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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections

Morris Wistar Wood Collection, 1716 -1979

Ms. Coll. 1140
36 boxes

Gifts of Howard Wood (accession nos. 4098, 4194, 5241, 5360, 5480) and purchase from Carmen Valentino (accession no. 6564)

Table of contents

Biographical background

Chiefly the related Quaker families of Collins, Cresson, Emlen, Morris, Wistar and Wood.

Horatio Curtis Wood (1803-1879) m. Elizabeth Head Bacon (1808-1846). Their son, John Bacon Wood (1843-1913) m. Lydia Cope Collins (1845-1921).

John and Lydia's son Horatio Curtis Wood (1870-1943) m. Annabella Cresson Wistar (1872-1967). Horatio and Annabella's children included Morris Wistar Wood (1899-1980) who m. Evelyn Byrd Page (niece of Rev. Charles Wood).

John Wistar (1759-1815) m. Charlotte Newbold (1762-1819). Their son, Bartholomew Wistar (1790-1841) m. Susan N. Lawrie (1796-1870).

Bartholomew and Susan's son, Bartholomew Wyatt Wistar (1818-1869) m. Annabella Elliott Cresson (1818-1869) who was the sister of Charles Caleb Cresson. Bartholomew and Annabella's children included Dillwyn Wistar who m. Elizabeth Buckley Morris. Their daughter was Annabella Cresson Wistar (1872-1967) who m. Horatio Curtis Wood.

Sources for above : "The Wistar family : A genealogy of the descendants of Caspar Wistar, ..." by Richard Wistar Davids (Philadelphia, 1896) [Quaker BX 7721.W81 D25]; "Family sketches" by Juliana R. Wood (Philadelphia, 1870) [Quaker BX 7720.W76 F36]. See also "Reminiscences of Isaac and Rachel (Budd) Collins ..." (Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott Co., 1893) [Quaker BX 7731.C734 Z8] ; autobiography of Morris Wistar Wood in Ms. Coll. 975A and genealogical charts created during the processing of this collection.

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In order to aid navigation within this finding aid, links have been provided at the beginning of selected box descriptions: to the table of contents, collection summary and to all other boxes in the collection . These links can be found immediately before Boxes 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 13, 15, 18, 23, 27, 31. In addition, linked names within the collection summary section link to the box where the papers referred to are located.

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Scanned Image Page 1 of letter, 7.7.1910, of Horatio Curtis Wood to his wife, Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood, while she traveled in Europe with her parents and he stayed behind with their three children. Page 2 (each about 127k)

Summary of collection

Note: highlighted names link to the box where the papers referred to are located.

Contents of collection: correspondence, diaries, photographs, genealogy, deeds, financial, legal and business papers, clippings, maps, facsimiles and other misc. papers.

Primarily correspondence of the related Quaker families of Collins, Cresson, Emlen, Morris, Wistar and Wood with friends and family.

There are a large number of travel letters in the collection, including letters of Caleb Cresson (1775-1821) while in England and France in 1815-1816; letters of Joshua H. Morris (1822-1885) and his wife, Elizabeth Stokes Morris, written to his daughter (her step-daughter) while they were in Europe, etc. (1876-1878); letters of Rev. Charles Wood (1851-1936) while he was in Europe in 1878-1891; correspondence (primarily love letters) between Annabella C. Wistar Wood and Horatio C. Wood, both before and after their marriage in 1897; letters (with photographs) of Horatio Curtis Wood (1870-1943) while traveling with his family in Europe (1913).

There is also correspondence between Annabella Elliott Cresson (1743-1793) and her husband Caleb Cresson (1742-1816); a business letterbook of Bartholomew Wistar (1790-1841); letters of John Wistar (1759-1815) written to his son, Bartholomew Wistar and a notebook of letters (with photographs) of Morris Wistar Wood (1899-1980) detailing his experiences in China at the Canton Christian College (Lingnan University, now Ling nan ta hsueh) in 1921-1923.

Includes diaries (1922-1978) of Morris Wistar Wood and his wife, Evelyn Byrd Page Wood (includes their life in China); diaries (1918-1924) of Annabella Bonnyman Wood (1902-1926) telling of her life as a Philadelphia debutante; diaries (1885-1905) of Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood (1872-1967) kept by her before her marriage to Horatio C. Wood and with entries by both of them afterwards (includes photographs); diaries (1910-1943) of Horatio Curtis Wood; also memoirs (ca. 1764) of Joshua Cresson (1744-1793) and transcripts made by Charles Caleb Cresson of James Cresson's journal of his trip to Barbados in 1784-1785 and Caleb Cresson's journal of a trip to England in 1815-1816.

Papers of Charles Caleb Cresson (1816-1902) include his research notes and notebooks on various topics, including Pierre Cresson, William Penn Charter School, and John Archdale, the Quaker colonial governor of the Carolinas. Cresson's papers also include his genealogical research on Bacon, Cresson, Elliott, Emlen, Warder and related families; a letterbook (1893-1895) and his "Our Savior as a Wine Drinker."

Rev. Charles Wood (1851-1936) papers include biographical material compiled by Herbert Howe, who appears to have been researching Wood's life.

Other manuscripts of interest in the collection are Caspar Wistar's oath of allegiance (1721); Caleb Cresson's 1816 passport signed by John Quincy Adams and Margaret Philpotts' 1785 manumissions of Jess and Phebe.

Photographs include three albums, chiefly of Cresson, Wistar and Wood families as well as many loose and mounted portraits.

Related collections

See Stokes - Evans - Cope family papers, 1713-1981, Ms. Coll. 1169.

Arrangment and description of collection

The collection is arranged alphabetically by author or person responsible and then chronologically within each author, as follows: boxes 1-3 contain miscellaneous letters, etc. A-Z with the exception of Cresson, Morris, Wistar and Wood which follow in boxes 4-29. Information following the name of the writer includes the number of letters for that author (usually expressed as number of ALS - for autograph letter(s) signed), the location(s) of the author as given on the letter(s), the year or date range of the letter(s), the name of the person(s) to whom the letter is addressed and in some cases a note as to the contents of the letter(s).

Box 30 contains printed and misc. items. Boxes 31-35 contain photographs. Box 36 contains original deeds and marriage certificates. For more information, see box titles in table of contents above.

Box 1 : Miscellaneous letters, etc., A - E | Table of contents | Summary

5 folders
Letters, etc. filed alphabetically by writer.
Note: Cresson family filed separately in boxes 4-9 .

  1. A - B
    • [ ], Amy
      ALS, March 18, 1897, to Annabella C. Wistar Wood, on her wedding trip
    • [ ], Cornelia
      ALS, Philadelphia, Aug. 11, 1845, to Ellen Collins
    • [ ], Joseph (uncle of B. Wyatt Wistar)
      4 ALS, Parkesburg, July-Sept. 1842, to B. Wyatt Wistar
    • [ ], Julie
      ALS, [New York], [no date], to Ellen Collins
    • [ ], Margaret
      ALS, 5 mo. 25, 1868, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • [ ], Mary
      ALS, Montreal, July 1, 1848, to Ellen Collins
    • [ ], Nellie
      ALS, July 23, 1870, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • Adams, Richard
      9 ALS, 1743-1774, to Samuel Emlen
    • Armitt, John
      ALS, Newport, 6 mo. 9, 1760, to Caleb Cresson
    • Armitt, Mary
      DS, re estate, copy of probate and will, 1791
    • B., Ann
      ALS, Knox St., "friday," [Feb. 12?, 1897], to Annabella Cresson Wistar re AB will take over ACW's "Sewing School" while she is away on her wedding trip, wishes for her happiness
    • Barton, Elizabeth S.M.
      D, re estate, schedule of distribution, 3/21/1946
    • Bispham, Laura W.
      2 ALS, New York, Dec. 20, 29, 1899 to Horatio C. Wood re family genealogy
    • Brown, Anna
      2 ALS, 1867-1868, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
  2. C (except Collins)
    • C., A.C. [or H.?]
      2 ALS, 1878, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar [in French]
    • C., Jn. S.
      ALS, New York, June 1 [no year], to Ellen Collins
    • C., W.B. [?]
      ALS, n.d., to B. Wyatt Wistar
    • Canby, Edith Wistar (1874-)
      ALS, Pittsfield, Ma., Oct. 22, 1896, to her sister, Annabella C. Wistar re wedding trip [she married Marriott Canby]
    • Cathrall, Hannah
      ALS, Phila., 7 mo. 4, 1791, to Caleb Cresson
    • Chase, William Bunker (m. Mary Ann Wistar, dau. of Bartholomew Wistar)
      2 ALS, Phila., 9 mo. 7, 1840 and n.d., to his parents
    • Cooper, William
      ms. re his estate, "Opinion of will by James Kinsey," ca. 1711
    • Cope, Alfred
      ALS, 6/7/1867, to L.C. Wood [Lydia Cope Collins Wood?] re her wedding present
    • Cope, Caleb
      ALS, Walnut Street, 9 mo. 28, 1883 [?], to cousin [E.C. Collins c/o William M. Collins?] w/ note added by L.C.W. (Lydia C. Collins Wood)
    • Cope, Elizabeth
      ALS, Weston [Westtown School], 7 mo. 30, 1822, to brother, Marmaduke C. Cope re she doesn't like it there
    • Cope, M.C. (see under Sarah Cope below)
    • Cope, Sarah
      5 items found together with cover letter [ALS, Germantown, July 21, 1872] from M.C. Cope to "brother" [in-law?] Thomas Wistar re items put aside by his [wife] Sarah for TW, includes:
      ALS of E.M. Wistar, 2 mo. 1858, to [?] re nearness of death of "our dear mother" [Ann Pancoast Morris (1764-1858)]
      ALS of "AWM" [Anna Morris Wistar Morris], Newport, 2nd day [1852] to "Mother" w/ note to "Lilly Buckley Morris" from "Papa"
    • Couch, John
      DS, Sept. 21, 1779, re notice of his death in Revolutionary War, 1778 signed by Capt. William Smith [note on back "one of R. Wistar's glass makers"]
    • Cowper, William
      ALS, London, Feb. 4, 1757, to Samuel Emlen re estate of Theo. Cowper
  3. Collins, A-W
    • Collins, Alfred M.
      ALS, 12 mo. 2, 1841, to B. Wyatt Wistar re dissolution of their partnership
    • Collins, Anna
      ALS, Lynn, 10 mo. 20, 1792, to Caleb Cresson re seeds of chrysanthemum and pineapple melon, news of family
    • Collins, Benjamin
      ALS, Boston, May 3, 1850, to Ellen Collins
    • Collins, Eliza Cope (1812-1880)
      13 ALS, Long Branch, Newport, Phila. and Stouton, 1845- ca. 1864, to cousin Ellen Collins
    • Collins, Joseph B.
      3 ALS, New York, 1817-1822, to sister, Anna S. Collins
    • [Collins], Mary (b. 1823)
      2 ALS, New York, June 8 and Aug. 27, 1849, to Ellen Collins
    • Collins, Mary Ann (b. 1841)
      ALS, ca. March 1852, to "cousin Elly" [Ellen Collins] re birth of sister "Madgy" [Margaret?]
    • D, 1895, typed copy of will
    • Collins, S.B.
      ALS, Seaford, Delaware, June 19, 1899, to Horatio C. Wood re family genealogy
    • [Collins, Sarah Minturn]
      ALS [signed "Mother"], New York, June 3, 1849, to Ellen Collins
    • [Collins, Thomas (1779-1859)]
      ALS [signed "T.C."], Burlington, 5 mo. 18, 1852, to niece Ellen Collins
    • Collins, William M.
      ALS, 10 mo. 19, 1842, to B. Wyatt Wistar
  4. Envelopes addressed to Ellen Collins (b. 1829)
    • 155 items [includes 15 envelopes with notes written on inside flap]
  5. D - E
    • Dickey, Helen N.
      5 ALS, 1892-1899, to Annabella C. Wistar Wood, re friendship
    • Dilling, Thomas
      DS, Phila., June 3, 1817 re a recommendation for Samuel Porter, his former carriage driver [note: Porter is a free black]
    • Dillwyn, William
      ALS, Higham Lodge, [Walthamstow], 2 mo. 26, 1816, to Caleb Cresson
    • Earl, Dorcas
      ALS, Newport, 7 mo. 5, 1791, to [Annabella Cresson]
    • Elliott, Hannah
      ALS, Phila., 12 mo. 26, 1821, to Sarah E. Cresson
    • Elliott, John
      5 ALS, Phila., 1791-1793, to Caleb Cresson, Annabella Cresson
    • Elliott, Samuel
      ALS, Phila. Feb. 26, 1900, to Horatio C. Wood
    • Emlen, Caleb
      DS, copy of his will, 1791 [signed? by Nicholas Waln and John Foulke]
      ALS [copy], Oct. 17, 1796, to Jeremiah Warder
      4 p. from his receipt book (includes estate receipts by Charles Pleasants, 1798-1800)
    • Emlen, Deborah (sister of Lydia Emlen)
      ALS, Birmingham, Oct. 1828, to Lydia Emlen
      ALS, Rome, 1833, to Sarah Emlen Cresson
      ALS, Nov. 1, 1838, to Mary Emlen Greaves
    • Emlen, George (d. 1810)
      TD, copy of "Some acct of the life & death of George Emlen as given in writing by his sons Joshua & Samuel Emlen, late of this city, Philadelphia."
    • Emlen, George (1718-1776)
      ms. journal, Sept.-Dec. 1758 of his travel in New Jersey, New York area and New England region
    • Emlen, Hudson (d. 1768?)
      3 D, 1764-1768, orders to pay
    • Emlen, James
      ALS, n.d., to B. Wyatt Wistar
      ALS, W.B.S., 4 mo. 10, 1843, to cousin, Sarah Emlen Cresson
    • Emlen, Joshua
      DS, receipt to Samuel Emlen, Jr. from Elizabeth Pearson re her share in estate of Joshua Emlen
    • Emlen, S.
      2 ALS, n.d., to cousin, Sarah E. Cresson
      ADS, n.d., composition on "diversions," to Miss Mary Bech
    • Emlen, Samuel [more than one SE represented here]
      ALS, Phila., 6 mo. 12, 1752, to Lewis Neale re accounts relative to his brother John Neale's estate due to Samuel Emlen
      8 ALS, Burlington and Phila., 1816-1834, to Thomas Stewardson
      9 items, receipts, clipping, orders to pay to SE, account w/ Clark Brown
    • Emlen, Warder
      DS, receipt of, 1800, to David Offley
    • Evans, Cadwallader
      D, [Phila.], 1801, "Plan of the houses in Fourth Street"
    • Evans, John C.
      ALS, 6 mo. 27, 1827, to John Cooke re rent of tan yard

Box 2 : Miscellaneous letters, etc., F - M | Table of contents | Summary

3 folders
Letters, etc. filed alphabetically by writer.
Note: Morris family filed separately in boxes 10-11.

  1. F - G
    • Fisher, Samuel R.
      ALS, 9 mo. 13, 1793, to Caleb Cresson
    • Freeland, Charlotte Newbold Wistar (1797-1850)
      13 ALS, Phila., Salem and Mannington, 1828-1837 and n.d., to her brother, Bartholomew Wistar
    • Freeland, Jonathan
      4 ALS, Mannington, 1835-1838, to his brother-in-law, Bartholomew Wistar [some w/ his wife, Charlotte]
    • Garrett, Samuel
      ADS, "Declaration of Trust - Samuel Garrett Cr to Wm. Tidmarsh Cr," 1716 [signed by Samuel Garrett, William Hudson, William Tidmarsh, Hannah Emlen]
    • Gest, Joseph
      ALS, Cincinnati, May 6, 1831, to Bartholomew Wistar
    • Godfrey, Benjamin
      ALS, London, March 23, 1762, to Samuel Emlen
    • Gray, C.
      ALS, Exeter, Dec. 17, 1855, to "Lee" [or "Lei"?] [Ellen Collins?] re death of youngest daughter
    • Gray, Isaac
      ALS, 6 mo. 14, 1770, to Moore & Snowden, requesting they send beer
      ALS, Elim, Chester Co. [Pa.], 1777, to his brother re his happy life in the country
    • Greaves, Mary Emlen
      ALS, April 12, 1831, to Sarah E. Cresson re money due for James's board
    • Griscom, R.
      ALS, 7 mo. 23, 1790, to Caleb Cresson
  2. H - K
    • Hadwen, Dorcas
      11 ALS, Newport, 1791-1794, to Caleb Cresson re news of family and Friends
    • Hadwen, John
      2 ALS, Newport, 1791, 1793, to Caleb Cresson
    • Hadwen, Peggy
      7 ALS, New York and Newport, 1793, to Cresson family members
    • Haight, Joseph
      ALS, Burlington, July 3, 1772, to Moore & Snowden re bottles
    • Harmstend [?], M. [E.?]
      ALS, Head Quarters Camp Monmonth, Meridian Hill, May 20, 1861, to William M. Collins re tracts and prayer meetings, Bible class at camp
    • Haviland, Benjamin
      ALS, New York, 10 mo. 26, 1791, to Caleb Cresson
    • Haydock, John W.
      2 ALS, New York, 1794, to Caleb Cresson
    • Hillyar, Alice L.
      ALS, Hartford, CT., July 16, 1867, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • [Hillyar], Clara
      ALS, Hartford, CT., July 16, 1867, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • Hoskins, John
      ALS, [Burlington], 6 mo. 16, 1796, to Caleb Cresson
    • Howland, Meta S.
      2 ALS, Hilltown, 1871, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • Hudson, Robert
      ALS, York, April 1, 1748, to Samuel Emlen
    • Hunt, Elizabeth
      ALS, n.d., to Bartholomew Wistar
      ALS, Black Point, 12 mo. 31, 1821, to Sarah Cresson Husband, [J.]
      ALS, Asylum, 1 mo. 19, 1870, to "cousin" Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • Jacks, James
      ALS, Manor Township, May 30, 1772, to Moore & Snowden, brewers
      2 ALS, Aug. and Oct. 1772, to Thomas Moore re hops, money
    • Jaffery, John
      DS, 1722, re his estate, "Release from David Morris to Bartholomew Wyatt"
    • Jones, Rebecca
      2 D, 1813, 1818, copies of will
      2 receipts from estate, 1818, 1821
    • Kaighin, Abigail
      DS, 1766, re her estate, discharge from her children to Samuel Emlen, signed by Hannah and Sarah Kaighin, witnesses Mary Armitt and Joshua Cresson
    • Kimber, Emmor
      DS, 1818 bond
  3. L - M
    • Lawrie, George G.
      ALS, New York, Jan. 13, 1845, to B. Wyatt Wistar
    • Longdale, Margaret
      D, 1798, ms. copy of will
    • Longstreth, Mary Anna (1811-1884)
      2 ALS, Philadelphia, 1846, to Ellen Collins
      ALS, Philadelphia, 10 mo. 31, 1852, to "E.C.C." [Eliza Cope Collins?]
    • McKeever, J.L.
      TLS, Chicago, March 9, 1916, to Joseph Morris Wistar re sympathy at death of father
    • Marriage, Francis
      ALS, London, 4 mo. 8, 1873, to Charles Caleb Cresson w/ note added by Benjamin H. Lightfoot
    • Mildred, Daniel
      ALS, London, March 21, 1759, to Samuel Emlen
    • Mildred & Roberts
      ALS, London, April 10, 1762, to Collins Emlen
      account of Samuel Emlen, 1764
      2 ALS, London, 1764-1765, to ?
      2 ALS, London, 1764-1765, to Hudson Emlen
      account of Hudson Emlen, 1766
      account of estate of Hudson Emlen, 1768
      ALS, London, July 4, 1768, to Sarah Emlen
      account of Sarah Emlen, 1770
    • Mitchell, Jethro
      ALS, Nantucket, 9 mo. 1791, to Caleb Cresson
    • Moore, Anthony
      DS, Phila., 10 mo. 18, 1770, request for [Charles Moore] to pay John Bryan
    • Moore, Charles
      5 ALS, 1768-1796, to his brother, Thomas Moore
      2 receipts, 1794-1795
    • Moore, H.W.
      D, Phila., April 15, 1918, postal card to Horatio C. Wood from Secretary of Univ. of Pennsylvania Alumni Committee
    • Moore, M.M.
      ALS, 9 mo. 19, 1800, to her sister, Sarah Moore
    • Moore, Samuel Preston
      DS, bond, 1768 [in 2 pieces]
      ALS, Wilmington, Nov. 5, 1785, to his uncle, Thomas Moore
    • Moore, Sarah
      invoice of china, 1795, "Memorandum of Sundries to be brought by Sam. E. Howell for Sarah More [sic] for which he has received 130 dollars to be laid out as follows"
      2 receipts, 1800, 1813
    • Moore, Sarah Emlen
      ALS, Phila., Oct. 17, [before 1769], to her brother, Hudson Emlen
    • Moore, Thomas
      D, 12 mo. 26, 1755, copy of certificate from West River Meeting
      D, re financial and business matters, 1755-1785
      3 D, 1771-1773, bills and receipts re Moore & Snowden, brewers
      ALS, Phila., July 21, 1785, to James Smith
      4 D, related to his estate, 1786-1800

Box 3 : Miscellaneous letters, etc., N - Z | Table of contents | Summary

3 folders
Letters, etc. filed alphabetically by writer.
Note: Wistar and Wood families filed separately in boxes 12-29.

  1. N - P
    • Neate & Pigon
      ALS, London, Aug. 25, 1768, to Sarah Emlen re business, her brother's estate
    • Neate, Pigon & Booth
      ALS, London, Feb. 11, 1765, to Hudson Emlen re business
      ALS, London, Feb. 18, 1765, to Hudson Emlen re business
    • Needham, Alice
      ALS, Salem, 11 mo. 19, 1790, to Caleb Cresson and wife, re travel as minister
      2 ALS, Salem, 9 mo. 6, 1791 and 2 mo. 21, 1793, to Annabella Cresson re religious in nature
    • Newbold, C.
      receipt, n.d., re firm of Newbold & Wistar
    • Newbold, R.S.
      ALS, Phila., July 25, 1840, to cousin, Bartholomew Wistar re financial matter
    • Noyes, George R.
      ALS, Cambridge, July 6, 1866, to Mr. Wistar
    • P[?], J[oseph] L.
      8 ALS, Exeter and Augusta, May 7 - August 7, 1865, to Dillwyn Wistar re friendship
    • Parke, Thomas M.
      ALS, Liverpool, July 18, 1803, to "my dear aunt" re full of remorse for some offense [not mentioned]
    • Philpotts, Margaret
      DS, Salem, N.J., 1 mo. 1785, manumissions of Jess and Phebe, witnessed by Bartholomew Wyatt and Samuel Austin
    • Physics, Edmund
      2 receipts, 1770, 1773, for rent
    • Physics, [J?]
      receipt, June 30 [?], 1804 for medical services
    • Pleasants, Ann Emlen
      ALS, Phila., 11 mo. 1810?, to Sarah E. Cresson
    • Pleasants, Charles
      ALS, Aug. 20, 1825, to Sarah E. Cresson re news of death of brother Samuel
    • Pleasants, George [ ]
      ALS, [?], Nov. 5, 1825, to uncle, Jeremiah Emlen
    • Pope, Ebenezer
      ALS, Boston, 8 mo. 10, 1791, to Caleb Cresson
    • Potts, Samuel
      ALS, Wilmington, Feb. 23, 1792, to Caleb Cresson
    • Potts, Thomas
      ALS, Phila., June 17, 1793, to Caleb Cresson
    • Powell, Anna Morris
      ALS, 10 mo. 14, 1867, to her niece, Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • Price, R.
      2 ALS, Phila., 5 mo. 28 and 7 mo. 6, 1827, to Bartholomew Wistar re news of family (death of child) and friends
  2. R - S
    • R., Ethel
      ALS, March 3, 1897, Germantown, to Annabella C. Wistar Wood, on her wedding trip
    • Randolph, Thomas H.B.
      4 ALS, Johnston's Island, Ohio, Feb. 16 - May 7, 1865 to family [written while a prisoner during Civil War]
    • Reeve, M. [S.]
      ALS, 12 mo. 3, 1864, to cousin "Meta" [Meta Howland?]
    • Reeve, Sallie C.
      3 ALS, Salem, 1868, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • Richardson, Charles (Mrs.)
      D [her card], Feb. 27, 1897, to Annabella C. Wistar Wood, invite to tea
    • Risk, David
    • Risk, James
      note to Capt. Wm. Ames to pay David Risk, [Nov.] 21, 1737
    • Ro[bson?], E.
      2 ALS, Liverpool, 1830, 1833, to Bartholomew Wistar re news of family and friends
    • Rodman, Samuel
      3 ALS, Nantucket, 1791-1792, to Caleb Cresson re news of family and friends
    • Scott, Samuel
      2 ALS, Ware near London, 4 mo. 21 and 6 mo. 16, 1745 to John Dillwin re financial matters
    • Sillyman, Charles
      2 ALS, Pottsville, 1859-1860, to B. Wyatt Wistar re mining business
    • Spackman, Samuel
      AL, 8 mo. 26, 1842, to B. Wyatt Wistar re money due Wistar
  3. T - Z
    • Tate, James H.J.
      TLS, Dec. 16, 1966 to Annabella C. Wistar Wood thanking her for contribution to fund
    • Thorton, James
      ALS, Byberry, 12 mo. 1, 1793, to Caleb Cresson re Meeting business
    • W., A. E.
      ALS, Cuba, [July] 1912, to John B. Wood, New Jersey
    • Waln, William
      ALS, Dec. 29, 1842, to B. Wyatt Wistar
    • Warder, Benjamin H.
      ALS, Phila., 8 mo. 18, 1827, to Bartholomew Wistar
    • Warder, Jeremiah
      DS, Oct. 18, 1783 re estate of JW [agreement of the executors] signed by Thomas Mayburry, Caleb Emlen, James Vaux and Wm. Morris
    • Ware, John
      ALS, Shoholon [?], July 22, 1769, to James & Drinker [firm]
    • Webb, John
      ALS, n.d., to Caleb Cresson re religious in nature
    • Wesley, John
    • Wesley, Charles
      1 p. ms., "copy of advice directed by John & Charles Wesley to the preachers of their country"
    • Wilbur, Julia A.
      3 ms. items as follows: handwritten transcript of Lincoln's speech at Gettysburg [w/ note that she was at Lincoln's 2nd inauguration]; "Celebration of John Wesley's Birthday, in England, June 27 1768" and "Memorandum of a Variety of Articles given to Relatives & Friends"
    • W[ills]ters, Isaac
      2 ALS, Bush Rangers Lodge, 4 mo. 27 and 5 mo. 8, 1794, to Caleb Cresson
    • Wishart, William
      DS, "Edwards vs. Wishart &ec: Partition, Sherif Cowperthwait return to Court of Common Pleas the fourth September 1787"
    • Zane, S.
      ALS, n.d., to Sarah Moore

Box 4 : Cresson, [?] - Cresson, Caleb (1742-1816) | Table of contents | Summary

4 folders

  1. Cresson, [?] - Cresson, Annabella Elliot (1743-1793)
    • Cresson, [?]
      bill and receipt for medical treatment, 1815
    • Cresson, Annabella Elliot (1743-1793)
      AL, Phila., n.d., to Dorcas and Peggy Hadwen
      18 ALS, Phila., 1772-1791 and n.d., to her husband, Caleb Cresson
      AD, 1790, "Minutes of Journey to London Grove &c"
      ALS, Phila., 4 mo. 18, 1793, to "cousin"
  2. Cresson, Caleb (1742-1816)
    Ms. copies [by Charles C. Cresson, 1865] of letters of Caleb Cresson
    2 ALS, Haddonfield, 9 mo. 6, 12, 1769, to his aunt Mary Armitt re illness of his first wife [Sarah Hopkins Cresson, 1748-1769]
    6 ALS, 1772-1777 and n.d., Phila. and New Garden, to his wife, Annabella Elliott Cresson
    8 ms. items, 1780-1893 [?] and n.d., includes receipts (1798 medical bill for Caleb Cresson, yellow fever), essay, extract, and "Memorial concerning my dear wife Annabella Cresson"
    2 ALS, New Port, R.I. and Phila., 1791 and 1802, to his son, Caleb Cresson, Jr.
    ALS, Phila., 9 mo. 3, 1793, to John Hadwen
  3. Cresson, Caleb (1742-1816)
    Ms. vol. "Rules of Discipline of the Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Philadelphia. Printed by direction of the Meeting. Philadelphia, Printed by Kimber, Conrad & Co. 1806" (a copy in his hand, inscribed "Belonging to Caleb Cresson, Please to return it when reade")
  4. Cresson, Caleb (1742-1816)
    2 ms. books labeled "Grandfather Cresson." These volumes are chiefly annotated transcriptions of documents of Caleb Cresson made by Charles Caleb Cresson.
    • "Grandfather Cresson #1" includes:
      "A short account of the births and deaths of some among Friends of this city."
      "Some account of the decease of sundry persons who were interred in Friends Grave Yard"
      Also contains extracts made by CCC from a volume belonging to the Hicksite branch of Friends, relevant to the Cresson, Elliott, Emlen and Warder families, also transcripts from family Bibles, etc.
    • "Grandfather Cresson #2" includes:
      Second copy of the above Caleb Cresson memoranda and copies of extracts related to his family history, etc. made by CCC

Box 5 : Cresson, Caleb, [Jr.] (1775-1821) | Table of contents | Summary

5 folders

  1. Letters, 1790-1805
    • 4 ALS, Phila. and Bedford, 1790-1802, to his father, Caleb Cresson
    • 20 ALS, Phila. [and other places], 1793-1805, to his brother, John Elliott Cresson
  2. Letters of trip to Europe, 1815-1816
    • Ca. 20 ALS, [sewn together into a booklet], 1815-1816, to his wife, Sarah Emlen Cresson while he was traveling in England and France
  3. Diary, 1815-1816
    • Ms. book "Copy of diary of Caleb Cresson's visit to Europe, 1815- 1816" [transcription made by Charles Caleb Cresson]
  4. Receipt book, 1830-1841
    • "Receipt book Estate of the minor children of C. Cresson Decd." 1830-1841, kept by the guardians of his minor children
  5. Miscellaneous papers
    • Copy book containing narrative of a vision of ghost of dead child [J. Hutchings of Barbados], n.d.
    • List of family members from "J.C." to Caleb Cresson, n.d.
    • Hair of daughter Annabella, who died in 1808 w/ note by her father
    • "Memorandum between John Cooke, Caleb Cresson Junr. & Bartholomew Wistar, dated 11 mo. 19th 1814"
    • Passport, 1816
    • Passport, 1816, signed by John Quincy Adams
    • Articles of agreement between Caleb Cresson and Elizabeth Ann Valentine, 1818 re rent
    • Certificate from Pa. Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, 1820

Box 6 : Cresson, Charles Caleb (1816-1902) (box 1 of 3) : History notes | Table of contents | Summary

5 volumes of notes, copies of mss., etc. made by CCC.

  1. "Some account of John Archdale, a member of the Society of Friends who was Colonial Governor of the Carolinas, in America, 1695-1696"
    [ms. book] compiled by Charles C. Cresson w/ printed map laid in
  2. "Penn's Schools"
    [spine title of ms. book] compiled by Charles C. Cresson on William Penn Charter School and colonial education
  3. "X 3"
    [spine title of ms. book] compiled by Charles C. Cresson from records of Friends Monthly Meeting for the Northern District of Philadelphia, also notes on Timothy Matlack, John Kelpins, Abigail Abbott and others
  4. Copies of Cresson family wills, made by CCC in 1880
  5. Land related, no title.
    Includes handcopied and colored maps, items laid in re to "Poor Island" tract belonging to Peter Neelson. With book plate of CCC inscribed "My own work &c. Bound 6 mo. 14th/61 by Pawson & Nicholson $1" and note in front from H.C.W. [Horatio Curtis Wood?], 1928 on the connection of Poyntel land to "Auburn" estate of B. Wyatt Wistar.

Box 7 : Cresson, Charles Caleb (1816-1902) (box 2 of 3) : Genealogy notes and letterbook | Table of contents | Summary

2 volumes compiled by CCC, 1 folder of papers.

  1. Genealogy of the Cresson, Elliott, Emlen and Warder families
    Ms. book compiled by Charles C. Cresson contains copied documents and extracts from various sources
    [referred to by CCC in his notes as his "Large Volume"; note: CCC consistently gives the source for his copied material]
  2. Misc. items from Genealogy volume.
    Ca. 60 items laid in front and back of above volume placed in folder [includes letters to CCC re ancestors, clippings, etc.]
  3. Letterbook, 2 mo. 1893 to 7 mo. 1895
    Contains ms. copies of letters of Charles C. Cresson, w/ items laid in [index in separate booklet in front, also newspaper clippings]

Box 8: Cresson, Charles Caleb (1816-1902) (box 3 of 3) : Genealogy notes, letters, etc. | Table of contents | Summary

9 folders

  1. Letters, etc. of Charles Caleb Cresson, 1839-1894
    20 items
    • ALS, Rome, Feb. 20, 1839 to his sister, Mary Emlen Smith (wife of Joseph P. Smith)
    • 4 ALS, Auburn Hill and Philadelphia, 1854-1867 to his nephew, Dillwyn Wistar while at Westtown and Cambridge
    • Postal card re safe arrival of package, 1894
    • 13 envelopes addressed to CCC
    • DS, certificate acknowledging CCC's life membership in Mercantile Library Co. of Phila., 1844, signed by Thomas P. Cope
    • [Note: there are a few additional letters addressed to CCC in Box 7, accompanying his genealogy volume]
  2. Emlen family research of Charles C. Cresson
    Ca. 20 items, includes: AD [unattributed], notes, copies of mss., printed items made or collected by Charles C. Cresson in course of his research into Emlen family ancestors
    • AD, memorandum written by [? Emlen], concerning his father, George Emlen with handwritten transcript by CCC, n.d. and unsigned
  3. Genealogical notes of Charles C. Cresson
    Ca. 20 items, includes his notes, copies of mss. made by CCC on Bacon, Cresson and related families
  4. William Penn Charter School
    2 items, includes his research notes into whether William Penn Charter School was the first public school in America
  5. Miscellaneous notes and memorandums of Charles C. Cresson
    Ca. 45 items, includes his notes on various topics [other than genealogy], including his own writings
  6. Newspaper clippings
    Ca. 50 items, includes clippings with notations in his hand, topics include Charles M. Cresson (d. 1893) and clippings sent to "Herrman"
  7. "Our Savior as a Wine Drinker" 1892, by Charles Caleb Cresson
    2 copies of printed pamphlet (one copy missing p.1-2)
  8. Facsimiles (of 4 apparently unrelated mss., printed on one sheet for inclusion in a book of Charles C. Cresson?)
    36 copies
  9. Elias Hicks portrait (from a book?) with note on back in hand of CCC

Box 9 : Cresson, E. - Cresson, W. | Table of contents | Summary

7 folders

  1. Letters of Cresson, E. - J .
    • Cresson, Elliott (1796-1854)
      • ALS, Phila., 12 mo. 4, 1816 to his aunt, Sarah E. Cresson
      • ALS, Pattonsburgh, Va., 3 mo. 24, 1823 to "Dear friends"
    • Cresson, John Elliott (1773-1814)
      • ALS, n.d., to his "dear parent"
      • ALS, Keythorp, 1 mo. 3, 1783 to his father, Caleb Cresson
      • ALS, Phila., 3 mo. 28, 1808 to his cousin, Samuel Emlen
  2. Cresson, James (1740/1-1799)
    Ms. volume, "James Cresson's Journal, 1784-5, Voyage to Barbadoes" copied for Charles C. Cresson by Sarah Cresson from the original journal which was in her possession, w/ photographs of maps laid in
  3. Cresson, James (1740/1-1799)
    Receipt book, 1799-1803, inscribed on front cover "Receipt Book began the 3 mo. 6th: 1799 James Cressons" [note: after June 1, 1799, kept by his widow, Sarah (Hooton) Cresson]
  4. Cresson, Joshua (1744-1793)
    Ms. journal of his memoirs, written at age 20 [w/ note on back "The writing of these pages were by my Father Joshua Cresson. S. Cresson" and notes by Charles C. Cresson as to this family and that "S. Cresson" was "Sarah Cresson, the Preacher"]
  5. Cresson, Mary Hopkins
    ADS, her account of the death of her and husband Joshua Cresson's son, Ebenezer, from tetanus in 1800 (age 27)
  6. Cresson, Pierre (ca. 1610-ca. 1681)
    "Pierre Cresson" [spine title of ms. volume] compiled by Charles Caleb Cresson, includes copies of and extracts from mss., w/ items pasted in (photographs, maps, etc.)
  7. Letters of Cresson, S. - W.
    • Cresson, Sarah (1771-1829, "the Preacher")
      • ALS, Phila., 2 mo. 13, 1822 to cousin, Sarah Emlen Cresson
    • Cresson, Sarah Emlen (1787-1870)
      • ALS, n.d., to son Charles
      • ALS, Auburn, 29 7 mo. 1831 to B. Wistar
      • ALS, 8 mo. 18, 1851 to Hannah
    • Cresson, Solomon (ca. 1674-1746)
      • DS, re his estate "Discharge from the grandchildren of Solomon Cresson to the Trustees, 3 mo. 5th 1773" in hand of Caleb Cresson, signed by Jeremiah Cresson, James Cresson, Caleb Cresson, Joshua Cresson, Anna Lobdell, Samuel Lobdell and witnessed by Robert Barnes and Peter Thomson
    • Cresson, W.
      • ALS, Kingsess, 1 mo. 19, 1817 to his aunt, Sarah Cresson (religious in nature)
    • Cresson, William P.
      • Receipt for Philadelphia taxes, 1860

Box 10 : Morris, A. - Morris, S. | Table of contents | Summary

8 folders

  1. Morris family reunion and 200th anniversary celebration of the marriage of Samuel Morris and Rebecca Wistar, December 18, 1955
    7 items (includes programs, list of names at anniversary dinner, sheet music)
  2. Morris, A. - S.
    [Note: Elizabeth Stokes Morris filed separately in folders 3-8 below; Joshua H. Morris filed in Boxes 11-12]
    • Morris, Anna Morris Wistar (1823-1861)
      AL, 2 mo. 1848, to her mother Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
      [Note: additional letter of Anna Morris Wistar Morris under Sarah Cope in Box 1, folder 2]
    • Morris, Anthony
      DS, entitling Gen. John Shee to one share of stock in the Susquehannah and Lehigh Turnpike Road, 1804 signed by Anthony Morris, President ADS, Bond to Pigon & Co., 1810
    • Morris, Edward S.
      ALS, 4 mo. 17, 1868, to his niece, Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar [encloses copy of letter to him re cow, from Catherine M. Brown]
    • Morris, Elizabeth C.
      ALS, March 9, 1897, Germantown, to Annabella C. Wistar Wood on her wedding trip
      [Morris, Elizabeth Stokes see folders 3-8 below]
    • Morris, John Stokes (1873-)
      3 ALS, July and August 1876 (while traveling in Europe) to his nieces, Annabella and Edith Wistar
    • Morris, Isaac
      D, ms. copy of his will, 1734
    • Morris, Isaac W.
      ALS, 8 mo. 14, 1815 to Thomas Stewardson re estate of Thomas Wistar
    • Morris, Samuel B.
      ALS [w/ Thomas C. James], Phila., 4 mo. 18, 1834 to Bartholomew Wistar
    • Morris, Sarah B.
      ALS, Reading, Aug. 16, 1827, to Sarah E. Cresson
    • Letters of Elizabeth Stokes Morris
      Letters in folders 3-7 are addressed to her step-daughter, Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar, mostly while traveling in Europe with her husband, Joshua H. Morris.
  3. Letters, n.d., 1867-1868, July-Dec. 1876
    3 ALS, n.d., April 1867, April 1868 to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar (her step-daughter)
    20 ALS, July-Dec. 1876, [from Ireland, England, Carlsbad [Bohemia], Italy and Egypt]
  4. Letters, Jan.-June 1877
    10 ALS, [from Egypt, Greece, Austria, Germany and Bohemia]
  5. Letters, July-Dec. 1877
    9 ALS, [from Switzerland and France]
  6. Letters, Jan.-May 1878
    8 ALS, [from France and Germany]
  7. Letters, June-Oct. 1878
    10 ALS, [from Norway, etc.]
  8. Letter, 1897
    ALS [signed "Grandma"], March 8, 1897, to "My dear little people" [Horatio C. Wood and Annabella C. Wistar Wood] re invite to dinner [encloses ALS from "Aunt" Ann Stokes Morris, of March 8, 1897, to "bride & groom" [HCW and ACWW] on their wedding trip]

[Note: see also under Annabella C. Wistar Wood, box 17, folder 1]

Box 11 : Morris, Joshua H. (1822-1885) (box 1 of 2) : Misc. papers, essays | Table of contents | Summary

3 folders

  1. Miscellaneous items of Joshua H. Morris
    5 ms. items
    • Letter to Joshua H. Morris "signed on behalf of Divers Consarned Friends by Daniel Digdeep, Susannah Sheepherd S, William Wary Watchful..." [and others similarly named] in re to his essay "On lying" [n.d.]
    • Invitation to Joshua H. Morris from Rebecca Sharp, n.d.
    • Additional signatures of Friends who wished to witness his marriage but were not there, 1847
    • Note accompanying watch given to his daughter "Lilly" on her 11th birthday, 5 mo. 30, 1860
    • Pressed plant collected at Fire Island in 1865
  2. Essays and other writings by Joshua H. Morris, 1842-1863, n.d.
    6 ms. items
    • Diagram of his family tree
    • Poem
    • Essay "On Lying" n.d.
    • Essay "Republics as advancing the arts and sciences" labeled "Before the Euphradian Society December 1842"
    • Essay "The characteristics of the 19th century" 11 mo. 14, 1846 labeled "For the Euphradian Society"
    • Essay "An analysis of life" inscribed "For the anniversary of the Euphradian Society 16th March 1863"
  3. Estate papers of Joshua H. Morris, 1886-1939
    3 items (TDS, TD)
    • Copies of will, 1882
    • Agreement of indemnity, 1939

Box 12 : Morris, Joshua H. (1822-1885) (box 2 of 2) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

12 folders
Letters written by Joshua H. Morris

  1. Letters written on bark
    2 ALS, n.d. [date not known as letters are very faint and fragile]
  2. Letters, 1864-1867
    17 ALS, chiefly written to his parents while traveling
  3. Letters, 1868-1875
    17 ALS, chiefly written to his parents while traveling
    Note: the following letters are chiefly written to his daughter, Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar, while he was traveling in Europe, etc. with his wife, Elizabeth Stokes Morris.
  4. Letters, Jan.-Aug. 1876
    17 ALS, [from Egypt, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Bohemia, etc.]
  5. Letters, Sept.-Oct. 1876
    15 ALS, [from Bohemia, Austria, Bavaria and Italy]
  6. Letters, Nov.-Dec. 1876
    15 ALS, [from Italy and Egypt]
  7. Letters, Jan.-April 1877
    19 ALS, [from Egypt, Italy, Greece and Austria]
  8. Letters, May-July 1877
    17 ALS, [from Germany, Bohemia and Switzerland]
  9. Letters, Aug.-Oct. 1877
    23 ALS, [from Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain]
  10. Letters, Nov.-Dec. 1877
    16 ALS, [from France]
  11. Letters, Jan.-May 1878
    36 ALS, [from France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway]
  12. Letters, June-Oct. 1878
    28 ALS, [from Norway, England and Scotland]

Box 13 : Wistar, A. - Wistar, B. | Table of contents | Summary

5 folders

  1. Wistar, Annabella Elliott Cresson (1818-1869)
    • 10 ALS, Westown and Newport, 1841, 1845 and n.d., to her husband, B. Wyatt Wistar
    • Ms. essay "A Happy New Year!" [religious in nature, w/ note by Elizabeth Morris Wistar that "I think this essay was written by my great-grandmother Annabella Elliott Cresson Wistar (Mrs. B.W. Wistar) [signed] Elizabeth Morris Wistar, 1926"]]
    • D, authorized copy of her will, 1869 [w/ notation of Charles C. Cresson]
  2. Wistar, Bartholomew (1754-1796)
    • "Bowles's New Traveling Map of England and Wales. Exhibiting all the direct and principal cross roads: with the distances from town to town according to the mile stones & other exact admensurations. Printed for Carington Bowles No. 69 in St. Pauls Church Yard, London." 1773? w/ labeled slip case [with initials "BW" inscribed on front and "JG" on back] [was this his?]
    • D, ms. copy of his will, 1794
  3. Wistar, Bartholomew (1790-1841)
    • List of Friends in London united with J.J. Gurney's concern to visit U.S.
    • Essay "On public speaking" with "Barty Wistar may have this with the respects of D.B. Smith" on reverse
    • D, "List of members of the Provincial Conference of Committees" [in 3 pieces], n.d.
    • Subscription petition for relief of some German immigrants, 1818
    • 4 misc. financial D, 1818, 1841, n.d.
    • 3 D, re Clayton Newbold, 1822, 1835 [business]
    • Letter of attorney, BW to Richard Price, 1826
    • ALS, Phila., 2 mo. 9, 1828, to John Cooke re business partnership
    • 5 ALS to BW in 1821 re business from: Isaac Ellmaker, John McCleery, Wendel Hall, H.Y. Slaymaker, J.P. Wiltz
    • 2 DS, partnership agreements, 1828, 1837
    • ADS, "Some acct. of the case of Bartholomew Wistar decd." Phila., 11 mo. 15, 1841 by T. E. Beisley
  4. Wistar, Bartholomew (1790-1841)
    • Letterbook, 1830-1841, containing ms. copies of his business letters
    • ALS of E.L. Blaine, 1839, found in letterbook
  5. Wistar, Bartholomew Wyatt [B. Wyatt] (1818-1869)
    • 3 ALS, Penn College, 1834 and Phila., 1840, to his father, Bartholomew Wistar
    • 5 ALS, 1837-1866, to various people
    • Ca. 35 letters to BW, 1831-1865, some personal, but mostly on business matters; also copies to Wistar of letters to others
    • Ca. 20 letters to BW in the 1840s on business, family and religious matters from members of his family, including his mother, Susan Lawrie Wistar, Caspar Wistar and others
    • Ca. 24 items, 1841-1867 [primarily documents of a legal and business nature]
    • Miscellaneous legal and financial documents of BW, 1820s-1860s, including in re estate of his father, Bartholomew Wistar, a promissory note to the Phila. Assn. of Friends for the Instruction of Poor Children, some reference to Daniel B. Smith, a land survey et al
    • 5 ALS, Phila., 1854 and 1867 to his son [all to Dillwyn Wistar?]

Box 14 : Wistar, C. - Wistar, Thomas | Table of contents | Summary

7 folders

  1. Wistar, C. - D.
    • Wistar, Caleb Cresson (1846-)
      5 ALS, Phila., 1865-1867, to Dillwyn Wistar
      ALS, Phila., 10 mo. 22, 1869 to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
      ALS, Germantown, Jan. 1898, to Horatio C. Wood and Annabella C. Wistar Wood re "First day school" of Wm. M. Collins, ca. 1860
    • Wistar, Caspar (1696-1752)
      DS, Oath of Allegiance, 1721 [w/ accompanying letter re document being silked]
      DS, Bond of John Lautinbaucks (shoemaker at Glass-house, Salem Co., N.J.) to Caspar Wistar (brass button maker, Phila.), 1746
      D, printed program for "Feast of Roses at the Tulpehocken Reformed Church, Sunday, June 8th, 1902 ... in memory of Caspar Wistar ..."
    • Wistar, Caspar (1795-1872)
      2 ALS, 1834, 1840, to his brother, Bartholomew Wistar
    • Wistar, Catharine (1703-1786) [wife of Caspar]
      ALS, Phila., Aug. 2, 1780, to her grandchildren
    • Wistar, Charlotte Newbold (1762-1819)
      4 ALS, n.d., to her son, Bartholomew Wistar
    • Wistar, Dillwyn (1844-)
      ALS, Phila., May 4, no year, to "Dear Madam"
      ALS, Westown, 7 mo. 18, 1854, to uncle "Charley
      bill for pants, 1865
      ALS, Minn., Aug. 25, 1869, to his father, B. Wyatt Wistar
      assignment of bond and mortgage, Dillwyn Wistar to Joshua H. Morris, 1883
      "Schedule of distribution of silverware, Furniture, Pictures, Rugs, &c. of Dillwyn & Elizabeth M. Wistar, to be used after the death of the survivor of them." signed by Elizabeth M. Wistar, 1916 [typed]
    • 8 letters to Dillwyn Wistar, 1867-8, while he was working in Germany

    [for Wistar, Elizabeth Buckley Morris (1801-1863) see under Sarah Cope in Box 1, folder 2]

Folders 2-4, all Wistar, Elizabeth B. Morris (1849-1925)

  1. 21 ALS, July 5, 1891 - Feb. 15, 1899, to her daughter, Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood
  2. 9 ALS, Aug. 15- Oct. 14, 1908, to her daughter, Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood, while traveling in Europe
    ALS, 1911, to Mrs. Thomas Wistar "Beatrice" from "Aunt Lily"
  3. 9 D, re to her estate, 1926
    • "List of old family furniture ... February 16, 1913"
    • "Schedule for the distribution of silverware as owned by November 6, 1910"
    • copies of will, inventory and appraisement, schedule of estate distribution (1926)
  4. Wistar, E - F [except Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar, see above]
    • Wistar, Elizabeth Morris
      4 ms. items re to family genealogy, relation to royalty [found together]
      8 ms. items re notes on family genealogy, portraits and silhouettes
      1 ms. item (in hand of "EMW" w/ note "To Charles Wood with hope he will copy this record for his first cousin Theo. E. Brown Wood & lend same to be copied by his brothers.") [list of line of descent of Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood & Joshua Morris Wistar]
    • Wistar, Emma F. (1848-)
      ALS, n.d., to her father, religious in nature
      ALS, Phila., Oct. 2, 1867, to her brother
      ALS, New York, April 20 [n.y.] to mother and Mary Ann
      10 ALS, Phila. [and other places], 1867-1876, to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
      ALS, London, June 28, 1876, to her brother, Dillwyn Wistar
    • Wistar, Frederick Vaux (1878-)
      D, "In the matter of the estate of Frederic Vaux Wistar (a mentally defective person)", 1947
  5. Wistar, John (1759-1815)
    • 12 ms. items, 1781-1815, n.d., chiefly legal and financial, includes fragment of memorial of JW, bonds, receipts, "Opinion given by Hor. Binney Esq. in 1815 for Exrs. of John Wistar et al.," facsimile of marriage certificate of John and Charlotte Wistar
    • 37 ALS, 1810-1814 and n.d., to his son, Bartholomew Wistar
    • Receipt book of his estate (1815-1822) kept by Bartholomew Wistar
  6. Wistar, M. - T.
    • Wistar, Mary
      envelope addressed to her
    • Wistar, Richard
      ALS, April 12, 1841, to "Cousin"
      ALS, May 4, 1846, to Sarah Cresson
    • Wistar, Richard (1727-1781)
      receipt, 1766
      ALS, Phila., Sept. 1, 1779, to his children (Bartholomew and John Wistar)
    • Wistar, Richard
      ALS, Phila., March 5, 1795, "To the commissioners and inhabitants of the district of Southwark" re pump he put in Church Alley and has yet to be reimbursed for
    • Wistar, Susan F.
      4 ALS, Germantown, 1867 and n.d., to Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
      [encloses ALS, 9/12/1867 of EBMW's great aunt Sarah]
    • Wistar, Susan Lawrie (1796-1869)
      4 ALS, 1860 and n.d., to her son, B. Wyatt Wistar
    • Wistar, Thomas
      DS, article of dissolution of partnership between Thomas Wistar and John Cooke, 1800
    • Wistar, Thomas (?), (1798-1876)
      to granddaughter, dated Stanley, 1870

Box 15 : Wood, Annabella Bonnyman (1902-1926) : Diaries and letters | Table of contents | Summary

10 folders

  1. Diaries, 1918-1924
    • 5 vol. diaries for 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1923
    • travel diary for 1924 of trip to Europe
    • dance card for "First and Third Trinity Boat Clubs' Ball," 1924


2-9. Letters, 1924-1926 [chiefly love letters] to Annabella Bonnyman Wood
Removed from album of labeled envelopes [album is in folder 10 of this box]
Letters are from:

  1. 2 ALS, Alex [McElwain], n.d.; March 6, 1925
    2 ALS, Marjorie [Taylor], n.d.; Feb. 8, n.y.
    (from envelope labeled "From McElwain and Marjorie Taylor")
  2. ALS, Otis [Boles], Aug. 11, n.y.
    AL, "Grandma" [Wistar], n.d.
    ALS, "Tommy" Sept. 14, 1924
    ALS, Rosa Xeranian, July 19, 1925
    ALS, Gertrude Wynkoop, Aug. 14, 1925
    ALS, Esther, July 24, 1925
    (from envelope labeled "From Otis Boles, Grandma Wistar and Northfield girls")
  3. 7 ALS, "Bam" Aug. 1, 1924-Sept. 12, [1924] and n.d.
    2 ALS, Frank [Tatnall], June 3, [1924] and June 22, 1924
  4. 4 ALS, Charles [Harris], March 1- Sept. 18, 1924 and n.d.
    (from envelope labeled "From Chas. Harris")
  5. 5 ALS, AL, Brooks [Fenns], Nov.-Feb. n.y., n.d.
    3 ALS, AL, Sarah [McL. Williams], April 12, n.y., n.d.
    typed poem [anonymous]
    (from envelope labeled "From Sarah McL. Williams and Brooks Fenns")
  6. 3 ALS, John Story Wright, April-Aug. 1926
    ALS, [H.P.V.D.], Sept. 28, 1925
    [note: no letters from "Bill McLean" in this envelope]
    (from envelope labeled "Letters to Bonn from John Wright and Bill McLean and Van Dusin")
  7. 4 ALS, "Tommy" [Teague], April 1925-Aug. 1926, n.d.
    poem, 4/4/1924
    (from envelope labeled "From 'Tommy' Teague")
  8. 11 ALS, Edward [Pulling, also signs with initials TJE and TEP?]
    (from envelope labeled "From Edward Pulling")
  9. Album of envelopes
    Above letters were placed in these before being removed during processing of collection

[Note: childhood letters of Annabella Bonnyman Wood, written to her mother, Annabella C. Wistar Wood, while she was in Europe (1910) are filed under ACWW in Box 17]

Box 16 : Wood, Annabella Cresson Wistar (1872-1967) (box 1 of 4) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

4 folders
Letters of Annabella C. Wistar Wood to Horatio Curtis Wood (before and after their marriage on Feb. 17, 1897)

  1. July 29? - Nov. 9, 1894
    10 ALS
    written to him from Jamestown, R.I. and Canada and from her home in Germantown
  2. July 23 - August 31, 1896
    24 ALS
    written by ACWW to him while she was at Sea Girt, N.J. and Jamestown, R.I.
  3. August 18 - Sept. 16, 1897
    10 ALS
    primarily love letters written to him while she was at Newport, R.I.
    Sept. 16, 1897 ALS written to him on occasion of their 7 month anniversary
    includes enclosure of ALS from his mother, LCW
  4. June 29 - Sept. 24, 1910
    26 ALS
    love and travel letters, written while she was in Europe with her parents

Box 17 : Wood, Annabella Cresson Wistar (1872-1967) (box 2 of 4) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

8 folders

  1. Letters, invitations, etc. of ACWW's childhood, 1874-1891
    (15 items, found tied together), includes:
    • ALS, [Germantown], Feb. 1, 1891 by ACWW to her mother, Elizabeth B. Morris Wistar
    • 4 ALS, 1877, of [A.S.] Toland, to ACWW
    • ALS, Rome, Nov. 10, 1876, to ACWW, from her grandmother [Elizabeth Stokes Morris]
    • 3 L, 1877-1878, of "baby" John Stokes Morris to ACWW and Edith Wistar [in hand of Elizabeth Stokes Morris]
  2. Letters to ACWW from students of her "Sewing School," etc., 1891-1896
    10 ALS
    Letters are from:
    • William J. [C]asho (1); Martha M. VanSteenburgh (5); Emma Hilderbrand (1); Fannie Richardson (3)
  3. Letters of congratulations on her engagement to Horatio Curtis Wood, 1895, B - K
    (18 ALS)
    Letters are from:
    • Mary Hutton Biddle; Frances Harris Brown; [H.T.] Brown; Sophy Buffum; Hannah W. Cadbury; William Wistar Comfort; Charles Caleb Cresson; E.V. Cresson; W.T. Cresson; Lawrence P. Dickey; Eleanor Evans; Anne Fielding; Robert E. Fox; C.E. Hopkins; Henry N. Hoxie; Nellie Kershaw; S.S. Kite; Edith Harrison Knight
  4. Letters of congratulations on her engagement to Horatio Curtis Wood, 1895, L - W
    (18 ALS)
    Letters are from:
    • Austin C. Leeds; Sarah B. Leeds; Mary [ ]; Margaret [ ]; Marriott C. Morris; Ned [ ]; Susan S. Reeve; Mary Lippincott Richards; Aunt Sarah [ ]; Esther Morton Smith; Edith W. Stokes; J. Stogdell Stokes; E.B. Warner; Wm. Redwood Wharton; Mary Cope Whitall; C. [H.] Williams; John B. Wood; L. [C.] Wood
  5. Letters of congratulations to ACWW on the birth of Morris Wistar Wood, 1899.
    11 ALS (June 7 - 23, 1899)
    Letters are from:
    • Louise (cousin); Marriott and Jenny (cousins); Gertrude M. Beomish [?]; Helen N. Dickey; Henry Morris and Susan B. Haviland (cousins) w/ "great-great aunt Sarah"; Mrs. Charles J. Macmurdo; Marghuerite West; Adah M. Woodward Wood; John B. Wood; Sarah C. Worthington.
  6. Letters to ACWW from her children, while she was in Europe with her parents in 1910
    (17 items: ALS, TL, TLS, painting of elephant by daughter Bonny)
    (July 1 - Sept. 17, 1910) letters are from daughter Bonny and sons Curtis and M. Wistar [Annabella Bonnyman Wood, Horatio Curtis Wood and M. Wistar Wood]
  7. Letters of sympathy on death of her husband, Horatio C. Wood in 1943
    (25 ALS, TLS)
    Letters are from:
    • Amy [ ]; Otis Boles [Balis?]; Harry I. Brown; Reynolds D. Brown; Theodore E. Brown; William Wistar Comfort; Elsie [ ]; Eleanor [ ]; Lida R.H. Gade; Elizabeth D. Hacker; John H. Maurer; Marjorie [ ]; Northern Building & Loan Assoc.; Ethel R. P.; Edith C. Page; Pennsylvania Society of the Colonial Dames of America; Jack Redwood; Rita [ ]; Anna [Estes] Strawbridge; Joseph and Josephine Tyler; Josephine Redwood [Vauhess?]; [William L.?] West; Thomas Wistar; Howard I. Wood; John Story Wright
  8. Letters (1966-1967, n.d.) from family thanking her for gifts of family silver pieces at Christmas, 1966
    (ca. 16 ALS, TLS)

Box 18 : Wood, Annabella Cresson Wistar (1872-1967) (box 3 of 4) : Speeches, diaries, etc. | Table of contents | Summary

7 folders
Papers and diaries

  1. Speeches given to the Sedgeley Club, etc.
    10 items (mss., some in pencil)
    • 1931-1937 (7) speeches to the Sedgeley Club at their annual meetings
    • 1932 speech to Niblick Club
    • 1934 speech to Tulpehocken Trinity Reformed Church [she is there as descendant of Caspar Wistar]
    • envelope speeches originally in, with notes on front as to contents
  2. Applications for membership in lineage societies
    5 items
    [Note: there are errors in dates recorded on forms]

3-6. Estate and nursing home related papers, 1957-1968
These folders include estate and finance related papers as well as papers related to the final years of her life and her family's difficulties and decisions regarding her health care.

  1. 4 items [ADS, TLS]
    power of attorney and accompanying letters, 1957-1966
  2. ca. 21 items (found together in folder labeled "Bella's estate") [includes D, ALS, TLS, TL]
    re her finances, health care arrangements, etc., 1959-1968
  3. 5 items (found together in folder) [TL, TLS]
    re her will and trust, 1966-1967
  4. ca. 17 items (found together in folder) [includes ALS, TLS, TL]
    re her finances, will, health care arrangements, 1966-1967
  5. Diaries, 1884-1895
    5 ms. vols.
    Diaries are for: 1884-1885, 1885-1887, 1887-1889, 1889-1893 and 1895 (labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 on front covers respectively)
    [w/ items pasted and laid in, includes silver bracelet]

Additional diaries in following box.

Box 19 : Wood, Annabella Cresson Wistar (1872-1967) (box 4 of 4) : Diaries | Table of contents | Summary

3 folders

  1. Diary (April 2, 1893-July 31, 1895)
    ms. vol. ["#5" on front cover]
  2. Diary (June 1896-Feb. 1898)
    ms. vol. ["#7" on front cover]
    [Note: this volume is truly a joint effort of Annabella and Horatio Wood and includes entries by her husband (of special interest see his account of their courtship and wedding), also numerous items and photographs pasted in of them and their family]
  3. Diary (Feb. 1898-Jan. 1905)
    ms. vol. ["#8" on front cover]
    [Note: includes entries by both Annabella and Horatio Wood, also numerous items and photographs pasted in]

Box 20 : Wood, Charles, Rev. (1851-1936) (box 1 of 3) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

7 folders

  1. Miscellaneous items, undated letter, etc.
    12 items, includes: 6 envelopes, clipping, undated postcard of CW, 1878 letter of credit, ill. of hotel in Berlin, card of Lady Paget, printed Discipline of Friends

Letters written by Charles Wood, primarily to his parents [also a few to Dolph and Alice Runyon]

  1. Letters, February - April, 1866
    8 ALS, 1 D [while at Haverford College]
  2. Letters, August - December, 1878
    27 ALS [from France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland and Russia]
  3. Letters, January - April, 1879
    17 ALS [from Russia, Germany and England]
  4. Letters, May - July, 1879
    13 ALS [from England]
  5. Letters, August - September, 1879
    7 ALS [from England, Scotland and France]
  6. Letters, October - December, 1879
    10 ALS [from France, Spain and Italy]

Box 21 : Wood, Charles, Rev. (1851-1936) (box 2 of 3) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

8 folders
Letters written by Charles Wood, primarily to his parents

  1. Letters, January - February, 1880
    10 ALS [from Italy]
  2. Letters, March - May, 1880
    13 ALS [from Italy]
  3. Letters, June - August, 1880
    11 ALS [from Italy and Switzerland]
  4. Letters, September - December, 1880
    16 ALS [from Hungary, Greece, Syria and Palestine]
  5. Letters, January - March, 1881
    14 ALS [from Lebanon, Egypt and India]
  6. Letters, April - July, 1881
    9 ALS [from India, Ceylon and China]
  7. Letters, 1903, 1906-1908
    • July- September, 1903
      6 ALS, addressed to his mother while traveling in Europe
    • 1906
      5 ALS, June 7 - Nov. 13, to his mother
    • 1907
      2 ALS, April 18, Oct. 21, to his mother
    • 1908
      4 ALS, April 7 -May 4, to family
  8. Letters of Charles and Holly Wood, 1872-1902
    ca. 65 ALS
    chiefly addressed to Dolph F.R. Runyon and Alice Runyon, and to his parents, many while traveling in Europe

Note: these letters are taped to sheets in chronological order and were previously housed in a 3-ring binder.

Box 22 : Wood, Charles, Rev. (1851-1936) (box 3 of 3) : Letters, biographical material | Table of contents | Summary

6 folders
Letters to Charles Wood

  1. 1878, 1880
    ALS, from D.C., Buffalo Courier, Buffalo, N.Y., Dec. 9, 1878
    ALS, from Thomas Chase, Nov. 18, 1880

Note: folders 2-4 contain sheets with letters taped to them that were previously placed in a 3-ring binder. They are arranged in chronological order.

  1. 1870 [Jan., May-August]
    ca. 32 ALS
    correspondents include Elsie [sister], Frank [ ], mother, John Ashbridge, Johns H. Congdon, B. Frank Eshleman, Lindley Haines, Harper & Bros., Joseph W. Jones, Crammond Kennedy, [K.S. Nickerson]
  2. 1871-1879
    ca. 23 ALS, also clippings, church programs, bylaws and articles of faith of Central Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, N.Y., etc.
    correspondents include father, mother, [J.] Baird, John H. Dillingham, Joseph T. Duryea, Stephen Lockwood, W.H.M., J.G.K. McClure, O.C. Morse, Alexander Reed, Alice W. Runyon [sister], Wilson [Shraner?], William S. Taylor, Henry W.[Z.?]
  3. 1881-1908
    ca. 35 ALS, also clippings, receipts, 90th annual report of Presbyterian Historical Society
    correspondents include mother, Alicia [ ], George [ ], Samuel Anable, N.A. Boynton, Brown Shipley & Co. [?], George K. Davis, Julia H. Donn, Walter Edward, D.R.F., Rose T. Frazer, Reuben E. Heacock, J.G.K. McClure, Eliot McCormick, James [McLeod?], Thomas B. McLeod [?], Allan Marguard [?], C.P.H. Nason, Alice W. Runyon [sister], Dolph Runyon, A.N.R., E.C. Warner, Holly Wood, James Wood
  4. School composition notebook, ca. 1865
    ms. book
  5. Biographical material on Charles Wood
    (ca. 100 items)
    includes notes, clippings, small ms. volume compiled by Alice C. Wood on Charles Wood (ca. 52 p., with photographs), TLS, ALS (of Alice C. Wood to Herbert Howe, and others), typed transcripts and carbon copies of letters [chiefly of HH], and other material dealing with the life of Charles Wood - probably compiled by Herbert Howe in the course of his research on Wood.

Note: Some of this material is marked "For Herbert Howe" by Alice Cox Wood, ca. 1940s. He appears to have been researching Wood. In a letter of Oct. 20, 1947 to Alice C. Wood, he writes "The letters in this house - now arranged in 12 binders chronologically - five of the books Uncle Charles wrote and the Haverford College memorabilia (which I sent to Bob Edgar for the alumni records) have been the greatest value." Also in typed notes [of HH] "Eight binders of letters received by CW 1862-1870 together with a school note book,...are the earliest material.... his correspondence was with his cousins - Charles Wood Tallcott of Croton Point and 'Little' Frank Underhill of N.Y. City." Letter of HH, July 24, 1941 to Robert Edgar, "At long last the Wood family papers in the attic (three hampers and a box) have been sorted and put in binders chronologically."

Box 23 : Wood, Ellen C. : Letter and Wood, Evelyn Byrd Page (1898-) : Diaries | Table of contents | Summary

Wood, Ellen C.

  1. ALS, March 9, 1897, Germantown, to Annabella C. Wistar Wood, on her wedding trip

Wood, Evelyn Byrd Page (1898-)

  1. Diaries, 1923-1928, 1929-1933, 1955
    3 vols.
    • 1955 diary is record of travel in Europe
    • 1923-1928 diary includes time in China

Box 24 : Wood, Horatio Curtis (1903-) and Wood, Horatio Curtis (1870-1943) (box 1 of 3) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

9 folders

Wood, Horatio Curtis (1903-)

  1. Letters, etc.
    • 3 TL, Jan.-Feb. 1942 to his parents, Horatio and Annabella C. Wistar Wood
    • Copper engraving plates (2) for name cards of Horatio Curtis Wood and Mrs. Horatio Curtis Wood, w/ a few cards
    • Medical notes [of H. Curtis Wood?]

    [Note: childhood letters of Horatio C. Wood written to his mother, Annabella C. Wistar Wood, while she was in Europe (1910) are filed under ACWW in box 17]

Wood, Horatio Curtis (1870-1943)
Folders 2-9
Letters by HCW to Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood [before their marriage on Feb. 17, 1897]

  1. 1890, 1892
    2 ALS
  2. July - June 1894
    9 ALS
    love and friendship
  3. Aug. - Sept. 1894
    9 ALS
    love and friendship
  4. Nov. - Dec. 1894
    8 ALS
    love and friendship, letters written to her (at Germantown) [ALS of Dec. 19 w/ note of ACWW "The most precious letter I ever received from him. It has brought true comfort to my soul. Thursday morning."]
  5. Jan. - Feb. 1895
    6 ALS
    love and friendship
  6. July 1896
    15 ALS
    love letters written to her while she was at Sea Girt, N.J.
    includes enclosure of ALS from his father, John B. Wood.
  7. August 1-16, 1896
    19 ALS
    love letters written to her while she was at Jamestown, R.I.
    includes enclosure of ALS from [his] mother
  8. August 17 - Sept. 1, 1896
    22 ALS
    love letters written to her while she was at Jamestown, R.I.
    includes enclosure of ALS from his mother, Lydia C. Wood

Box 25 : Wood, Horatio Curtis (1870-1943) (box 2 of 3) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

5 folders
Letters, etc., includes 2 folders of letters of HCW to ACWW after their marriage of Feb. 17, 1897.

  1. August 1897
    13 ALS
    love letters written to her while she was at Newport, R.I.
  2. 1910
    39 ALS
    primarily love letters with news of family, written to her while she toured Europe with her parents in 1910 while HCW stayed home with the children (see image below)
    includes 3 ALS from her children enclosed with Horatio's letters
    Scanned Image Page 1 of letter, 7.7.1910, of Horatio Curtis Wood to his wife, Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood, while she traveled in Europe with her parents and he stayed behind with their three children. Page 2 (each about 127k)
  3. Letters of Horatio C. Wood from Europe, 1913
    3-ring binder of handwritten letters [copies] and photographs of European trip w/ family
    2 ALS, Italy, [postal cards] to Edward C. Wood, July 5, 8, 1913 re selling of family land
  4. Letters to Wood congratulating him on his engagement to Annabella Cresson Wistar, 1895
    ca. 27 ALS
    Letters are from:
    • C.W. Bacon; "Aunt" Bacon; H.M. Bacon; John Bacon; Maurice C. Baker; Elizabeth S. Morris Barton; B.W. Beesley; Reynolds D. Brown; Ellen Collins; Cornelia Corse; Helen N. Dickey; Emma M. Fitt; Edith Harrison Knight; Gertrude Mellor; Emma C. Moody; John Stokes Morris; Marriott C. Morris; Nell [?]; Ethel Rhoads; Jane G. Rhoads; Margaret Hilles Shear[?]; [?] Ducan Spaeth; Katherine [Tursell?]; Amy R. Williams; Edward and Margaret C. Wistar; "Aunt" E.H. Wood; E.L. Wood.
  5. Estate related papers of H.C. Wood, 1936-1958
    ca. 9 items

Box 26 : Wood, Horatio Curtis (1870-1943) (box 3 of 3) : Diaries and Wood, Lydia Cope Collins (1845-1921) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

Wood, Horatio Curtis (1870-1943)

  1. Diaries, 1910-1943
    6 volumes, as follows:
    1910-1915, 1915-1919, 1920-1924, 1924-1929, 1929-1934, 1939-1943 [entries continued after his death by his wife, Annabella C. Wistar Wood]

Wood, Lydia Cope Collins (1845-1921)

  1. Letters, etc.
    • ALS, May 21,1865, Norfolk, Va., to her mother [written while teaching freedmen in Virginia]
    • ALS, March 9, 1897, to Horace [son] on his wedding trip
    • TL, Camden, Sept. 9, 1910, to Annabella C. Wistar Wood [daughter-in- law]
    • D, Deed of Trust, 1914
    • D, estate re Trust of Lydia C. Wood, Settlor, 1922

[Note: see also under Caleb Cope in Box 1, folder 2]

Box 27 : Wood, Morris Wistar (1899-1980) (box 1 of 3) : Letters | Table of contents | Summary

  1. Trip to China, 1921-1922
    3-ring notebook of typed letters and photographs of his trip to and stay in China
  2. Letters of Morris Wistar Wood
    TLS, March 23, 1940, to his mother, Annabella C. Wistar Wood re poem, death of Annabella Bonnyman Wood in 1926 [his sister]
    ALS, June 7, 1979, to his grandson "Wis" on the occasion of his graduation from Haverford College

[Note: childhood letters of Morris Wistar Wood, written to his mother, Annabella C. Wistar Wood, while she was in Europe (1910) are filed under ACWW in box 17]

Box 28 : Wood, Morris Wistar (1899-1980) (box 2 of 3) : Diaries | Table of contents | Summary


  1. Diaries, 1922-1953
    5 volumes as follows:
    1922-1925, 1934-1938, 1939-1943, 1944-1948, 1949-1953

also envelopes of items removed from back and fronts of diaries (photographs, newspaper clippings, etc.)

Box 29 : Wood, Morris Wistar (1899-1980) (box 3 of 3) : Diaries and Wood, Ned : Letter | Table of contents | Summary

Wood, Morris Wistar (1899-1980)

  1. Diaries, 1954-1978
    5 volumes as follows:
    1954-1958, 1959-1963, 1964-1968, 1969-1973, 1974-1978 [w/ numerous items laid in]

Wood, Ned

  1. Letter, 1897.
    ALS, March 10, 1897, Germantown, to Horatio C. Wood, on his wedding trip

Box 30 : Miscellaneous manuscripts and printed items | Table of contents | Summary

4 folders

  1. Misc. unidentified mss.
    11 items, includes:
    • ms. volume "Extracts from Deeds" [kept by?]
    • poetry
  2. Misc. mss. items
    ca. 57 items, includes:
    • genealogy notes and charts re Husband, Lloyd, Garrett, Newbold families[4 items]
    • List of names and dates [by Anne C. Wood, requests handwriting samples]
    • Signatures, 7 items
    • petition of "inhabitants of the Northside of Cohansie" against a road, 1746/7 w/ 14 signatures
    • [1803 copy] of a land document, signed by John Penn in 1766 to John Litton
    • "A conversation that occurred betw. Samuel Fothergill & Admiral Tyrrell" and "Copied from one in Jos. Dockra's hands, Kelvedon 5 mo. 8th 1784" [with note in pencil that "the capital W's are like those in the signature of Nicholas Waln"]
    • "Dr. [Thomas W.] Dyott's Land at Glass works on the River Delaware" [ca. 1830?], includes sketch of land
    • misc. envelopes and stamps
  3. Misc. printed items
    ca. 26 items, includes:
    • printed "Vision of Joseph Hoag" [n.d., "For sale by Wm. C. Cowperthwaite, 304 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa."]
    • Coats of arms [bookplates], 4 copies
    • Newspaper clippings, ca. 8 items [includes poem "To a daughter in affliction" by Horatio Curtis Wood]
    • Old currency, 1757-1776, 8 items [all signed by a Morris, Emlen or Wistar]
    • "Poulson's American Daily Advertiser" 2 issues, Sept. 4 and Oct. 8, 1804
    • "An act to enable the owners and possessors of Petty's Island, situate in the River Delaware, in the County of Gloucester, to appoint persons vested with the proper powers for the well improvement of the said island. Trenton: Printed by Wilson & Blackwell. April 8, 1805" [pamphlet]
    • "Address of the president and managers of the Schuylkill Navigation Company, to the stockholders, and to the publick in general." 1817 [pamphlet]
    • "Epistle of London Yearly Meeting for 1827" 2 copies
    • facsimile copy [c1881] of letter of President Garfield to his mother, Aug. 11, 1881
  4. Printed family histories and memorial
    7 items
    • Cresson family
    • "Cresson family from the colonial families of Philadelphia" [booklet] 1911
    • Dumaresq family
    • "A sketch of the family of Dumaresq to which are added reminiscences of James Dumaresq, and an appendix of documents" [booklet w/ covers missing, Albany: J. Munsell, 78 State Street, 1863]
    • Eliot/Elliott family
    • "The Eliot papers No. II - The Eliot marriages ...." [book], 1894
    • "Genealogy of the Elliot family from old family records covering a period of over two hundred years. Compiled by Samuel Elliott, Philadelphia, 1899." [booklet]
    • Emlen family
    • "Emlen family. One of the series of sketches written by Frank Willing Leach for the Philadelphia North American, 1907-1913, and brought down to date, 1932" c1932, [booklet]
    • Gleason, Anne Morris (1879-1938)
    • memorial of her [booklet]
    • Huguenots
    • "The Huguenots on the Hackensack" by D.D. Demarest, 1886, [booklet]

Box 31 : Photographs | Table of contents | Summary

  1. Unidentified photographs
    3 items
    • photograph of silhouette of [?] (2 copies)
    • group photograph of (ca. 43) men on steps of building [late 19th cent.?]
    • group photograph of (6) men on steps of building [late 19th cent.?]
  2. Photographs of documents, maps, etc. [mounted and unmounted, some with notes on back in hand of Charles Caleb Cresson, most of these are probably related to his family research]
    10 items (w/ many dups.)
    • memorandum re vitals of Elliott family
    • page from Elliott family Bible with Elliott signatures
    • portion of a letter with signature of Caleb Cresson
    • "Map of New Netherlands, with a view of New Amsterdam, (now New York,) A.D. 1656. copied for the N.Y. Hist. Soc. from the map of A. Vander Denck" (4 copies mounted on fabric)
    • marriage certificate of Joshua Emlen and Deborah Powell, 1728
    • marriage certificate of James Cresson and Sarah Emlen, 1738
    • enlargements of signatures to marriage certificate of James Cresson and Sarah Emlen (2)
    • marriage certificate of Caleb Emlen And Mary Warder, 1773 (8 copies)
    • enlargements of signatures to certificate of Caleb Emlen and Mary Warder (21 copies)
    • map of "Van Keulen's Hook, 1662. Drawn by J.R. 1888"
  3. Armitt family
    • photograph of silhouette of Mary [Emlen] Armitt, w/ notes on back in hand of Charles C. Cresson
  4. Butler family
    • photograph (cyanotype) of silhouette of Margaretta Butler
  5. Carrington family
    • photograph of Waring Parker Carrington
  6. Collins family
    • photograph of Ellen Cope Collins and baby "Lilly" [Lydia Cope Collins]
    • photograph of Margaret M. Collins (2 copies)
  7. Cresson family
    9 items
    • 2 photographs of silhouette of Caleb Cresson, Jr.
    • booklet containing 4 photographs of silhouettes of Caleb Cresson, Jr. (1775-1821) made by Charles C. Cresson
    • photograph of Sarah Emlen Cresson, also 4 printed enlargements (for a book?) and 2 printed bio. sketches of her by Charles C. Cresson
    • hand colored photograph (?) of Sarah Emlen Cresson, 1867 w/ note on back by Charles C. Cresson
    • photograph (cyanotype) of silhouette of Sarah Emlen Cresson
    • photograph (cyanotype) of silhouette of W. Cresson
  8. Dillwyn family
    • photograph (cyanotype) of silhouette of George Dillwyn
  9. Elliott family
    • photograph of silhouette of Annabella Bonnyman Elliott w/ caption "Taken in her glorious Age of Eightytwo."
    • photograph (cyanotype) of silhouette of Annabella Bonnyman [Elliott]
  10. Emlen family
    • 8 photographs (1 cyanotype) of silhouettes (some dups.) of Maria (Graff) Emlen, Samuel Emlen, Caleb Emlen [some w/ notes on back in hand of Charles C. Cresson]
  11. Graydon family
    • photograph of Helen Hetherington Graydon
  12. Page family
    • photograph of "? Isabel Page Hillman, Aunt Ethel Large, daughter of Samuel Davis Page" [1 postcard photo]
    • photograph of S. Davis Page
  13. Warder family
    • photograph of the "Warder chair" w/ printed note on back signed by Richard T. Cadbury, 1915
  14. Wistar family
    6 items
    • group photograph "Newport 1891" of members of Wistar, Comfort, Morris families and others
    • photograph of Annabella C. Wistar (1818-1869) (2 copies)
    • photograph of house of Dillwyn Wistar
    • photograph of Emma Wistar, Annabella Cresson Wistar, Bartholomew Wistar, Samuel Emlen Cresson, ca. 1861 (2 copies)
    • autographed photograph of Joshua Morris Wistar (1879-)
  15. Wood family
    25 items
    • 3 photographs of Pyne Point House in Camden, N.J. belonging to Wood family
    • photograph of Annabella Cresson Wistar [Wood] w/ engagement ring (ca. 1895?)
    • photograph of Annabella Cresson Wistar Wood w/ Morris Wistar Wood [ca. 1900]
    • 8 photographs of Horatio C. Wood at various ages
    • photograph of John Bacon Wood (1843-)
    • photograph of Julia Graydon Wood and Dr. Howard Page Wood
    • 8 photographs of Lydia Cope Collins Wood, some w/ her children
    • photograph of Morris Wistar Wood, age 2
    • photograph of Morris Wistar Wood, Julie Graydon Wood, George Carrington Wood, Ann Graydon Carrington Wood, Howard Page Wood Jr.
  16. Wurts family
    • photograph [of portrait?] of William Wurts, labeled "father of Isabella Graham Wurts who m. Samuel Davis Page..." [w/ note on back explaining relationship to Wood family]
  17. Germantown Friends School
    • 5 sports team photographs with Morris Wistar Wood (soccer 1914, 1915, 1916; basketball 1916-7; baseball 1917)

Box 32 : Photographs - album (primarily Wood family) | Table of contents | Summary

  1. Photograph album [mainly Wood family, including James E. Rhoads]

Box 33 : Photographs - albums (primarily Cresson, Wistar families) | Table of contents | Summary

  1. Photograph album [mainly Wistar family]
  2. Photograph album [mainly Cresson family] inscribed on flyleaf "Dillwyn Wistar from his mother 4/69"

Box 34 : Photographs, portraits, silhouettes - framed | Table of contents | Summary

  1. Bispham, William
    "Wm. Bispham (son of Aunt Martha Bispham (nee Collins))" [in small brown case]
  2. Collins, Elizabeth Cope (1812-1880)
    [in blue velvet oval case]
  3. [Collins, Elizabeth Cope]?
    colored portrait of woman [in dark red case]
  4. Collins, William Morris (1811-1864)
    [daguerreotype?] 1846, also another photograph of him [in dark red case]
  5. Cresson, Warder
    silhouette, with note on back "Not a direct forebear"
  6. Cresson, Warder
  7. Dillwyn, George [and wife]
    silhouette, with note of S.M. Wistar that he made the silhouette from an old engraving
  8. Morris, Isaac W. (d. 1872)
    "Taken for my friend & cousin Lilla, Nov. 14th 1868 ... Isaac W. Morris" with note that he died 1872
  9. Wood, Ellen Collins
    "Ellen Collins Wood three years old taken 5th [ ] 1871" on back of photograph, [label on back of frame says "Lydia Cope Collins"]
  10. Wood, Lydia Cope Collins (1845-1921)
    [in a case]
  11. Wood, Lydia Cope Collins and her mother Elizabeth Cope Collins
    [daguerreotype? in dark green case]

Box 35 : Photographs, portraits - framed | Table of contents | Summary

  1. Cresson, Charles Caleb (1816-1902)
  2. Wistar, Annabella Elliott Cresson (1818-1869)
    colored portrait

Box 36 : Deeds, marriage certificates | Table of contents | Summary

[all but #9 are on vellum]

  1. "Deed, Wm. Lawrence & uxr. to John Wistar" 1758
  2. "Patent, Richard Wistar, Enjoyment 303 3/4 a, Bedford County" 1776, signed by John Penn, w/ seal attached, also Deed poll endorsed Sarah Wistar to Richard Wistar, 1832
  3. "Deed Poll, James Logan & others Trustees & Executors of William Logan to Charles Logan and others, assigning to C. Logan a Lot on Chestnut Street Part of Logan's Square, 1 May 1781" with drawing of block
  4. "Patent, Rueben Haines, 401 3/4 acres, Northumberland County, 1786"
  5. "Deed, Counterpart, Sarah Wistar to Richard Wistar" 1790
  6. "Patent, John Wistar, 342/4 acres Land, Northumberland County" 1793, "Fair view"
  7. "Deed, Richard Wistar & wife to Joseph Burrows" 1796
  8. "Patent, Richard Wistar, 303 3/4 as land, Northumberd. County" 1796, "Mount Pleasant"
  9. "Covenant, John Wistar to Richard Wistar & others" 1799, ms. copy made 1815
  10. "Deed of Gift, Sarah Wistar to Richard Wistar & others for 12 tracts of land now or late in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania" 1803
  11. "Deed, Caspar W. Morris & ors. Exrs. of Samuel Morris deceased to Richard Wistar & wife" 1819
  12. "Deed, Israel W. Morris to Richard Wistar" 1827
  13. Marriage certificate of B. Wyatt Wistar and Annabella E. Cresson, 1841
  14. Marriage certificate of Joshua H. Morris and Ann M. Wistar, 1847

Not in Boxes - Oversized items:
[currently stored in Quaker cage]

  1. Marriage certificate of Solomon Cresson and Anna Watson, 1702. Photostat mounted on cardboard ["13f" in upper left corner, 36 x 56 cm.]
  2. Marriage certificate of Joshua Emlen and Deborah Powell, 1728. Photograph mounted on cardboard [26 x 33 cm.]
  3. Indenture between William Penn and James Petre, 1681. signed by Richard Vickris, Charles Jones, Jr., Philip Theo. Lehmann, John Greagory, Peter Young, Richard Wood, Ruth Wood. [not signed by Penn] with description of document, framed [frame 48 x 82 cm.]
  4. Wistar, Elizabeth Buckley Morris (1849-1925) Double framed photograph [frame 38 x 33 x 7 cm.]
  5. Wistar, Bartholomew Wyatt (1818-1869) Framed [colored photograph]. [frame 36 x 42 cm.]
  6. Wistar, Annabella Elliott Cresson (1818-1869) Framed portrait. [frame 36 x 42 cm.]

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