Hartshorne Family Papers, 1797-1957

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Haverford College
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Hartshorne Family Papers, 1797-1957

Ms. Coll. 1030
ca. 2,298 items (12 boxes)

Table of Contents

Biographical background

Collection consists largely of material collected by immediate family of Henry Hartshorne, and by Hartshorne himself. Hartshorne, 1823-1897, was the son of Dr. Joseph Hartshorne and Anna Bonsall Hartshorne, and was a physician. A graduate of Haverford College, he subsequently taught at Haverford, the University of Pennsylvania, Women's Medical College, was editor of the Friends' Review and active in Friends work in Philadelphia. He was a member of The American Philosophical Society, The Athenaeum, University Archaeological Association and other learned and civic organizations. His wife was Mary Elizabeth Brown, 1823-1887.

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Scanned Image Page 1 of letter from Henry Hartshorne to John Greenleaf Whittier. Germantown, Phila., 9mo. 1, 1882.
[Apologizes for doubting his religious soundness and continues to differ on value of creeds] (typescript copy). Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 (each approximately 75K).

Scanned Image Page 1 of letter from John Greenleaf Whittier to Henry Hartshorne. Amesbury, Mass., 9mo. 5, 1882. Letter concerns Hartshorne's remarks about Whittier's religious soundness, his attitude toward creeds, etc. Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 (each approximately 64K).

Scanned Image Photograph of the Members of the Medical Society of Hokkaido, of which Henry Hartshorne M.D. was the honorary member. 1894. [Hartshorne was engaged in religious and missionary work in Japan, 1893-97] (64K).

Summary of collection

Papers include correspondence of thirty-two members and relatives of the Hartshorne family. Of special interest are the medical notes, articles,and correspondence, 1819-1845, of Joseph Hartshorne, M.D. These are noteworthy because of his many innovations in surgery, such as the use of animal ligatures, plus his detailed descriptions of treatments for various ailments; also, the correspondence of Anna C. Hartshorne covering her missionary work in Japan, and Henry Hartshorne's "Letters from Japan," printed in the Friends Review, l893-1894, plus sermons, etc., given by him while in Japan with Anna, 1893-1897. The bulk of the Collection consists of the correspondence, medical papers, literary works, etc., of Henry Hartshorne, M.D., son of Joseph and father of Anna. Correspondence covers a wide range of subjects: discussion of religious doctrines with David B. Updegraff, Augustine Jones, Samuel Emlen, Charles Rhoads, Joel Bean, Thomas Kimber, John Greenleaf Whittier,and other Friends; discussions with other doctors of medical matters, and Henry Hartshorne's various positions as professor of Physiology and Hygiene; discussions with James E. Rhoads and others of his policies as Editor of the Friends Review; discussions of his books, both medical and literary,with publishers and other authors, notably Oliver Wendell Holmes. Papers also include genealogical material on the Bonsall, Hartshorne, Saunders, Yarnall, and Cope families as well as photographs.

Arrangement and description of collection

*[Note: At the College of Physicians, there are 12-15 boxes of Henry Hartshorne materials, including H.C. material].

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  1. Genealogy
    11 items covering the Bonsall, Hartshorne, Saunders, Yarnall, and Cope families.
  2. Bonsall, Charles (uncle of Henry Hartshorne)
    Letter to Henry. Cincinnati, April 4, 1879. [Writes of death of Anna B. Hartshorne, Henry's mother]
  3. [Brown?] Anna (sister of Mary Elizabeth Brown Hartshorne)
    8 items, ca. 1854.
  4. Brown, Elizabeth
    H 3 questionable letters, signed Lizzie [n.d.], plus letters to her, from Mary Waln Wistar, East Whiteland, 1844- 1845. 14 items [letters from school]
  5. Brown, William.
    Letters to Mary E. (Brown) Hartshorne and Henry Hartshorne. St. Augustine [Fla.] 1852-1854. 5 items. [In Florida for his health]
  6. A B C (niece of Henry H.)
    Letter to him. Awbury, Jan. 24, 1884. *
  7. Evans, Rachel C[ope] (niece of Henry H.)
    Letter to him. Montrose, 8mo. 29, 1880. [Asks advice for treatment of small boy]
  8. Hartshorne, Albert, secy. of Royal Archaeological Soc. of Great Britain and Ireland.
    [London] April 12, 1882. 2 items. [Letters of introduction for brother-in-law]
  9. Hartshorne, Anna (Bonsall)
    Letters, 1836-1877. 25 items.
    [16 letters, 1836-1843, to son Henry; one to Mary E. Brown, later wife of Henry, 3mo. 5, 1848; 8 to her sister, from Charley Forest, 1863-1877] now in box 1a.
  10. Hartshorne, Anna C[ope], daughter of Henry.
    Letters from, 1889-1891. now in box 1a.
    20 items, 13 of which concern her trip to Europe, 1891.
  11. Hartshorne, Anna C[ope]
    Letters to and about, 1882-1957. [24 letters to, covering studies at Bryn Mawr, missionary work in Japan, condolences at death of father, Henry, 1882-1897; 7 items, including photographs of memorial service for Anna C. Hartshorne, Tsuda College, Japan, Nov. 3, 1957, sent to Mrs. Richard Jenney (Clementina Hartshorne Jenney) by Anna ,Cope Evans, Phila., 1958] now in box 1a.

*See Box 1a for additions to Anna C. Hartshorne

Box 1a | Table of contents | Summary | Box 1 | Box 1a | Box 2 | Box 3 | Box 4 | Box 5 | Box 6 | Box 7 | Box 8 | Box 9 | Box 10 | Box 11 | Box 12 | Photographs and genealogical information

  1. 1. Hartshorne, Anna Cope
    To mother. May-September, 1882. [Letters written on her trip to Europe]. Ca. 50 items.
  2. 2. Hartshorne, Anna Cope.
    Letters to, from Doi, --; Hartshorne, Virginia; Kintaro, Oshima; Tokito, Seiji et al. Ca. 10 items.
  3. 3. Miscellaneous letters
    Including of Anna Hartshorne, Charles Hartshorne, and Henry Hartshorne, and commonplace items.
    Ca. 1839-82. Ca. 20 items .
  4. 4. Photographs
    Mostly of Anna Cope Hartshorne. Ca. 20 items.

Removed to Quaker Collection: A Glance at the 20th Century/ Henry Hartshorne. 1881.

Box 2 | Table of contents | Summary | Box 1 | Box 1a | Box 2 | Box 3 | Box 4 | Box 5 | Box 6 | Box 7 | Box 8 | Box 9 | Box 10 | Box 11 | Box 12 | Photographs and genealogical information

  1. Hartshorne, A E (sister-in-law of Henry?)
    Leawood [Md.], July 21, 1880. [Inquires about school for imbecile children]
  2. Hartshorne, Caroline Cope (Yarnall)
    Letters to son, Edward Y. Hartshorne, 1879-1886. 27 items. [ Include account of trip to Europe, 1882]
    Also filed here: Minute of disownment from Friends, 1864.
    Cope, Francis. Letters, 1881 and 1885. 2 items
    Caroline Hartshorne to mother Anna Hartshorne, 1863. Re: decision to leave Society of Friends
  3. Hartshorne, Charles (brother of Henry).
    Letters from. 12 items, 1839-1897; plus letters to. 6 items and one obituary, 1861-1908.
  4. Hartshorne, Charles H .
    Holdenby, Northampton, 1859-1861.4 items.
  5. 16. Hartshorne, Charles R (nephew of Henry)
    4 items, Brighton, Md.,1886.
  6. Hartshorne, Edward (brother of Henry)
    10 items. [9 letters from, Phila., ca. 1852-1884, family and medical matters; letter of April 8, 1882, tells of blackballing of female candidate for membership in the Phila. County Medical Society. Also filed here: obituary notice, June 23, 1885]
  7. Hartshorne, Edward Y[arnall]
    16 items [8 letters from, 1883-1897, including one enclosing clippings about Henry Hartshorne's death; plus letter to, Nov. 2, 1908, from James Aylward Develin, Mortgage Trust Co. of Penna, Phila., expressing sympathy at death of his father, Charles Hartshorne; to EYH from w. Penn Shipley, 1887
  8. Hartshorne, Emily Sophia.
    [British relative] 4 items, 1864-1868.
  9. Hartshorne, Francis C[ope], nephew of Henry.
    Letter to Henry H., Merion, Nov. 26 [ca. 1888] [Wants advice in choosing career]
  10. Hartshorne, Henry. SEE BOXES 4-11.
  11. Hartshorne, Isaac (brother of Henry) 11 items, 1836-1888.
  12. Hartshorne, Jane (sister of Henry) 16 items, 1836-1839 and [n.d.]
  13. Hartshorne, Joseph, M.D. (father of Henry), 1779-1850.
    1. Correspondence about various cases, chronologically arranged, 1819-1845.
      1. Letter to Joseph Hartshorne from Dr. F. A. Van Dyke, Abington,Feb. 6, 1819. [Praises Dr. H. for first use of animal ligatures in surgery]
      2. Case notes and correspondence, concerning treatment of tetanus. 4 items, ca. 1819-1824.
      3. Letter from Jos. H., Phila., May 16, 1820, to Dr. Jackson of Northumberland, concerning treatment of spinal curvature.
      4. Letter from John A. Elkinton, Haddonfield, Feb. 18, 1823, to Jos. H., concerning use of nux vomica in prescriptions.
      5. Letter from H. McMurtrie, Phila., Oct. 8, 1824, to Jos. H., requesting permission to use illustration of his apparatus for treating leg fractures, in a forthcoming medical book.
      6. Extract from the Western Quarterly Reporter, describing Jos. H.'s fracture apparatus.
      7. Correspondence with Dr. A. Hays, of Carlisle, about one of Dr. Hays's patients. 2 items, Nov. 14-16, 1825. [Dr. Hartshorne's letter of` Nov. 16 speaks of dangers of using patent medicines]
      8. Letter from Jos. H. to Edward De Krafft, of Washington. Phila., Sept. 10, 1826. [Discusses Mr. De K.'s case, but declines to prescribe without seeing him]
      9. Letter from Jos. H. to Dr. S. L. Howell, Phila., April 11, 1827, discussing treatment of menstrual cramps.
      10. letter to Jos. H. from Dr. Dudley Atkins of Newburyport, Oct. 7, 1827, asking advice about treatment of a growth on end of child's spine.
      11. Letter (copy) from Jos. H. to Dr. Arnault, Feb. 26, 1828, discussing treatment of child with possible heart disease, suggests many remedies, in case it is not heart disease, but hepatitis, or something else.
      12. Notes and correspondence with Dr. Thomas Cocke, of New York, 4 mo., 1828, concerning a Mrs. C. Laing (Lane) of New York, patient of Dr. Cocke's, who consulted Dr. H. while in Phila. and continued treatment under Dr. Cocke after return home, eventually developing erysipilas. 4 items.
      13. Notes of treatment for diabetes, recommended for Hugh Kennedy of Hagerstown, Md., May 28, 1829. 1 item.
      14. Notes and correspondence on treatment of cholera. 6 items, ca. l832-1849.
      15. Notes and correspondence on use of iodine in medicines. 4 items, ca. 1841-1844.
      16. Letter from Jos. H., Phila., Nov. 11, 1845, to J. N. Shotwell, discussing treatment of his daughter for consumption and enclosing three prescriptions. 2 items.
    2. Medical notes, reports, articles, prescriptions, etc.
      1. Prescriptions. 3 items, 1822-1823.
      2. Medical paper, on inflammation, etc.
      3. Medical paper about various experiments on nature of life, nervous impulses, etc., plus notes on discussion of LeGallois' experiments. 2 items [n.d.]
      4. Medical notes, reports, observations, etc. 9 items. [Include notes on revaccination]
    3. Miscellaneous.
      1. 2 items: Memorial to Ann Leaver, died, 1777; also, letter from Jos. H. to cousin, Joseph H. Coates, Alexandria, [Va.], discussing future of Jos.'s son William.Phila., Jan. 15, 1837.
  14. Hartshorne, Joseph, 1852-1918 (nephew of Henry)
    Letters to uncle, Henry, Pottstown, 9mo. 30, 1886, and Phila., Jan. 6, 1888. 2 items.

Box 3 | Table of contents | Summary | Box 1 | Box 1a | Box 2 | Box 3 | Box 4 | Box 5 | Box 6 | Box 7 | Box 8 | Box 9 | Box 10 | Box 11 | Box 12 | Photographs and genealogical information

  1. Hartshorne, Mary Bonsall (sister of Henry) 2 items.
    1. Letter to aunt, Jane M. Plummer, Mt. Pleasant, Ohio. Phila.,9mo. 6, 1829. .
      [Informs her of birth of brother, Charles Hartshorne]
    2. Letter (in French) to brother [Henry] Phila., Dec. 31, 1833.
  2. Hartshorne, Mary Elizabeth (Brown), wife of Henry.
    1. Letters from her, to various members of family.
      53 items, ca. 1856-1886. [Include two from trip abroad, 1859; some undated ones, to daughters, in middle]
    2. Letter to her, from Gulielma and Edward W. Howland. Paris, 6mo. 13, 1859.
  3. Hartshorne, Virginia (adopted daughter of Henry and Mary B.)
    1. Note to her, signed E.A. M. G. [n.p., n.d.]
    2. Letters from her, one [n.d.] to "Aunt E." from abroad; remainder, to sister Anna 1882-1895. 8 items.
  4. Hartshorne, William, 1742-1816.
    Correspondence ( copies ) with George Washington. 3 items, 1797. [Concerns Washington's subscription to the building of a bridge in Alexandria] + 2 letters to Samuel Coates, 1793. Added, 1972. [Yellow Fever]
  5. Hartshorne, William, brother of Henry.
    Letter to Henry (in French), Alexandria, Feb. 11, 1836.
  6. Hartshorne, William, D., nephew of Henry.
    Letters to Henry, 1878-1895. 4 items.
    W. D. Hartshorne's letter from Brighton, Md., Sept. 11, 1878, has P.S., saying he has a working telephone line between home and store; also he has thought of two ways to transmit a picture by wire and is thinking of writing to Edison.
  7. Scofield, Jane (Hartshorne), sister of Henry, and William, her husband.
    1. Letters from Jane to brother Henry:
      3 from Charley Forest, April 14-Sept. 10, 1880; one [n.p.] Feb. 7, 1885.
    2. Letter from Jane to sister-in-law, Mary (Brown) Hartshorne.
      Charley Forest, Nov. 23, 1886.
    3. Letters from William Scofield to Henry.
      Sandy Spring, Md., 7mo. 19, 1879 - Sept. 6, 1881. 3 items.
      Lawrence, R. Fragment., 1l
      Lewis, John. Jan 22/77. 1 letter
  8. Stewardson, Thomas, cousin of Mary (Brown) Hartshorne.
    Letters, mainly to Mary H., concerning business matters. 18 items, [n.d.] and ca.1882-1890.
  9. Yarnall, Caroline Rachel (Cope), 1802-1881.
    Letter to daughter, Caroline Cope (Yarnall) Hartshorne. Charley Forest, 5mo. 27, 1877.
    [Has covering letter from Jane H. Scofield on back]

Box 4 | Table of contents | Summary | Box 1 | Box 1a | Box 2 | Box 3 | Box 4 | Box 5 | Box 6 | Box 7 | Box 8 | Box 9 | Box 10 | Box 11 | Box 12 | Photographs and genealogical information

Papers of Henry Hartshorne, M.D., 1823-1897. (Some originals; some copies)

Index: 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 | 31-40 | 41-50 | 51-60 | 61-70 | 71-80 | 81-90 | 91-100 | 101-110 | 111-120 | 121-130 | 131-140 | 141-150 | 151-160 | 161-170 | 171-180 | 181-190 | 191-200 |201-210 | 211-220 | 221-230 | 231-240 | 241-250 | 251-260 | 261-270 | 271-280 | 281-290 |291-300 | 301-310 | 311-320 | 321-326

Letters from him, to the following: (chronologically arranged)

  1. To father, Dr. Joseph Hartshorne (in Latin). Haverford, Aug. 5, 1836.
  2. 1848-1850, to wife, Mary Elizabeth (Brown), 1823-1887. [Two written before marriage; one shortly after]
  3. To mother. Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, July 8, 1859.
  4. To a Unitarian friend. [n.p.] Oct. 3, 1864. [Religious discussion]
  5. To A. Shipley [n.p.] 12mo. 7, 1866. [About baptism]
  6. To Dental College. [n.p.] 5mo. 12, 1867. [Accepts lectureship]
  7. Memorandum of verbal agreement with Board of Managers, Haverford College, 7mo., 1867. [Terms of his appointment to faculty]
  8. Letters to Henry T. Coates, James Whitall, James E. Rhoads, an others connected with Haverford College, concerning the state and needs of the College and his dismissal from its faculty; also, memo to self, [ca. 1870] citing his versatility and many achievements. 9 items, Dec. 21, 1865 - 7mo. 13, 1871.
  9. To Francis Cope. Edge Grove, 3mo. 26, 1872. [Speaks of his own reaction to dismissal from Haverford.]
  10. To wife. Lynn, 11mo. 20, 1873.
  11. To James E. Rhoads (extract) [n.p.] 2mo., 1874.
  12. To William L. Edwards. Phila., 8mo. 4, 1874.
    [Concerns his position re plain dress, for which he had been admonished in Quarterly Meeting]
  13. To George J. Scattergood. Haverford College, 8mo. 27, 1874. [Also concerns plain dress]
  14. To Joseph Walton. Haverford College, 9mo. 15, 1874.
  15. To Luke Woodward (copy) Phila., 10mo. 8, 1874.
  16. To Prof. J. H. Dillingham (copy) Haverford College, 12mo. 29, 1874. [Concerns salary at Haverford]
  17. To "Dear Frank," [Francis Cope] Haverford College, 1mo. 31, 1875. [Summarizes financial affairs]
  18. To Emmor Haines. Phila., 3mo. 24, 1875. [Concerns editorial policy of Friends Review.]
  19. To Samuel Alsop. Haverford, 6mo. 1, 1875. [Concerns salary at Haverford]
  20. To Edward L. Scull (copy) Haverford, 6mo. 3, 1875. [Concerns plans for new building at Haverford]
  21. To Thomas Chase (copy) Haverford College, 8mo. 21, 1875. [Concerns teaching schedule for his physiology and hygiene courses at Haverford]
  22. To David B. Updegraff (copy) Haverford College, 10mo. 9, 1875. [Criticizes Meeting led by D.B.U. in Richmond, Ind., which H.H. attended.]
  23. To Augustine Jones (copy) Haverford College, 10mo. 17, 1875. [Concerns H.H.'s views on prophetic doctrine]
  24. To F. C. Stanley. Phila. 10mo. 18, 1875. [Concerns effect on Western Meetings of article in Friends Review]
  25. To David B. Updegraff. Haverford College, 11mo. 1875.
  26. To Dr. Charles Evans. Haverford College, 12mo. 5, 1875. [Discusses editorial remarks in the Friend.]
  27. To David B. Updegraff (copy) Phila., 1mo. 17, 1876.
  28. To Charles Yarnall (copy) [Phila.] 1mo. 18, 1876.
  29. To David B. Updegraff. Haverford College, 1mo. 18, 1876. [Concerns meaning of term, "Sanctification"]
  30. To David B. Updegraff. [n.p.] 2mo. 6, 1876.
  31. To Thomas Kimber. Haverford College, 2mo. 20, 1876. [Urges care and moderation in Gospel labor]
  32. To William H. Ladd. Phila., 2mo. 21, 1876. [Defends article by Edward D. Cope, in Friends Review, on "Conversion of Early Friends"]
  33. To Samuel Emlen. Haverford College, 5mo. 8, 1876. [Discusses doctrine of Sanctification]
  34. To Thomas W. Ladd (copy) Haverford College, 5mo. 15, 1976. [Concerns attitude of Friends Review on question of Yearly Meeting adopting Queries for Ministers and Elders]
  35. To Charles Rhoads. Haverford College, 5mo. 20, 1876. [Concerns remarks at Yearly Meeting and attitude of Phila. Yearly Meeting generally; defends own position in giving up plain dress; pleads for greater tolerance among friends for each other's differing views]
  36. Memo of sentence in letter to R. B. Howland, 7mo. 1876. [Suggests self as President and Prof. of Moral and Mental Philosophy and Social Science at Howland School, Union Springs, N.Y.]
  37. To Thomas Kimber, Jr. (copy) Phila. 7mo. 18, 1876. [Answers criticisms of Friends Review]
  38. To Robert B. Howland (rough draft) Phila., 8mo. 16, 1876. [Retracts letter written at Catskill, concerning possible job as head of Howland School, and eagerly accepts same, subject to R. B. H.'s confirmation]
  39. To Robert B. Howland. Haverford College, 8mo. 21, 1876. [Speaks of salary expected and date when could arrive]
  40. To Robert B. Howland. Haverford College, 4mo. 21, 1876. [Making plans for move to Union Springs]
  41. To George Howland, Jr. Howland School, Union Springs, 12mo. 1, 1876 [Tells of financial plight of School; asks help]
  42. To George Howland, Jr. (copy) Union Springs, 2mo. 4, 1877. [Pleads for keeping School open another year, to see how it goes]
  43. To George Howland, Jr. (rough draft) [Union Springs] 2mo. 5, 1877. [Advocates reduced fees, as a way of attracting scholars; urges continuation of School for another year; suggests advertising]
  44. To George Howland, Jr. (copy) Union Springs, 2mo. 11, 1877. [About School budget, continuance, etc.]
  45. To Dr. S. Weir Mitchell. Phila., 5mo. 15, 1877. [Concerns appointment to professorship at Pennsylvania Medical College; also, Mitchell's answer] 3 items.
  46. To James E. Rhoads. Union Springs, N.Y., 3mo. 14, 1878. Also filed here, James Rhoads's reply. Germantown, Phila., 3mo. 9, 1878. [Concern Society of Friends and what ails it]
  47. To graduating scholars (copy) Howland School, 6mo. 24, 1878. [Thanks them for gift; expresses sadness at parting]
  48. To Dr. J. E. Richardson. Germantown, Phila., 11mo. 7, 1878. [Argues that yellow fever is not contagious]
  49. To Board of Trustees, Jefferson Medical College. Phila., 2mo. 5, 1879. [Applies for place on faculty. Also filed here, two additional letters, to Prof. J. Da Costa and Dr. E. Wallace, Germantown, 2mo. 13, 1879, asking their support.]
  50. To Dr. W. W. Keen. Germantown, Phila., 2mo. 10, 1879 - 2mo. 17, 1879. 2 items.
  51. To Prof. S. D. Gross. Germantown, Phila., 3mo. 16, 1879. [Concerns vacancy on faculty at Jefferson Medical College]
  52. To W. C. Baker. Germantown, Phila., 3mo. 18, 1879. [Discusses malaria and ways to combat it in swampy ground]
  53. To Prof. J. A. Meigs. Germantown, 3mo. 23, 1879. [Concerns vacancy on faculty at Jefferson Medical College]
  54. To Samuel R. Shipley. Germantown, 4mo. 5, 1879. [Concerns possible job as medical examiner for the Provident Life and Trust Co.]
  55. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. [n.p.] 4mo. 9, 1879. [Concerns controversial opinions of David B. Updegraff]
  56. To editors of the Christian Union. [ca. 1879] [Also on D.B.U's opinions]
  57. To Hannah Whitall Smith. [Germantown] 6mo., 1879. [Concerns raise in tuition of school he runs]
  58. To Lloyd _____ [Germantown] 6mo., 1879. [Also re tuition]
  59. To Dr. W. S. Forbes. [Germantown] 6mo. 7, 1879. [Agrees with Harvey's theory of circulation of blood]
  60. To Dr. J. M. Da Costa. [Germantown] 11mo. 13, 1879. [Offers self to fill vacancy on faculty of Jefferson Medical College]
  61. To W. W. Knox (copy) Germantown, Phila., 7mo. 12, 1879. [Declines to keep his daughter as pupil]
  62. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. Germantown, 2mo. 26, 1880. [Advocates free discussion of religious questions among Friends]
  63. To Surgeon J. S. Billings, U.S.A. Germantown, 3mo. 1, 1880. [Concerns hygiene precautions at U.S. ports]
  64. To Frank _____ [Germantown] 3mo. 16, 1880. [Concerns distribution of family property] [Francis Cope]
  65. To Dr. J. C. LeHardy. Germantown, 3mo. 17, 1880. [Discusses quarantine regulations]
  66. To Frank [Francis Cope] [Germantown] 3mo. 20, 1880. [Discusses distribution of family property]
  67. To Surgeon J. S. Billings, U.S.A. [Germantown] 4mo. 3, 1880. [Discusses Bill to increase efficiency of National Bd. of Health (quarantine)]
  68. To Frank [Francis Cope] [Germantown] 4mo. 5, 1880. [Concerns distribution of family property]
  69. To Henry C. Lea's Son & Co. Germantown, 4mo. 24, 1880.
  70. To Frank [Francis Cope] [Germantown] 5mo. 9, 1880.
  71. To J. M. Gummey & Sons. Germantown 6mo. 9, 1880.
  72. To M. M. White. Germantown, 6mo. 10, 1880. [Says giving up his school]
  73. Memo re engaging rooms for family, at Jamestown, R.I. 6mo. 14, 1880.
  74. Letter to Joel Bean. Germantown, 6mo. 15, 1880. [Theological discussion]
  75. To Mrs. H. W. Anthony (copy) Germantown, Phila., 6mo. 19, 1880. [Cancels reservation for rooms at seashore]
  76. To Mrs. I. O. Morgan. Germantown, 6mo. 22, 1880.
  77. To Mary (wife) Lake Minnewaska, New Paltz, N.Y., 7mo. 9, 1880.
  78. To Potter & Seymour. Germantown, 7mo. 10, 1880. [Real estate deal]
  79. To J. M. Gummey & Sons. Old Orchard, Me., 7mo. 24, 1880. [Real estate]
  80. To Thomas Kimber. Germantown, Phila., 8mo. 24, 1880. [Discusses Thomas Kimber's pamphlet, theological questions]
  81. To editor of Public Ledger. Germantown, Phila., 8mo. 25, 1880. [Concerns Dr. H. C. Wood's ideas on vivisection, etc.]
  82. To James Whitall. [Germantown] 9mo. 16, 1880. [Thanks him for supporting his school]
  83. To Philip C. Garrett. Germantown, 11mo. 16, 1880. [Says he would accept presidency of Bryn Mawr, if it were offered him]
  84. Benjamin R. Shoemaker. Germantown, 11mo. 20, 1880.
  85. To De Haven & Townsend. Germantown, 1mo. 8, 1881. [Stock purchase]
  86. To editor of the Nation. Germantown, Phila., 1mo. 23, 1881. [Defends Henry C. Lea and Himself against charge of literary piracy]
  87. To J. M. Gummey & Sons. Germantown, 5mo. 9, 1881.
  88. To Dr. G. W. C. James. Germantown, Phila., 5mo. 11, 1881. [Report on his examination of one of Dr. J.'s patients]
  89. To Dr. F. A. Castle. Germantown, 5mo. 14, 1881. [Discussion of naphthas]
  90. To J. M. Gummey & Sons. Germantown, 6mo. 7, 1881.
  91. To Dr. Gerhard. Germantown, Phila., 8mo. 7, 1881. [Suggests modification in treatment of Charles and Edward Hartshorne]
  92. To H. C. Lea's Son & Co. Germantown, Phila., 9mo. 19, 1881. [Concerns contract for publishing his book on home medicine]
  93. To Philip C. Garrett. Germantown, Phila., 10mo. 6, 1881. [Offers self as interim pres. for Bryn Mawr; discusses Garfield's assassination]
  94. To Philip C. Garrett. Germantown, 10mo. 9, 1881.
  95. To James Whitall. [Germantown, 10mo. 24, 1881. [Repeats offer made to P. C. Garrett, of self for pres. of Bryn Mawr]
  96. To B. C. Lea's Son & Co. Germantown, 11mo. 10, 1881. [Concerns payment for a proposed book]
  97. To Dr. James E. Rhoads (extract) Germantown, 11mo. 20, 1881. [Concerns their division of duties as co-editors of Friends Review]
  98. To Sarah W. Rhoads Germantown, 12mo. 11, 1881.
  99. To William C. Lawton. Germantown, Phila., 3mo. 28, 1882. [Concerns religious belief]
  100. To Dr. Patterson. Germantown, 5mo. 22, 1882. [Concerns treatment of T. S. Brown, alcoholic relative of H. H.]
  101. To Tom (T. S. Brown, relative) Germantown, 5mo. 25, 1882.
  102. To Frank (Francis Cope) [Germantown] 5mo. 28, 1882. [Answers charge of meddling in treatment of T. S. Brown]
  103. To Dr. J. K. Patterson. Germantown, 5mo. 30, 1882. [Further discussion of T. S. Brown and use of alcohol generally]
  104. To Dr. White. Germantown, 7mo. 23, 1882.
  105. To John Greenleaf Whittier. Germantown, Phila., 9mo. 1, 1882. [Apologizes for doubting his religious soundness and continues to differ on value of creeds ] (ms. and 2 typescript copies) 3 items.
    Scanned Image Page 1 of letter from Henry Hartshorne to John Greenleaf Whittier. Germantown, Phila., 9mo. 1, 1882.
    [Apologizes for doubting his religious soundness and continues to differ on value of creeds] (typescript copy). Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 (each approximately 75K).
  106. To John G. Whittier (copy) Germantown, Phila., 9mo. 8, 1882. [Continues to differ about value of "creeds"; apologizes again for any injustice, (ms. and 2 typescript copies) 3 items. Also filed here: Letter (carbon copy) from Edward D. Snyder to Frederick B. Tolles, ed. Bulletin of Friends Historical Assoc., Swarthmore College. [Haverford, Pa.] Mar. 1, 1960. [Tells of letters of Whittier and Hartshorne, concerning Whittier's religious doctrine, recently acquired by Hav. College. Offers article on them for Bulletin.] Article, "Whittier and the Unitarians," also here.
  107. To Chief Commissioner Baldwin, Dept. of Highways. Germantown, 9mo. 19, 1882.[Complaint about garbage collection]
  108. To David B. Updegraff. Germantown, 9mo. 26, 1882.[Answers complaint about comments in Friends Review; urges him to change position]
  109. To Charles Hartshorne. Phila., 10mo. 1, 1882.[Note, receipted, for Anna C. Hartshorne's traveling expenses]
  110. To John St. C. Brookes. Germantown, 10mo. 6-13, 1882. 3 items.[Concern possible law suit about an inheritance]
  111. To Prof. R. C. Kedzie, M.D., Pres. American Public Health Assoc., Phila., 10mo. 15, 1882. [Urges efforts to get a yellow fever quarantine lifted]
  112. To [Luke Woodward] [Germantown] 11mo. 16, 1882.
  113. To David B. Updegraff. Germantown, 11mo. 17, 1882. [Discusses their differences]
  114. To W. H. Garrigues. Germantown, 4mo. 9, 1883. [Concerns discussion of alcohol in elementary Lessons]
  115. To James Whitall. Germantown, 5mo. 7, 1883. [Concerns financial arrangements for H. H., as editor of Friends Review]
  116. To Cyrus W. Harvey, ed. of the Western Friend. Phila., 6mo., 3, 1883. [Deplores calling David B. Updegraff and Dougan Clark "liars"]
  117. To James Whitall. Germantown, 6mo. 10, 1883. [Discusses financial and other arrangements of Friends Review]
  118. To Dr. Richard Randolph. Germantown, 9m. 2, 1883. [Declines to publish letter with Hicksite leanings]
  119. To Mr. Carson. Germantown, 9mo. 3, 1883. [Discusses settling of Miss Stewardson's will, of which his wife is a legatee]
  120. To Dr. Dougan Clark. Germantown, 9mo. 8, 1883. [Discusses differences of doctrine]
  121. To Dr. Dougan Clark. Germantown, 9mo. 12, 1883. [Discusses differences of doctrine]
  122. To William H. Ladd. Phila., 12mo. 26, 1883. [Condolences on loss of son]
  123. To D. Scull, Jr. (postscript to a letter) [n.p.] 12mo. 20, 1883. [Discusses financial arrangements about publishing]
  124. To John Henry Douglas. Phila., 12mo. 20, 1883. [Discusses doctrine of Sanctification]
  125. To A. M. Purdy. Phila., 12mo. 28, 1883. [Answers criticism]
  126. To J. Henry Douglas. Germantown, 1mo. 4, 1884. [Discusses baptism]
  127. To W. H. S. Wood. Germantown, 1mo. 10, 1884. [Explains policy of Friends Review in regard to D. B. Updegraff, Luke Woodard, et al]
  128. To Charles L. Gummey. [Germantown] 2mo. 2, 1884. [Real estate]
  129. To John Henry Douglas. Phila., 3mo. 9, 1884. [Discusses doctrine of Salvation]
  130. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. Phila., 3mo. 17, 1884. [Concerns Bryn Mawr and possible appointment for H. H.]
  131. To [Dr. James E. Rhoads] Germantown, 3mo. 25, 1884. [Concerns James Rhoads's resignation as editor of Friends Review, and his own desire to leave it]
  132. To John Henry Douglas. Phila., 4mo. 26, 1884. [Concerns points of doctrine on which they differ]
  133. To John Henry Douglas. Phila., 5mo. 19, 1884. [Placating letter]
  134. To Samuel Emlen. Germantown, 5mo. 20, 1884. [Discusses salvation]
  135. To H. C. Lea's Son & Co. Germantown, 6mo. 14, 1884. [Discusses publication of medical book]
  136. To Messrs. Harper & Brothers. Germantown, 8mo. 1884. [Discusses publication of medical text book]
  137. To Messrs. Harper & Brothers. Germantown, 8mo. 29, 1884.
  138. To Rachel H. Hopkins. Phila., 9mo. 14, 1884. [Discusses state of spiritual things among Friends]
  139. To Dr. I. M. Hays, ed. the Medical News. Germantown, 9mo. 15, 1884. [Demands apology in Medical News for remarks concerning his own paper on "the Cholera Conference at Berlin"]
  140. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. Germantown, 10mo. 19, 1884. [Withdraws application for place on Bryn Mawr faculty; criticizes the announced curriculum]
  141. To Samuel P. Godwin, C. J. Gibbons, et al. Germantown, 11mo. 21, 1884. [Gives views on Prohibition]
  142. To Contributors of the Friends Review. Phila., 11mo. 25, 1884. [Report on the state of the paper]
  143. To William L. Bailey. Phila., 1mo. 10, 1885. [Discusses differences of opinion]
  144. To Marcus Mote. Phila., 1mo. 23, 1885.
  145. To William L. Bailey. Phila., 1mo. 23, 1885.
  146. To Luke Woodard. Phila., 1mo. 26 - 2mo. 8, 1885. 2 items. [Discusses theological differences]
  147. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. Germantown, 2mo. 18, 1885. [Deplores small number of active Friends on newly formed Bryn Mawr faculty]
  148. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. Germantown, 2mo. 21, 1885. [Says if Bryn Mawr is not to be a true Quaker College, it should never have been started]
  149. To Thomas Kimber. Germantown, 3mo. 1, 1885. [Discusses state of Society of Friends]
  150. To John T. Dorland. Phila., 3mo. 6, 1885. [Discusses differences of opinion]
  151. To Thomas Clark. Phila., 3mo. 16, 1885. [Discusses D. B. Updegraff; says he should either recant or resign]
  152. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. Phila., 4mo. 3, 1885. [Criticizes Bryn Mawr curriculum]
  153. To Van Antwerp, Bragg & Co. Germantown, 6mo. 4, 1885. [Offers his textbook on Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene, for publication]
  154. To same. 6mo. 12, 1885. [Further describes textbook]
  155. To Barnabas C. Hobbs. Phila., 7mo. 7, 1885. [Theological discussion]
  156. To D. Appleton & Co. Germantown, 8mo. 12, 1885. [Describes his text book]
  157. To Samuel Morris. Germantown, 8mo. 27, 1885. [Requests use of Friends' School House for First-Day School and Bible Class]
  158. To editors of Christian Witness and Advocate. Phila., 9mo. 10, 1885. [Gives corrections of misstatements in their article on "The Quakers"]
  159. To Dr. William Osler. Germantown, 10mo. 3, 1885. [Takes issue with Osler's criticism of his article, discussing the germ theory]
  160. To Benjamin Nicholson. Phila., 10mo. 5, 1885. [Upholds Bible Schools; deplores overly traditional elements in Phila. Yearly Mtg.]
  161. To Oliver Owen. Germantown, 10mo. 7, 1885. [Discusses differences between Quakerism and Episcopalianism]
  162. To David B. Updegraff. Phila., 10mo. 16, 1885. [Discourages idea of debate in the Friends Review; says D. B. U. does not belong in the Society of Friends]
  163. To Samuel Morris. Germantown, 10mo. 16, 1885. [Thanks him for considering the idea of using Friends' School House for Bible classes; idea not accepted, as yet]
  164. To D. C. Heath Co. Germantown, 10mo. 22 - 11mo. 10, 1885. 3 items. [Discusses possible revisions of his textbook]
  165. To Joseph Rhoads. Phila., 11mo. 17, 1885. [Thanks for praise of Friends Review; comments on state of affairs in Ohio Yearly Mtg.]
  166. Memo of note sent to D. C. Heath Co., enclosing note from Lea Bros. about use of their illustrations, plus extract from Lea Bros. note. 3 items, 11mo. 18, 1885.
  167. To D. C Heath & Co. Germantown, 11mo. 30, 1885. [Concerns publication of his book]
  168. To Frank [Francis Cope, brother-in-law] [n.p.] 1mo. 4, 1886. [Thanks him for poem, New Year's greeting, praising H. H.]
  169. To Mr. Williams (copy) Germantown, 1mo. 6, 1886. [Thanks him for good review of his book; sends him an earlier one, the Curse of coquetry]
  170. To Joseph Walton. Germantown, Phila., 1mo. 22, 1886.
  171. To A. M. Purdy. Phila., 1mo. 30, 1886. [Declines to be influenced by him, even though he is a subscriber to the Friends Review]
  172. To John Y. Hoover. Phila., 3mo. 2, 1886. [Discusses doctrine of Sanctification]
  173. To O[liver] W[endell] Holmes. Germantown, Phila., 2mo. 8, 1886. [Sends him a book of H. H.'s poems for criticism]
  174. To same. 2mo. 11, 1886. [Thanks him for on comments on poems]
  175. To W. V McKean [Phila. Ledger] Germantown, 2mo. 21, 1886. [Advocates shorter hours for teachers and scholars]
  176. To A. M. Purdy. Phila., 2mo. 3, 1886. [Acknowledges cancellation of his subscription to Friends Review; says they will publish an article of his, just received, very soon]
  177. To Dr. Charles H. Thomas. Germantown, 3mo. 15, 1886. [Advises him on how to forward a cause in which he is opposed by several determined men]
  178. To Sophia R. Haines. Germantown, 3mo. 29, 1886.
  179. To George J. Scattergood. Germantown, Phila., 4mo. 4, 1886. [Defends women Friends' missionary work]
  180. To D. C. Heath & Co. Germantown, Phila., 4mo. 15, 1886.
  181. To the Independent. Germantown, Phila., 4mo. 15, 1886.
  182. To Samuel Emlen. Germantown, Phila., 4mo. 19, 1886. [Deplores spiritual state of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting]
  183. To same. 4mo. 25, 1886. [Says Phila. Y.M. is so bound up in tradition, it must change or die]
  184. To D. C. Heath & Co. Germantown, Phila., 4mo. 26, 1886.
  185. To U. L. Pearson. Phila., 4mo. 27, 1886. [Discusses importance of training for the ministry]
  186. To D. C. Heath & Co. Germantown, 5mo. 6, 1886. [Concerns publication of book]
  187. To Luke Woodard. Phila., 5mo. 8-17, 1886. [Concerning baptism] 2 items.
  188. To Mr. Cohn. Germantown, 5mo. 19, 1886.
  189. To William L. Pearson. Phila., 5mo. 20, 1886. [Discusses requirements for Friends' ministers]
  190. To D. C. Heath & Co. Germantown, 5mo. 23, 1886. [Disagrees with examiner of his book]
  191. To Luke Woodard. Phila., 5mo. 23, 1886. [More about baptism]
  192. To Adam Spencer. Phila., 5mo. 27, 1886. [Answers complaint against his editorial opinions on western controversy]
  193. To Charles Rhoads. Phila., 7mo. 15, 1886. [Concerns property dispute between Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and North Carolina Y.M.; also, Ohio Separation of 1854]
  194. To Dr. James E. Rhoads. Germantown, 7mo. 19, 1886. [Discusses passage in letter from James Rhoads to Friends Review; asks for clarification of it]
  195. To Adam Spencer. Phila., 7mo. 24, 1886. [Further discussion on conflict between Western Meetings]
  196. To Charles Rhoads. Phila., 7mo. 27, 1886. [Concerns Phila. Y. M. recognition of one Western body, after Ohio Separation, 1854, and subsequent suspension of recognition]
  197. To Cyrus Sing. Phila., 7mo. 28, 1886. [Concerns property division between two factions of Canada Yearly Meeting]
  198. To Adam Spencer. Phila., 8mo. 19, 1886. [Tells of efforts to help settle property dispute between two halves of [Ohio] Yearly Meeting; mentions David B Updegraff]
  199. To M. F. Bonzano. Germantown, 8mo. 23, 1886. [Complains about cutting of grass on railroad embankment behind his home]
  200. To Joseph F. Edwards, M.D. Germantown, 9mo. 10, 1886.
  201. To John Butler. Germantown, 9mo. 14, 1886. [Asks information on reorganization of Ohio Yearly Meeting]
  202. To Thomas Kimber. Germantown, 9mo. 15, 1886. [Discusses H. H.'s editorial comments on upheavals in Ohio, Indiana, and Western Yearly Meetings]
  203. To William Tallack. Phila., 9mo. 24, 1886. [Defends American prison system, as exemplified by the Eastern Penitentiary in Phila.]
  204. To Thomas Kimber. Germantown, 9mo. 28, 1886. [wants a conference of Yearly Meetings to settle differences]
  205. To Oliver White (copy) Phila., 10mo. 11, 1886.
  206. To Mary (wife) Lake Mohonk, N.Y., 10mo. 13, 1886.
  207. To E. J. Scott. Phila., 10mo. 24, 1886. [Discusses differences between Friends Review and Christian Worker]
  208. To D. B. Updegraff. Phila., 10mo. 28, 1886.
    [Deplores his departure from Friends' beliefs and attempt to lead Friends after him]
  209. To Dr. J. J. Reese. Germantown, 11mo. 16, 1886. [Discourages idea of H. H. resuming a teaching job at U. of Penna.]
  210. To Dr. S. Weir Mitchell. Germantown, 11mo. 24, 1886. [Applies for job at Penna., which he had already held, 1866-76]
  211. Memo, 2mo. 5, 1887. Records various activities that keep him busy: lecturing, teaching, editing, correspondence, etc.
  212. Letter to John Henry Douglas. Germantown, Phila., 2mo. 12, 1887. [Discusses paid ministry among Friends, as proposed in Iowa Yearly Meeting]
  213. To A. Lovell & Co. Germantown, Phila., 2mo. 18, 1887. [Concerns publication of his book on physiology and Hygiene]
  214. To Dr. Charles H. Thomas. Germantown, 3mo. 9, 1887. [Discusses patient of Dr. Thomas, who has morphia habit]
  215. To Isaac Sharpless. Germantown, 4mo. 6, 1887 - 5mo. 16, 1887. [Discusses qualifications for professorship at Haverford] 2 items.
  216. To Luke Woodard. Germantown, Phila., 6mo. 5, 1887. [Differs with him about J. Rendel Harris's views, doctrine of instant sanctification, and singing in meetings for worship]
  217. To Mr. Bonzano. Germantown, 6mo. 9, 1887. [Complains of cutting of grass on railroad embankment behind his home]
  218. To Jonathan De Voll. Phila., 6mo. 15, 1887. [Wants permission to cut remarks about "instantaneous sanctification" from his article, before publishing in Friends Review]
  219. To Luke Woodard. Phila., 6mo. 15, 1887. [Disagrees with him on Rendel Harris, sanctification, etc.]
  220. To Joseph Potts. [n.p.] 6mo. 23, 1887. [Discusses idea of calling or appointing pastors for Friends' Meetings]
  221. To Jonathan De Voll. [n.p.] 6mo. 25, 1887. [Thanks him for allowing cut in his ms.; continues discussion of sanctification]
  222. To daughter, Anna. Wingohocking, 7mo. 20, 1887.
  223. To John Butler. Phila., 7mo. 21, 1887. [Speaks of need to settle conflict in Ohio Y.M.]
  224. To Oliver White. Phila., 7mo. 21, 1887. [Wants to hire him to report on Ohio Y.M. for Friends Review]
  225. To David H. Lane. Phila., 8mo. 2, 1887. [Speaks against instantaneous sanctification]
  226. To A. Lovell. Dimock, Susquehanna Co., Pa., 8mo. 22, 1887.
  227. To J. S. Sewell. Phila., 8mo. 28, 1887. [Explains seriousness of conflict in American Quakerism, especially in Western States]
  228. To Calvin H. Wasson. Phila., 8mo. 29, 1887.
  229. To Isaac Sharpless (copy of concluding part) [n.p.] 9mo. 14, 1887. [Wants to withdraw from appointment to Haverford faculty, because he has just learned that it is for one year only]
  230. To Isaac Sharpless. Germantown, 9mo. 16, 1887. [Confirms wish to withdraw; offers to lecture twice a week]
  231. To Howard Comfort, secy. Bd. of Mgrs. Haverford College. Germantown, 9mo. 17, 1887. [Explains position in withdrawing from appointment]
  232. To George A. Milne. Germantown, Phila., 10mo. 2, 1887.
  233. To editor of Public Ledger. Germantown, 10mo. 11, 1887. [Contradicts paper's position on cholera quarantine, in New York; says cholera is not personally contagious]
  234. To Joseph Hill. Phila., 10mo. 14, 1887. [Concerns instant sanctification]
  235. To Mr. Foulke. [n.p.] 10mo. 16, 1887. [Wants to give up presidency of Science and Art Club, because of recent "domestic affliction"]
  236. To Joseph Hill. Phila., 10mo. 30, 1887. [Discusses instant sanctification]
  237. To Cyrus W. Harvey, ed. of Western Friend. Phila., 10mo. 31, 1887. [Denies remarks attributed to him by Western Friend]
  238. To Dr. G. C. Harlan. Germantown, 12mo. 2, 1887.
  239. To Cyrus W. Harvey, ed. of Western Fiend. Phila., 12mo. 2, 1887. [Demands correction, in Western Fiend, of misquoted letter]
  240. To Bishop A. C. Coxe. Phila., 2mo. 3, 1888.
  241. To Dr. William Osler. Germantown, 2mo. 3, 1888.
  242. To John W. Barr. Germantown, 2mo. 8, 1888. [Accepts invitation to Temperance Party conference and reception]
  243. To H. R. Billings. Wingohocking, Germantown, Phila., 2mo. 10, 1888.
  244. To Mr. Cohn. Germantown, 2mo. 17, 1888.
  245. To Lloyd J. Caldwell. Phila., 2mo. 25, 1888. [Sends statistics on friends in America]
  246. Martha H. Garrett. Germantown, 2mo. 25, 1888.
  247. To W. Rutter & Co. Germantown, 3mo. 19, 1888.
  248. To Richard M. Jones (of William Penn Charter School) Germantown, 4mo. 7, 1888. [Makes suggestions for scientific part of curriculum]
  249. To Mary Snowden Thomas. Germantown, Phila., 4mo. 21, 1888.
  250. To Isaac Sharpless. Germantown, 6mo. 16-19, 1888. [Justifies criticisms of Haverford as efforts to help] 2 items.
  251. To Jonathan B. Hodgkin. Phila., 7mo. 11, 1888.
  252. To George A. Milne. Phila., 7mo. 11, 1888.
  253. To Samuel B. Huey. Germantown, 7mo. 17, 1888. [Concerns qualifications for possible principalship of Central High School]
  254. To Biddle Hardware Co. Phila., 7mo. 27, 1888. [Recommends Philip Dymond for employment]
  255. Jonathan B. Hodgkin. Phila., 8mo. 7, 1888. [Discusses redemption, etc.]
  256. To editor of the Nation. Germantown, Phila., 8mo. 8, 1888.
  257. To Samuel B. Huey. Germantown, 8mo. 15, 1888. [Withdraws tentatively as candidate for Presidency of Central High School]
    a. To Anna. Wingohocking. 9. 8. 88.
  258. To Joseph Dickinson. Phila., 9mo. 11, 1888.
  259. To Lea Brothers & Co. Germantown, 9mo. 18, 1888.
  260. To George A. Milne. Phila., 9mo. 18, 1888.
  261. To Samuel B. Huey. Germantown, 10mo. 2, 1888. [Withdraws absolutely as candidate for Pres. of Central High School]
  262. To Samuel B. Huey. Germantown, 10mo. 8, 1888. [Makes recommendations about curriculum of High School: No electives to be allowed, and no altering of the High School to make it preparatory for the University; University, as lesser body, should adapt to High School. "Such are the clear 'indications' of the education of the future".]
  263. To John Henry Douglas. Phila., 11mo. 1, 1888. [Discusses differences of opinion on hired clergy]
  264. To Margaret W. Haines. Germantown, 11mo. 16, 1888. [Discusses second coming of Christ]
  265. To John Henry Douglas. Phila., 11mo. 17, 1888. [Discusses adoption of the pastorale plan by Iowa Yearly Meeting]
  266. To Charles W. Moulton. Germantown, Phila., 11mo. 25, 1888.
  267. To J. H. Pretlow. Phila., 11mo. 25, 1888. [Asks him to reconsider dropping subscription to Friends Review because it ran one political advertisement]
  268. To William Edgerton. Phila., 11mo. 26, 1888. [Apologizes for running political advertisement; reaffirms Review's temperance stand]
  269. To John B. Wood. Germantown, 11mo. 27, 1888. [Resigns from executive committee of C. A. & P. Society; not enough active members to carry out plans for peace work]
  270. To C. A. Snow. Phila., 2mo. 15, 1889.
  271. To Joseph A. Schaeffer. [Germantown?] 5mo. 31, 1889. [Complains of being overcharged for painting job]
  272. To Mrs. Stephens, Germantown, 6mo. 12, 1889. [Thanks for unexpected fee, which he will give to charity]
  273. To M. F. Bonzano. Germantown, 6mo. 20, 1869. [Complains of negligence on part of railroad]
  274. Memo about J. E. Rhoads's article, "Why I am a Quaker." 6mo. 24, 1889.
  275. Letter to James Whitall (copy) Germantown. 6mo. 27, 1889. [Discusses finances of Friends Review]
  276. To John Wanamaker (copy) Germantown, 8mo. 6, 1889.
  277. To Henry Stanley Newman. Germantown, 9mo. 4, 1989. [Discusses tendency away from old-time Quakerism and need to hold on to it]
  278. To James J. Pletcher & Bro. [Germantown?] 9mo. 12, 1889. [Complaint about butcher's bill]
  279. To daughter, Anna. Mohonk House, 9mo. 16, 1889, and 9mo. 20, 1889. (2
  280. To Prof. F. E. White. Germantown, 9mo. 29, 1889. [Argues about atheism]
  281. To Mr. Dodd. Germantown, 11mo. 1, 1889. [Offers his book, Bertram the Prince (a legend in verse) for possible publication]
  282. To Thomas D. Hubbard. Phila., 11mo. 24, 1889. [Mentions opposition to paid pastorates of Friends Meetings]
  283. To Dr. R. H. Thomas. Germantown, 1mo. 25, 1890. [Discusses future of Friends Review, now in shaky financial condition]
  284. To United Portrait Co. Germantown, Phila., 2mo. 15, 1890.
  285. To William P. Pinkham. Phila., 2mo. 28, 1890. [Differs on question of paid pastorates]
  286. To United Portrait Co. (copy) Germantown, 2mo. 28, 1890.
  287. To Dr. R. H. Thomas. Germantown, 3mo. 7, 1890. [Wishes Dr. T. could come to live in Phila. and edit Friends Review]
  288. To John C. Winston. Germantown, 3mo. 7, 1890.
  289. To William P. Pinkham. Phila., 3mo. 10, 1890. [Differs strongly on paid pastorates]
  290. To editors of the Haverfordian. Phila., 3mo. 14, 1890. [Answers criticism of his criticism of a work by J. Rendel Harris]
  291. To Allen Terrell. Phila., 3mo. 17, 1890. [Speaks against paid pastorates]
  292. To [ ] Phila., 3mo. 25, 1890. [Lists possible courses of action, for disposing of Friends Review; would like to see it transferred to Baltimore and edited by Dr. R. H. Thomas]
  293. To Charles H. Atkins. Phila., 4mo. 6, 1890. [Against paid pastorates]
  294. To Dr. R. H. Thomas. Phila., 4mo. 13, 1890. [Says Friends Review will have new publisher (John C. Winston), but will not change editor until later on]
  295. To Newton A. Trueblood. Phila., 4mo. 26, 1890.
  296. To David Hunt. Phila., 5mo. 7, 1890.
  297. To C. Jahn (copy) [n.p.] 5mo. 10, 1890. [Complains about unnecessary plumbing]
  298. To Albert K. Smiley. Germantown, 5mo. 25, 1890. [Accepts invitation to first Mohonk Negro Conference; suggests Negro College president as Conf. member]
  299. To Dr. James E. Rhoads (extract) [n.p.] 6mo. 21, 1890. [Speaks of serious crisis in Society of Friends over paid ministry]
  300. To T. Wistar Brown. Phila., 6mo. 30, 1890. [Tells of improved financial status of Friends Review]
  301. To Dr. J. T. Edwards. Germantown, 7mo. 4, 1890.
  302. To T. Wistar Brown, Phila., 7mo. 9, l890.
  303. To R. W. George. Germantown, 7mo. 14, 1890.
  304. To David Scull. Germantown, 7mo. 14, 1890. [Speaks of financial condition of Friends Review and of Friends' Japan Mission]
  305. To [Reading Railroad Express Co.] Germantown, 7mo. 16, 1890.
  306. To Dr. O[liver] W[endell] Holmes. Germantown, 7mo. 25, 1890. [Thanks him for note, praising narrative poem, "Bertram the Prince"]
  307. To American Pr.(?) House. Phila., 7mo. 24, 1890. [Complains of mistakes in mailing Friends Review]
  308. To Rockwood Brothers & Co. Germantown, 9mo. 23, 1890.
  309. To Poet Lore Co. Germantown, 10mo. 17, 1890.
  310. To daughters. Oak Bank, Germantown, 8mo. 7, 13, and 27, 1891. 3 items.
  311. Statement of religious faith. [n.p.] 9mo.26, 1892. Also filed here, letter requesting the statement, from the Rev. Stephen Abbott Northrop, Fort Wayne, Ind., Sept. 24, 1892.
  312. Letter to George M. Warner. Germantown, 1mo. 8, 1893. [Encourages him in his ministry]
  313. To Walter B. Smith (copy) Germantown, Phila., 1mo. 23, 1893. [Religious discussion]
  314. To Harrison S. Morris. Oak Bank, Germantown, 2mo. 1, 1893. [Declines invitation to join Pegasus Club]
  315. To Martha H. Garrett. Germantown, 2mo. 8, 1893. [Discusses idea of appointing her co-editor of Friends Review, with view to his eventual retirement]
  316. Letters from Japan, 1893-1894. See following folder. (Box 5)
  317. To Samuel Morris. Germantown, 1mo. 20, 1895.
  318. To Joshua L. Baily. Germantown, 4mo 28, 1895.
  319. To Miles White, Jr. Phila., 11mo. 11, 1892. [Concerns fund for free distribution of Review to those who cannot afford it]
  320. To Charles E. Connolly. Germantown, July 15, 1895.
  321. To Mr. Fisher. Germantown, 5mo. 13, 1895.
  322. To J. T. Jackson. Germantown, 6mo. 15, 1895.
  323. To John C. Winston. Phila., 8mo. 21, 1895. [Concerns printing and sale of a lecture on Quakerism, in pamphlet form]
  324. To Mr. Eadline. Germantown, 9mo. 3, 1895.
  325. To James S. Leuba. Hakodate, Japan, 9mo. 3, 1896. [Discusses J. H. Leuba's thesis on conversion]
  326. To Mr. Yokoi. Tokyo, 1mo. 18, 1897. [Questions statement on Christianity in an article by Mr. Y.]

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