settlement at Oneida, etc.
  4. 1800-1812 includes bills for printing of Quaker tracts, travel expenses of Stephen Grellet (1799), accounts of the Indian committee, fund for relief of Friends in England and Ireland, lists of items for Tunesassa (1805, 1807), etc.
  5. 1817-1832 Joseph Elkinton's accounts re sawmill at Tunesassa
  6. 1819-1874 includes accounts of Joseph Elkinton with "Indian Institution" [1828-31], bills for books, accounts of the committee with Robert Scotton, Solomon Lukens, Ebenezer Worth, Edward Shoemaker, Abner Woolman, cost of building new saw mill, Tunesassa inventories and accounts, memo. "respecting a note of Henry Drinker endorsed by John Ellicott for $442.22..." (1827)
  7. 1849-1853 chiefly store bills [at Randolph] of Solomon Lukens [Supt. at Tunesassa, 1849-1852]
  8. 1892-1902 for dividends, books, store goods
  9. 1920-1928 chiefly banking and insurance related
  10. 1920-1928 receipts and bills for books
  11. 1920-1929 for store goods, printing, 1921 Ford, etc.

AA16.1 "Subscriptions in aid of the Boarding School for Indian Children at Tunesassa" 1856
(ca. 21 items)
These are printed subscription appeals with names of subscribers and amounts pledged at bottom.

AA17. PYM Indian Committee Treasurer's financial correspondence with related accounts, bills, receipts, etc., 1853-1983
These folders include correspondence of the treasurer with various Friends in the field (such as at Tunesassa), letters in re to contributions made by the committee to various groups working on behalf of Native Americans, Tunesassa related accounts and inventories, material related to various trusts (John Parrish Trust) that funded the work of the committee, papers related to the structure and function of the committee, etc.
12 folders as follows:

  1. n.d., includes some Tunesassa related material, typed synopsis of course of study at Indian Industrial School at Carlisle, Pa., list of students at Tunesassa, school curriculum chart [for Tunesassa?], blank financial forms, financial notes
  2. 1853-1869 [Thomas Evans, treas., 1853-1868; Joseph Scattergood, treas., 1866-1869]
    most [all?] of this folder is Tunesassa related material: farm inventories and accounts, letters from Abner Woolman and others at Tunesassa, store bills of Joseph Elkinton
  3. 1870-1879 [Joseph Scattergood, treas., 1870-1877; Ephraim Smith, treas., 1878-1879]
    most [all?] of this folder is Tunesassa related material: farm inventories, letters from Abner Woolman, Aaron P. Dewees, receipts and expenditures for school
  4. 1880-1889 [Ephraim Smith, treas.]
    includes Tunesassa related material: farm inventories, letters from Aaron P. Dewees
  5. 1890-1899 [Ephraim Smith, treas.]
    includes Tunesassa related material: farm inventories, letters
  6. 1900-1902, 1922, 1928 [Ephraim Smith, treas. 1900- 1902; Jonathan M. Steere, treas. 1922-1928]
    includes Tunesassa related material: farm inventories, letters from Thomas Blackburn and other members of family; also a statement of the different funds and resources of the committee (1922)
  7. 1943-1944 [Jonathan M. Steere] sale of Tunesassa farm
  8. 1957-1974 [George Vaux, treas.]
    includes 1960 correspondence re estate of Clara W. Finch
  9. 1972-1975 [George Vaux, treas.]
    Leroy Shenandoah Defense Fund and trial, includes clippings and news articles re shooting and death of L.S. on 3/2/1972
  10. 1977-1979 [George Vaux, treas., 1977; Alice Letchworth, 1977- 1979]
    includes Leonard Peltier Defense Committee material [ca. 1979], publications and broadsides
  11. 1980-1981 [Alice Letchworth, treas.]
  12. 1982-1983 [Alice Letchworth, treas.]

AA18. Treasurer's vouchers, 1892-1929
3 folders of vouchers [chiefly for Tunesassa salaries] as follows:

  1. 1892-1902 [Ephraim Smith, treas.]
  2. 1902-1907 [John W. Tatum, treas.]
  3. 1920-1929 [Jonathan M. Steere, treas.]

AA19. Canceled checks, 1894-1901; 1921-1928
(1 folder)

AA20. Bank statements with canceled checks, 1920-1983
These consist of bank statements, checks and some letters (ALS, TLS, photocopies), receipts and other financial records stapled together [by the treasurer] and are filed chronologically by date of statement.
10 folders as follows:

  1. Nov. 1920 - June 1923 [J.M. Steere, treas.]
  2. July 1923 - Aug. 1925 [" " " " ]
  3. Sept. 1925 - Sept. 1927 [" " " " ]
  4. Oct. 1927 - Jan. 1929 [" " " " ]
  5. July 1972 - July 1973 [Geo. Vaux, treas.]
  6. Aug. 1973 - Dec. 1974 [" " " ]
  7. Feb. 1975 - Sept. 1976 [" " " ]
  8. Oct. 1976 - Dec. 1977 [" " " ]
  9. Jan. 1978 - June 1980 [Alice Letchworth, treas.]
  10. July 1980 - June 1983 [" " " ]

AA21. Treasurer's reports, 1809-1983 [incomplete]
Handwritten and typed reports giving summary of a year's financial activity [most in "ledger" format - Dr and Cr]
8 folders as follows:

  1. 1809-1822
  2. 1830-1859
  3. 1860-1869
  4. 1870-1879
  5. 1880-1889
  6. 1890-1899
  7. 1900-1921
  8. 1956-1983

AA22. Cash book, 1836-1841
[ca. 60 p.]

  • "Committee for Gradual Civilization of Indian Nation in account with Robert Scotton, Tunesassa," 1836-1837; Joseph Battey, [Tunesassa], 1837-1841 [both apparently managing the farm at Tunesassa]

AA22.1 Ledger, 1849-1852
[ca. 35 p.]

  • Solomon Lukens in account with the "Committee on Indian Affairs," includes inventory of Tunesassa

AA23. Cash book, 1886-1900, of Tunesassa School
[ca. 237 p.]

  • The following Superintendents in account with the committee: Aaron Dewees [1886-1889]; James Henderson [1889-1894]; Thomas Blackburn [1894-1900]

AA24. Cash book, 1850-1911
[ca. 246 p.]

  • vol. labeled on spine "Indian Committee"
  • The committee in account with the following treasurers: Thomas Evans, [1850-1868]; Joseph Scattergood, [1868-1877]; Ephraim Smith, [1877-1902]; John W. Tatum, [1902-1907]; William B. Evans, [1907- 1911]. Also various funds and subscriptions, no index
  • [with note "Received of Chas. Evans 4/25/1921 Indian Com. Acct. Bk. 1850-1911"]

AA25. Cash book, 1911-1938
[ca. 320 p.]

  • vol. labeled on spine "Cash Book 1911 Indian Committee"

AA26. Farm account book, 1838-1840
[ca. 16 p.]

  • re Tunesassa and deals primarily with sheep

AA27. Journal [account book], 1864-1920
[ca. 360 p.]

  • vol. labeled on spine "Journal Indian Committee P.Y. Mtg."
  • runs from 3 mo. 1, 1864 to 2 mo. 28, 1920
  • also folder with 2 loose p. of accounts

AA28. Ledger, 1821-1825
[ca. 20 p.]

  • on front cover "Old Ledger 1821 Tunesassah"
  • with index
  • farm accounts

AA29. Ledger, 1858-1872
[ca. 150 p.]

  • primarily the "Committee on Indian Affairs in account with Reuben Battin" [1858-1859] and Abner Woolman [1860-1872]
  • appears to be Tunesassa farm accounts

AA30. Ledger, 1864-1920
[ca. 361 p.]

  • on spine "Ledger Indian Committee P.Y. Mtg."
  • with index
  • includes Tunesassa accounts

AA31. Daybook, 1829-1831
[ca. 60 p.]

  • Daybook runs from 5 mo. 13, 1829 - 6 mo. 3, 1831
  • on front cover "Daybook + Journal 1829 J.E." and at top of pages "Tunesassah State of New York"
  • contains farm accounts

AA32. Receipt book, 1787-1808
[ca. 80 p.]

  • receipt book kept by Henry Drinker, treasurer of PYM, 1787-1808

AA33. Receipt book, 1803-1882
[ca. 300 p.]

  • Treasurers are: John Elliott [1803-1809]; Isaac W. Morris [1809- 1830]; Thomas Evans [1850-1868]; Joseph Scattergood [1868-1877]; Ephraim Smith [1877-1882]
  • with many paste-ins, overstuffed

AA34. Receipt book, 1882-1887
[ca. 120 p.]

  • Ephraim Smith, treasurer
  • [made from "Postal card" book - "Patent back gummed stub file"]

AA35. Receipt book, 1887-1891

  • made up of pasted in receipts
  • Ephraim Smith, treasurer

AA36. Checkbook, 1900-1901

  • stamped "Indian Committee, Treasurer"
  • contains stubs for checks 223-271

AA37. Checkbook, 1901-1902

  • contains stubs for 241-390 [only 241-256 used]

AA38. Checkbook, 1920-1924

  • stamped inside "The Indian Committee, J.M. Steere, treasurer"
  • contains stubs for checks 1-300

AA39. Checkbook, 1966-1979

  • contains stubs for checks 3100-3399

AA40. Bankbook, 1894-1899

  • Ephraim Smith, Treasurer in account with The Union Trust Company, Philadelphia; with note inside "This is a duplicate book for one lost or mislaid 10/22/94"

AA41 - AA41.2

Letters are divided into two groups:

"AA41" includes those letters written by individual correspondents and Native American Nations, and are addressed primarily to the Indian Committee. Letters from Native American Nations and the Six Nations League of the Iroquois are listed first. These are followed by individual correspondents, arranged alphabetically by correspondent and chronologically within folders. Listings under individual correspondents includes location, date of letter, to whom addressed and a note as to content.

"AA41.1" includes letters written by the committee (or members of the committee acting for the committee). These letters are arranged chronologically. "AA41.2" are letters from U.S. Presidents to the Indians.

Correspondence Table of Contents

AA41 Letters to the Indian Committee include letters from:

AA41.1 Letters and addresses from the Committee

AA41.2 Addresses to the Indians from U.S. Presidents

AA41 Letters to the Indian Committee
(AA41 - Box 1 of 6)

Letters from Native American Nations to the Committee

Five folders as follows:

  1. Letter from unidentified Native American group, 1802
  2. Letters from the Stockbridge, 1796-1801 (includes letters from Hendrick Aupaumut, see image below)
  3. Speech of Keysis or the Sun, Chief of the Potawatomi, 1798
  4. Letter from the Creek, 1798
  5. Letters from the Delaware, 1798-1872 (includes letters from the Munsee)

Scanned Image Page 1 of ALS, New Stockbridge, 6 mo. 19, 1798, of Hendrick Aupaumut, Stockbridge chief, to John Parrish and Henry Drinker of PYMIC. Aupaumut writes of his lengthy return trip home from Philadelphia, how he found his people and farm, financial matters regarding the building of a sawmill and gristmill and thanks them for accepting an appointment from the President and Secretary of War "according to my request." Page 2 (from AA41 - Correspondence, letters to PYMIC from the Stockbridge) (each approx. 127k)

Letters from the Six Nations League of the Iroquois to the Committee:

Five folders as follows:

  1. Letters from the Seneca, 1801-1849
  2. Letters from the Seneca, 1850-1893 (see image below)
  3. Letters from the Oneida, 1801-1802
  4. Letters from the Onondaga, 1806-1866
  5. Letter from the Tuscarora, 1801

Scanned Image Page 1 of ALS, Versailles, N.Y., Dec. 14, 1891, of Thomas Kennedy, President of the Seneca Nation, to George J. Scattergood, Philadelphia, inviting him and members of the Society of Friends to attend Seneca National Council and advise the Seneca on leasing their land in Salamanca and elsewhere. Also typed reply of Scattergood on reverse. Page 2 (from AA41 - Correspondence, letters to PYMIC from the Seneca) (each approx. 78k)

Individual correspondents, filed alphabetically as follows:

Allen, Joseph
ALS, Tunesassa, 7-2-1897 to PYM Indian Committee re his resignation
Bailey, Joseph L.
ALS, Pine Iron Works, 2/28/1881 to George J. Scattergood (cousin) re Cornplanter claim, RR lines
Balderston, Alice
ALS, 9/5/1914, Tunesassa, to Hannah D. Stratton re resignation
Balderston, George
ALS, read 9/15/1897 to PYM Indian Committee re duty to help the Indians more efficiently
Baltimore Yearly Meeting Friends
7 ALS, Pipe Creek [5/23/1796], Baltimore [12/2/1798 to 2/5/1809]
letters are from Goldsmith Chandler, Caleb Kirk, John Brown, Philip E. Thomas (clerk), Gerard T. Hopkins, P.E. Thomas, Evan Thomas to PYM Indian Committee [Thomas Wistar, Thomas Fisher, Thomas Stewardson]
Barker, George (Judge)
2 ALS, 1 ms. copy (?), Fredonia
2/14 and 6/22/1871 to Joseph Scattergood re Indians leasing land and Ogden Land Co.
ms. copy, 2/26/1872 to Harrison Halftown re Kansas claims
Barr, John
ALS, Franklin, Pa., to George J. Scattergood
Bartlett, John S.
ALS, Collins, 3/21/1853 to Thomas Evans re financial
Battey, Joseph
Battey, Rebecca
ca. 20 ALS, chiefly from Joseph Battey, Tunesassa, from 11/27/1836 to 9/5/1841 (letters of 11/27/1836 and 2/11/1837 w/ Robert Scotton)
Battey, Mary
5 ALS, 3/12/1891 to 6/5/1893, Tunesassa, re resignation
Battey, Malinda E.
ALS, 3/14/1897, Tunesassa, re resignation
Battin, Catherine
ALS, 10/26/1864, Tunesassa
Battin, Henry
ALS, 7/27/1856, Tunesassa
Battin, Reuben
Battin, Eleanor Jane
8 ALS, Tunesassa, 4/2/1858 to 12/10/1859
Biddle, Caroline C.
ALS, 10/21/1922, Media, re wishes to be released from PYM Indian Committee work
Blackburn, Abel H.
Blackburn, Caroline
ca. 25 ALS, 4/3/1857 to 12/10/1861, chiefly from Tunesassa and from Abel H. Blackburn
Blackburn, Anna P.
2 ALS, 9/6/1899 and 6/17/1901, Tunesassa re resignation
Blackburn, Elizabeth
4 ALS, 6/13/1895 to 9/9/1899, Tunesassa re resignation
Blackburn, Thomas
Blackburn, Louisa S.
ca. 36 ALS, 3/10/1894 to 11/23/1900, chiefly from Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Bland, [M. Cora] [Dr.]
ALS, Washington, D.C., 6/6/1886 to George J. Scattergood re improbability of HR Bill 8746; opinion on how Ogden Land Co. could gain the land of the Senecas
Blowers, Etta
ALS, Tunesassa, 9/9/1887, to PYM Indian Committee re personal health problems and giving notice of her plans to leave
Boles, Josephine
2 ALS, Tunesassa
7/26/1903 to Caroline C. Scattergood re her resignation as caretaker
11/23/1907 to George J. Scattergood and Caroline Scattergood re her resignation
Bowles, Joanna
ALS, Tunesassa, 12/11/1895, to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Brackman, Louisa Carrie
7 ALS, Tunesassa [9/12/1887 to 6/8/1888]; Piatt, Pa. [4/9/1890 and 3/3/1892]
letters are to members of PYM Indian Committee and includes letters re her resignation and wish to be relieved from work
Bradway, William F.
Bradway, Rachel S.
Bradway, Anna
ca. 19 ALS, Tunesassa, 4/8/1904 to 3/20/1915, chiefly from William and Rachel Bradway
Bromley, William
ALS, Halifax (?), 9/17/1818 to Thomas Wistar re character reference for prospective employee
Brown, William Linni
1/22/1844 to H.M.W. Zollickoffer (?) re Seneca land and Ogden Land Co. w/clipping
ms. copy of 6/4/1844 from Maris B. Pierce, Buffalo Creek Reservation re Ogden Land Co. to WLB and 6/17/1844 ALS forwarding same to Samuel Bettle by WLB
Bundy, Asenath
10/5/1898, Colerain, OH, to PYM Indian Committee re application for position
7/4/1899, Tunesassa, to Caroline Scattergood re her resignation
Bundy, Rebecca W.
9/15/1891, [Tunesassa?], to Friends re leave of absence
6/7/1893, Tunesassa, to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Burgess, Elizabeth
1/29/1874, New Garden, Pa., to J. Scattergood re application
8/13/1877, Tunesassa, to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Busti, Paul
ALS, The Retreat Farm on Mill Creek, 12/20/1806 to Thomas Stewardson re financial
Cauredtauwacah, Jacob
3 L (ALS?), 1799-1803, London Grove (Chester Co., Pa.) re learning farming and blacksmithing
Chapin, Israel
ALS, Canawargaras, 7/6/1796 to PYM Indian Committee re Quaker intentions
Cheyney, Eliza A.
12/13/1873, Doe Run, Chester Co., Pa., to Thomas Wistar re inquiry into teaching position
9/13/1875, Tunesassa, to Geo. J. Scattergood re resignation
Churchman, George
ALS, 22/8/1799, New Garden, to Holliday Jackson re religious encouragement in their work w/ Indians
Clement, E.
ALS, Tunesassa, 6/3/1868 to Friends re resignation
Clendenon, Robert
Clendenon, Elizabeth
Clendenon, Hannah
7 ALS, 3/8/1813 to 7/3/1816, Tunesassa, to PYM Indian Committee re status at Tunesassa
Coal Creek Monthly Meeting (Keokuk Co., Iowa)
ALS, Keokuk Co., Iowa, 4/13/1872, to [?] re release of George W. and Abigail B. Mott
Coffin, Elijah
ALS, Richmond, Indiana, 11/13/1844 to George Williams (Treasurer) and Thomas Evans (clerk) of PYM Indian Committee re relief to the Shawnees
Conard, Rebecca
3 ALS, [?], 11/3/1856 to 9/13/1857, to Thomas Evans, Friends, re application for teaching position, follow-up to same, length of stay in the position she currently holds
Cooke, John
ALS, ALS, Philadelphia, 12/25/1815 to Thomas Wistar
Coope (Cope), Benjamin
ALS, 12/17/1800 to PYM Indian Committee re Indian girls
Coope (Cope), Nathan
10 ALS total
8 ALS, Tunesassa, 12/17/1805 to 10/18/1808 to PYM Indian Committee re state of affairs at Tunesassa [note these letters are from Coope in various combinations with the following other Friends: Jacob Taylor, Joel Swaine, Rachel Coope, Hannah Jackson, Stephen Twining, Thomas Dutton, Sarah Dutton, Agnes Cadwalader]
ALS, Clear Creek, 12/18/1809, to PYM Indian Committee re state of affairs [letter also from Jacob Taylor, Stephen Twining, Hannah Jackson]
ALS, Cattaraugus, 8/12/1810 to PYM Indian Committee re decisive answer of the Delaware Indians [letter also from Jacob Taylor, Stephen Twining, Hannah Jackson]
2 L [in whose hand?], n.d. (but probably 1791) and Oct. 15, 1799
to "Brothers" re the teaching of two children
to "Dear Friend"
Curriden, David D.
ALS, read 12/2/1878, to "Dear Sir"
Darling, John P.
ALS, Albany, N.Y., 3/18/1858 to Thomas Evans re Committee on roads and bridges
Darlington, William
ALS, Brownsville, 6/12/1857 to "Friend" re recommendation of Abel H. Blackburn
Davis, John
ALS, Washington, 4/24/1838 to Thomas Evans re copies of papers Evans wants are confidential
Dean, John
4 ALS, Stockbridge; Brothertown, 10/8/1801 to 11/21/1802 to members of PYM Indian Committee [David Bacon, Henry Drinker, John Parrish, Ellis Yarnall, Thomas Wistar, Thomas Fisher, Peter Barker] re address of Joseph Clark to Stockbridge Indians, Indian/white relations and N.Y. State government, conflict between Indians and their Superintendent Chapen, annuity coming from the U.S. to the Oneida Indians
Deering, N.C.
ALS, Washington, D.C., 6/12/1880 to Geo. Scattergood re bill for Wildwood Cemetery
Dewees, Aaron
Dewees, Miranda G.
ca. 18 ALS, 1/24/1874 to 9/14/1889, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Dewees, Aaron P.
Dewees, Eunice
ca. 69 ALS, 8/10/1873-6/14/1886, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Dinsmore, Silas
ALS, Tellico Blockhouse, 4/21/1798 to Henry Drinker re state of affairs
Dolsen, Gibson
2 ALS [with Eliza Dolsen]
3/20/1891 Cornplanter, Pa., to George J. Scattergood re application for membership with Friends
5/24/1891 Onondaga, N.Y., to Geo. J. Scattergood re new residence
Dolsen, Eliza
2 TL
read 12/17/1901 to Minnie re advice to live by
extract, n.d. [same as above?], to "the boys" re death of Old Man Titus
Dutton, Thomas
4 ALS, 2/12/1811 to 9/24/1811, Tunesassa [in combination with Jonathan Thomas, Joel Swain, Sarah Dutton, Joseph Harlan] re situation there
Eastlack, Sarah
ALS, Tunesassa, 4/6/1851 and 9/29/1853 to "Esteemed Friend" and to Joseph Elkinton re report of the school [1851], desire to go to Tunesassa [1853]
Edge, Jacob
ALS, Downingtown, Pa., 6/27/1868 to Joseph Scattergood re willingness of himself and sister Thomazin to go to Tunesassa
Edkin, Aaron S.
Edkin, Eva S.
ca. 19 ALS, TLS, 12/8/1899 to 3/22/1904, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Elkinton, Joseph
Elkinton, Sarah
ca. 60 ALS, 12/3/1820 to 9/12/1856, Tunesassa
re latest news on situation of the Indians at Tunesassa, school at Tunesassa, Sarah Elkinton's resignation [9/12/1856, includes some letters from Indians in JE's hand (Indians signed by mark) [some with Ann Thomas, Jonathan Thomas, Robert Scotton, Joseph Walton, Abigail Walton, Mary Nutt, Thomas Evans, Enoch Lewis, William Kinsey, Joel Evans]
ALS from N.T. Strong, Albany, 2/19/1851 to JE re request for a report on condition of Indians on Allegany Reservation
Elkinton, Joseph S.
12/15/1880, [Phila.] to George J. Scattergood
8/7/1913, Pocono Lakes, to "Wm."
Ellicott, Joseph
2 ALS, Batavia
12/5/1806 to Thomas Stewardson re land
5/2/1819 to Jacob Taylor re Thomas L. Ogden Esq.
Ellicott, Thomas
12/18/1818, Washington, to Thomas Wistar re Committee business
1/9/1819, Baltimore, to Thomas Wistar and others at Washington re statement submitted to Committee of Congress on the subject of the Indians
Evans, Joel
2 ALS, Springfield
10/22/1850 to Thomas Evans (brother) re survey of Cattaraugus farm
1/20/1857 to Jos. Elkinton re doubtful character of P. and G. Tome re Cornplanter heirs
Everett, Edward
ALS, Boston, 1/31/1839 to Samuel Bettle and Thomas Evans re treaty with Senecas
Fink, Charles
13 ALS, Dunkirk, Washington and Salamanca, 1/17/1869 to 9/27/1879 to Geo. J. Scattergood [12 ALS] and Joseph S. Elkinton [1 ALS] re Salamanca
Fisher, Miers
extract of a letter from Robert Barclay (son of Alexander Barclay) to MP, London, 6/2/1804 re contribution of $100 to PYM Indian Committee
Fletcher, Cotton
ALS, Allegheny River, 8/11/1818 to "Respected Friend" re account of surveying and opposition from the Indians
Forster, Josiah
ALS, London, 11/30/1838 to Thomas Evans re English view of situation with the Indians
Fowler, Orland R.
Fowler, Hannah C.
ca. 11 ALS, 1/4/1906 to 12/17/1907, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Frame, Emily D.
ALS, Tunesassa, 6/2/1906 to PYM Indian Committee re desire to be released from position
Frame, Lura L.
2 ALS, Tunesassa, 6/13/1902 and 6/13/1907 to PYM Indian Committee re desire to be released from position
"Friend resident among the natives"
extract, 3/3/1812, account of a speech given to the Indians
Ganswoort, Peter (Jr.)
ALS, Albany, 12/15/1803 to Israel Wheelen, Esq. re transmittal of a gift to Seneca Indians at Buffalo Creek
Gibbons, Joseph
Gibbons, Margaret
ALS, Raisin, Michigan, 8/26/1848 to PYM Indian Committee re desire to reside amongst the Indians
Gordon, Cynthia
2 items
extract of a letter, 6/10/1893 to Joseph Elkinton re departure of Rebecca Sears
ALS, Tunesassa, 8/3/1897 to PYM Indian Committee re desire to leave
Gould, [CR]?
ms. copy of ALS?, Buffalo, 3/2/1838 to Hon. H. Clay re land treaties
Grant, L. [Str.] B.
ALS, Medina, 2/27/1838 to Hon. (?) A.P. Grant (brother) re dissatisfaction of Tentemanca (?) Indians w/ treaty
Gray, Dennis
ALS, 1/30/1915, Tunesassa, re resignation
Haines, John G.
TL [copy], Tunesassa, 11/29/1904 to John W. Tatum re fire at Tunesassa
Haines, W. Herbert
ALS, Tunesassa, 1/29/1903 to Farm Committee of Tunesassa School Committee re resignation
Haines, Zebedee
ALS, 3/15/1908, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Halftown, Harrison
Cold Spring, 6/7/1864 to Joseph Scattergood re Indian census
Boyle Hotel, Washington, D.C., 3/2/1878 to Geo. J. Scattergood re legislation
Halftown, Jeffard E.
2 items
AL, Tunesassa, 3/7/1901 to PYM Indian Committee re lapse into drunkenness and vow to change his ways in the new century (writer a former student at Tunesassa)
ALS, Corydon, Pa., 3/31/1901 to Geo. Scattergood re faith, thanks for encouragement
Hall, Miriam P.
Tunesassa, 6/13/1880 to PYM Indian Committee re request for leave
Barnesville, OH, 9/12/1881 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Hall, Sina A.
2 ALS, Tunesassa
5/26/1876 to "Dear Friend" re willingness to go to Tunesassa
6/16/1879 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Hall, W. Mifflin
Hall, Mary Anna E.
ca. 7 ALS, 9/13/1912 to 3/13/1914, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Hartshorne, Richard
ALS, [?], 12/7/1820 to Thomas Wistar re plan for helping the Indians
Harvey, Henry
ALS, 8/6/1837 Wilmington, OH, to Thomas Wistar re report on Indian concerns
Haskell, D.C.
ALS, Washington, D.C., 3/2/1880 to Geo. J. Scattergood and Jos. Elkinton re HR Bill 3573
Hawkins, Benjamin
ALS, Fort Wilkerson, 7/8/1798 to John Parrish, Henry Drinker, Thomas Wistar re has given Indians Quaker address (on behalf of Friends), application of Anna daughter of Elizabeth Gorman for "her freedom" (?)
Heald, Emma L.
2 ALS, Tunesassa
7/26/1894, to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
7/15/1901, to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Henderson, Agnes
ALS, Tunesassa, 12/13/1894 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Henderson, James
Henderson, Eunice
ca. 20 ALS, 12/13/1889 to 12/6/1893, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Herrick, George R.
3 ALS, Dept. of Metropolitan Police, Washington, D.C., 3/4/1874 to 4/25/1874 to Joseph Scattergood re Senate Bill 640
Hinkson, Jno. C.
TLS, June 10, 1913, Chester, to Friends Indian School re bequest of Lydia Yarnall
Hinshaw, Ruth A.
ALS, Tunesassa, 6/1/1905 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Historical Society of Pa. (Richard Eddy)
ALS, Philadelphia, 10/12/1866 to PYM Indian Committee re thank you note
Hobson, Joseph
ALS, Flushing, 3/7/1854 to Joseph Elkinton, re willingness to work w/ Indians
Hodgdon, Samuel
ALS, Phila., 10/9/1800, to Henry Drinker and Thomas Stewardson re 2 Indian boys
Hodgin, Mary E.
ALS, [Tunesassa], read and minuted 12/16/1884 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Hooker, W.B.
2 items [ALS and telegram], Washington, D.C., 1/23/1893 to Geo. J. Scattergood re legislation
Hoopes, Edith A.
TLS, 4/1/1922, Phila., to Wm. C. Cowperthwaite, Clerk
Hoyle, Benjamin
ALS, Barnesville, 6/3/1857 to Joseph Elkinton re recommendation of Abel W. Blackburn
Huestis, Elizabeth
ALS, Tunesassa, 9/11/1882 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Huestis, Isaac
ALS, [also from Ellwood Dean], Chester Hill, Morgan Co. OH, 8/21/1873 to Joseph Scattergood re recommendation of Aaron and Eunice P. Dewees
Hunn, Jonathan
ALS, Camden, 3/9/1816 to Thomas Wistar re recommendation of Livi Shanahan
Hunt, Elizabeth
ALS, Newburgh, OH, 10/20/1873 to PYM Indian Committee re willingness to return to Tunesassa
Huntington, Moses
ALS, Collins, 1/17/1850 to Joseph Elkinton re renting of land
Huston, C.
ALS, Bellefonte, 8/8/1818 to Thomas Wistar re legal matters [attached 1 receipt and letter from Richard Wistar re C. Huston's letter]
Indiana Yearly Meeting
2 items
ALS [from Jesse Hanery (?)], Harveysburg, OH, 11/20/1844 to George Williams and Thomas Evans re financial matters
AL, 3/14/1833, to John Jacobs, an account probably written by Indiana Friends re Indians on the Wabash
Interior Dept., Bureau of Education, Washington, D.C.
LS, 6/20/1885 from John Eaton (Commissioner), to Geo. J. Scattergood re printing of a manuscript
Interior Dept., Office of Indian Affairs [all Washington, D.C. unless noted otherwise]
19 items
2 LS, 2/7/1865 and 2/18/1865 from W.P. Dole (Commissioner) to Joseph Scattergood re correspondence re right of N.Y. Indians to land in Kansas
LS, 12/24/1868 from W.F. Cady to Joseph Scattergood re inability of the office to predict Senate ruling on treaty with N.Y. Indians
ms. copy of ALS, 1/20/1869, from N.G. Taylor (Commissioner) to Hon. O.H. Browning (Secy. of Interior) re treaty between U.S. and the N.Y. Indians, concluded 12/4/1868
LS?, 3/11/1870, from E.S. Parker to Joseph Scattergood re pending treaty with the N.Y. Indians
3 ALS, 5/10/1870 to 5/16/1870 from W. (?) R. Irwin to Joseph Scattergood re preparation for ratification of a treaty
ms. copy of ALS, 6/15/1872 from F.A. Walker (Commissioner), to Hon. Sec. of the Interior re Onondaga and Cayuga Indians living on Seneca Reservation
ms. copy of ALS, 6/22/1872 from B.R. Cowin (Acting Secy.) to Hon. F.A. Walker re Onondaga and Cayuga Indians living on Seneca Reservation
ms. copy of ALS, 6/25/1872 from F.A. Walker to D. Sherman (U.S. Indian Agent, Forestville, N.Y.) re decision of the Indian Office on the rights of the Onondagas and Cayugas residing on the Seneca Reservation
LS, 4/10/1879 from E.A. Hayt (Commissioner) to Marmaduke C. Cope, Ephraim Smith and other PYM Indian Committee members re leasing of Indian land
ALS, Jamestown, N.Y., 10/19/1885 from A. Hazeltine (U.S. Commissioner) to [?] re sale of intoxicants to Indians on the Seneca Reservation
TD (copy of report), 6/7/1888 from H.S. Muldrow, (Acting Secy.), to Secy. of the Interior re HR Bill 8346, leases, Ogden Land Co.
2 TL [signed by machine], 12/6 and 12/15/1892 from T.J. Morgan, to Geo. J. Scattergood and Joseph Elkinton re complaints of liquor sellers by the Indians w/ attached copy of a letter detailing orders to U.S. Indian Agent A.W. Ferrin
TLS, Olean, N.Y., 6/22/1897 from John R. Jewell to Geo. J. Scattergood re efforts to exempt Tunesassa property from taxation
TLS, Salamanca, 3/29/1907 from B.B. Weber (U.S. Indian Agent) to Geo. J. Scattergood re sales of liquor to the Indians
Bulletin, for release to PM's 9/18/1956, re "Secretary Seaton's statement on Wyandotte Cemetery"
Jackson, Lydia
ALS, [Tunesassa B.S.], 6/24/1877 to "Friend" re reflections on E. Worth and J. Scattergood
Jacobs, John
ALS, Upper Providence, 7/13/1811 to Samuel Bettle re reluctance of Indians to sell them land
Jimerson, Abner
TLS, R.D.I. Gowanda, N.Y., 2/10/1953 to PYM Indian Committee w/ attached copy of "Sermon tribute to John Snyder by Rev. W. David Owl given on 12/5/1952" TLS re distribution of the tribute and relations of Indians to the government
Jimerson, Laure B.
ALS, Allegheny Reservation, 1/25/1877 to Abigail W. Hall re death of sister Phebe Boan
John, Andrew (Jr.)
ALS, Salamanca, 6/10/1886 to Geo. J. Scattergood re events of June Council at the Cattaraugus Reservation [on Seneca Nation letterhead]
Johnson, S.P.
3 ALS, Warren
11/13/1873 to Joseph Scattergood re business and land transactions
1/29/1881 to Geo. J. Scattergood re title of the Cornplanter heirs to the tract to land on which Oil City if now built; ALS response 3/24/1881 from GJS
3/26/1881 to Geo. J. Scattergood re misc. Indian deeds
Johnston, John
ALS, Upper Piqua, 4/12/1835 to Henry Harvey re speech of Indians and comments on the work that is going on with the Indians
Keely, Faith W.
ALS, 6/6/1914, Charlestown, W. Va.. re wishes to teach at Tunesassa
Kennedy, John, Jr.
13 ALS, Buffalo, Washington City, and Cattaraugus Reservation, 2/28/1838 to 6/18/1880 to Joseph Elkinton, Geo. Scattergood, Joseph Scattergood re news of the Indians from a Seneca perspective
ALS, 3/18/1851, Albany [from John Kennedy, Jr.] to Joseph Elkinton re ignorance of Hicksite Quakers as to situation of Indians and enclosing copy of an ALS 2/22/1851, New York, from N.Y. Yearly Mtg. [Indian Com.] to the Committee of Indian Affairs of the House of Representatives of the State of New York re Indians capability to govern themselves, recommendation to maintain the status quo
Kite, James R.
Telegram [w/ Panap M. Penrose, clerks], McConnellsville, OH, 9/18/1873 to Geo. J. Scattergood re Aaron P. and Eunice Dewees for Tunesassa
Lawrence, Richard R.
ms. copy of ALS, New York, 12/27/1816 to Thomas Stewardson re removal of the Indians from N.Y.
Lee, Catharine
12/5/1863, Tunesassa, to Thomas Evans re dissatisfaction with salary
7/25/1872, Exeter, to Joseph Scattergood re record of expenses
Leeds, Henry B.
ca. 8 ALS, TLS, TL, 12/15/1919 to 10/20/1922, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Little Turtle
2 items
L, [with signature? of "W. Wells, Inpt." under "Little Turtle"], Fort Wayne, 8/30/1798 to Thomas or Meirs Fisher re statement of faith and friendship
Address to President of the U.S., [with "William Wells, Indian Agent" certifying that it is a true translation], Fort Wayne, 11/30/1804
Logan, Polly
LS [signed by mark], Cornplanter, 5/11/1870 to Mr. Davis re request for repayment of a sum she loaned to him
Lukens, Solomon
ca. 29 ALS, 1/14/1850 to 1/28/1853, mostly from Tunesassa re news from Tunesassa
McFadgen, Elizabeth Pyle
ALS, 6/15/1914, Phila. re wishes to apply for teaching position at Friends Indian School
McGirr, Mary
6 items
4 ALS, Tunesassa, 9/9/1892 to 10/3/1898, to PYM Indian Committee, Geo. J. Scattergood, Sarah E. Smith re leave of absence, resignation
TL, Tunesassa, 7/10/1898, her farewell address to Indians residing on the Allegany Reservation
extract of a letter, Bartlett, OH, 10/18/1898 to S.E. Smith re experiences at Tunesassa
McGrew, Anna
ALS, 3/9/1914, Tunesassa, re resignation
McGrew, Elizabeth
ALS, Tunesassa, 6/13/1902 to PYM Indian Committee re notice of intention to leave position
Matlack, T.
ALS, Lancaster, 1/28/1801 to John Parrish and Henry Drinker re surveying of land
Merriam, F.N.
ALS, Bradford, 11/27/1897 to Geo. J. Scattergood re proposition to lease land at Quaker Bridge, Pa. to develop for oil
Mifflin, Ann
ALS, Phila., 2/25/1804 to Jona. Thomas and Joel Swain at Genesanguhta re their Indian work and getting women to instruct Indian women
Mix, Charles E.
2 ALS, Washington, D.C., 6/17/1871 and 7/11/1872, to Joseph Scattergood re business associated with the preparation of a statement of the origin of the claims of the N.Y. Indians to lands in Kansas
Moon, J. Edward
TLS, March 9, 1918, Morrisville, Pa. re doesn't wish to serve on Tunesassa committee
Morris, Emma E.
ALS, Tunesassa, 12/13/1907 to PYM Indian Committee re request to be released from position
Morris, Samuel
ALS, Olney, 2/14/1879 to Geo. J. Scattergood re committee and politics
Mott, George W.
Mott, Abigail B.
ca. 23 ALS, 12/15/1872 to 9/11/1882, mostly from Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
New York Yearly Meeting Indian Committee
12 ALS, New York, 5/27/1797 to 7/26/1844
[signed by Thomas Eddy, Richard Mott, Mahlon Day in various combinations]
re New York Yearly Meeting Indian Committee, transport of goods to the Indians, conclusion of Yearly Mtg., arrival of Coll. Floyd, committees, status of various people, request for information, visit to the Indians
Oakford, Aaron
extract of a letter ["a true copy 7th mo. 22nd, 1798"], Fort Sclarher (?), 6/29/1798 to his father re uneasiness of Indians at Buffalo Creek
Ogden, David A.
LS, Phila., 4/7/1819 to Thomas Stewardson re civilization of the Seneca Indians
Ogden Land Company
4 TL (copies) re claims of the company as follows:
W.A. Poucher, Oswego, N.Y., 2/10/1896 to Attorney General
(2 TL) of J.R. Jewell (U.S. Indian Agent), 2/21/1896 and Olean, N.Y., 3/2/1896 to Joseph S. Elkinton
Charles Daniel (Chairman, HR Committee of Elections), Washington, D.C., 2/28/1896 to J.R. Jewell
Ogden, T.L.
Canandaigua, 6/4/1819 to Jacob Taylor re notice of a council to be held at Buffalo
Buffalo, 7/10/1819 to Jacob Taylor re impression of council meeting
Ohasantque, Peter
ALS (?), Tuscarora, 10/16/1801 to Henry Drinker, David Bacon, John Parrish, William Savery re his Nations' progress
Otis, Alice D.
ALS, [Tunesassa], 2/23/1907, to PYM Indian Committee re resignation as boy's caretaker
"Ovenhomet," Peter
ms. letter? to above?, 1799, not in English
Parsons, Samuel
ALS, Baltimore, 12/20/1818 to Thomas Wistar re report on status
Peirce, John
Stockbridge, 7/1/1796 to PYM Indian Committee (John Elliot) re description of their situation [also from James Cooper, Joseph Sansom, Isaiah Rowland, Enoch Walker]
Darby, 7/22/1798 to Henry Drinker and Thomas Stewardson re recent correspondence
Pennock, John
Niagara Falls, 6/16/1803 to Thomas Wistar re report on arrival
[also from Jacob Taylor, Jonathan Thomas and Joel Swain] Tunesassa - 6/9/1804 to Thomas Stewardson re trip to and arrival at Tunesassa
Penrose, Barclay
ALS, Barnesville, 9/22/1893 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Peters, Mary
ALS, New Garden, 8/26/1800 to PYM Indian Committee re desire to go home [note: she is a young Indian girl who was living with Friends]
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Hicksite)
L (printed), 11/15/1849, New York re closing of Female Manual Labor School on the Cattaraugus Reservation and withdrawal from work there
Phillips, Walter L.
ALS, Tunesassa, 9/26/1900 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Pickering, Timothy
6 items
ALS (copy of), Phila., Dept. of State, 5/31/1796 to Gov. St. Clair re request for protection for Maryland delegation to visit the Indian tribes
ALS, Dept. of State, 5/31/1796 to Henry Drinker re support of President for delegation from Maryland [also a ms. copy of this ALS]
ALS, Washington, 2/8/1817 to Thomas Stewardson and Thomas Wistar re suggestions to thwart the attempts of those men who are trying to take advantage of the Indians
ALS, Wenham (?), 11/21/1818 to Thomas Stewardson and Thomas Wistar re civilization of the Indians
2 ALS (copies of on one leaf), Phila., 2/15/1796 to Jasper Parrish re plans for the civilization of the Indians; to Captain Israel Chapin re expectations
Pierce, Lydia J.
TL (extract from letter to L. Carrie Brackman), Irving, N.Y., 3/21/1890 to [?] re desire to join with Quakers
Pierce, Maris B.
2 ALS, Washington, D.C., 1/22 and 1/28/1839 to Joseph Elkinton re news on arrival in city and visit to War Dept.
Chief Warrior Post Office, Cattaraugus Reservation, 11/29/1849 to Joseph Elkinton, Joel Evans and Thomas Wistar re future of the Indians, concern
Cold Spring, 2/11/1858 to Joseph Elkinton "Friend and my Teacher" re update on status, experiences as a teacher
Prentiss, Samuel
2 ALS, Washington, [D.C.], 4/24/1838 and 2/17/1842 to Samuel Bettle and Thomas Evans re status of treaty currently being reviewed
Price, Eli K.
ALS, [?], 8/31/1877 to William P. Townsend (nephew) re opinion on the Indians' title
Priestley, Joseph
ALS (copy of), Phila., 4/29/1797 to Sir John Sinclair re agriculture
Rancocas Preparative Meeting
ALS [Aaron Wills, Ezra Haines], Rancocas, N.Y., 6/16/1852 to PYM Indian Committee re endorsement of Ephraim M. and Ruth C. Huntington
Rhoads, William B.
ca. 10 TLS, 6/4/1918 to 8/27/1920, Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Robinson, James
2 LS [by mark], 5/16/1819 and 4/17/1820, Tunesassa re glad of Quaker's involvement
Sargeant, John
New Stockbridge, 7/13/1798 to Henry Drinker re appropriation of money from a grant, dealing with Chapin
Stockbridge, New England, 4/7/1799 to Henry Drinker re same as above
Washington, 7/7/1838 to M.(?) Evans re decision against the claim of the Senecas for their expenses, passage as an amendment to an Indian bill
Scotton, Robert
15 ALS, 1/18/1837 to 3/9/1858, Tunesassa [some also signed by Ebenezer Worth, Thomazin Valentine, Caroline Hoagland] re affairs at Tunesassa
Sears, Rebecca
6 items
5 ALS, Tunesassa, 3/9/1888 to 12/9/1892 to PYM Indian Committee, George J. Scattergood, re request to spend vacation at home, explanation of large school bill, vacation and health, request for leave of absence, notice of resignation
extract from letter, [Tunesassa?], 9/10/1892 to Joseph S. Elkinton re possible application for membership of Eli and Jennie Jemerson, status of situation and various groups
Sharples, Joshua
4 items
ALS [with John Peirce], Pittsburgh, 5/11/1798 to PYM Indian Committee re arrival
ALS [Joshua Sharples, John Peirce, Henry Simmons Jr., Joel Swayne, Halliday Jackson] to Cornplanter and Indian brothers of the Seneca nation now living on the Allegheny River re willingness to help the Indians
ALS [with John Peirce], Canuscatoga, 5/31/1798 to Thomas Wistar re report of status at new settlement
handwritten copy of speech by Joshua Sharples, Isaac Coates, James Cooper, Thomas Stewardson, Tenush-ke-da-go (?), 9/14/1799 to Cornplanter and several other chiefs of the Seneca Nation re Quaker/ Indian relations and questioning how satisfactory they have been
Sherman, Daniel
7 items
[U.S. Agency for New York Indians] Forestville, N.Y.
9/22/1871 to Abner Woolman re Inquiries about school
1878 address of Sherman before the Teachers Institute, Cattaraugus Reservation [printed]
copy of ALS, 6/2/1879 to Amos Shongo re business matters
6/28/1879 to Joseph Elkinton re Treaty of 1826 and the resurvey of the Cattaraugus Reservation
11/22/1879 to Samuel Morris Olney re Treaty of 1826, suspension as Indian agent
handwritten copy of part of a letter, Forestville, N.Y., 11/22/1879 to Samuel Morris re the title of the Senecas to the "7 mile strip" and "one mile blocks" at Cattaraugus
TLS, Forestville, N.Y., 2/24/1897 to Society of Friends, Phila., re spreads the news of allotting lands of the Senecas on Cattaraugus and Allegany Reservations
Shoemaker, Edward
ca. 17 items
15 ALS, Ebensburg, Pa., 12/13/1846 to 9/20/1864 to Nathan Kite [1], George Williams [7], Thomas Evans [7] re
also account statement (1847) and various memos and clippings
Silverheels, George
ALS, 9/1/1819, Tunesassa re intention of living a "good" life
Simmons, Henry
10 ALS
[also from Jonathan Thomas], Oneida, 4/1797 re Jacob Taylor's returning home
5/23/1797, Oneida, re bringing the tools for husbandry to the Indians, copy of a speech to the Indians and Indians' response
2 ALS, 7/16/1797, Oneida, re desire to be released from Oneida [also from Jacob Taylor and Jonathan Thomas]
[also from Joel Swayne], Conniscotago, 11/13/1798 re desire of Cornplanter and his people to receive their money which is due
[also from Joel Swayne], Genesanguhta, 11/16/1798 re buildings recently constructed
4 ALS [also from Joel Swayne, Halliday Jackson], Genesanguhta, 7/29/1798 to 8/22/1799 to Thomas Wistar, PYM Indian Committee re progress in farming and building, opportunity for involvement in schooling the Indians, purchase of farm animals, evil of liquor, transport of goods, opposition to suggestion that Indians send children to school in their village
Smith, Augustus
6 ALS, Collins [and 1 from Phila.], 11/13/1845 to 3/18/1851 to Joseph Elkinton [5], Thomas Evans [1], Joel Evans [1] re business, especially concerning the farm
Smith, Ephraim
ALS, Phila., 12/16/1889 to Geo. Scattergood re Treasury Account
Smith, Louisa
7 ALS, Tunesassa, 7/22/1872 to 11/1/1881 to Joseph Scattergood, PYM Indian Committee, George Scattergood
encloses accounts of the deaths of various people
Smith, Maria
Coal Creek, Iowa, 1/13/1886 to PYM Indian Committee re application for Tunesassa
Tunesassa, 12/10/1886 to PYM Indian Committee re desire to leave
Smith, Sarah T.
ALS, Tunesassa, 6/6/1887 to George J. Scattergood re desire to leave at end of term
Solomon, Mitchell
ALS, St. Regis, Quebec, 2/9/1880 to Joseph Scattergood and E. Worth re Kansas claims
Stantan, James
ALS, Springboro, Ohio, 12/1/1844 to George Williams and Thomas Evans re business matters
Starbuck, Anna D.
2 ALS, Tunesassa
9/6/1902 [with Hannah Hoyle] re request for permission to visit homes
6/1/1905 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Starbuck, Eva
2 ALS, Tunesassa, 9/11/1897 and 12/9/1899 to PYM Indian Committee re request to attend Yearly Mtg, resignation
Stephen, Mary J.
ALS, Tunesassa, 7/16/1888 to PYM Indian Committee re notice of resignation
Story, Lillian
TL, 11/27/1891, Tunesassa, to her mother re gives advice to her mother on how she should live (religious in nature)
Street, John W. [Atlantic & Great Western RR - claims agent)
4 ALS, Cleveland, OH, 7/30/1874 to 9/14/1874 to Joseph Scattergood re plan for the civilization of the Seneca Indians
Sundown, Eliza
ALS, 1/31/1907, Shongo, N.Y. to Orland Fowler and wife re placing a boy at Friends Indian School
Sundown, Matie Leona
ALS, 1/2/1907, Tunesassa to her father re wants father to come and live with family again and support them
Swain (Swayne), Joel
10 ALS
3 ALS [with Halliday Jackson, Jacob Taylor, Jonathan Thomas in various combinations], Genesanguhta, 11/10/1799 to 2/2/1804 to PYM Indian Committee re status of situation among the Indians, removal to new habitation
7 ALS [with Jacob Taylor, Jonathan Thomas, Thomas Dutton, Sarah Dutton, Robert Clendenon, Elizabeth Clendenon, Hannah Clarkson in various combinations], Tunesassa, 11/7/1804 to 3/18/1814 to PYM Indian Committee [6] and Isaac W. Morris re status at Tunesassa
Swift, B.
2 ALS, Washington, D.C., 4/24/1838 and 2/11/1839 to Samuel Bettle and Thomas Evans re status of treaty under review [Buffalo Treaty]
Taylor, Jacob
ca. 55 items
ca. 52 ALS, 9/2/1796 to 3/14/1821 [chiefly ALS, also some copies, many signed by additional Friends; Henry Simmons, Jonathan Thomas, Wm. Gregory, Susanna Gregory, Hannah Jackson, Joel Swain, Vincent Wiley, John Pennock, Benjamin Coope, Rachel Coope, Issachar Mann and also Handsome Lake (by mark)] re situation among the Indians, from the following locations:
[18 from] Oneida, 9/2/1796 to 12/25/1799
[8 from] Genesanguhta, 6/28/1801 to 6/20/1803
[9 from] Tunesassa, 3/25/1803 to 8/4/1808
[1 from] Newbury, 5/5/1810
[12 from] Cattaraugus, 8/12/1810 to 3/14/1821
[3 from] Batavia, 3/3/1812 to 11/27/1817
[2 from] Buffalo, 3/23/1818 and 2/27/1819
also speech to Oneidas, 1/6/1800 re farewell
copy of ALS from J.C. Calhoun (Sec. of War), 8/19/1818
Talbott, Emma M.
ALS, Tunesassa, 11/28/1898 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Thomas, Jonathan
ca. 8 ALS, 4/21/1804 to 5/19/1821, [some also signed by Joseph Elkinton and Ann Thomas] re situation of living among the Indians, from the following locations:
[1 from] Genesanguhta, 4/21/1804
[6 from] Tunesassa, 3/28/1817 to 5/20/1820 [3/17/1819 ALS includes ALS of JE dated 3/28/1819]
[1 from] Pittsburgh, 5/19/1821
Trimble, Joseph
3 ALS, Concord, 7/17/1797 to 6/2/1799 to Henry Drinker re Thomas Wilson, update on personal life
Trippe, Morton F.
ALS, Salamanca, 3/3/1903 to George Scattergood re banishment of liquor at Red House
Twining, Stephen
8 ALS [all with Jacob Taylor and Hannah Jackson], 3/15/1811 to 2/15/1815, Cattaraugus re current situation
Vail, Mary
ALS, Tunesassa, 11/26/1873 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Van Rensselaer, Leland D.
TLS, Randolph, N.Y., 4/22/1890 to Geo. J. Scattergood re discovery of a vein of coal
Valentine, Thomazine
7 ALS, Tunesassa, 7/6/1857 to 12/8/1864 to PYM Indian Committee re correspondence re work with Indians
Walker, Enoch
ALS, Great Valley, 11/18/1796 to PYM Indian Committee re decision to go once more to work with the Indians, albeit reluctantly
Wallace, William
ALS [copy of?] [with Henry Baldwin], Meadville, 4/14/1801 to Thomas McKean [Gov. of Pa.], re a letter from the chiefs of the Munsee
War Department, Secretary of War
War Department, Office of Indian Affairs [esta. 1824]
ca. 22 items
copy of ALS from James McHenry, 4/4/1798 to Capt. Hendrick Aupaumet re payment of annuity, etc.
copy of ALS from James McHenry, 5/14/1798 to Chiefs and Sachems of the Seneca Nation re sale of land to Robert Morris
LS, 3/19/1801 from Henry Dearborn to Israel Whelen re Indians and Friends [also copy of same]
LS, 5/22/1801 from Henry Dearborn to Henry Drinker re Friends and Indians
LS, 11/21/1801 from Henry Dearborn to Henry Drinker re payment of sum to Friends from Israel Whelen, Purveyor of Public Supplies
LS?, 1/7/1802 from Henry Dearborn to Henry Drinker, Thomas Stewardson and Thomas Wistar re Friends and Indians, letter put before the President
LS, 5/18/1802 from Henry Dearborn to Henry Drinker re would Friends be able to assist the Choctaws?
LS?, 1/12/1803 from Henry Dearborn to Henry Drinker re Oneida Indians
LS?, 1/8/1812 from W. Eustis to Thomas Wistar re acknowledges material sent to him by Friends
LS?, 4/10/1819 from Thomas L. McKenney to Thomas Wistar re questions about Friends' Indian schools
3 handwritten copies of 3 ALS, 7/14/1828 to 7/19/1828 between Peter B. Porter, Thomas L. McKenney, War Dept. and firm of Troup, Ogden and Rogers re 1826 treaty
handwritten copy of ALS, 3/14/1838 from Carey Allen Harris [Indian Comm.] to J.R. Poinsett, Secy. of War re payment of Seneca annuity
3 LS, 3/29/1838 to 4/11/1838 from S. Cooper [Acting Secy. of War] to Samuel Bettle re Buffalo treaty
LS, 10/11/1838 from D. Kurk [Acting Com.] to J.R. Poinsett, Secy. of War re compensation to the Seneca delegation opposed to the treaty [Buffalo?] to be paid
LS?, 10/16/1838 from J.R. Poinsett to Samuel Bettle re expenses of Seneca delegation opposed to [Buffalo] treaty
ALS?, 6/26/1839, J.H. Offley to Samuel Bettle re Secy. of War not able to attend a meeting
LS?, 4/1/1840 from Thomas Hartley Crawford [Indian Comm.] to Thomas Evans re compensation to Seneca delegation
Wayne, Anthony
ALS, Detroit, 9/5/1796 to John Parrish, David Bacon, Nicholas Waln and Henry Drinker re correspondence, copy of speech to Indians
Weber, B.B.
TLS [copy of], Salamanca, 5/27/1907 to Rev. Henry Wood re difficulties of enforcing liquor laws
Wellman, John
ALS, Tunesassa, 11/6/1832 to Joseph Elkinton re situation at Tunesassa
Wells, Thomas
2 ALS, Friends Shawnoe School, [he's in Westport, Mo.] 1/5 and 6/2/1845 to Thomas Evans and George Williams re report of situation among Indians
Whitson, Samuel
ca. 25 ALS, Tunesassa, 6/9/1855 to 8/2/1858 to PYM Indian Committee re situation there [also handwritten draft of ALS to SW from PYM Indian Committee 2/14/1856]
Wilkinson, James
ALS, Pittsburgh, 12/24/1797 to Owen Biddle re treatment of the Indians [also copy of same]
Willard, A.J. (Judge)
7 items
6 TLS, National Indian Defense Association, Washington, D.C., 9/17/1886 to 10/27/1886 to George J. Scattergood re taking of Indian property, Supreme Court cases about rights of the Indians [w/ initialed ALS from GJS on reverse], Indian property rights [w/ note on back from GJS, 10/30/1886]
copy of TL, Washington, D.C., 5/1/1888 to Hon. Secretary of the Interior re the bills for the relief of the Seneca Indians of New York, pending in the Senate and House
Williams, A.B.
ALS, Albany, 3/23/1858 to Thomas Evans re Indian claims
Williams, Benjamin
ALS, Cold Spring, 10/10/1873 to E. Worth re division of Indian lands
Wilson, Alex
ALS, Phila., 3/27/1797 to PYM Indian Committee re a sum of money directed by will to go to educating the Indians
Wilson, Ann Eliza
ALS, [Tunesassa?], 12/9/1891 to PYM Indian Committee re resignation
Wilson, Thomas
Washington, 11/24/1801 to Henry Drinker re plans to get to Tunesassa
Kingston, 4/3/1803 to Henry Drinker re trip to the city of Washington, reunion with brothers
Wistar, Caspar
ALS, Phila., 12 month 1844 to PYM Indian Committee re relations with the Indians
Wood, Henry
ALS, The National Temperance Society, 3/25 and 4/1/1907 to Geo. J. Scattergood re stopping "liquor business amongst our Indian wards"
Wood, John
Wood, Susanna L.
10 items
8 ALS, Tunesassa [11/8/1852 West Chester], 11/8/1852 to 11/17/1853 mostly to PYM Indian Committee re reports of situation
plan of proposed alterations in the buildings at Tunesassa, 3/1853 and new plan of the proposed building at Tunesassa
Wood, Susanna L.
notebook containing copies of letters "written by our sister Susanna at Tunesassa during her residence there from 11/1852 until 11/1853 when she died, aged 36 years and about 10 days" in "Student's Exercise Book" belonging to Margaret Lightfoot
Wright, Asher
2 ALS, Cattaraugus Reservation, 9/11/1868 to 1/8/1870 to Thomas Wistar re papers associated with Indian land claims in Kansas [also handwritten copy of 1/8/1878 ALS]
Woolman, Abner
ca. 112 ALS, Tunesassa, 9/16/1860 to 9/16/1873 to PYM Indian Committee re situation of Friends at Tunesassa
Friends Indian School
Worth, Ebenezer
ca. 48 ALS, Tunesassa, 7/8/1843 to 3/6/1872 to PYM Indian Committee re situation of Friends at Tunesassa

AA41.1 Letters and addresses from the Committee, ca. 1791-1968

19 folders

These folders contain letters and addresses emanating from the committee [or individuals acting on behalf of the committee] and are arranged chronologically. They include letters to Friends working with the Indians at various locations [Tunesassa, Oneida, etc.], letters and addresses to various Indian Nations [chiefly to the Seneca], letters to government officials on legal and legislative matters, etc.

Some of the topics discussed in the letters are:

  • schooling of Indian children
  • farming as a way of life for the Indians
  • Buffalo Treaty fraud of 1838
  • Ogden Land Company
  • Kansas land claims of the Indians
  • Friends Indian School at Tunesassa
  • temperance
  • leasing of Indian land

Note: most of these letters have a notation on them referring to where they appear in the Committee's minutes ("read and minuted").

Primarily handwritten copies and drafts of letters.

Letters are arranged as follows:

  1. undated correspondence (ca. 2 items)
  2. 1791-1796 (ca. 19 items, ms. copies and drafts, in hand of Henry Drinker and others)
  3. 1797-1799 (ca. 14 items)
  4. 1800-5 mo., 1801 (ca. 16 items)
  5. 7 mo., 1801-1802 (ca. 15 items)
  6. 1803-1805 (ca. 13 items)
  7. 1806-1809 (ca. 11 items)
  8. 1810-1815 (ca. 21 items)
  9. 1816-1820 (ca. 21 items)
  10. 1821-1827 (ca. 11 items)
  11. 1830-1838 (ca. 20 items)
  12. 1839-1849 (ca. 27 items)
  13. 1850-1869 (ca. 24 items)
  14. 1870-1878 (ca. 13 items)
  15. 1879-1889 (ca. 15 items)
  16. 1892-1914 (ca. 12 items)

(17 and 18) Secretary's correspondence, 1939-1951

Photocopied note says "Minutes and papers brought to Records Department by Howard G. Taylor at the time office moved from Arch Street - 1956 (they do not represent an official Indian Comm. deposit, I believe - Mary Ogilvie)"

  1. 1939-1947
    correspondence, reports re school at Quaker Bridge, Indian Committee business, Oklahoma missions, legislation, Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs, minutes
  2. 1948-1951
    correspondence, publications, minutes, map, reports (most with "79" and "file" at top right corner)
  3. 1956-1968 (Kinzua Dam)
    primarily correspondence with Charles J. Darlington, Clerk of PYM in reply to PYM letter sent to various senators and congressmen on Kinzua Dam; also some clippings and other papers

AA41.2 Addresses to the Indians from U.S. Presidents, 1808, 1819

1 folder

3 items as follows:

  • Thomas Jefferson "Copy of the President's reply to the address of Hendrick Appaumut" addressed to "My son Capt. Hendrick, and my children the Delawares, Mohiccons and Munsies" urging them to take up farming and for each to own their own land, also part of address of Hendrick to Friends, 1808 [ms. copy]
  • James Monroe's address to the Indians urging them to divide their land amongst themselves, 1/15/1819. [2 ms. copies, one notarized]

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