Five Year Program with the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University

Haverford has been invited to join other distinguished colleges and universities in an agreement with the Center for Latin American at Georgetown University to participate in a five-year joint degree program. The cooperative agreement allows undergraduate concentrators in Latin American and Iberian Studies to pursue an accelerated course of study in a graduate degree.

The program offers the highest qualified applicants the opportunity to count four courses from their undergraduate study toward the M.A. program in Latin American Studies at Georgetown University, enabling them to complete the degree in two semesters and one summer.

The five-year B.A.-M.A. program is designed for those students who demonstrate excellence at the undergraduate level. Qualified undergraduates must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5, declare an interest in the Cooperative degree program during their junior year, and participate in the Center's summer study abroad program. During the senior year, candidates apply through the normal Georgetown M.A. application cycle. If accepted into the M.A. program, students may transfer up to four courses (two from the CLAS summer study program in Mexico or Chile and two advanced courses from the undergraduate institution) to be applied to the M.A. All M.A. prerequisites must be completed during the student's undergraduate education, and students must have concentrated in Latin American Studies at the undergraduate level.

For more detailed information, consult Prof. James Krippner or visit the Georgetown Center for Latin American Studies.