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Germantown Employment Society for Women

Ms. Coll. 1023
ca. 85 items (1 box)

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The 1953 by-laws of the Germantown Employment Society for Women state that the society had been in existence uninterruptedly since 1863 with this purpose: "to furnish needy women with sewing for hospitals or other institutions, their wages for such work to be paid by the Germantown Employment Society for Women with money obtained by contributions and from interest on securities which the said society has obtained by gifts and legacies."

The Society originated out of a concern felt by a group of Quaker women associated with Germantown Monthly Meeting to aid women with little or no income and no way of earning money outside the home. In 1957 the Society was absorbed into the Female Society of Philadelphia for the Relief and Employment of the Poor.

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Letter Image Letter requesting financial support from the society which states the goals and progress of the organization (approximately 78K).

Summary of collection

Records include:

By-laws for 1953; correspondence (1934-1941); treasurer's accounts (1871-1957, Hetty B. Garrett was treasurer from 1874-1925); annual reports (1900-1956); minutes (1872-1897).

Arrangement and description of collection

Contents of box follows:

Folder 1:

By-laws, 1953. [4 p. TDS (signed by 15 members)]

Folder 2:

Correspondence, n.d.-1941.

(8 items) includes:

  • Letter Image n.d., [TD] request for financial support from the society (approximately 78K).
  • n.d., [ALS] Sarah Logan Starr to Miss Rhodes - thank you letter from the society for money
  • n.d., [ALS] Dorothy Scott Webster to Mrs. Garrett - thank you letter to the society
  • 4/10/1934, [TLS] Bertha E. Whitacre to Sarah Moore
  • 10/1/1941, [TLS] Fidelity-Phila. Trust Co. to GES re: estate of Morris R. Bockius, w/ 4 p. enclosures

Folder 3:

Treasurer's accounts and papers.

(8 items) includes:

  • bankbook, 1934-1941
  • bankbook, 1955-1957
  • "Securities belonging to Gtm. Emp. Soc. 4/18/1929" [list of securities, 1 p.]
  • [list of securities] 1 p. typed list for 3/21/1934
  • notebook [kept by Mrs. Edward N. Smith] listing women's names, addresses, names of collectors, amounts donated for 1932-1956
  • "Germantown Employment Society for Women treasurer's account 1939-40" on p. 1 [42 loose numbered pages, removed from a bound vol., contains accounts for 1939-1957, treasurers were Lilly C. Hoell (1939-1951), Sally A. Parker (1951-1954), Mary M. Haines (1954-1957)]
  • "Germantown Employment Society for Women annual report of Sally A. Parker, treasurer, June 5, 1952 to May 31, 1953" [1 p., TDS]
  • same as above but for May 31, 1953 to May 20, 1954 [1 p., TDS, (carbon)]

Folder 4:

Papers re: estate of Elizabeth Warder Bacon (ca. 1852-1931), deceased, 1932-1940.

(8 items) includes:

  • 4 TLS from Provident Trust Co., re: estate, 1932-1933
  • 2 check stubs
  • TLS from Prov. Trust Co., 1932, with accompanying schedule of distribution from the estate [out of Orphans Court of Phila. Co.]
  • TLS from Prov. Trust Co., 1940, with accompanying statement of settlement from estate

Printed annual reports:

1900, 1903-1944, 1946-1951, 1955-1956.

(53 items, some duplicates)

  • also TD of 3/1/1957 [telling contributors that the society will lay down their work and join with the Female Society of Philadelphia for the Relief and Employment of the Poor who established a settlement house for older people who do sewing for hospitals]

6. "'Germantown Employment Society for Women' Treasurer's account, 1904 to 1921."

(1 volume, treasurer is Hetty B. Garrett)

7. "Germantown Employment Society for Women Treasurer's account 1921-[1939]."

(1 volume, accounts are for 1921-1939: treasurers are Hetty B. Garrett 1921-1925, Sara C. Ridley 1925-1928, Sara W.C. Heston 1928-1933 [same hand as Sara C. Ridley- married now?], Lydia W. Rhoads 1933-1939)

8. Treasurer's accounts for 1871-1879.

(1 vol., treasurers are Jane S. Comfort 1871-1874, Hetty B. Garrett 1874-1879)

9. Treasurer's accounts for 1894-1904.

(1 vol., treasurer is Hetty B. Garrett)

10. Minutes of "Germantown Employment Society 1886-[1897]."

(1 vol., includes names of members, committees, treasurer's reports)

11. Minutes for 1872-1878.

(1 vol., includes names of members, committees, treasurer's reports)

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