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Haverford College
Quaker and Special Collections

Thomas Chase Papers, 1843-1947

Ms. Coll. 965
2 boxes ca. 450 items

Table of contents

Biographical background

Thomas Chase (1827-1892) was the son of Anthony and Lydia (Earle) Chase of Worcester, Mass. He graduated from Harvard in 1848 and later taught there one year. He began teaching at Haverford in 1855 where he taught philosophy, classical and English literature. He served on the American Committee for the revision of the Bible from 1881-1884. In 1875 he was named president of Haverford College, a position he resigned in 1886 due to failing health. He married Alice Underhill Cromwell (ca. 1837-1882), of New York, in 1860. They had four sons, one daughter.

(Biographical information from Dictionary of Quaker Biography , Haverford College, Haverford PA, and newspaper clipping in collection.)

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Scanned Image Letter to Chase from Parrish concerning Haverford men who fought in the Civil War. (approximately 64K).

Scanned Image Photograph of Thomas Chase (approximate 32K).

Summary of collection

Correspondence, portraits, photographs, clippings, articles, addresses, lecture notes, diary and misc. papers related to Thomas Chase, his family and his years at Haverford as professor and president of the college. Correspondence chiefly discusses academic and administrative matters, literature, religion (work of American Bible Revision Committee), Society of Friends (D.B. Updegraff) and travel; includes letters from Alfred W. Bennett, Edward Bettle, J. Bevan Braithwaite, Alice Chase, Caroline Chase, Lucy Chase, Josiah Parsons Cooke, Charles William Eliot, Alfred Cope Garrett, Daniel Coit Gilman, Francis B. Gummere, Thomas Hodgkin, Richard Mott Jones, Thomas Kimber, Francis T. King, Edward Hicks Magill, James E. Rhoads, J.G. Rosengarten, Alden Sampson, Philip Schaff, Edward Lawrence Scull, George Stuart, Clement Lawrence Smith, James Carey Thomas, Ellis Yarnall and others; includes letter (1854) of Chase to his family telling of a visit to Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning in Florence and letter of Caroline Chase telling of her and her father's visit to Robert Browning in 1883; also travel letters (1886) of Caroline Chase while in England and Scotland; letter (1865) of Alice Cromwell Chase telling of Haverford's reaction to the death of Abraham Lincoln; Thomas Chase's addresses (1867-1885 incomplete) to Haverford's graduating classes; lectures and lecture notes on English literature, philosophy, origin of Latin, American poets, art, Abraham Lincoln, John Milton and other topics; diary (1883) of Thomas Chase; biographical material on Chase, including an autobiographical sketch.

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Box 1: "Letters of Alice Chase; letters addressed to Thomas Chase" | Table of contents | Summary | Box 1 | Box 2

Note: all letters are addressed to Thomas Chase unless otherwise noted.
also in box: - typed notes of Robert Thompson re: progress made on Thomas Chase paper, 1938, History 3
  1. Bennett, Alfred W. (Alfred William) (1833-1902)
    (2 ALS, London, 1875 and 1893)
    • inquires about a university to be established at Baltimore
    • University of London considering establishing degrees in divinity
  2. Bettle, Edward, Jr. (1841-1912)
    (3 items: 2 ALS to "Dear Friend," 1883 and 1885; 1 TLS to TC, 1889)
    • endowment to the college from Jacob P. Jones
    • standards for admission to Haverford
    • lecture of George Kennan at Friends Institute at Association Hall on the convicts suffering in Siberian prisons (1889)
  3. Braithwaite, J. Bevan (Joseph Bevan) (1818-1905)
    (5 ALS to "Dear Friend," 1883, 1886)
    • introductory letters to Canon Westcott and the Bishop of Gloucester for TC while he is in London (1883)
    • gives him some names of people to contact on his trip (1886)
    • letter of introduction for TC to the Abbate Cozza, Sub librarian, Vatican Library, Rome (1886)
  4. Chase, Alice Cromwell (ca. 1837-1882)
    (7 items)
    • ALS of Alice [Chase] to Carrie, from Lawnside, 4/19/1865 re: service held at Haverford for Lincoln, her and her husband's reactions on hearing the news, their trip into town (train searched), stores closed [gift of M.C. Scattergood, 1939]
    • draft of a thank you to Haverford classes of 1861-2-3 for gift of silver pitcher
    • envelope from Caroline Chase giving letter of her mother at the time of Lincoln's death (with note of [Prof.] R[ichard] M. Sutton to Thomas Drake re: gift of same to college
    • Quakeriana Notes, no. 11, sixth mo., 1940 with article on Chase papers and transcript of letter of Alice Chase to Carrie re: Lincoln's death [the original letter is in the other box and needs to be moved here]
    • 2 photographs of Alice Chase (one with daughter "Carlie") [gifts of Eleanor W. Taber, 1951]
    • typed extract of above letter re: Lincoln
  5. Chase, Caroline (b. 1868?)
    typed transcripts of letters of Caroline Chase to her cousin, Harriet Kennedy Chase [dau. of Pliny Earle Chase], while traveling in England and Scotland, 1886 [51 p., gift of Caroline Chase, 1940]
  6. Chase, Caroline (b. 1868?) [letter of, 1883]
    (3 items: ALS (1937), 2 typed transcripts of 1883 letter)
    includes: "Letter of Caroline Chase (daughter of Thomas Chase). Typed copy furnished by Caroline Chase, presumably from the original in her hands. Presented to Haverford College, 1937." 2 typed transcripts (done by different typists)
    ALS from Caroline Chase, 1937 to "Mr. Drake"
    • tells of visit with her father to Robert Browning
  7. Chase, Lucy (1822-1901)
    (2 ALS to "Dear Bretheren," n.d. and "Dear brother," 1843)
  8. Clyde, James
    (4 items: 3 ALS to TC, 1857, 1887 and ALS to Miss H.K. Chase, 1887 Scotland)
    • Greek syntax Clyde has recently published
    • getting an American publisher [for his Modern Latin Grammar], sends Chase copy of his book
    • sends copy of book to Miss H.K. Chase
  9. Cooke, Josiah Parsons (1827-1894)
    (3 items: ALS to TC, Newport, R.I., 1886; ALS to Prof. W. Boyd Dawkins, of Woodhurst, Fallowfield, Manchester, 1883; ALS to Prof. Dewar, 1883)
    • letter of introduction to Dawkins from Cooke for TC
    • letter of introduction to Dewar from Cooke for TC
    • Richard's admission without examination
  10. Davenport, Edwin
    (4 ALS, 1863, Sing Sing; 1873, Minn.; 1880, N.Y.; n.d)
    • parts of 1863 letter in Latin
    • Davenport leaving for a two year tour to Europe and Egypt, etc.
    • leaving Minnesota [doesn't like the winters]
    • tells of his position at Granville Military Academy, N.Y.
  11. Deuerlich, G.
    (6 ALS and 1 postcard [all in German], 1876-1883, Deuerlich'she, Buchhandlung, Gottingen)
  12. Eliot, Charles William (1834-1926)
    (4 items: 1 ALS, 3 TLS [2 TLS are from Frank Bolles, Secretary and labeled "Encl. with C.W. Eliot"], Harvard University, 1882-1888)
    • would be happy to recommend Haverford
    • admission of Alfred C. Garrett to Harvard
  13. Garrett, Alfred Cope (1867-1946)
    (5 ALS, 1886, Haverford; 1887, Berkshire, Mass.; 1889-1890, Cambridge)
    • discusses poets he is reading
    • goings on at Haverford
    • reflects on his years at Haverford
    • his course of studies in literature for his degree [at Harvard?]
  14. Gilman, Daniel Coit (1831-1908)
    (2 ALS, 1876, 1878, Baltimore)
    • TC accepting a position at Baltimore?
    • thank you letter for visit to Haverford
  15. Gummere, Francis Barton (1855-1919)
    (ALS, 1885, The Swain Tree School, New Bedford, Mass.)
    • expresses gratitude that his book is being taught at Haverford, thanks Chase and Prof. Child as responsible for his success

    also: photograph of FBG "by T. Barclay [Whi]tson, Class of 1917"

  16. Hodgkin, Thomas (1831-1913)
    (3 ALS, 1883-1887, Bank, St. Nicholas Square, Newcastle upon Tyne)
    • hopes to see TC on his trip(s) to England (1883,1886)
  17. Jones, Richard Mott (1843-1917)
    (2 ALS, 1884, 1885, William Penn Charter School, Phila.)
    • sending boys to Haverford with various degrees of endorsement by Jones that they are prepared for Haverford [with/without signed statement on their certificates]
    • asks TC to be a judge at a public exhibition of WPCS students
  18. Kimber, Thomas (1825-1890)
    (14 items: 12 ALS, 1873; 1883-1888, Richmond Hill, Long Island; 1890)
    • Bishop Alfred Lee wishes to see Kimber and TC (1873)
    • discusses various publications and their support for D.B. Updegraff
    • accepts offer to give lecture at Haverford
    • comments on bequest of Jacob Jones to Haverford
    • refers to his previous thoughts on the introduction of college degrees in the Society of Friends [once rejected appointment as Manager of Haverford on that ground]
    • expresses appreciation but rejects honor of examination for a degree from Haverford
    • sympathy at death of Pliny E. Chase
    • will accept an honorary degree from Haverford (1887)
    • his writing [pamphlet]
    • references in letters to Rendel Harris
    • corrections to a book [religious in nature?] of Kimber's [title?]
  19. King, Francis T. (1817-1891)
    (2 ALS, 1869, Baltimore)
    • refers to "Father U" [Updegraff?]
  20. Lowell, Augustus
    (3 ALS, 1886, 1887, Boston)
    • asks Chase to give a series of lectures at Lowell Institute on "Natural Theology"
    • TC declines due to poor health
  21. Magill, Edward Hicks (1825-1907)
    (6 ALS, 1879-1885, Swarthmore College)
    • wishes to know what course Haverford is pursuing to keep it in the hands of Friends
    • endowment of professorships
    • wishes to know of candidate for a teaching position in Latin at Swarthmore
    • asks TC for help in setting right a story that Swarthmore students [athletes] are profane and not allowed to play with Haverford students (1885)
  22. Parrish, Joseph
    (2 ALS, 1881, 1888, [law offices], Phila.)
    • portrait of TC appearing in Harpers' Weekly with "D.D." after his name, work on Bible revision committee
      Scanned Image Letter to Chase from Parrish concerning Haverford men who fought in the Civil War. (approximately 64K).
  23. Rhoads, James E. (James Evans) (1828-1895)
    (6 ALS, 1881-1889, Phila.)
    • asks TC to give an address at the inauguration of Bryn Mawr College (1885)
    • discusses his concern over Quaker Christianity

    also: 2 photographs of JR [1 from the estate of Rufus M. Jones, 1951]

  24. Rosengarten, J.G. (Joseph George) (1835-1921)
    (3 ALS, 1881, 1884, Phila.)
    • will attend lectures at Haverford (1881)
    • sending book catalogues to TC
  25. Sampson, Alden (1853-1925)
    (7 ALS, 1885-1886, Boston, and Lenox, Mass.; n.d.)
    • accepts election as "orator" from Alumni Association
    • his writings, wishes TC to see paper and give opinion
  26. Schaff, Philip (1819-1893) [president of American Bible Revision Committee]
    (9 items: ALS, LS, printed letter signed, printed list of Bible Revision Committee, 1878-1889)
    • Bible revision committee work ["American Bible Revision Committee," New York on letterhead]
  27. -30. Scull, Edward Lawrence (1846-1884)
    (4 folders)
    folder no. 1, 1864-1872, Phila.: 15 ALS
    • having a copy made of a portrait ready for commencement
    • his health
    • his painting
    • preparing for a trip abroad
    • his spiritual state of mind

    folder no. 2, 1873-1875, Pa., N.Y.
    (12 ALS, also pencil sketch and program for Clifton Springs Sanitarium)

    • his spiritual state of mind
    • money collected for Bible revision work of TC
    • visit to Clifton Springs Sanitarium
    • thoughts on appearance of new building at Haverford

    folder no. 3, 1876-1878, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Philadelphia,
    (14 ALS)

    • account of voyage to Europe [with Rufus King?]
    • travel through Europe, holding meetings, etc.
    • news of Friends
    • building fund at Haverford

    folder no. 4, 1879-1882
    (19 ALS)

    • pamphlet promoting Haverford
    • he is to marry Sarah E. Marshall
    • Haverford College business
    • birth of his son
    • sympathy on death of TC's wife
  28. Smith, Clement Lawrence (1844-1909)
    (3 ALS, 1872-1886, Cambridge)
    • suggests to TC that Frank Gummere be thought of for a professorship at Haverford
  29. Stuart, George (1831-1897)
    (6 ALS, 1866-1886, Phila.)
    • publication of work by TC [on Aeneid of Virgil]
    • Eldredge & Brother publishers [problems with]
    • publication of a Latin grammar, etc. as part of a series by above publisher
  30. Thomas, James Carey (1833-1897)
    (5 ALS, 1869, Madison Avenue and Baltimore)
    • refers to "Father Hyacynth" ["C.L. Hyacinthe"] and conveying to him their sympathy

    also: 4 portraits [photograph from the estate of Rufus M. Jones, 1951]

  31. Yarnall, Ellis (1817-1905)
    (2 ALS, 1878, Phila. and n.d.)
    • invites TC to tea with Mr. Brady of Newcastle on Tyne and Thomas Stewardson
  32. Miscellaneous letters, etc., A-E
    (16 items: 14 ALS and 2 photographs; 13 letters are addressed to TC, one letter is addressed to "Miss Chase")
    letters are from:
    • William F. Allen, Madison, 10/4/1882
    • E. Benjamin Andrews, [of Brown University], 7/28/1892
    • Isaac Brown, Kendal, 6/1/1887
    • Howard Comfort, Phila., 3/20/1887
    • John H. Dillingham, Phila., 5/16/1881
    • Phillips Brooks, Boston, 5/24/1881
    • Thomas William Backhouse, West Hendon House, Sunderland, 8/5/1886
    • Hiram Corson, Cornell University, 5/19/1883
    • James W. Cromwell, New York, 6/22/1927 [addressed to "Carlie," TC's daughter, JWC writes memories of her father's teaching]
    • John H. Dillingham, West Chester, 5/28/1881
    • George Dixon, Jr., n.p., 8/2/1886
    • Ehrenheim, Stockholm, 11/20/1892 [addressed to Miss Chase]
    • William Everett, Quincy, Mass., 8/3/1879 and 11/27/1881
  33. Miscellaneous letters, etc., F-G
    (13 ALS, 1852-1892; addressed to TC)
    letters are from:
    • George P. Fisher, New [Haven], 3/7/1886
    • John E. Forsythe, Phila., 12/7/1882
    • William E. Foster, Bowen Street, 2/25/1892
    • Fortescue Fox, Strathpeffer Spa., N.B., 8/25/1886
    • A. Lloyd Fox, Falmouth, 8/11/1883
    • Joseph Storrs Fry, Bristol, 8/14/1889
    • John Hays Gardiner, Cambridge, 12/9/1884
    • [Y ][Gade?], Christiana, 10/7/1889
    • Philip C. Garrett, Santa Barbara, Cal., 1/26/1890
    • Mrs. S.W.D. Gerard, New York City, 10/16/1885
    • C. Girard, Smithsonian Institution, Wash., 12/6/1852
    • W.W. Goodwin, Interlaken, 7/8/1883 and Cambridge, 4/1/1889
  34. Miscellaneous letters, etc., H-K
    (13 items, 12 ALS, 1858-1892 and 1 photograph [Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin, gift of Mrs. H.G. Taylor]; letters addressed to TC)
    letters are from:
    • T. Allen Hilles, Wilmington, 12/5/1882
    • Harper & Brothers [per G.B.], New York, 8/29/1881
    • Benjamin Hayllar[?], Phila., 11/15/1882
    • A. Harkness, Providence, 9/24/1864
    • Margaret W. Haines, Montgomery, Pa., 8/28/1884
    • Isaac H. Hall, Baltimore, 1/31/1886
    • Mary R. Haines, n.p., 10/29/1883
    • William S. Hilles, Wilmington, 7/31/1858
    • J.B. Hodgkin, Burlington, 1/5/1887
    • William Hodgson, Phila., 1/22/1877
    • Thomas Hughes, Effington House, Chester, 10/27/1889
    • Rufus M. Jones, Vassalboro, Me., 3/16/1892
  35. Miscellaneous letters, etc., L-N
    (13 ALS, 1881-1890; addressed to TC)
    letters are from:
    • Charles R. Larmar [?], Cambridge, 2/14/1890
    • John Lazarus, Broadway, 3/11/1885
    • James J. Levick, Phila., 10/1/1883 and 2/27/1889
    • H.G. Lippincott, Poland Spring, Me., 10/16/1883
    • Murray & McLaughlin, Phila., 11/3/1884
    • F.A. March, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., 1/15/1889
    • J. Ewing Mears, Phila., 1/6/1881 and 3/10/1881
    • R. [Masijina], Boston, 10/19/1883
    • D.B. Morris, Oriel College, 10/30/no year
    • Hannah Morris, n.p., 5/19/no year
    • Isaac Myer, Phila., 7/8/1881
    • Barker Newhall, [Weare], N.H., 8/14/1886
  36. Miscellaneous letters, etc., O-R
    (14 ALS, 1858-1892; addressed to TC)
    letters are from:
    • William E. Page, Peabody, Mass., 7/1/1881
    • Robert Treat Paine, Boston, [Mar.?]/14/1892
    • J.A. Partridge, London, 9/13/1882
    • A.P. Peabody, Portsmith, N.H., 2/9/1858
    • George Pearson, Harrisburg, 4/27/1885
    • W.L. Pearson, Berlin, 1/12/1882 and 8/3/1883
    • M. Riebenack, Phila., 3/30/1882
    • [] Pepper, [Phila.], 2/29/no year
    • S.T. Pickard, Portland, Me., 9/23/1892
    • C.W. Pritchard, Chicago, 10/7/1885
    • W. George Read, Cambridge, 10/26/1889
    • A.W. Richards, Pomeroy, Chester County, Pa., 2/5/1885
  37. Miscellaneous letters, etc., S-Y
    (20 ALS, 1860-1887; 19 addressed to TC and 1 addressed to "Mr. Campbell")
    letters are from:
    • Edward C. Sampson, "10 West Forty-Eighth Street," 5/27/1885 and n.d.
    • Sever & Francis, Cambridge, 12/29/1862
    • Edward Sharpless, Medford, N.J., 5/7/1883
    • Isaac Sharpless, Haverford College, 9/20/1886 and 4/14/1887
    • Charles Short, N.Y., 1/27/1883
    • Caroline E. Stephen, Mount Pleasant, West Malvern, 2/11/1888
    • J. Henry Thayer, Cambridge, Mass., 11/1/1886 and 11/20/1888
    • C. Thurber, Brooklyn, 2/22/1872
    • J.H. Tuke, [Dagmony?], n.d.
    • William Unwin, 4 Park Crescent, 7/1/1886
    • Welch, Bigalow & Co. [per M.J. Bigalow], Cambridge, 9/22/1860 and 10/20/1860
    • W.C. Westlake, Southton, 6/22/1883
    • James Whitall, Phila., 3/17/1884
    • Charles Wood, [addressed to Mr. Campbell], Germantown, 5/24/1886
    • Theodore D. Woolsey, New Haven, 4/28/1886
    • Isaac Francis Wood, New York, 2/19/1876
    • F.C. Yarnall, Overbrook, 1/2/1884
  38. Miscellaneous letters (not identified)
    (8 items: letters, some incomplete)

Box 2: Letters and lecture notes written by Thomas Chase, personal items | Table of contents | Summary | Box 1 | Box 2

  1. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). 1854 Letter from Florence.
    ALS and 2 copies of typed transcript "Letter of Thomas Chase, June 15, 1854. Transcribed from the original letter by Anna B. Hewitt, January 1938."
  2. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Letters of, 1847-1891.
    (ca. 24 items: ALS, portraits and photographs [gift of estate of Rufus M. Jones, 1951; Elliot P. Morris, 1955])
    • ALS to his father, Anthony Chase, from Cambridge, 9/11/1847
    • ALS to Richard Wood and Philip C. Garrett, trustees, etc., Haverford College, 10/12/1858 [gift of Anna Wharton Wood]
    • ALS to "dear friend" from Haverford, 1/7/1859 [gift of Anna Wharton Wood, 1939]
    • ALS to his father, from West Haverford, 12/5/1862 re: children and news of college
    • 4 ALS to [Henry Hartshorne] from Southhampton, July 14, 1857 and Haverford, 2/14/1868; London, 1886; Haverford, 2/4/1886
    • ALS to Richard Wood from Haverford, 2/25/1863
    • ALS to [Charles Yarnell] from Haverford, 3/19/1863 re: need for additional buildings at Haverford [gift of Anna Wharton Wood, 1939]
    • ALS to "dear friend" from Haverford, [1869]
    • ALS to Walter Wood from Haverford, 6/2/1877 [gift of Anna Wharton Wood, 1939]
    • ALS to "Carlie" [his daughter] from Haverford, 5/6/1880
    • ALS to Rev. D. [Phillips] Brooks from Haverford, 4/20/1881
    • ALS to the executive committee of the board of managers, from Haverford, 4/19/1884 re: proposes Isaac Sharpless as executive head of the college
    • ALS to "Monsieur de Ministre" from Hotel de Rohan, 1/23/1887
    • ALS to "dear sir" from Florence, 2/15/1887
    • ALS to the managers of Haverford, from Rome, 4/14/1887
    • ALS to "my darling daughter" from East Jaffrey, 9/16/1891
    • LS to "gentlemen" n.d. re: book "Hellas"
  3. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Letters to Benjamin Trueblood, 1880-1892.
    (9 items: 8 ALS and typed excerpt from Harpers, 1947: gift of Mrs. George C. Walkins, Lyra Trueblood Walkins, 1957)
    • conferring of doctorates
    • Bible revision opposition
    • prospective hiring of Walter F. Price as Greek prof. for Penn College
    • remarks on Bryn Mawr College, Dr. Taylor [interesting letter]
  4. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Biographical material.
    (7 items)
    • "President Thomas Chase" [by Thomas Kimber] "For the Haverfordian (April Number)"
    • "Thomas Chase" by Augustine Jones [typescript, gift of Caroline Chase, 1937]
    • newspaper clippings: Haverford College Semi-centennial celebration 10th mo. 1883; obituary of TC from The Public Ledger, Oct. 7, 1892; obituary of TC
    • autobiographical sketch of TC
  5. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Miscellaneous personal items.
    includes school reports, invitations, his card, passenger list, catalog of his library when he was young, memorandums, certificates, 3 issues of The Evergreen and one issue of The Worcester Times, both manuscript newspapers written by Chase when he was 11 years old.
  6. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Miscellaneous items.
    includes newspaper, poem, programs, songs, etc.
  7. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Portraits.
    (11 items: some dups., some photographs.
    Scanned Image Photograph of Thomas Chase (approximate 32K).
  8. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892)
    (2 ms. items)
    • "Original notes, the Dresden Gallery"
    • "Festival of Artists, Literary and miscellaneous matters" [Rome, 1854]
  9. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Addresses to graduating classes at Haverford College for 1867, 1869, 1875, 1877, 1881, 1885.
    (6 ms. items)
  10. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Lecture notes.
    (8 ms. items)
    • lecture notes on "Puritans"; "Art in Christian society"; "The four dead historians of 1859"; "The lake poets"; "Bible revision"; "Abraham Lincoln"; "American poets (1868)"; "John Milton"
  11. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Lecture notes: The origin of the Latin language (1851).
  12. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Diary for 1883.
    Diary is inscribed "Thomas Chase, Haverford College, 1883"
  13. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Valedictory Address 1844.
    • "written by Thomas Chase and spoken at the annual examination of the Worcester Latin Grammar School, March 30th 1844"
  14. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Lectures on Philosophy 1858.
    (3 ms. items)
    • Lecture I, Intel.[lectual] Phil. Feb. 1858
    • Lecture III
    • Lecture IV, Intel.[lectual] Philosophy, Haverford, IX/7/1858
  15. Chase, Thomas (1827-1892). Lecture Notes on English Literature and English Prose
    (13 ms. items)
    • Lectures on English Literature [copied from Thomas Chase's manuscript by Pliny E. Chase]
    • English literature, lecture I
    • English literature, lecture first, lecture second, 1959-60
    • English literature, lecture II, Marlowe, Shakespeare & Jonson
    • English prose, lecture III, 1861
    • Fourth lecture, Chaucer's age: the barren age following him, etc. 1868
    • English literature, lecture 5, [Cowper concluded and Wordsworth]
    • Seventh lecture, Byron, Campbell, Moore, etc. 1860 [not complete]
    • English literature, lecture VIII, Living poets of England, 1860
    • English prose, Mandeville, Wicliff, Sir Thomas More, etc. 1861
    • Miscellaneous notes, 1865
    • Lecture on Pope [not complete]
    • English poets of the nineteenth century

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