Requirements for the concentration (six courses and one essay or creative work):

  1. Competence in Spanish to be achieved no later than the junior year, demonstrated by the completion of at least one course in Spanish at the 200 level or above.
  2. Spanish/Independent College Programs 240 at Haverford, or General Studies 145 at Bryn Mawr. One of these two courses will be taught every year, alternating between Haverford and Bryn Mawr.
  3. Four other related courses, two of which must be taken outside the major department; one of these four courses should be at the 300 level. These courses are to be chosen from the offerings listed under the concentration in the Haverford College Catalog or the Course Guide. Students should consult with their advisers as to which courses are most appropriate for their major and special interests: some apply more to Latin America, others to the Iberian Peninsula. Please note that other courses may be approved to fulfill this requirement if their pertinence to the concentration can be demonstrated. Courses not listed in the Haverford College Catalog or Course Guide will be approved by the concentration coordinator on a case by case basis. Thesecan include courses offered at Bryn Mawr College, Swarthmore College, the University of Pennsylvania or in approved study abroad programs.
  4. A long paper (at least 20 pages) on the Iberian Peninsula or Latin America, to be completed no later than the first semester of the senior year, as part of the work for a course in the student's major or the concentration. Whenever possible, the paper should be written while in residence at the College. A proposal for the paper topic, accompanied by a bibliography, must be submitted in advance for approval by the concentration coordinator. While the topic is open and should reflect the student's interests in a particular discipline, the paper should demonstrate the student's ability to discuss cogently the history, literature, social, or political thought of Latin America or Spain as it applies to the individual student's research project. Creative works such as films requiring work comparable to a long paper may be approved to fulfill this requirement by the concentration coordinator on a case by case basis.