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Magill Library has 30 faculty carrels, 8 of which are wired for access to the campus network.  These carrels are assigned to HC faculty only.

Faculty study carrels are assigned according to the following priorities:

  1. Currently teaching faculty.
  2. Faculty on leave in-residence with no other campus office.
  3. Faculty on leave in-residence with campus office.
  4. Administrative staff with special needs.

Policy governing the duration of assignment:

  1. Study carrels are assigned for one semester or one academic year at a time, as is appropriate (see rules above).  
  2. Study carrels may be renewed, according to the above priorities, at the beginning of each semester for the next semester, or at the beginning of the fall semester for the following academic year.
  3. If the study carrel is not renewed, keys must be returned and the carrels cleaned out by the end of the assigned semester or by the end of August for year assignments.
  4. If at any time during the academic year the study carrel is no longer needed, the Circulation Services Supervisor should be informed and the carrel key returned so that it may be reassigned.

The policies governing the use of these studies are:

  • Study carrel doors must be kept locked at all times.
  • No phone calls or meetings.
  • Food is not allowed and only drinks in covered containers may be used, as per Library policy.
  • Computers can be used in all carrels, however only the 7 wired carrels have access to the campus network.
  • The Library accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items.  Personal items and Library materials may be left in the study carrel at the individual's own risk.
  • All library material must be properly charged out.
  • All study carrels will be checked periodically for library materials not properly charged out; these will be removed and returned to the stacks.
  • All carrels will be entered regularly for trash collection and light dusting.      

Revised 4/16/2008

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