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For Students: Printer Resources

Poster Printer

The HP poster printer in Link L204 is now easily accessible to all faculty in the KINSC. All students need faculty permission.

To use the printer please get permission from your Faculty Advisor, and then email the KINSC secretary at to schedule an appointment.

Poster Printer Guidelines

  1. Students wishing to print a poster must sign up 48 hours in advance of their need. If you are printing for a poster session, sign up at least a week in advance. Once slots fill up, there may be no way to print your poster.They may sign up by sending an email to requesting an appointment for a poster to be printed.
  2. The sign up times will be during regular business hours and the sign up times will be set up in 60 minute blocks to accommodate large printing jobs. A sign-up sheet will be available at KINSC L204
  3. For Faculty, if your student must print the poster outside of normal business hours, we ask that you take responsibility for helping your student print the poster.
  4. Posters for printing will need to be placed in the KINSC Public Read-Write folder in the Departments section of the Storage Server.

Instruction for arranging your slides for a poster presentation


If your poster is created on a Mac, you must save it as a pdf or jpg or verify that the formatting is correct on a pc, before you come in to print.

Your slides must be arranged on a single slide. Multiple slides will not be printed and you will lose your appointment.

  1. Protocol for Poster Printing
    1. Using the empty Template, Copy each individual slide onto the template
    2. Use the paste special:
      1. for PC users (paste as a metafile)
      2. for Mac users (paste as a picture)
    3. Adjust the dimensions
    4. Please save your pictures as a jpg and at a low resolution
    5. If it is necessary to have the higher resolution on your pictures, then please have the poster ready early so that the processing on the printer (which can take as long as 1 hour) will not tie up the printer for others to use to meet deadlines.
    6. No colored backgrounds. Some colored area is fine, but no more than 30% of the total area.
  2. Printing your poster on a poster printer
    (WARNING: If it was created on a Mac - then you must convert it to pdf or make sure your formatting is ok on a pc)
    1. Ensure that the poster printer (INSC_L204P) on \\accprinters is installed. Printer is available for faculty printing only. You need to be signed on as an administrator in order to print
    2. Plug in the network cable of the printer into the top far left socket
    3. Put the printer on
    4. Your poster should be set for dimensions of at least 41 inches by 41 inches in page set up in power point. Posters can also be prepared in MS Word.
    5. Select print
    6. On the print menu, select the poster printer
    7. Go to properties. Page layout: Tick 'enable scaling'. Under scaling options, select 42 X 60 or larger if necessary. $2 is the width of the paper. If the height of your poster is 42, you should have it set as 'portrait'.
    8. On the main menu scale to fit paper

Print quality: Normal is excellent

To print from a pdf file:
The paper size in page set up does not matter.
Set poster size in 'properties' as for ppt
Select 'Fit to paper' in page scaling on the main menu

Poster Template