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Haverford College
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Emma Cadbury, (1875-1965) Papers, ca. 1894-1963

Ms. Coll. 1017
ca. 200 items (2 boxes)

Table of contents

Biographical sketch

Emma Cadbury (1875-1965) was the daughter of Joel and Anna Kaighn (Lowry) Cadbury. She was educated at Bryn Mawr and Wilmington College, Ohio. Cadbury was committed to the international aspect of Friends' work and visited Vienna several times where she served the Quaker Center there. She was chairman of Wider Quaker Fellowship of the American Section of the Friends' World Committee from 1943-1963. She was also active in Quaker activities in the Philadelphia and Moorestown, New Jersey areas.

(Biographical Information from: Dictionary of Quaker Biography, Haverford College, Haverford, PA)

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Scanned Image Westtown School Committee, 5/21/1912, taken by Charles W. Palmer. Carroll T. Brown, Westtown Class of 1904 and teacher of English, worked with Emma Cadbury on the Haverford Summer Conference, "The Message of Quakerism". (approximately 64K).

Scanned Image "Haverford Summer School, 1912", Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 (each approximately 59K).

Summary of collection

Photographs and illustrations of Quakers, also postcards of historic sites. Much of collection relates to Cadbury's work with Friends' discussion, study, reading and round table groups and includes correspondence, programs, essays, notebooks, clippings, etc.. Also material related to helping small Meetings. Includes essays on Sebastian Franck and Jakob Bohme by Danny Ross Chandler; bibliography on Keithian controversy; notebooks kept by Cadbury while attending summer schools at Haverford, Bryn Mawr and the George School; notebooks kept by Cadbury while attending Women's Yearly Meetings; notebook on the Separation of 1827 for a round table class in 1914.

Related collections

See Cadbury-Jones family papers, Ms. Coll. 1172 for additional papers of Emma Cadbury, including material (letters, diaries, photos, etc.) related to her work in Vienna (1924-1938) for AFSC.

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  1. Illustrations
    (37 items) includes:
    • 9 postcards of Jordans Meeting House; Blue Idol, Coolham, Horsham; Milton's Cottage, Chalfont St. Giles
    • "The Duplex Album, souvenir views of Old Jordans Hostel Nr. Beaconsfield" [small booklet]
    • 21 postcards of John Woolman Memorial; Friends House, London; Friends Meeting House, Brigflatts, Yorkshire; Bartram's Garden; Friends Meeting House, Flushing, L.I.; Earlham College; Friends Church, Richmond; Friends Central Office, Richmond; Pendle Hill; "Bad Pyrmont?"
    • pictures of T.J. Jones, Dubre Knight, Charles Rhoads, James E. Rhoads, Elisha Roberts, David Scull [these are plates removed from publications]
  2. Photographs
    (13 items) includes:
    • Portraits of:
    • Sarah E. Smith
    • Hannah F. Carter
    • Sarah and Hannah Carter
    • John B. Garrett
    • Carl and Effie Heath, 1935
    • Scanned Image Westtown School Committee, 5/21/1912, taken by Charles W. Palmer. Carroll T. Brown, Westtown Class of 1904 and teacher of English, worked with Emma Cadbury on the Haverford Summer Conference, "The Message of Quakerism". (approximately 64K).
    • Charles Roberts
    • "`Aunt' Kitty French, aged 100 yrs. 1894"
    • "Dr. James E. Rhoads first president of Bryn Mawr College"
    • Arch Street Meeting House [3 photos]
    • "Graveyard at Bad Pyrmont where John Pemberton is buried"
  3. Keithian Controversy, Bibliography, 1904, by Mary S. Allen
    (9 p. holograph ms., includes bibliography for "Beacon Controversy, Isaac Crewdson, etc.") also:
    ALS of Mary S. Allen to Emma Cadbury, dated Friends Library, Phila., 11 mo. 3, 1904 regarding the above bibliography.
  4. Papers by Danny Ross Chandler
    (3 items) includes:
    • paper on Jakob Bohme by [Danny Ross Chandler], [n.d.] [22] p., typed ms.
    • paper on Sebastian Franck by [Danny Ross Chandler], [n.d.] [22] p., typed ms.
    • also: TLS of Danny Ross Chandler to Emma Cadbury, dated Purdue University, June 12, 1963 regarding the above papers
  5. Materials on Friends' Discussion and Reading Groups, ca. 1902- 1918
    (ca. 55 items) includes:
    • Correspondence, 1904-1911 (12 items) [all letters addressed to Emma Cadbury except as noted] as follows:
      • ALS of Sylvia F. Marriage to "Dear Friend," Courleigh, The Clears, Reigate.
      • ALS [post card] of "cousin R. Evans," 1-22-1908
      • ALS of cousin E.B. Evans, Marlton, N.J., 1-8-1908 [marked "Marlton Circle" on env.]
      • TLS of Emma Cadbury, Moorestown, N.J., [1906] with accompanying sheet of survey questions [re: 1907 Conference Report (on Friends Reading Circles and Round Tables)]
      • ALS of Alice Hutton, Berwyn, 11.29.1906 [marked "Malvern Circle" on env.]
      • ALS of Anna S.W. Evans, 12.1.1906 [marked "Westfield Circle" on env.]
      • ALS of Elizabeth Abbott, Moorestown, N.J., 12 mo. 2, 1906
      • ALS of R.W. Barrett, 4051 Powelton Ave., 11-25-1906 [marked "Message of Quakerism" on Env.]
      • ALS of Frances S. Rhoads to "Dear Friends," Oakland, [Del.], 11.22.1905
      • ALS of Anna M. Moore, 12-7-1904
      • TL [postcard] of Alfred C. Garrett, James M. Moon, Oct. 5, 1904
      • ALS of Mary D[ean?] Hole to Caroline Wood, Earlham College, n.d. with forwarding note of Wood to [EC]
    • Lists and notes re: discussion and reading groups (22 items) as follows:
    • paper "Some phases of the present condition of Indiana Yearly Meeting (prepared for Reading Circle of Twelfth Street Meeting, Philadelphia)" [by Anna M. Moore?], ca. 1905?, 15 p. typed
    • Programs of discussion and reading groups (ca. 20 items)
  6. Materials on Round Table Groups, 1904-1921
    (19 items)
    • notebook "Concerning the Separation of 1827 and events preceding it. Quaker Round Table joint study class, 1914." with 5 items laid in
    • Correspondence:
      • ALS of J.H. Bartlett, Media, 10.25.1904
      • ALS of Ruth S. Murray, Chappaqua, N.Y., 7-11-1906 with enclosure of survey information
      • TL of Wm. B. Harvey (Yearly Meeting Committee on Extension of Christian Fundamentals), 5 mo. 12, 1921 with enclosure [list of topics], also filed here another list of topics belonging to EC
    • paper "Quaker Round Table work" by [EC?], n.d., 13 p. typed
    • survey questions, 1 p., typed, n.d.
    • "Program for 4th year's work" n.d., 2 p. typed [carbon]
    • Programs and lists of names re: round tables (ca. 9 items, ca. 1904-1910)
    • includes list of Round Table groups giving information on each, 10 p., holograph ms.; list of circles and correspondents of each, 3 p., [10 mo. 1906], holograph ms.
  7. Materials re: helping small Meetings, 1904-1918.
    (ca. 45 items) includes correspondence, clippings, maps, reports, programs, etc.
    • Correspondence:
      • AL of [Frances S. Rhoads?], Oakland, [Del.], ca. 11 mo. 4, 1906 [marked "Wilmington Conference, 11-4-1906"]
      • Typed [report?] 5 mo. 18, 1907 [marked "Mt. Holly"]
      • ALS of Edward G. Rhoads, Germantown, 6 mo. 2, 1907 [marked "New Hope"]
      • ALS of William Stokes, Woodbury, N.J., 6/14/1907 [marked "Greenwich"]
      • 5 p. holograph ms. "Maiden Circle" [report of visit of EC]
      • ALS of Jonathan M. Steere, 8/14/1907 [marked "Woodstown"]
      • ALS of Jonathan M. Steere, Germantown, 9/16/1907 [marked "Mansfield"]
      • "Extract from a letter from W. [Walter] G. Heacock to S.M. Tatum" 2 mo. 10, 1909 [marked "Harrisburg"]
    • Personal correspondence: (10 items)
      • 2 ALS of Thomas H. Whitson, West Chester, Pa., 12 mo. 16, 1904 and 12 mo. 19, 1905
      • ALS of Jos. Rhoads, Moylan, Pa., 12/28/1906
      • "An invitation to attend Friends' Meeting" [3 p. holograph ms., draft]
      • "The Meeting for Worship as held by the Society of Friends. An explanation and an invitation" [2 p. holograph ms.]
      • ALS of Francis R. Taylor, West Chester, Pa., 2.VIII.1907 [marked "Report from Francis R. Taylor, 8-1907"]
      • TLS of John B. Garrett, Rosemont, 4 mo. 7, 1907
      • TLS of J. Henry Bartlett, Phila., 10/10/1907
      • ALS of Margaret Sheppard, Germantown, 4/1/1909
      • ALS of Amelia M. Gummere, Haverford, 8/18/1915
    • "Membership of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting" 1 p. printed
    • "To Friends interested in visiting our Meetings" typed draft [with corrections] and 2 printed copies
    • "How can we help our Meetings?" 6 p. holograph ms. and 2 printed copies, n.d.
    • misc. material related to small Meetings, ca. 20 items, includes: program and TL re: visiting Meetings, n.d.; maps; notices of Meetings [clippings]; clipping of article from the Friend, 9 mo. 27, 1906, by EC "Some efforts for the help of small Meetings"; list of contributors and persons interested in small Meetings; "The summer work of the Executive Committee" and marked "Report to the Quaker Round Table of the summer work of the Exec. Committee, Hefred Lowry, Jr." holograph ms., [1907]; list of N.J. Meetings

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  1. Notebooks related to Women's Yearly Meetings, 1913-1920
    10 small notebooks, as follows:
    • "Selections for the Goodwill Memorial" on cover, also contains "Report of Women's' Yearly Meeting, 1913"
    • "Women's Yearly Meeting, 1913 (III)"
    • "Women's Yearly Meeting, 1914"
    • also 3 p. holograph ms. titled "Some notes on Women's Yearly Meeting on Fifth day afternoon 4-23-1914"
    • "Women's Yearly Meeting, 1914 (2)" and from other end "Friends Select School Reunion, 5-22-1914"
    • "Women's Yearly Meeting, 1915"
    • "Notes on Women's Yearly Meeting, 1917"
    • "Women's Yearly Meeting, 1918"
    • "Women's Yearly Meeting, 1918"
    • "Notes on Women's Yearly Meeting, 3-29 to 4-2-1920" with 2 items laid in
    • "Haverton Holt"[?], 4/7/1916 [on war, is this another Women's Yearly Meeting notebook?]
  2. Notebooks related to summer school at Haverford, Bryn Mawr and George School, 1900-1914
    (16 items)
    7 notebooks as follows:
    • "Summer School 1900" with "Friends' Summer School of religious history, extension circular No. 1" and "Program of Friends' Summer School of religious history" laid in [Haverford College]
    • "Haverford Summer School, 1904"
    • "Summer School, Bryn Mawr, 1907"
    • "Program of the Haverford Summer School for religious study to be held sixth mo. 20 to seventh mo. 15, 1910" [printed] with notes on back of program by EC
    • Scanned Image "Haverford Summer School, 1912", Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 (each approximately 59K), with 7 accompanying items including 9 p. typed paper "The place of Christ in the message" [by EC]; clippings; program
    • "George School Summer School, 6-25-1913"
    • "Haverford Summer School, 1914"

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