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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections

John B. Garrett Papers, 1853-1961 (bulk 1853-1872)

Ms. Coll. 903
ca. 183 items (2 boxes)

Table of contents

Biographical background

John B. Garrett (1836-1924) was the son of Thomas C. and Frances (Biddle) Garrett. He graduated from Haverford College in 1851. Garrett was an original member of the Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs. The committee originated in 1869 in response to President Grant's Peace Policy, which officially gave the management of the Indians in the Central Superintendency (Kansas and the Indian Territory) to the Orthodox branch of the Society of Friends. Garrett served as secretary of the committee.

[Sources: see Dictionary of Quaker Biography, Haverford College, Haverford, PA]

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Scanned Image Letter from Cyrus Beede to John B. Garrett, dated 2nd month 20th, 1871, Lawrence, Kansas concerning the opening of Indian Territory for settlement by whites. Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 (each approximately 98K).

Scanned Image "Wytanka. Osage, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65" (approximately 59K).

Scanned Image "Comanche girl, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo., 1865" (approximately 78K)

Summary of collection

Letters, minutes, clippings, photographs, and other misc. papers. Bulk of papers relates to Garrett's affiliation with the AECOFOIA. Includes letters (1869-1872) from Cyrus Beede, Josiah Butler, H.R. Clum, W.B. Collins, Vincent Colyer, Amos Doan, Edward Earle, Isaac T. Gibson, Enoch Hoag, Joseph D. Hoag, D.W. Hunt, John D. Miles, Thomas Miller, Joel H. Morris, William Nicholson, Ely S. Parker, Jonathan Richards, Mahlon Stubbs, Benjamin Tatham, Lawrie Tatum, Asa C. Tuttle, Benjamin H. Wright and others. Topics discussed include appointment of agents, missionary work, Indian education and citizenship, use of military force, annuity goods, opening of Indian Territory to settlement by whites, etc. Includes minutes of the committee for 1871; letter of Garrett to his family telling of visit to Fort Smith, Arkansas as part of the Grand Indian Council in 1865, also 17 photographs of Indians present at the Council and printed reports of the meetings.

Some misc. personal papers chiefly related to Garrett's days as a student at Haverford College, including correspondence with schoolmates, certificates and essays; autograph book (1877); also letters telling of contraband relief efforts, slavery, politics and presidential campaign of 1856.

Arrangement and description of collection

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6 folders

  1. Letters to John Biddle Garrett
    (ca. 30 items: ALS, 1869-1871)
    correspondents include:
    Cyrus Beede; Josiah Butler; H.R. Clum [2]; Amos Doan; Edward Earle (7); Joseph D. Hoag; D.W. Hunt [2]; John D. Miles [2]; Thomas Miller [2]; Joel H. Morris; Ely S. Parker; Mahlon Stubbs [2]; Asa C. Tuttle (3); Benjamin H. Wright [2]
    Scanned Image Letter from Cyrus Beede to John B. Garrett, dated 2nd month 20th, 1871, Lawrence, Kansas concerning the opening of Indian Territory for settlement by whites. Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 (each approximately 98K).
    topics discussed (with author of letter indicated) include:
    • Kiowa and Comanche agency news (Butler)
    • J.M. Haworth appt. Special Agent for the Kickapoos who are to be removed from Mexico (Clum)
    • finding suitable agents (Earle chairman of Washington Committee)
    • Cyrus Beede thought not suitable for position as Indian Agent (Hunt)
    • Kickapoos need a boarding school because of evil influences of home life (Miles)
    • information on Sac & Fox agency (Miller)
    • education of Potawatomi Indians (Morris)
    • change requested in agent for Cheyennes and Arapahoos (Parker)
    • situation of Kaw Indians (Stubbs)
    • report of missionary work (Tuttle)
  2. Associated Executive Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs
    (ca. 13 items: ALS, minutes, notices of appointments to serve on executive committee by various Yearly Mtgs., printed minutes for 1871)
    • ALS of Benjamin Tatham to Associated Executive Committee, 11/5/1871 re: murder of Indians going unpunished and necessity of Indians being granted citizenship under the Constitution of the U.S.
    • ALS from Vincent Colyer to JBG, 3/3/1871 re: publishing a [committee?] declaration
    • ms. letter to the Board of Indian Commissioners from the Associated Executive Committee re: the proposed opening of the Indian Territory for settlement
    • ms. letter to the Associated Executive Committee from [the committee appointed to visit the Agents and Indians of the Central Superintendency, undated]
    • rough draft of a recommendation from the Assoc. Ex. Com. re: religious instruction of Indians, 1871
    • [5 items] notices of appointments to Assoc. Ex. Com.
    • printed proof of minutes of the Associated Executive Committee for 1871 for the committee's use only
    • ms. rough draft of minutes of the Associated Executive Committee for 4/1/1871
    • ms. rough draft of minutes of the Associated Executive Committee for 11/10/1871
  3. Letters by John Biddle Garrett
    (3 items: ALS, 1863-1895)
    • ALS of JBG to Benjamin F. Trueblood, 1/7/1895 re: death of Dr. [James E.] Rhoads and details of his funeral [gift of Mrs. George C. Stalkins, 1957]
    • ALS of JBG to his sister, 12/1/1863 re: contraband relief work (tells of cutting and making clothing)
    • ALS of JBG to his parents, Fort Smith, Ark., 9/9/1865 re: tells of his situation there, a black regiment in residence (reportedly all former slaves), peace principles and effects of war, Grand Indian Council he was sent there to attend to reach a peace settlement with those Indians which allied themselves with the Confederate states [referred to as "disloyal"- this would explain the word being on the back of one of the portraits in box 2]
  4. John Biddle Garrett, miscellaneous papers [school related]
    (ca. 30 items)
    • valentines to JBG
    • JBG's copy book of Haverford students' poetry
    • school compositions
    • Loganian Society notices [to read an essay before the next meeting] - ms. of a play
    • notes
    • ALS of JBG to friends and ALS to JBG from friends and relatives (1854-58) as follows:
    • AL of JBG to "Ed", 9/5/1858 re: trip to Wilkes-barre
    • ALS of "Uncle R." [Rhoads?] to JBG, 10/12/1856 re: slavery, politics and the Constitution
    • ALS of "Uncle R" to JBG, 10/27/1856 re: on slavery, politics, the current presidential campaign
    • ALS of Frederick [Arthur] to JBG, 4/19/1855
    • ALS of Frederick to JBG, 3/17/1855
    • ALS of E[] to JBG, 7/27/1855
    • ALS of Cope to JBG, 11/8/1854
    • ALS [copy?] of JBG to Frederick, 5/9/1855
  5. Friends Freedmen's Association, Philadelphia
    (2 ms. items, 1871)
    • ms. re: nominations for offices for 1871
    • rough minutes of meeting 4/17/71
  6. John Biddle Garrett, certificates
    (3 items)
    • "Henry" society [at Haverford School], 1853
    • "Loganian Society" at Haverford School, 1854
    • "Pennsylvania Institute" 1856

Box 2 | Table of contents | Summary | Box 1 | Box 2

10 folders
also: in envelope - autograph book of John Biddle Garrett and Hannah Rhoads Garrett, 1877 [presented to Haverford College by Frances B.G. Branson in 1940]

  1. Gibson, Isaac T. (ca. 1829-1915)
    • ALS of Isaac T. Gibson to Ely S. Parker, 5/16/1871 re: Osages and incursions by white men and alcohol
  2. Tatum, Lawrie (1822-1900)
    (7 items: newspaper clippings, photographs, letters, report)
    • 2 photographs of "Agent Tatum and reclaimed captives" [original and copy print, enlarged]
    • ALS? ["Copy?"] of Lawrie Tatum to Associated Committee of Friends on Freedmen, 10/23/1871 re: black families living in Chickasaw territory, the Indians want them to leave
    • ALS? ["Copy"] of Lawrie Tatum to Col. Grierson, 10/11/1871 re: raiding Indians
    • ALS of Lawrie Tatum to JBG, 1/25/1870 re: Indians are rewarded the most by the govt. when they behave the worst, requests a detective to help stop whiskey trade [note that this letter is in same hand as above letters marked "copies"]
    • newspaper [4/3/1873] containing Lawrie Tatum's letter on captive Indian children, 3/12/1873
  3. Richards, Jonathan (ca. 1812-1882)
    (3 items: ALS, 1870-1872)
    • ALS of Jonathan Richards to JBG, 11/29/1870
    • " " " " " " 1/12/1871
    • " " " " " Editor of Evening Bulletin, Phila., Pa., 12/10/1872
    • letters discuss: his work for the Wichita and Affiliated Bands in Kansas and some of the problems he has run into: hiring persons to work without getting the approval of the committee first because of the delay this would entail, transporting goods to the site of the agency, describes the journey there, council held with various Indians re: raiding parties.
  4. Ohio Yearly Meeting. Meeting for Sufferings
    (2 ms. items, 1871)
    • spells out objection of Meeting for Sufferings to Lawrie Tatum's use of military force included in report of the Committee on Indian Affairs
  5. Nicholson, William (1826-1899)
    (9 items: ALS, 1871-1872 and ms. note to "the Committee, etc.")
    • ALS of William Nicholson to JBG, 1/23/1871
    • " " " " " " 2/2/1871
    • " " " " " " 2/7/1871
    • " " " " " " 5/11/1871
    • " " " " " " 5/15/1871
    • " " " " " " 5/19/1871
    • " " " " " " 9/14/1871
    • " " " " " " 8/24/1872
    • letters discuss: annuity goods as a reward for bad behavior, funding of Indian work, education of Indians and building schools, council with Potawatomi Indians, Indian delegations to Washington, Lawrie Tatum and use of military force and objection of Mtg. for Sufferings of Ohio Yearly Mtg.
    • ms. note to "the Committee, etc." on use of military powers and agents [undated]
  6. Indian Council, 1865
    (6 items covering the seven days of the meetings: printed [broadsides?])
    • "Official report of the proceedings of the council with the Indians of the West and South-west, held at Fort Smith, Ark., in September, 1865"

    [note: the following folder of portraits were taken then and printed report gives names of Indians with some variation in spelling, JBG was there as a secretary]

  7. Indian chiefs, portraits
    (35 items: photographs [originals and copy prints, see above folder for more information on these portraits])
    • envelope labeled "Portraits of Indian Chiefs and copies which were given us by Smithsonian Institution, July 24, 1961" contains 17 photos labeled on back as follows:
      1. "Och-tar-sars-har-jo, (Sands), Principal Chief of Creeks"
      2. "Ne-kah-ko-poh-wah, Osage, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      3. "George Washington, Chief of Caddoes, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      4. Scanned Image "Wytanka. Osage, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65" (approximately 59K).
      5. Scanned Image "Comanche girl, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo., 1865" (approximately 78K)
      6. "Supt. Enoch Hoag, Powder Face, Newatch or Left Hand, Arapahoos. W.H. Lamon. Photograph Artist. ... Lawrence, Kansas [#3 identified tentatively by Arthur R. Lawrence as Comanche rather than Arapahoo because of style of moccasin. Sept. 14, 1964]"
      7. "Black Dog, Osage, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      8. "White Hair, Principal Chief of Osages, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      9. "John Chup-co. (Long John) Chief of Seminoles, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      10. "Mik-ko-hut-ke, Creek, Little White Chief. Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      11. "[Louis] Johnson, Chickasaw Chief"
      12. "Col. Lewis Downing, Asst. & Actg Prinl. Chief of the Cherokee Nation. Presented by him to J.B.G. at Fort Smith, Ark., 9th mo. 15th 1865"
      13. "Osage Brave, Disloyal"
      14. "Osage, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      15. "Twelve O'Clock, Osage, Died a Christian, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      16. "Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
      17. "Ko-she-se-a, Fort Smith, Ark., 9 mo./65"
    • 17 copy prints of the above
    • enlargement of photo with Enoch Hoag [#6 above]
  8. Indians
    (11 items)
    • "A colony for an Indian reserve in Kansas" [printed]
    • "Photographs of North American Indians seen in Quaker Collection, Haverford College Library, Haverford, Pa. May, 1961" [5 p., typed, presented to Haverford College by Anna Rhoades Ladd]
    • minute from Mtg for Sufferings, Indiana Yearly Mtg, 1870 [2 ms. copies]
    • newspaper clipping on Friends and Indians, 1870
    • Indian school report [undated clipping]
    • ms. notes for report on Indian school [labeled "2d 2r 1872 Louisa K. Jones Kickapoo Mission Matron's Report Copy"]
    • ALS to Edward Earle from W.B. Collins, Richfield Springs, N.Y., 8/6/1872
    • envelope addressed to JBG containing carbons of reports 1876-1877
    • "Message of the President of the United States communicating the second annual report of the Board of Indian Commissioners" 1871 [printed]
    • floor plan of Kickapoo mission
  9. Indian Aid Association
    (8 items)
    • minutes of the Indian Aid Association for 1869 [4 ms. items]
    • Treasurer's reports for above 1869-70 [2 items]
    • report of the Female Indian Aid Association, 1870-71 [ms.]
    • report of the Executive Committee to the Indian Aid Association of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1871 [ms.]
  10. Hoag, Enoch (1812-1884)
    see also the Enoch Hoag Letterbooks, Collection 1104.
    (7 items)
    • ALS of Enoch Hoag to JBG, 1/27/1871
    • " " " " " " 12/26/1872
    • " " " " " " 11/24/1871
    • note re: Delaware schools on the Neosho, children will need clothing
    • ms. copy of letter of H.R. Clum to Enoch Hoag, 3/1/1871
    • "To all trespassers upon lands within the Indian Territory, south of Kansas, and west of Arkansas and Missouri" message from the Dept. of the Interior, 1871 [broadside]
    • "Report of the condition of Indian Affairs in the Indian Territory" in newspaper The Tribune, Lawrence, Kansas, Aug. 27, 1872

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